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 August 28, 2008
Posted: Sep 1 2008, 06:26 PM


Group: Admin
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Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

Kate: Oh, I love it.

Clarice: Maha outdid herself.

Kate: Mm-hmm, it's clean, yet sophisticated. Still has a romantic flair.

Clarice: Carly's head is going to explode when she sees you walking down the aisle in that gown.

Kate: You're a naughty girl. I can't wait for Sonny to see me in it.

Sonny: Is that the dress?

Kate: Oh, my God. Don't look! No, I can't have anymore bad fate. No.

Carly: Mr. Bale and his entourage are taking over the entire 10th floor, so I don't need to tell you --

Marty: Discretion?

Carly: Yeah, thanks.

Marty: Okay.

Jax: Hey.

Carly: Hey, there.

Jax: Why don't you go back up to my room, get some sleep for a few hours. I'll cover for you.

Carly: I'm fine. I'm more than fine.

Jax: No, no, no, you got up at four this morning so you could be home in time for Morgan.

Carly: I'm not tired at all. In fact, we could go back upstairs.

Jax: Who's we?

Karpov: Mr. Jax, how unfair of you, kissing your lovely wife in public this way. It could get other men jealous.

Spinelli: Maximista?

Maxie: How are you feeling?

Spinelli: Oh, I had the strangest dreams. Full of portent. Has there been any word about Stone Cold?

Maxie: Oh, will you stop worrying about Jason? He hasn't exactly called to check up on you.

Spinelli: Oh, there can only be one explanation for why Stone Cold hasn't called.

Maxie: Yeah, he's running a mob organization.

Spinelli: No, he must be in the most dire of situations. I have --

Maxie: What -- what are you doing?

Spinelli: No, I have to find him.

Maxie: No, Spinelli, calm down, okay? Look, if you just stay here and do everything the doctors tell you, I'll find Jason for you, all right? No matter what it takes.

Monica: Lulu, hi.

Edward: My -- my dear girl, shouldn't you be in your room?

Lulu: I'm not confined to my room.

Monica: No, of course you're not confined.

Edward: No, well, what I meant was that --

Alice: You're looking good, Lulu, real good.

Lulu: Thank you, I -- I am feeling a lot better. It's so nice that you guys wanted to come by. This just is not a good time for me.

Edward: You need to know that Tracy’s determined to get your father back here and help you through this.

Lulu: I just -- I don't think that that would be such a –

Kate: Take it out. Take it out of this room, Clarice. I can't tempt fate.

Clarice: I'll lay the dress out in the guest room, and then I'll set up that call with Scarlett's publicist.

Sonny: That's not going to be necessary, because Kate's taking the next couple of days off.

Kate: I am?

Sonny: Yeah, and hold the -- hold the calls, all of them.

Kate: No.

Sonny: What do you mean, no?

Kate: No, this is the worst possible time. I have a launch for a magazine. I have a wedding to plan.

Sonny: Shh. You are completely stressed out. I don't want to get to that altar and just be another item on the tight schedule. We are getting married, and I want you to enjoy this time.

Kate: Well, I am.

Sonny: Okay.

Kate: Well, I am, as much as I can.

Sonny: All right. So --

Kate: No, I have too much to do. Clarice, don't you dare.

Clarice: Speaking as a recovering control freak, sometimes you just have to throw the schedule out the window and go for it.

Sonny: Give that lady a raise, please.

Kate: Stop it.

Sonny: Okay, here's what I want you to do. I want you to pack your bags, okay, and all you need is a bathing suit, because I'm taking you to Aruba. Unless you think that taking my fiancée to an island that starts with the letter "A" is bad luck.

Kate: Oh, I am not that superstitious.

Sonny: Well, Tommy Garafolo -- remember when he shot at that sparrow with a slingshot and you said that he would be cursed for the rest of his life because a sparrow carries the souls of the deceased to the afterlife?

Kate: Excuse me, but if you heard my nonna tell me these stories growing up, you'd feel the exact same way.

Sonny: Oh, I would -- I would lock the doors and shut everything, and I would never go outside.

Kate: You got blood on a wedding dress. That --

Sonny: It was a reception dress.

