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 September 5, 2008
Posted: Oct 4 2008, 08:42 PM


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Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

Maxie: Oh, okay, looks like I got here just in time. You need to -- Spinelli, this isn't even a real blanket. When was the last time this was washed anyway, and where's your orange soda?

Spinelli: Stone Cold advised me to drink water instead of high fructose --

Maxie: Of course you're going to drink water, but a little bit of orange soda and some potato chips aren't going to hurt your spleen, or where your spleen used to be, especially after all that icky hospital food and those tests.

Jason: What makes you think you can bring all your junk over here and stay?

Maxie: I told you. Spinelli needs me.

Kate: I want to be certain about what you said, so I'm going to repeat it back to you, word for word. Sonny and Carly had sex in May.

Clarice: Yes.

Kate: Mm-hmm, and you overheard Max and Diane discussing this.

Clarice: When I went to drop off the "Crimson" mock-ups at Sonny's.

Kate: I want you to tell me everything they said, word for word.

Jax: You know, you actually gave me good advice. Possibly for the first time ever, you told me to work things out with my wife, so thank you.

Jerry: Thank you? Oh, my God. Well, I've heard the word so rarely, I hardly know what it means except I was right, and you were wrong, and you were a fool to walk away from Carly.

Jax: Okay, now you're gloating.

Jerry: No, no, no, it's my prerogative as the deeply troubled older brother.

[Jerry laughs]

Jax: You know, I'm happy, Jerry. I'm going to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing woman in the world.

Sonny: I am really glad that you worked things out with Jax.

Carly: We're looking at plans to build a house, you know.

Sonny: Well, you always wanted a house, you know. It's great.

Carly: I meant what I said. I really do wish you the best with Kate.

Sonny: There's one thing. The night that we took Michael to the institute --

Carly: Try not to think about that.

Sonny: It was a big mistake, and we're both -- I know that we're both moving on. We need to just let go of that anger, and we need to let go of that night.

Claudia: So help me, God.

Judge: Proceed, Mr. Baldwin.

Johnny: Find some way to get her off the stand.

Ric: Be quiet, be calm, and don't stare at her.

Scott: Your Honor, permission to treat Ms. Zacchara as hostile.

Judge: On what grounds?

Edward: Isn't it obvious? She's a mob princess with no respect for the law or anything else.

Judge: Keep it up, Juror 2. This is your last warning. Permission denied, Mr. Baldwin. I won't allow you to undercut a witness before you've even asked a question, and I don't appreciate your blatant attempts to sway the jury. Proceed.

Scott: What is your relationship with the defendant, John Zacchara?

Claudia: I'm his sister.

Scott: Older or younger?

Claudia: Older.

Scott: Well, you look younger. Could you describe your relationship with your brother?

Ric: Objection, Your Honor. Relevance.

Judge: Overruled. Answer the question.

Claudia: We're close.

Scott: Did you know the victim, Logan Hayes?

Claudia: Not very well.

Scott: Well, in what context did you know him at all?

Claudia: Well, he was an attendant for my father.

Scott: Oh, yeah?

Claudia: Mm-hmm.

Scott: What was his -- his duties for your father?

Claudia: Oh, pushing his wheelchair, running errands, getting my father to the toilet. That type of thing.

Scott: Was there tension between Logan and John?

Ric: Objection, Your Honor. Calls for speculation.

Judge: Be specific, Mr. Baldwin.

Scott: Did you notice any tension between Logan and John?

Ric: Same objection, Your Honor.

Claudia: I guess I wasn't around them enough to really --

Scott: It's -- it's yes or no.

Ric: Your Honor, he's badgering his own witness.

Judge: Allow Ms. Zacchara to answer the question, then move on.

Claudia: I never saw any tension, no.

Scott: Did you notice that Logan and John were in love with the same girl, Lulu Spencer?

Kate: I would like you to start from the beginning, please.

Clarice: I knew you'd want to look at the portfolio the instant you returned, so I went to Sonny's to drop it off. I was on the terrace. Max and Diane were arguing about Sonny and Carly and whether or not they should tell you that they had sex.

Kate: Is there any way that this -- that you could be mistaken, Clarice?

Clarice: It happened the night that Sonny and Carly took their son to the Aftercare facility in Manhattan.

