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 August 12, 2008
Posted: Aug 14 2008, 01:47 PM


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Provided By Suzanne

Patrick: Something wrong?

[Robin sighs]

Robin: No, you just have no idea how much I miss my morning coffee, or just caffeine in general. I swear, once I have this child, I am never going to have herbal tea ever again.

Patrick: Well, to show my empathy, I made it weak. You're not missing anything.

Robin: Why are you so calm?

Patrick: Well, don't believe it. I'm jumping out of my skin. It's not every day you find out you're about to have a boy.

Nikolas: How many miles?

[Claudia laughs]

Claudia: Hey, you.

Nikolas: Hey, you, yourself.

Claudia: Oh, I don't really clock miles. I just take off, you know, whenever I feel like it and i run as far and as fast as I can.

Nikolas: Right. I have the same impulse, except I ride horses instead of running.

Claudia: What's your excuse?

Nikolas: Same as yours, i expect-- trying to forget how scared I am for my sister.

[Knock at door]

Maxie: Alexis, it's maxie.

Alexis: Good, come on in and thank you for coming so quickly. Why don't you have a seat?

Maxie: Ok, I can't stay to long, though. Kate's not a pretty sight when I'm late.

Alexis: All right, well, I'll try to be brief. How quickly I go will depend on just how forthcoming you are.

Maxie: About?

Alexis: John and lulu, maxie. You know that there's an ongoing search for them, and since you spend so much time working with lulu, I thought maybe you knew something that might help this case.

Jason: What do you got?

Cody: Fairly large shipment docked at pier 52 last night. It was definitely karpov's like the earlier one. Sonny supervised the offload.

Jason: I was there just after. Someone tried to kill me.

Cody: Seriously?

Jason: Ambushed. Single sniper.

Cody: Did you see the guy?

Jason: No, I--

Spinelli: I come bearing high-powered binoculars and an assortment of soda and snacks. Is there anything else stone cold will require for our stakeout this afternoon?

Robin: Careful, our baby's bringing out your inner macho. A boy to carry on your manly bloodline? Come on, what century is this, anyway?

Patrick: Robin, that's not what I'm saying.

Robin: Do you really care if we have a boy or a girl?

Patrick: No, I would be thrilled either way. I'm just -- I have a feeling. You know, women don't have a monopoly on intuition. And I've been giving this whole parent thing a lot of thought. And it might go beyond wishing or hoping or even preference, it could be -- it could be irony. This could be fate's idea of a cosmic joke.

Robin: How existential of you.

Patrick: Ok, well, let me explain. Take me and my father, for instance. It's no secret that we've had our fair share of issues and it might be some of the reason why I'm just a little bit screwed up, so maybe our boy will be, you know, my do-over. I won't make the same mistakes with him as my father made with me.

Robin: Ok, our baby's sex has to do with x and y chromosomes.

Patrick: Oh, that--

Robin: It's a matter of dna, not fate. You know that. It doesn't matter what we have. We are not doomed to make the same mistakes that our parents did. We are our own separate entity. Believe me, we will make our own mistakes.

Patrick: That's not exactly reassuring.

Robin: You know, all this talk about the baby's sex is irrelevant anyway. The only thing I truly care about is that our child is happy and healthy.

Patrick: You having second thoughts about finding out finding out if we're having a boy or girl today?

Nikolas: Well, in light of what you said about john's concern for lulu's mental stability, i went ahead and spoke to the doctor who originally treated my mother's breakdown.

Claudia: And?

Nikolas: Well, he basically confirmed what I had remembered, that she had become increasingly high strung, hysterical at times. She'd lose grip on reality sometimes.

Claudia: How so?

Nikolas: Well, she would do things like confuse people. She'd confuse me with my father. She'd confuse lucky with scott baldwin sometimes.

Claudia: Johnny implied that lulu was hallucinating.

Nikolas: I know, well, my mother would -- she'd lose her place in time, right? She'd be hazy about recent events, yet she would remember things about when she was a teenager. I don't know, maybe it was safe for her to go there and that's why she did. Anyway, the doctor, he essentially said what she was trying to do was wipe out the memory of her stepfather dying.