Kate: Oh, yeah, right, and now you're laughing at it, right? You mook.

Sonny: Mook? Wow, I've never -- you haven't called me that in a long time.

Kate: Oh, my God. What is wrong with me? Oh, God, I'm like a teenager or something. My stomach is full of butterflies, and my head is just full of --

Sonny: Hopes and dreams? Remember when we were kids, right, and we had the future just all stretched out in front of us, uncharted territory? We got a chance right now to do it, and that's why I want -- I want us to go away, all right? So we can get that feeling back.

Kate: So about this trip --

Sonny: I thought you were onboard.

Kate: Well, I'm getting onboard. But if we are going to run away together, there's really only one place I want to go.

Sonny: Where?

Kate: Your island.

Jax: Well, I find myself very fortunate to have a lovely wife who enjoys kissing me in public.

Karpov: In my country, men are careful not to flaunt their good fortune for fear it may be taken away from them.

Jax: Oh, well, this isn't your first time doing business outside of Russia, right? Unicorp, Monarch, Deutsche-Suisse?

Karpov: You've done your homework.

Jax: Well, it so happens that I own a large stake in those three companies, too. Part of my international holdings. I'm sure we both understand how important it is to diversify.

Karpov: Yes, clearly, we share the same taste in many things.

Jax: And how important it is to delineate what can be shared and what can’t.

Karpov: Oh, I prefer to be flexible. After all, things can change quickly.

Jax: Yes, and in ways you didn't see coming.

Karpov: Indeed. Mrs. Jax, always a pleasure.

Carly: I wish you hadn't done that.

Jax: Why? That's good for him to see that I'm not intimidated by him.

Carly: I hope you're right.

Claudia: Hi.

Ric: You're going to have to visit your brother another time. He and I have a lot of work to do to prepare for his case.

Claudia: Johnny doesn't trust you. I'm here to make sure he cooperates.

Ric: Yeah?

Claudia: Mm-hmm.

Ric: Well, you don't trust me either.

Claudia: Yeah, but --

Ric: Well, you know, I have much better incentives than just that to get your brother acquitted. I mean, after all, if I do come through here, I could write my own ticket. Maybe Anthony will finally realize that he doesn't need two Lansing attorneys.

Claudia: You'd do your own father in, wouldn't you?

Ric: Something tells me that you wouldn't mind if I kicked Trevor to the curb, or down a flight of stairs, for that matter.

Claudia: It's not really a secret. Trevor and I -- well, I don't trust him.

Ric: Yeah, it goes way beyond mistrust. I think you would like to do Trevor in, but it'd be a hell of a lot easier to have somebody else do the dirty work for you. Make him pay for whatever makes you look at him with all that loathing in your eyes.

Claudia: What can I say? Familiarity breeds contempt.

Ric: Yeah? Maybe something else, too.

Claudia: What?

Ric: I don't know, fear.

Claudia: Hey, I'm not afraid of that son of a bitch. You think you know a lot about me, don't you?

Ric: Well, I'm a pragmatist, just like you.

Claudia: Yeah, but see, I would never let a man do all the dirty work for me. What fun would that be?

Ric: What do you like to do for fun, Claudia?

Claudia: Well, I'm going to show you if you get my brother acquitted.

Ric: No, no, "when." When I'm going to get your brother acquitted. And when I do, you're going to follow through with those promises that you intended to keep. All of them.

Claudia: Uh-huh, uh-huh. Yeah.

Johnny: Hey, Ric, why don't you put your libido on hold long enough to focus on my case?

Edward: Excuse me. Whatever you've been doing, it's not helping.

Nurse: Lulu's been receiving the best possible treatment.

Edward: How would you know that?

Nurse: I am part of the staff who oversees Lulu's care.

Edward: Are you a doctor?

Alice: Come on, it's a yes or no answer.

Nurse: No.

Edward: Then get me someone who knows what they're talking about. Get me her doctor.

Alice: I'm sure Mr. Quartermaine means now.

Lulu: I'm sorry.

Monica: No, don't be sorry, Lulu. It was like something frightened you. What?

Lulu: I'm just very jumpy still. It was really nice that you guys wanted to come see me, but I just can't do this right now.

Monica: No, please, Lulu, talk to me.