Clarice: They had sex in the back of a limo. Max wasn't surprised. I guess it happened all the time --

Kate: Has it happened since then?

Clarice: I don't know, but Diane and Max seem convinced that Sonny and Carly will always end up together. Apparently, there's quite a history.

Kate: Look, is there any way that this could be a misunderstanding, Clarice? I mean, after all, Jax and I were caught in the back of a limo.

Clarice: There's no misunderstanding.

Kate: Why? Max wasn't driving them. How does he know?

Clarice: No, well, Carly went to Diane later for legal advice because she thought she might be pregnant with Sonny's child.

Sonny: We both threatened to use that night against each other. Can we just agree to stop the -- the blackmail?

Carly: Absolutely. That night was a huge mistake, and it shouldn't poison the rest of our lives.

Sonny: No one needs to know about it. It would hurt a lot of people.

Carly: I agree. I need you to know something. I didn't plan to have sex with you that night. I wasn't trying to manipulate you into signing over Michael and Morgan. I wouldn't do that, Sonny.

Sonny: We were just out of our minds with pain and grief. I got to tell you, I miss -- I miss Michael a lot, especially on the island. I was thinking about him. I didn't want to get into it with Kate, but -- are you going to see Michael?

Carly: I see him all the time. Sometimes twice a week, sometimes more, you know. My mom sees him a lot. She's made friends with the nurses.

Sonny: Have you taken Morgan to visit him?

Carly: No, I think he's too young. I -- I want to wait till he's older. It's hard on him. He misses Michael, a lot, but you know, he's really gotten into karate, and he loves it. He's so excited about his birthday coming up.

Sonny: Can I send him a gift?

Carly: Of course. You know, he -- he asks about you all the time. He knows that you're staying away because you love him and you want to keep him safe. He knows how much you love him, Sonny. I always make sure that he knows that.

Sonny: Thank you.

Carly: I'm not doing this -- okay, I'm not trying to keep him away from you to punish you or to cause you pain.

Sonny: Yeah. Yeah, I know.

Carly: You know, at some point, if -- if things calm down, we can work out a visit I think.

Sonny: Yeah, I'd love to see him. Just let me know.

Carly: I will. You know, Sonny, um --

Carly: We've made a lot of mistakes. Morgan isn't one of them. He's happy, and he has a good life, and I know that's what you want more than anything.

Sonny: Tell him happy birthday for me.

Carly: I will.

Robin: You can go back to work. I mean, I won't get all paranoid and just assume that you were standing around talking about me, so --

Elizabeth: Actually, we are.

Robin: Really?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Robin: Okay, then can you all do me a favor and remember all those bonding times, shots at Jake's, and just put it to rest?

Lainey: Oh, well, yeah. Well, that would be a lot easier if you would stay off the P.A.

Kelly: And -- and if you'd stop bringing it up every two seconds, it'd be easier.

Robin: How can I not bring it up? Patrick is going around asking everyone to post a testimonial on the internet.

Nikolas: Ladies, is Patrick around? He asked me to meet him here.

Robin: Oh, no. Really? You, too?

Patrick: Hey, Nikolas, thanks for coming up. I just wanted to talk to you about something.

Maxie: Here you go. This is better. You need to rest, and don't worry if you feel kind of blue. That's standard post-op. They've done studies.

Spinelli: The Jackal sincerely doubts any such feelings of doom are possible at this moment.

Maxie: Good, well, think positively, have some orange soda and potato chips, but don't go overboard, and I brought you this. My mom would give this to me because I was sick all the time when I was little. I don't know why I saved it, but you're supposed to ring it, and any time you do -- anything you need, I'll -- I'll come running.

Spinelli: Anything?

Maxie: Anything.

[Spinelli laughs]

Jason: What -- what's with the bell?

Maxie: Well, what do you need?

Spinelli: I -- I was just illustrating our arrangement for Stone Cold.

Maxie: Oh, any time Spinelli rings that bell, you need to get him what he needs.

Jason: Yeah, sure. Your luggage -- it's in the pink room.

Maxie: Oh, thank you. I'm going to go change into something more comfortable.

Spinelli: The Jackal realizes that Maximista's proximity poses a security threat, but in -- in -- you know, in my state, I'll be subdued. No secret shall spill from my dry and chapped lips, and also, you know, I sincerely hope that through my recuperation, Maximista's feelings are influenced.