Claudia: And because lulu is dealing with logan's death --

Nikolas: Yeah, I know, but the crucial part is this. Luke, he made a big decision without consulting anyone. He felt that she needed to face what happened, right? So what does he do? He makes her remember the whole thing and it just broke her, it shattered her right on the spot, and johnny needs to know that.

Claudia: Well, I'll be sure to tell him when he calls again, but, you know, nikolas, I don't know how that's going to help him.

Nikolas: No, I know. But if anything else, it gives johnny a guideline on how to deal with lulu. I know it's not a solution, but if johnny really wants to help her, he needs to do so before it's too late.

Claudia: I know. I'm sure that's what he wants to do, but they're on the run. They're fugitives, you know. He can't just take her to a psych ward and hand the guy his mug shot and their picture on the "most wanted" poster.

Nikolas: Well --

[Phone rings]

Claudia: Oh, my father. Hi, daddy.

[Anthony laughs]

Anthony: I'm home at last, and nothing would make me happier than a visit from my only daughter.

Anthony: So what do you think?

Trevor: Yeah, the place looks good.

Anthony: Hey, you got to admit, much better than that lousy hotel suite. A man can stretch out here, go outside, smell the roses. Oh, have you made sure johnny's room is in order?

Trevor: Tony, I'm not your housekeeper. And whether or not the room is ready, really doesn't matter. John is still a fugitive, and we don't have any idea where in the world he is.

Anthony: I know. It's very unsettling, so I try not to dwell on it, because if I let myself think about what happened, how that slip of a girl made me lose my son, I get so angry. You know what? I can't help but feel proud. Johnny left those keystone kops eating his dust. We might not know where he is, but they sure as hell don't have a clue.

Trevor: You neglect to accept one salient fact -- johnny's not only hiding from the cops, he's hiding from you.

Maxie: I already gave my dad a statement about what happened the night logan died.

Alexis: Yeah, I know, but you know, sometimes it helps if you go over the events again a few weeks later. You know, maybe we'll stumble over something you missed when you talked to your dad. Maybe you'll think of something you didn't think of before.

Maxie: I doubt it.

Alexis: Humor me, maxie. Tell me what you remember that day.

Maxie: Well, for the millionth time, I ran into logan on the elm street pier. He was with matt, dr. Matt hunter. I barely knew him at the time. Unfortunately, now he's camped out at my house acting like he lives there. Talk about arrogant jerk.

Alexis: Why don't you just tell me what happened with logan?

Maxie: Right. Um, I told matt to be careful who he was dealing with, that logan was a loser. And in true form, logan started calling me a slut and whatever else he could think of until he finally left.

Alexis: When was the next time you saw logan?

Maxie: At the "crimson" offices with lulu and kate. Logan barged in, pleading with lulu to give him another chance, blaming his whole miserable life on me. You know, typical logan, he can't even take a bit of responsibility for his stupid actions. And then, lulu said that she was with johnny and logan was starting to make her really uncomfortable, so logan left seriously pissed, looking for trouble. I guess he found it. End of story.

Alexis: Not quite. Because if the story ended there, you wouldn't have visited johnny in lockup after his arrest, so what exactly do you know, maxie, that you aren't telling us?

Jason: Any more information you can give me, like what was on the second shipment, that would be very helpful.

Cody: I'll get on it right away.

Jason: Ok, thanks.

Spinelli: Jackal must admit it is advantageous to have another set of eyes and ears on the nefarious docks, but in this case, we know all we need to know.

Jason: How's that?

Spinelli: Well, your russian rival shipped contraband into your territory last night. And to add insult to injury, he attempted to murder you in a process most foul. The jackal has ascertained that the bullets used on you, the valkyrie, and vixenella were of a russian manufacture, so the next step to neutralize our enemy is obvious. Jackal and stone P.I.'S must land eyeballs on the suspect, I.E., Physical surveillance, as opposed to cyber sleuthing.

Jason: First of all, karpov is not your enemy. He might not be mine. Anyone can buy russian bullets.

Spinelli: Well, then do you think someone is trying to frame karpov?

Jason: I don't believe anything yet, except karpov is a force to be reckoned with. All out war with him is gonna be bloody and it would be expensive, so I need to be sure, spinelli, before I make a move that karpov really is the threat.