Lulu: No, there's nothing that you can do. Please, I'm sorry. If you just leave me alone, I will be better.

Monica: Okay, okay.

Edward: Doctor, it's obvious that you have neither the knowledge nor the skills to treat Lulu's condition.

Lainey: Better for you to take out your fear and frustration on me than for Lulu to hear it.

Monica: Lulu won't even talk to us. She is scared to death, and it's like she's hallucinating.

Lainey: Yes.

Monica: Yes?

Lainey: She's seeing visions of Logan Hayes.

Patrick: Put her on the intracranial monitor. Yeah, and talk to his parents. I just told them it was going to get worse before --

Robin: Okay, I know what's going on. I know everyone's talking about this proposal, but I just have to say one thing. I know that I work with all of you, and I know that you are my friends, but it's not fair for you to push me into a proposal that I don't want to accept.

Kelly: Why don't we consult for a moment?

Robin: You weren't talking about that, were you?

Kelly: No.

Robin: I am such an idiot.

Kelly: Mm, but you were right about one thing.

Robin: What's that?

Kelly: We all think you should marry Patrick.

Robin: Did he hear that?

Kelly: Yeah.

Claudia: You don't have to like Ric, because what matters is that he can help you, right?

Johnny: He's playing on your fear, offering you some magic solution to get me out of this so he can have what he wants.

[Ric laughs]

Johnny: What, you think this is funny?

Ric: Well, the idea of me or anybody playing your sister? Yeah, I think that's hysterical. You know what, John? You should be thanking Claudia for coming to me, for pushing me to defend you, for getting me to see the potential benefit. Because make no mistake, I don't like you either, but what you do for me is you help me.

Johnny: So far all I've heard -- empty promises. What do you have to back it up?

Ric: My star witness.

Johnny: And that would be?

Ric: Yeah, first thing is you two are going to tell me what you're keeping from me.

Lulu: [Crying] Oh, no, no, no. You're not here, you're not here, you're not here, you're not here.

Edward: But there must be some treatment, some other medication you can give Lulu.

Lainey: This is a state-of-the-art facility. Everything that can be done is being done.

Monica: Oh, you're not saying that this is irreversible, are you?

Lainey: Lulu is a severely traumatized young woman. There are no simple solutions for her condition.

Alice: Well, you know, Miss Tracy’s looking all over for Mr. Luke to bring him back here.

Lainey: Good, I think it would be very helpful to have her father here.

Edward: God help that little girl if Luke Spencer’s the best she can do.

Monica: Edward, this is not the time.

Edward: I know, I know, it's Johnny Zacchara's fault, and I should have shot the damn fool the first time he came near her.

Lainey: Mr. Quartermaine, Lulu is apparently blaming herself for the conflict between Logan and Johnny, so vilifying him will only prove more detrimental.

Edward: But you see, we just want to help.

Lainey: I know, and I promise we are doing everything we can. Excuse me.

Lainey: Hi, how are you doing?

Lulu: They just told you that they saw me freak out at nothing, right?

Lainey: Tell me what you're seeing now.

Lulu: Nothing, he's gone. I'm fine.

Sonny: Okay, here's the thing. The island is the only thing that I have left in the Caribbean that I didn't sign over to Jason. That's going to be there for a long time -- forever, actually, so why don't we go -- I just thought we'd go somewhere where it would be new to us.

Kate: As opposed to the place where you've taken all your other women. What's the matter? Afraid you might slip and call me by someone else's name?

Sonny: Why do you do this?

Kate: Why won't you take me to the island?

Sonny: Because of what you -- what you said about, you know, the other women and things.

Kate: Memorable times, I'm sure.

Sonny: No, that was -- that was different. You're -- you're separate from anything that's come before.

Kate: Okay, I believe that. I don't think I'm in any kind of competition.

Sonny: Good.

Kate: That's why I want to go there. I want to make the island ours.

Sonny: The whole point of going away is -- is to leave all the planning and stress behind us and get back to us.

Kate: Mm-hmm, so what is your point?

Sonny: The point is, why do you want to go some place where there's history, especially with, you know --

Kate: Carly.

Sonny: Yeah.