Jason: I think we've been in this situation before. I just don't want you to get your hopes up. That's all.

Spinelli: But see, that's where, you know, where the grasshopper and the master differ. Why abandon your heart to darkness?

Jason: Don't start the heart of darkness. Come on.

Spinelli: No, no, but seriously, what do any of us have, really have without hope?

[Knock on door]

[Jason sighs]

Mac: The hospital said Spinelli was here. I'll make it quick. I just have a couple of questions about the hit and run.

Maxie: Hey, do either of you guys have a loofah?

Maxie: Hey, Dad.

Mac: Put your clothes on. I'm taking you home.

Maxie: Why do you always jump to the worst possible conclusion? I mean, I can see how this would be a problem for you, but you don't have anything to worry about.

Mac: Maxie, you're standing in the living room of two criminals wearing a towel. Don't tell me there's nothing to worry about.

Maxie: Spinelli isn't a criminal, and I'm helping him recuperate.

Spinelli: Oh.

Maxie: Oh, what do you need?

Spinelli: I was just illustrating your point.

Maxie: Oh, remember when Mom gave me that bell, and I used to ring it in the middle of the night because I was scared?

Mac: What? That -- that has nothing to do with this. Get him a nurse, will you? It's dangerous for you to be here, Maxie.

Maxie: He saved my life.

Mac: He's the reason you were in that alley in the first place.

Maxie: Spinelli shoved me out of the way, and it cost him his spleen. I'm going to make sure he gets better. He would do the same for me.

Mac: I don't even want to think about what Spinelli would do for you. Please put your clothes on. I'm taking you home.

[Bell rings]

Mac: What?

Spinelli: I have -- I have a loofah.

Maxie: Oh!

Mac: That's it.

Spinelli: No, no, no, I'm happy to share. I -- I find the exfoliating to be stimulating.

Mac: You are not sharing a loofah with my daughter or anything else for that matter. Maxie, please put your clothes on. Let's go. I'm taking you home.

Maxie: No, I made the decision for Spinelli to have this surgery. I'm going to see it through. He needs me.

Spinelli: More than anything.

Maxie: See? I'm staying.

Spinelli: Oh, um, my loofah's in the shower in the pink room.

Maxie: Oh, thank you.

Mac: I swear, if anything happens to my daughter while she's here, that bell is going to find a new home in your colon.

[Door slams]

Spinelli: The Jackal fears the apoplectic father of Maximista will not easily let this go.

Kate: I should have been with him. He needed me. Jax felt the same way about Carly. You saw us that night. It was the night of the "Couture" gala.

Clarice: You seemed distracted.

[Kate laughs]

Kate: Oh, Clarice, it was dreadful, and I was actually trying to respect Carly's feelings.

Clarice: Sonny loves you very much. I doubt seriously that he's been sleeping with Carly this whole time.

Kate: Well, I don't know, Clarice. The point has been made repeatedly to me that Sonny always goes back to Carly, and this incident in the limo certainly proves that. The wedding -- if I call off the wedding -- oh, my -- the gossip will be brutal.

Clarice: There is a case to be made for simply letting this go. After all, you and Sonny were not married at the time. You wouldn't be the first woman to just look the other way.

Kate: I don't know what to do.

Clarice: Kate, I'm so sorry. I seriously considered not even telling you.

Kate: No, no, no, Clarice, don't be sorry. I just -- I need to think, okay?

Jax: I need a moment with Kate.

Kate: Sure, Jax. There's actually a lot we need to discuss.

Scott: Where were you on the night of the murder?

Claudia: I was in Port Charles.

Scott: Where were you at the time of the murder?

Claudia: I was in and out of my apartment all afternoon and all evening.

Scott: Your apartment? The one that you share with the defendant, John Zacchara?

Claudia: That's correct.

Scott: Where was he on the night of the murder?

Ric: Objection, Your Honor. The witness is not responsible for her brother's whereabouts.

Judge: Be more specific, Mr. Baldwin.

Scott: Did you see your brother, John Zacchara, the night of the murder?

Claudia: Yes.

Scott: Was that before or after he murdered Logan Hayes?

Ric: Your Honor.

Scott: No more questions.