Matt: So order a bmp, a cbc, and blood work on mr. Ramirez. Oh, and we're also going to need a liver panel. And you can feel free to chime in at any time.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry?

Matt: Isn't this usually where you tell me I'm going test-happy and overboard and in love with the sound of my own barking voice?

Elizabeth: There's no point. You'll do what you want anyway, right?

Matt: Well, maybe. It's not about ego, it's about healing. I think one of the biggest problems in this country with the health care industry is that the professionals are often looking for the simplest solution when the solution is anything but.

Elizabeth: You know, you actually managed to sound sincere about that.

Matt: Well, I was. So does this mean that you're ready to forgive me and admit that you were wrong?

Elizabeth: Um, no.

Matt: Ok, well, I guess I just have to keep trying.

Elizabeth: Don't bother.

Kelly: Did records send up robin's chart?

Elizabeth: Uh, yes. Here you go.

Kelly: Thanks. Robin and patrick are coming in for an ultrasound. In less than an hour, they'll know whether they're having a boy or a girl.

Robin: No, I didn't change my mind. I'm excited to find out the sex of the baby. This way we can enjoy the surprise in private and not in the chaos of the delivery room. And it will give me time to make the nursery gender-specific.

Patrick: You mean the closet.

Robin: Stop it.

Patrick: I'm sensing there's more. If you're thinking that the only thing I want is a boy, let me reassure you --

Robin: No, I believe you.

Patrick: Ok, then, what is it?

Robin: I don't know. I'm just feeling maybe a little superstitious. I don't want to invest too much. I just want to stay in the moment and not anticipate anything. I don't know, I guess I'm just afraid of jinxing it.

Patrick: You know that's an irrational fear.

Robin: Maybe. But you can take a shot at convincing me otherwise.

Patrick: Ok. Let's see. It's because of your strength and ability to rush headlong into the future that we are even having this baby in the first place. I was -- I was a coward. You were a heroine. When you do something as big as bringing a life into this world, you'd be a fool not to ask some questions or be a little bit afraid. Planning the future is a leap of faith, but that's nothing for you. Getting pregnant in the first place, that was a leap of faith. We've done ok so far, haven't we?

Robin: A few bumps in the road, mostly of my own making.

Patrick: Well, let's trust our luck. Don't censor your excitement or deprive yourself of the joy of anticipation. We're going to be all right.

Robin: When did you become so wise?

[Patrick chuckles]

Patrick: Ok, you ready? Let's go.

Alexis: You know something, maxie? Parents want to believe that when it counts, their children are going to tell them the truth. And as a parent, my instincts tell me that you counted on that to avoid telling mac everything that you know.

Maxie: I told mac everything that was pertinent to logan's death.

Alexis: Why don't you let me be the judge of that? Why did you visit johnny in lockup?

Maxie: Fine, if you must know, I came on to him.

Alexis: In the interrogation room with all the police enforcement watching you?

Maxie: Hey, I don't get to pick and choose my moments alone with johnny, ok? Lulu's, like, attached to his hip. And with johnny in lockup, he was a captive audience. Look, johnny is hot and insanely rich and he has this edgy mob thing going on, which, sue me, turns me on, ok? I don't care about logan or whether or not johnny really killed him. Personally, I think whoever took logan out was doing a public service. And I wasn't going to let the perfectly good opportunity of showing johnny some sympathy go away, not that it did any good. Lulu has his head spun backwards.

Alexis: Did johnny say anything about logan?

Maxie: No, I did most of the talking.

Alexis: Imagine that.

Maxie: About how hot he is and how good we would be in bed together. But I feel like this conversation might make mac uncomfortable, so if you think you could, you know, just kind of keep that between us.

[Knock at door]

Nikolas: Sorry to interrupt, but this is an emergency about lulu.

Anthony: I'm not enjoying your attitude.

Trevor: Tony, I really don't care whether or not you do. Our number one priority is to get john exonerated and bring him back home. Quite bluntly, we need a plan to accomplish that.

Anthony: Why are you wound up so tight? It's almost like you're losing sleep over johnny's predicament and it's not even your problem. If I recall correctly, I put ric in charge of finding johnny and I asked you to develop strategies against morgan.