Kate: Yeah, Carly, that's what you were going to say. The most recent Mrs. Corinthos.

Sonny: Okay, all right, all right, all right.

Kate: Look, the whole reason I want to go down there is so that it's not a place haunted by your past, so that it's a place about us and our future together.

Sonny: Yeah, okay, well, that all sounds reasonable and everything, you know, when you say it, you know, Kate Howard. But I remember a time, when, you know, Connie Falconeri was okay with the fact that I took out her cousin Olivia, and then she wrote in the boy's stall, "Olivia puts out."

Kate: I don't know what you're talking about.

Sonny: Well, I know your handwriting.

Kate: Well, she did, didn't she?

Sonny: You see, you haven't changed. This is -- this is not about going to the island and all that. This is -- this is competition.

Kate: Okay, well, if you don't take me, then I'll just have to wonder. Maybe you think I don't measure up. Maybe I can't compete.

Sonny: That's stupid.

Kate: Prove it.

Sonny: What? Prove what? That -- that the person in front of me is brilliant and beautiful and I love her to death? She's the only woman in the world for me. I don't have to go to a private island to prove that. I can, you know -- you want me to take you, I'll take you. Whatever my fiancée wants, my fiancée gets.

Kate: Thank you.

Sonny: Is that all right? Oh, boy.

Jax: [Speaking German]

Hans: [Speaking German]

Jax: And we're going to make a lot of money together.

Hans: I very much look forward to this partnership.

Jax: Okay. Guten flug, ja?

Hans: Ja, danke schoen.

[Speaking German]

Karpov: You call me here and then make me wait?

Jax: Well, I'll get to the point. I know you're a busy man. Those three corporations I mentioned earlier, two Swiss and one Dutch, you're heavily invested in all three. You depend on them to maintain the illusion that you're a legitimate businessman.

Karpov: I am a legitimate businessman.

Jax: Well, as I mentioned before, I'm a major shareholder in those companies, and if I were to contact Interpol with concerns that you were using those corporations to launder money, it could trigger a huge investigation.

Karpov: You'd lose a fortune.

Jax: You'd lose more, because both Swiss and Dutch governments would freeze all of your assets, and I'm sure you know how that goes. Or you can go quietly. Your choice.

Bernie: Is there a reason you texted me to come here, Mr. Morgan, instead of --

Maxie: Instead of where? Sounds like you know where Jason is, and I need to know now.

Bernie: Look, Miss -- who are you?

Maxie: Maxie Jones. I'm Spinelli's friend.

Bernie: Right, of course. You're Maximista. He babbles about you all the time. Well, you are the police commissioner's daughter, right? You can't be in this office. Come on, I'm going to have to ask you to --

Maxie: I'm not leaving until I know where Jason is.

Diane: You are far more demanding when you text message than you -- well, clearly Jason didn't summon us.

Maxie: No, but both of you know where he is, and I need to know.

Spinelli: Maximista?

Sasha: Guess again.

Spinelli: It's you.

Sasha: Sasha Donev. We've met before.

Spinelli: How could I forget? My arms were nearly ripped out of their sockets.

Sasha: Do you also remember that I'm Andrei Karpov's lawyer?

Spinelli: I know you, Slavic seductress.

Sasha: What did you call me?

Spinelli: Well, you're no angel of mercy.

Sasha: I was so sorry to hear that you had been in an accident. So terrible, but those things do happen. How fortunate that you survived.

Spinelli: Yes, and inconvenient.

Sasha: Mr. Karpov would like me to convey his concern.

Spinelli: Convey all you want.

Sasha: I think I should talk to Mr. Morgan as soon as possible.

Spinelli: Hmm, good luck with that.

Sasha: Tell me, where do I find him?

Spinelli: That's privileged information.

Sasha: Really?

Spinelli: No, a little higher. I've got an itch.

Sasha: You are a very strong man, Mr. Jackal. I admire that in a man. But you must tell me where Mr. Morgan is. It's best for you.

Spinelli: Hmm, I can't seem to recall.

Sasha: Perhaps I can jog your memory.

Spinelli: Well, that's one approach.

Lulu: Hi.

Laura: What's bothering you?