Spinelli: Maximista's paying a terrible price for her friendship.

Jason: Mac is just worried.

Spinelli: Yeah, but to track her down, to barge in when all she wanted was to exfoliate.

Jason: He didn't track her down here. He came here to question you about the hit and run, which we have to go over again.

Spinelli: I know. The Jackal should never have attempted to stakeout on his own, much less convince Maximista to accompany him. It was -- it was reckless and -- and --

Jason: Yeah, Spinelli, I told you --

Maxie: I hope you're not badgering him about the hit and run. He isn't supposed to get upset.

[Bell rings]

Maxie: What do you need?

Spinelli: I need you. Please don't send her away.

Patrick: Robin loves me. I love her. We're committed to being together. We're committed to raising our child together, so why won't she marry me?

Nikolas: I -- I don't know. I'm not an expert on Robin, but maybe she thinks you just want to settle down because of the baby.

Patrick: Well, I mean, that's part of it, but I love Robin. I'd marry her even if she wasn't pregnant.

Nikolas: Did you tell her that?

Patrick: I tried. She twists my words around, you know. Robin's the most challenging woman that I've ever met. She drives me crazy, but she also -- she makes me better, too.

Mac: Elizabeth, please page Robin, stat.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Robin: Hey.

Mac: Hi, listen.

Robin: What happened?

Mac: Listen. Maxie just moved in with Spinelli and Jason Morgan. I caught her standing in their living room, wearing a towel. Please talk to her before something terrible happens.

Sonny: What are you doing?

Diane: I have been giving a great deal of thought to your ill-advised sexual encounter with Carly.

Sonny: Put it out of your mind, 'cause Carly and I just agreed that it never happened.

Diane: That is precisely the type of narcissistic and delusional arrangement you could only make with Carly.

Sonny: You can call it whatever you want. I just -- I'm not having this discussion.

Diane: You need to tell Kate.

Sonny: Okay, Diane, that won't happen.

Diane: Okay, Sonny, try to understand. Kate Howard and I are obviously very different in many ways.

Sonny: I agree with that completely.

Diane: But in many ways we have a great deal in common. We have both devoted our lives to our careers. We work very hard, and we don't apologize for it, and we have built very nice lives for ourselves, and sometimes sharing said life can be a huge and terrifying step.

Sonny: I understand that.

Diane: If you understood, then you would be honest with Kate. She has put her heart, her career, her entire world on the line to marry you, Sonny. Virtually everyone in her world has advised against it. So if this marriage fails, she's going to be a laughingstock.

Sonny: The marriage is not going to fail.

Diane: Kate is cosmopolitan.

Sonny: Right.

Diane: She's sophisticated. She understands how this world works, but right now, she is a woman in love, and there is nothing more shattering to a woman in love than infidelity.

Sonny: It was a one-time shot, okay? It will never happen again. Kate does not have to worry.

Diane: Meaning that you're going to be faithful or meaning that you won't get caught? I'm begging you, Sonny, to be honest. If you cannot be faithful to Kate, please don't marry her.

Jax: I want to clarify a few things now that Carly and I are back together.

Kate: Certainly.

Jax: You know, Carly always said that you were trying to break us up. If I would have listened to her, we'd all be a little better off right now, wouldn't we?

Kate: You know, Jax, I'm not really in the mood to be scolded right now, so if you want to talk about business --

Jax: Okay, well, I just want to set a few boundaries, okay? Like don't come over unannounced, and don't call unless it's an absolute emergency, and if you got a problem with Carly, come talk to me about it.

Kate: Great, anything else?

Jax: Yeah, you've apologized to me, but you haven't apologized to my wife.

Kate: Oh. Oh, my God. You know, Jax, you don't really know your wife at all.

Jax: I'd really appreciate it if you'd cut out the snide remarks.

Kate: I think that snide remarks are the least of your worries right now.

Jax: Really?

Kate: Yeah, really.

Jax: What do you mean by that?

Kate: Do you remember the night that Sonny and Carly took Michael to the Aftercare institute? Hmm? Do you remember that night, when we practically begged them to be with them, to help them, and we felt shut out? Well, I guess we had good reason, Jax, because on the ride home, Sonny and Carly had sex.

Judge: Mr. Lansing, your witness.