Trevor: All these years when you were incapacitated, I raised that kid. Now, john might resent it, but we got a relationship based on the fact that I have gone above and beyond the call of duty to watch over him. Well, I'll be damned if I turn my back on him now that he's in some trouble.

Anthony: That's very touching. What, are you going soft in your old age, trevor?

Trevor: If you don't accept my advice, I'm going to carry on without you. Which is it?

Anthony: All right. What are you thinking?

Trevor: Johnny's got no incentive to turn to us. He's head over heels in love with that girl and he knows that we disapprove, so he's gonna do everything he can to protect her. We got to get a message to him that lulu spencer's got nothing to fear and that we are going to protect her, too.

Anthony: Say I agree with you. How do we get a message through our phantom?

[Claudia clears throat]

Anthony: Does this one have perfect timing or what? Claudia, it's time for you to earn your keep. I want you to convince your brother to come home.

Spinelli: The rapacious russian took the valkyrie to the warehouse soon after the slavic seductress and her two burly henchmen nearly tore the jackal's arms out of his sockets for the heinous crime of trespassing. He's clearly using the base as a center of operations, and there must something within that he does not wish to be discovered.

Jason: You know what? You're probably right.

Spinelli: Thank you.

Jason: I'll have cody keep an eye on it.

Spinelli: No! The recovering war vet is new to the stone cold way. Surveillance must be done by stone cold and his grasshopper, a trained detective.

Jason: You contribution is very valuable to me on the computer.

Spinelli: How am I ever supposed to prove myself in the field if I'm not given a chance? Look, stone cold, I'm not as inept and hopeless as you and maximista seem to think I am. As you know, stakeouts, they're harmless. Please, I implore you, give me a chance to prove what I can do.

Robin: Hi.

Elizabeth: Hey, big day -- dump trucks or dollies. Are you guys nervous?

Robin: Yeah, I am a little.

Patrick: Did you find out if jake and cam were boys before you had them?

Elizabeth: No, I waited, but i still knew both times.

Patrick: Had a feeling, huh?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Patrick: Well, you're not on record, but is there any feeling screaming from inside you?

Robin: Yeah, actually, I do have a feeling about it.

Matt: Well, hello, all. A patient is coming up from E.R., Bus accident, massive head trauma. Can you take it?

[Patrick sighs]

Patrick: Yeah, prep an O.R., Get me scans and tests.

Matt: Ok, I was the attending downstairs, so I'd like to scrub in.

Patrick: That's fine. You're ok to be on the team?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Patrick: Ok. Hey, I'm sorry.

Robin: It's ok. The patient needs you. Our baby and I will be just fine.

Patrick: Thanks for understanding.

Robin: Of course. I mean, I would like to be on the team with you, but I will settle for waiting for you with the good news, either way.

Patrick: Either way. It's a boy.

[Robin chuckles]

Patrick: Bye.

Robin: It's a girl.

Spinelli: There are certain things that the jackal couldn't tell stone cold last night with fair maximista in the room. The crux being, I completely humiliated myself last night in the warehouse in front of the one female that I treasure most in all the universe.

Jason: No, no, you did a really smart thing by returning that pda. And I know maxie thinks so, too. I mean, if you hadn't been on top of it, karpov could have realized that we have his information. Let me tell you something, if karpov realized that carly betrayed him, he would use her to send a message, so thank you. And carly owes you.

Spinelli: Words of praise are always welcome from the master, but I prove to show my worth outside of the cyber world, to become a true man of action so that maximista no longer feels compelled to come to my rescue by pretending we have sex in kinky locations.

Maxie: Obviously, nikolas needs your undivided attention, so if you're done with me, I'll leave you two to discuss lulu till your hearts' content.

Alexis: All right. And if you can think of anything that might shed some light on johnny and lulu's disappearance, I trust that I will hear from you, maxie?

Maxie: On one condition. Do you think you could not tell mac about this uncomfortable conversation we had about johnny?

Alexis: Mm, see, here's the thing -- I'm the D.A. Can't do conditions. Just tell me if you hear anything.

Maxie: Bye.

Nikolas: Bye.