Lulu: I had a really rough morning. The Quartermaines, they came to visit me, and I know that they want to help, but I just -- I can't talk to them.

Laura: You can talk to me about anything.

Lulu: But I have so much that I need to tell you. You remember the night that you relapsed? You said something to me before you faded away. You said that you believed you didn't kill Rick Webber, and you asked me to prove it. I did.

Laura: You have proof?

Lulu: Well, I -- I didn't do it by myself. Dillon helped me, and Spinelli, a good friend of mine. The night that Rick Webber died, you were hysterical. You thought that he was going to hurt you, so he wanted to calm you down, and he injected you with some sort of tranquilizer, and that's why you don't remember anything. You were out of it.

Laura: You mean, I didn't do it? Really, you're sure? Oh, God, thank you. Thank you. But if I didn't do it, then who did?

Lulu: Scott Baldwin.

Bernie: Look. You've got to understand that Mr. Morgan right now is involved in some very important business.

Maxie: I don't really care.

Diane: You are in no position to make demands.

Maxie: If you don't cough up Jason's phone number, you can kiss all those designers' samples and freebies goodbye.

Diane: I don't respond very well to blackmail. Besides, you don't decide what or who Kate gives anything to.

Maxie: As Kate's first assistant, I control all the merchandise. So I can make it so that nothing comes into the office. Or have all the samples sent to Alexis Davis.

Diane: That's low.

Bernie: No, wait a minute. I can't believe you're considering --

Diane: Shut up.

Maxie: Listen, Barney.

Bernie: It's Bernie.

Maxie: Spinelli is in the hospital. And if Jason finds out that I couldn't get ahold of him, you're going to be fired. Or worse.

Bernie: I cannot believe you're considering this.

Diane: She's absolutely right. Jason would never forgive us if something had happened to Spinelli and we did not inform him.

Maxie: Jason. I don't care what you're doing. Spinelli needs your help.

Sasha: I am warning you. I don't take rejection well. And I have other, much less pleasant ways of making you talk.

Spinelli: Your plans are going to fail.

Sasha: How typical of you, Agent Jackal. Always overconfident at the wrong times. You are helpless. At my mercy. Just how I like it.

Leyla: Careful. Your next move could be your last. Relax, Agent Jackal. I'll handle this one.

Matt: Damien Spinelli is my patient.

Patrick: Was.

Matt: If you want to look over my shoulder, maybe learn something, that's fine.

Patrick: You know the kid could have died?

Robin: This announcement is for Dr. Patrick Drake and for all of you that heard him propose to me over this very public address system. And I just want you to know how honored I am. Patrick continues to show me how much he loves me, and for that, I am deeply grateful.

Laura: If Scotty had done it, he would have come forward. He never would let me think --

Lulu: This is why I didn't want to tell you.

Laura: But why would he do it?

Lulu: When Scott came to the attic, he saw you struggling with Rick. He hit him with a candlestick. And then he heard Dad coming, so he climbed out the window, not wanting to deal with that, not knowing that Rick was dead.

Laura: So when your father walked in the attic --

Lulu: He saw you with a candlestick, standing over Ric.

Laura: And he thought I did it.

Lulu: I was afraid Dad would kill Scott, so I never told him the truth.

Laura: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, you never should have been burdened with all of this.

Lulu: Oh, mom. Mom, do you know how happy I am that I could do this for you?

Laura: Thank you. But I just -- I wish I could have dealt with it differently. I wish I could have found another way. I -- I wish I hadn't lost all this time.

Lulu: I know what it is like to be terrified by what you've done. And haunted by your guilt.

Laura: Lulu. Why do you feel guilty?

Robin: Patrick is more than the father of my child. He's my boyfriend, which all of you know. And the most gifted, brilliant, infuriating, yet wonderful man that I have ever met. And he is so patient with me. More patient than I could ever really deserve when I just continue to act like a child, running to the edge of the diving board, trying to get the courage to dive off, and then getting cold feet and running back again. Sometimes I think you know me better than I know myself, and instead of being grateful to you, I just get mad at you. And for some reason -- I don't understand it -- you still want to marry me. And I just -- I want you to know that I love you more every day. And I am not being stubborn. I'm just -- I'm being honest. I just don't -- I just don't want to be married. To you or anyone. I'm so sorry. I -- I have to say no.