Ric: I have no questions at this time, Your Honor, but I reserve the right to recall this witness.

Judge: Fair enough. Ms. Zacchara, you may step down now.

Judge: Next witness, please?

Scott: The prosecution calls Nadine Crowell.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Nadine: Yes.

Scott: Where do you work?

Nadine: I'm a floor nurse at General Hospital.

Scott: Is that your only job?

Nadine: No, I also work at the Emily Quartermaine Free Clinic on Van Ness.

Scott: Where were you the night of the murder?

Nadine: That sort of sounds like you think I did it.

Judge: Just answer the question, Ms. Crowell.

Nadine: Oh, I was at the clinic.

Scott: Were you alone?

Nadine: No, Nikolas was there, Nikolas Cassadine. He owns the clinic. He hired me.

Ric: Objection, Your Honor. He's deliberately allowing the witness to go off topic.

Judge: Move it along, Mr. Baldwin.

Scott: Did you find Logan Hayes' body that night?

Nadine: Yes, I did.

Scott: Where did you find it?

Nadine: Right outside the door of the clinic.

Scott: Did you see or hear anything when Logan's body was dumped on the steps at the clinic?

Nadine: Uh, I heard a car drive off.

Scott: Did you see the car?

Nadine: It was dark.

Scott: Did you see who was driving the car?

Nadine: If I didn't see the car, how could I have seen who was driving?

Scott: Well, didn't you see that guy throw Logan's body from the car?

Nadine: I already told you. I saw a car pull away, but I did not see the driver.

Scott: Okay, well, let's just start from the beginning.

Ric: Objection, Your Honor. Argumentative.

Judge: Tone it down, Mr. Baldwin.

Scott: Tell the court what happened that night.

Nadine: Sure. I was working late at the clinic, checking through meds. Nikolas was working in the back. Um, I heard a thud. Sounded sort of like someone had fallen up against the door. I called out for Nikolas, but, before he came to meet me, I opened the door and found the body.

Scott: You mentioned Nikolas Cassadine. He owns the clinic, right?

Ric: Objection, relevance.

Scott: Well, the witness brought it up. I don't see why I can't pursue it.

Judge: Objection overruled.

Scott: Nikolas Cassadine is Lulu Spencer's half-brother, right?

Ric: Objection, relevance.

Judge: Get where you're going, Mr. Baldwin.

Scott: You like Nikolas, don't you?

Ric: Your Honor.

Judge: You know better, Mr. Baldwin.

Scott: Well, I mean, he would really be impressed if you were to help Lulu's boyfriend with your testimony. He might like you back, huh?

Ric: Objection, Your Honor.

Nadine: Pardon my French, Mr. Baldwin, but that's a pile of horse-pucky.

Maxie: You have to tell me, Spinelli. Which one's more comfortable? This way or --

Jason: Whoa, hey, leave him alone. Leave him alone. What are -- what are you doing?

Maxie: Well, he can't lay flat on his back all day. He's going to get pneumonia.

Jason: You're going to pop out his stitches doing that.

Maxie: Oh, my God, Spinelli. I am so sorry. Maybe -- maybe you should just stay how you are.

Spinelli: Okay.

Maxie: Oh, here.

[Knock on door]

Maxie: Look. Mm-hmm.

Robin: Hello.

Maxie: Oh, God. Let me guess, Mac sent you to try and convince me I need to go home?

Robin: Is that a possibility?

Maxie: What is wrong with you guys? I have to stay here to take care of Spinelli.

Robin: Aw, how are you feeling?

Spinelli: Please let her stay.

[Robin laughs]

Robin: Okay, don't worry about it. We'll work it out. Can I talk to you for a second?

Maxie: Yeah. You should sleep or something.

Robin: You're keeping track of his fever, right?

Maxie: Yeah, every two hours. And Jason's not here all the time. He can't do it by himself. Why can't Mac just understand I'm trying to do something unselfish with my life for once and just be happy? You get it, right? You're kind of the most rational person I know.

Carly: Oh, I thought I wasn't going to be getting these.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Hey, Max.

Max: Hey, Mrs. C. How are you?

Carly: Good. Come in, please, please.

Max: Thank you.

Carly: So, how are you?

Max: Good, thanks. Wow, what's this?