Alexis: What's happening?

[Phone rings]

Nikolas: Well --

Alexis: Hold on, hold on. That's viola. I've got to take this. Did everything go all right? Viola: Ric picked molly up for their trip right on time.

Alexis: Separation anxiety? Viola: No, just smiles.

Alexis: How's kristina? Viola: Looking forward to having lunch with you. We'll be waiting by the swings.

Alexis: Ok. All right, I'm all yours.

Nikolas: Ok, listen, I want to confide in you, but not as the D.A., As my aunt. Is that possible?

Alexis: Ok, tell me what it is first, and then I'll tell you if it's possible.

Nikolas: You know it doesn't work that way, alexis.

Alexis: It's worth a try. I take it that you've heard from lulu?

Nikolas: Do I have your word first?

Alexis: You know, this puts me in an untenable situation.

Nikolas: I know it does.

Alexis: I have a murder on my hands here. It's not just an anonymous murder, it's the son of a really pissed off special prosecutor. And I have an escaped --

Nikolas: I understand. Sorry to bother you.

Alexis: Wait, wait. Come back in. I won't say anything.

Nikolas: Ok. All right, I haven't heard from lulu directly, but I am in contact with someone who's spoken to john. Apparently, lulu's in bad shape right now. She's on the verge of some sort of a breakdown. I need you to use all the resources that you have at your disposal to get my sister home before she loses her mind.

Claudia: I would love to have johnny home and I would do or say anything to make that happen, but unfortunately, that's not going to happen because I haven't heard word one from the kid so I wouldn't know where to start.

Anthony: Why do I think you're lying through your teeth?

Claudia: That's the conclusion you always come to. Sad, isn't it?

Trevor: Claudia, it's all your fault. That night that john killed logan, you should have called us immediately. We would have cleaned up the crime scene and disposed of the body in the right way. That's want we do. Had you done that, john would never have been arrested and he would never have been forced to go out on the run. But that's not what you really wanted to happen. What you wanted to do was to take complete credit on your own for rescuing him. You put your own selfishness above your brother's best interests. The brother that you say you love more than anything else. That was great work, claudia.

[Trevor laughs]

Trevor: How the hell do I get you to love me that much?

Claudia: You could drop dead.

[Anthony laughs]

Claudia: Look, I've had my differences with my father, certainly, and god knows i despise you. I would crawl on my knees through broken glass to both of you to bring my brother home safe, but that's not gonna work. You know why? Listen up. Because I don't know where johnny is. Matter of fact, I don't even know if he's still alive.

Anthony: Well, I know a sure fire way of finding out. Johnny would haul ass back to port charles if he thought his beloved sister's life depended on it.

Maxie: Hey, I got your message. Are you ok?

Robin: Yeah, no, I'm fine. I'm just, uh, getting the ultrasound today to find out if I'm having a boy or a girl and patrick was called into emergency surgery, so I thought you might want to see pictures of your new baby cousin.

Maxie: Of course. I would love to. And I'm very excited that you called me, except the way you sounded on my voice mail and how you sound right now doesn't exactly match. So is there something wrong with the baby?

Robin: No, no, nothing's wrong with the baby. It's just patrick's right. You know, he's always saying that I'm trying to convince myself that this pregnancy is perfectly normal. And sometimes I even manage to do that. But sometimes when I'm alone and I think about when alan told me that I was H.I.V. Positive and i was so scared and panicked and i thought my entire life had changed, I never thought I would be a mom. And here I am, not only alive and healthy, but I'm pregnant. And that's not normal. I mean, that's a miracle, but I'm -- to be perfectly honest, uh, it scares the hell out of me.

Claudia: You guys never gave john enough credit. You still act like he's 12 years old, like he doesn't have a mind to think for himself and he can't learn from his experiences and apply them. He would see a trap like that coming from a mile away.

Anthony: You're willing to be your life on that?

Claudia: Absolutely. Johnny knows that I can take care of myself. But lulu can't, so she's the one who matters. You need to get your minds wrapped around this. Lulu, the girlfriend, she's the big factor here. Look, johnny was already madly in love with this girl before the jailbreak, which probably came because of lulu, right? So that means she risked everything for johnny's freedom. So now he not only loves her, he's indebted to her.