Lulu: His name was Logan Hayes, and he had a huge chip on his shoulder. He was mad at the world because his dad walked out on him when -- before he was born. And he tracked him to Port Charles, and it turns out his father was Scott Baldwin.

Laura: My God.

Lulu: Yeah. Scott didn't even know that he had a son.

Laura: How did he take the news?

Lulu: Well, it was rough at first, but Scott tried to reach out to Logan. But Logan didn't want to give Scott the chance to hurt him again. It's -- it's like Logan wanted to be such a good person, but then he couldn't help himself, and he would do a messed-up thing. When I was with him, and he supposedly was so in love with me, he slept with another girl.

Laura: Oh, that must have hurt.

Lulu: Yeah. Yeah, it was bad. But it actually turned out to be the best thing, because the night that I found out that he cheated on me, I met Johnny Zacchara. And I really fell in love.

Ric: So what haven't you told me? Hmm? Any witnesses?

Johnny: It wouldn't matter. I can't tell you anything that would help.

Ric: Why don't you let me be the judge of that?

Johnny: I've told you all I'm going to.

Ric: All right. I'm not playing this game. You talk to him. Either he tells me everything he knows, or you don't stand a chance.

Claudia: Ric -- hey.

[Door slams]

Claudia: John, you need to cooperate. You need to tell Ric that Maxie and Lulu showed up right after you killed Logan.

Johnny: I don't want Lulu any more involved than she already is.

Claudia: Trying to protect Lulu is going to get her killed. It's going to get you convicted, and what's going to happen after that? What's going to happen, Johnny, is Daddy is going to go after Lulu, and he's going to have her killed. And then he's probably going to come after me.

Johnny: Then find a way to have him killed first.

Kate: Oh, my God! I can't believe it's so close to the water. Oh, Sonny, it's gorgeous. Oh, it's a garden. Oh, they're so peaceful.

Sonny: See, that's the reason that I originally bought this place. You know why? Because the casino is not far, but right here is our world. Total privacy.

Kate: Oh. Total?

Sonny: Yeah, the staff knows not to bother me unless I ask them to. They won't interrupt us, if you know what I mean.

Kate: Mm. You must have so many memories here.

Sonny: I don't care about that. I just care about right here. You in front of me. I'm glad you're here. This place looks good on you.

Kate: Why don't we make a memory of our own?

Jax: Hey. Thanks for meeting me.

Alexis: Oh. I'm just going to finish my paperwork. I'll be right with you, okay?

Jax: Oh, paperwork. That's actually why I'm here. It's nothing big. Just need somebody's visa revoked.

Karpov: Your husband has a bad habit of leaving you alone, hmm?

Carly: Mr. Karpov, I enjoyed meeting you and I find you to be an interesting man. But not so interesting that I would jeopardize my marriage.

Karpov: Your husband is overly possessive, or just unwise. He's making problems for me. And if he continues, I'll make much bigger problems for him.

Carly: If you just threatened my husband, you made a big mistake.

Leyla: Don't come back!

Leyla: Don't come back! Agent Jackal, are you okay?

Spinelli: Thanks to you. You are amazing.

Leyla: What?

Spinelli: What?

Leyla: Nothing.

Spinelli: Nothing. Thank you. You're great.

Lulu: When I met Johnny, I knew. And I felt different. It was so much more intense for him than any other guy, and it confused me, you know? It scared me. And I wasn't honest with myself. And I wasn't honest with Logan,

Laura: When somebody else is in love with you, and they need you so profoundly, there's no easy way to tell them that you don't feel the same way. But if you don't tell them, then you hurt yourself.

Lulu: Yeah, that's exactly what happened with me and Logan for way too long. When I finally said that it was over, Logan thought that we were some great love. That I was going to save him somehow. And when I told him that we were done, he couldn't accept it. He lost it. He went crazy. So he came after me. He was going to hurt me, then I didn't mean to -- that's why I'm in here. Because I'm afraid that I'm losing my mind. Um --

Laura: No.

Lulu: Mom, I killed Logan.

Laura: Oh, no.

Lulu: Mom, don't --

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