Carly: Oh, shells from the island. I wasn't supposed to be getting them, but I guess Sonny forgot that he had the staff send them. I guess his mind's on the wedding right now.

Max: Yeah -- yeah, well, boss does have a lot on his mind right now.

Carly: You okay?

Max: I need to ask your advice, Mrs. C.

Carly: Is this about Diane?

Max: Not exactly.

Carly: Okay, have a seat. What's up?

Max: I need to know what you want me to do. Kate and the boss are about to get married, so I -- if Kate knew that you and the boss had relations that night in the back of the limo, she wouldn't marry the boss. So, maybe it would be better if it -- you know, if the truth just came out. Especially if, in your hearts, you and the boss want to get back together.

Carly: Okay, um. Sonny and I -- we have let go. We have, and I am so sorry you heard us fighting about that night in the limousine. I'm really sorry about that.

Max: Yeah, so am I.

Carly: I don't want you to worry about it anymore. Sonny and I talked about the situation. It's over. It was a really bad mistake, and nobody ever has to know about it, Max.

Sonny: I don't know what Max told you, but --

Diane: Max and I almost never talk about you, Sonny, unbelievable as that may seem.

Sonny: When I'm married, I'm faithful. Don't -- don't give me that look.

Diane: Where do I start? Alexis. Sam. I believe the woman's name was Reese. And, then of course, there's Emily.

Sonny: That was only when Carly and I were separated or divorced.

Diane: In other words, in between reconciliations with Carly.

Sonny: I was not married when I had sex with Carly in that limo.

Diane: Then why not tell Kate?

Sonny: Because I don't want to hurt her. Like I said, the -- you know, it's not going to happen again. When I marry Kate, I am not going to be with anybody else.

Diane: Okay, what if -- if she finds out?

Sonny: She's not going to, Diane.

Diane: Oh, that's right, because it never happened. Tell her, Sonny. Give Kate the opportunity to forgive you.

Sonny: There's nothing to forgive. Carly and I, we're -- we're letting it go. Kate's heart is safe with me. I don't want to have this discussion anymore, okay?

Diane: God help me. I'm actually starting to understand your logic. Which means that I need a martini.

Jax: Why would you come up with such a ridiculous lie?

Kate: Is it ridiculous? It's true, Jax. I wish it wasn't, and I wish I didn't know, but I do. The man that I am going to marry in the less than a month has been lying to me since May, and Carly has been lying to you.

Jax: And why should I believe you?

Kate: You know, just ask Diane Miller, okay? She can give you the details that will break your heart. Jax, everything that everyone has been warning us about is true. Sonny and Carly cannot stay away from each other.

Jax: When did you find about this?

Kate: Clarice just told me. She overheard Max and Diane talking about it. Do you remember that night? Do you remember how terrible we felt, how awful we felt about Michael, how we were completely shut out? How we tried to put on a good face? We went to the "Couture" gala, and it was dreadful. And on the ride home, you and I shared a kiss. We had to pay for that, and all the while we've been played like fools.

Scott: Do you have a personal relationship with Nikolas Cassadine?

Nadine: We all know what that means, Mr. Baldwin, and I don't appreciate the implication one little bit.

Scott: Yes or no?

Nadine: You want this whole courtroom to think that I am in love with Nikolas Cassadine, and even if I am, which I'm probably not, it would never influence my testimony.

Scott: Objection.

Ric: You can't object to your own witness.

Judge: That's enough, Ms. Crowell.

Nadine: I'm not finished.

Scott: I'm finished with you, you crackpot.

Nadine: Nikolas is worried sick about his little sister. She's about to lose her mind, because that man is about to railroad her boyfriend into a lethal injection.

Judge: That's enough, Ms. Crowell.

Nadine: No, Your Honor, this whole trial is all wrong. Scott Baldwin hates the Spencers. He's just out for revenge because Lulu's mother dumped him like a million years ago. Talk about conflict of interest. I mean, don't take this the wrong way, but he shouldn't even be allowed in this courtroom.

Judge: That is quite enough.

Maxie: You know it's just Mac being Mac.

Robin: Yes, I'm just -- I'm not so crazy about you being here either.

Maxie: I know what it's like to recover from major surgeries. I mean, I've done it a few times. Spinelli's not like us. He doesn't have family around to help him or drive him crazy. Besides Jason and me, no one really cares about him.