Trevor: Claudia, for somebody who professes not to have spoken to john, you seem to have no problem speaking for him.

Claudia: Oh, because I know my brother. When john thinks of home, he's thinking of a murder trial, life in prison, life without his girlfriend. Right now, he's on the run. He's a free man. But he's with the woman he loves. We have one shot here to bring johnny home -- one. That is to convince him that he can be acquitted of these murder charges and that lulu won't be shot.

Alexis: I can only think of two people who would contact lulu and john and that's spinelli or claudia zacchara.

Nikolas: Don't ask me to name names, it doesn't matter. The most important thing right now is my sister's condition, which is shaky at best. She may be hallucinating, i don't know. What my fear is, is that I think history may be repeating itself. She may be having the same breakdown that laura did.

Alexis: I want to help, I really do. I want to help you, I just don't know how I can.

Nikolas: Well, is there a way for her to turn herself in safely?

Alexis: Yes, that's what everybody wants.

Nikolas: What kind of charges would she be facing if she did?

Alexis: Accomplice after the fact, obstruction of justice. I can plead for leniency, but i can't stop the charges from being filed because you have scott baldwin, who wants a trial and a conviction.

Nikolas: There's no other alternative?

Alexis: I didn't say that. No judge is going to want to throw lulu in prison if she's mentally unfit.

Nikolas: Well, then how do we prove it?

Alexis: Have her committed for a psychiatric evaluation.

Spinelli: On two mortifying occasions maximista and the jackal found themselves in a perilous situation where she then lied about us seeking out new venues for our sexual relations.

Jason: Well, I can see how that can make you uncomfortable. But if the cover story works, it works, spinelli.

Spinelli: But that's the thing. I don't want her to have to cover for me. I don't want her to see me as some ineffectual wimp that she needs to protect. I need to prove myself to my heart's desire. And maybe then, she will make sweet love to me again. And not as a cover, but as a way to express her -- her burgeoning admiration for my prowess in all things manly.

Jason: Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see how a stakeout is going to make maxie fall in love with you.

Diane: I was quite literally in the neighborhood, so I thought i would come by and see if you need anyone sued or anything filed for $500 an hour.

Spinelli: The jackal knows his cue.

Jason: Hold on. Diane, you're going to have to come back. Spinelli and I have something to take care of.

Maxie: I really wish georgie was here. She loved babies. She was always so sweet and patient with them, unlike me. I kind of freak out. But when everyone hands me a baby, they're always so puky and humid -- but really cute. And I'm sure this particular baby, blessed with genes from you and patrick, will be a sight to behold.

Robin: It's ok, maxie, I think we've already established that you don't have to babysit.

Maxie: I might change my mind and want to.

Robin: Ok, well, I won't hold my breath.

Maxie: Good, I'm not the type of woman who puddles at the mere thought of a baby, but I am excited about this one. I mean, it will give

mac and me a whole new little person to love. It will probably take some of that dad pressure off.

Robin: Yeah.

Kelly: You ready?

Robin: Oh, I'm past ready. Except I think I already know what's in there.

Maxie: Do you want to say?

Robin: No, let's find out.

Patrick: Did I miss it?

Robin: No, no, no, you're just in time.

Spinelli: Rule of detection number 42, check list. A secluded spot to unobtrusively watch the target entrance, check. Inconspicuous vehicle? Semi-truck. Food rations sufficient for three days.

Jason: Food for three days? We're not going to be here three hours, much less three days. What are you writing down?

Spinelli: Maintain stakeout log, check. Um, you know, should the situation become most dire, perhaps it would be prudent if your partner were equipped with a firearm.

Jason: When was the last time you went to the practice range?

Spinelli: Um, I don't know, a few weeks.

Jason: How's your foot?

Spinelli: Gunpowder makes me sneeze. I fear I may be allergic. Please do not mention that further emasculating detail to maximista, please.

Jason: A gun doesn't make you a man, spinelli.

Spinelli: It's easy for stone cold to say from his brave, manly, proficient-with-firearms perch, but the jackal is confident that those characteristics are not forever out of reach. He will continue to stretch his boundaries to become the danger dude that maximista craves. And this stakeout will serve as a launching pad.