Robin: Mm. Jason, what do you think?

Jason: I think Maxie would have been safer if she had never met Spinelli, but he wants her to be here, so --

Robin: Okay. All right, well, then I will just tell Mac that you're being a good friend and don't worry about it.

Maxie: Thank you. That sounds good.

Robin: You're welcome. Mac is just a little over-anxious these days, because my due date is getting very close.

Jason: Yeah, I'm happy for you and Patrick. I'm glad -- I'm glad it worked out.

Robin: Oh, come on. Not you, too. Were you looking at his blog?

Jason: What's a blog?

Robin: I just don't understand why I have to get married to have a child with the man. I mean, what is so bad about trying to protect my little girl from a marriage that will probably fall apart? I mean, isn't it better that a baby is with two people who are happy with each other rather than two people who are tearing each other up over a divorce? And please don't say I'm a pessimist, okay? I am a realist, and I just don't think I need to marry him to have a full and happy life.

Jason: I was just congratulating you on your baby. I -- I mean if you and Patrick want to get married, that's up to you.

Robin: Oh, so you didn't know about the --

Jason: Apparently not.

Robin: Okay, well, good to see you. I should go.

Jason: I'll walk you down.

Robin: Okay. Bye.

Carly: I want you to know that I understand your concerns. Sonny and I have a lot of history. But I'm really ready to move on with Jax.

Max: You know, I didn't think you'd stay married until -- I thought it was just a matter of time before you ended up back with the boss again.

Carly: Well, you know, a lot of things changed the night Michael was shot. And, uh, that night in the limo, that was a big mistake, and, you know, that was it. That was the end. I want to spend the rest of my life with Jax. I have never been so happy and so secure. I love him so much. Hi. Welcome home.

Jax: Ahem.

[Door opens]

Nikolas: Well, hello, Nadine.

Nadine: Oh, hey, Nikolas. How are you doing? Good to see you.

Nikolas: Yeah. So, what exactly did you do now?

[Nadine sighs]

[Knock on door]

Maxie: Ooh.

Sasha: Mr. Spinelli, how are you feeling?

Maxie: You -- you better stay away from him.

Spinelli: Stop her before she starts shedding clothes.

Sasha: You are very amusing, little trespasser. So, where is Jason?

Spinelli: Stone Cold and the Slavic seductress are on a first name basis? My darkest, most tortured vision is coming true.

Maxie: You need to get out of here. I'm going to tell Jason that you were bothering Spinelli, and if you try to make threats, Jason will retaliate.

Patrick: Well, I appreciate the confidence in me.

Mac: Well, that's good. But just understand, you know, if you hurt Robin, if you turn out to be a lousy father -- I will make you pay.

Patrick: Fair enough.

Mac: All right.

Robin: I really can't believe you're doing this. It's like I'm being smothered from all sides. What did he just say to you? And don't you dare say that I should be happy for what I've got because, you know what? He should be happy for what he's got. Ow!

Mac: Robin, what's wrong? What's wrong?

Robin: I don't know. It hurts.

Patrick: Page Dr. Lee -- stat.

Robin: It just hurts.

Mac: The baby's coming -- now?

Robin: I don't know. I think I'm having a contraction.

Sonny: Did you get everything finished?

Kate: For now.

Sonny: That -- that's the same wine from the island. What I want do now, is I want to grill some fish so we can pretend we're still there.

Kate: I'm not hungry.

Sonny: Your dress is going to fit. Come on, you look great. What do you mean? You've got to eat.

Kate: I have a question for you, Sonny, and I'd appreciate an honest answer. I'll believe whatever you have to say.

Sonny: What's wrong?

Kate: Did you have sex with Carly the night you took Michael to the institute?

Jax: Is there a problem, Max? Did Sonny ask you over here?

Carly: No, of course not. Max came by to congratulate us for getting back together.

Max: That's right. Congratulations.

Carly: Thank you.

Max: Mrs. C., Jax.

Carly: Bye, Max.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: Max is a very nice guy. He is. You should get to know him better. He likes to fish. He didn't come over here because of Sonny, if that's what you're worried about.

Jax: No, that's -- that's not what I'm worried about.

Carly: Well, what's wrong?

Jax: Did you sleep with Sonny back in May?

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