Alexis: I was just on my way out.

Trevor: Alexis, I promise not to waste your time. My employer understands that his son can't run for ever. Eventually, he'll be found, hopefully by his family. And to that end, we have devoted all of our resources. And when we locate john, we promise he will come back to port charl and turn himself in.

Alexis: Why would you do that?

Trevor: Because we believe that he'going to be exonerated. He'll walk free and clear his name.

Alexis: That's very optimistic. But in this particular case, the suspect fleed so it's going to make a self-defense plea less and less likely.

Trevor: Alexis, unfortunately, you and I both know what anthony's capable of. Remember back to your nephew's wyndemere ball when anthony didn't think he's going to see his son forever? He wreaked havoc. So now if johnny's hurt in any way or he pulls a prison sentence, anthony and all his madness is going to wreak hell down on anyone concerned. You're a smart, capable attorney. Find a loophole, a way to reduce the charges or dismiss them. Get john out of this -- help him or I really fear there's going to be a terrible price to pay.

Claudia: Uh, don't get too excited, I didn't actually talk to john. I just left my father and trevor and they have stepped up the search. So if john and lulu are close, my dad's going to find them first.

Nikolas: Uh-uh, no, that's not good.

Claudia: Did you talk to alexis?

Nikolas: I did. That's not good, either. Sit down. She says that lulu's either going to jail or being committed -- both those outcomes are unacceptable.

Claudia: Ok, all of our options are really pretty bad, nikolas, so what do we do?

Nikolas: I've already done it.

Spinelli: 49 rows of detection failed to provide guidance in how to endure being sequestered in a parked car in the blazing, heat and --

Jason: Why don't you get out and take a walk and cool off?

Spinelli: No, that would draw attention to the vehicle. No, the jackal is prepared to sit here for weeks if necessary, anything to catch the russian -- the russian racketeer and his vile henchmen in the act of covering up their --

Jason: Hey, is that karpov and the harbor master going into the warehouse right there?

[Car horn blares]

Maxie: I'm going to leave.

Robin: Maxie, you're welcome to stay.

Maxie: No, no, no, it's ok. This is an experience you and patrick should share together. But whatever's in there, I'm happy for you guys.

Robin: Thanks.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Ready?

Patrick: Yes, I'm ready.

Robin: Ok, let's do it.

Patrick: Is it cold?

Kelly: Ok.

[Baby's heartbeat]

Kelly: Right there, that's the baby's head, it's hands. The positioning looks real good, too.

Patrick: My boy's doing great.

Robin: Is he right? Are we having a boy?

Kelly: I've got a clear picture. It's definitive. Say hello to your baby girl.

Matt: Oh, god. Look, if you are here to browbeat me again, save your energy. I'm not moving out. And I am way too busy to play your little fight and flirt game.

Maxie: Even you can't be egotistical enough to think i made a special trip here just to fight with you.

Matt: Well, you're here, aren't you? And you don't look sick.

Maxie: Oh, thank you. And my cousin robin's having an ultrasound, not that it's any of your business.

Matt: Patrick's girlfriend? So what's the verdict, boy or girl?

Maxie: Why do you care?

Nikolas: I have money in foreign banks, property in several countries, and a private jet at my disposal.

Claudia: You want to get john and lulu out of the country?

Nikolas: It's already in motion.

Nikolas: I have people making new identities for them as we speak. I've also charted a complicated path of transportation for them to follow into their new lives, completely untraceable. When johnny calls you, you tell him how to get them to safety.

Claudia: Nikolas, I want to trust you, more than you know, ok, but you have never, ever approved of my brother with your sister, so how do I even know that you're not setting a trap for him?

Nikolas: It's simple. To save lulu, I have to save john. To save john, you have to protect lulu. A trap for one ensnares the other, does it not? So the way I see it, you and i have no choice but to trust each other.

Claudia: Ok, I can do that, nikolas. So when johnny calls me, where do you want me to send them?

Anthony: This is such a pretty dolly. Where did you get this?

Kristina: My mommy gave it to me.

Alexis: What do you think you're doing?

Anthony: I'm having a chat with your charming daughter. I think little kristina likes me.

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