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 August 7, 2008
Posted: Aug 8 2008, 05:04 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 9-April 08

Provided By Suzanne

Kate: When I was in paris, i would crawl into bed every night, and no matter how exhausted I was, I could never seem to catch my breath. I realized that I missed you so much that I physically ached.

Sonny: Well, that's a good thing, ain't it?

Kate: I love being in love with you, but it scares me. I don't generally need people, and at this stage in my life, i certainly don't need a man. And there I was, realizing that if we didn't make it, that emptiness would be permanent.

Sonny: Listen to me. We're going to make it.

Kate: Well, we better, because if we don't, in the vernacular of the old neighborhood, I'm going to break both your kneecaps, and then I'm going to kill you. Could I be any clearer, darling?

Sonny: I hear you.

Kate: I know I'm crazy.

Sonny: No, you're not crazy.

Kate: And I know my schedule is all over the place.

Sonny: Just a little bit.

Kate: So see? Don't you think a night together would be heavenly?

Sonny: Well, it'd be like paradise, but I -- I can'T. I can't tonight.

Kate: Well, the coffee bean is just crying out for you, hmm? Or is there something else i should know about?

Spinelli: Mr. Sir's new business associate has a somewhat checkered past. To wit, not one but at least two female objects of his affection are now deceased.

Jason: Give me the details.

Spinelli: Well, the most recent one -- oksana valeria. Evidently, she and karpov were engaged in a session of carnal pleasures on the balcony of a 10th-floor hotel. The sexual acrobatics, combined with copious amounts of alcohol, allegedly led to her losing her balance and plunging to her death over the railing. Or she was pushed.

Karpov: It's a beautiful night.

Carly: It's warm enough.

Karpov: I can picture you in a car, top down, the wind rushing through your hair. City lights glisten like stars.

Carly: Does that line work with all the girls?

Karpov: You're no little girl, and I'm certainly not a schoolboy. My car is down there. It's a convertible. I'd very much like to see you in it.

Carly: I was always taught not to take a ride with strangers.

Karpov: My dear, I'm a guest in your hotel. I have to give you more information than the fbi requires.

Carly: Does that mean the fbi has information on you, mr. Karpov?

Karpov: Andrei. And who can tell what the fbi has? Besides, it's just a simple ride in a car.

Carly: Andrei, I'm flattered, I really am. But we don't know each other very well, and you have a dangerous reputation.

Karpov: Why would you think you have anything to fear from me?

[Classical piano music]

Lulu: You're dead, logan! This is my mind playing tricks on me.

Lulu: I'm sorry.

[Dissonant piano chords]

Johnny: Lulu, what's wrong? Hey, hey, you are freezing. Lulu, talk to me. What happened? Did someone find out we're here?

Lulu: You left me.

Johnny: Yeah, I went to get milk. I'm sorry.

Lulu: I saw logan.

Johnny: You had a bad dream.

Lulu: I was awake. I heard him playing piano. I thought it was you. I opened my eyes, and it was him, and -- and he was sitting right there, and there was a knife, and it seemed like he was all bloody, and he was banging on the keys!

Johnny: Lulu, it was a nightmare, and when you woke up, you couldn't shake it.

Lulu: Nightmares and dreams go away. I stood here knowing full well that he was dead, and I thought if I reach out and touched him he would disappear, but it was so grotesque.

Johnny: Ok, but he disappeared, right?

Lulu: He turned to me and smiled.

Kate: Just forget I said that, ok? I value your independence just as much as my own, and I'm not the clingy, jealous type. It's just -- I've been away, and I come home to claudia zacchara in your living room, and it pushed a button.

Sonny: But you don't have to worry about claudia or anyone else. You're the woman that I love.

Kate: Well, a man can be deeply in love and still be tempted by a lot of things. Look, a one-night stand means something when the person involved never seems to go away.

Sonny: Claudia is nothing. What I got to do tonight is strictly business.

Kate: Mm-hmm, it just feels unpleasantly familiar.

Sonny: Well, I mean, you know, walkinaway from the organization, it means I have to pay a lot more attention to my legitimate interests, and i have no intention of making a living off my famous wife.

Kate: Ok, ok, ok.

Sonny: Ok, that's all I'm saying.

Kate: I'm sorry. I know what it's like to be guilted into neglecting your work. Ok, so you just go and do your thing, and I'll be with the wedding at home, alone.

Sonny: I won't be late.

Kate: Ok. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Speaking of, can I just ask you a couple things? It's important that you get what you want, too.

Sonny: What I want is whatever makes you happy, ok?

Kate: Oh, ok, well, I guess you've already had that.

Karpov: You sent me a very expensive bottle of vodka. I'd like a chance to return your hospitality.

Carly: Because I used to be married to sonny corinthos.

Karpov: Because you're a charming and attractive woman.

Carly: One of many in this hotel. And this entire town, in fact.

Karpov: You are not one of anything. You're unique.

Carly: And you're smooth.

Karpov: Truly, I know about unique. I was raised in odessa in southern ukraine. Mother russia made sure that everyone had a place to live. Row after row, block after block, all these big, ugly, gray apartment buildings -- how you call it here? The -- the projects. Well, that wasn't for me, so i worked hard, built an empire on instinct, and now my instincts tell me you have a great strength and no fear. I admire that.

Carly: After marriage with sonny corinthos, I learned not to be skittish around gangsters.

Karpov: And you assume I'm a gangster.

Carly: I assume a man as impressive and as powerful as you doesn't sell penny candy.

Karpov: I'd be happy to tell you all about myself, business and personal, but not here.

Marty: Mrs. Jacks, may I speak with you privately about some hotel business?

Carly: The hotel business can wait. Mr. Karpov and I are going to take a ride.

Spinelli: Well, there's another woman -- well, there was another woman. Olga chesnekov. She, too, met with an untimely, violent death after an association with the russian rogue of the underworld.

Jason: So he's never been arrested?

Spinelli: There's no evidence.

Jason: He's got monej he paid people off, spinelli.

Spinelli: It -- it is obvious that comrade karpov has no respect for women, and that's a character trait which mr. Sir would certainly not approve. So perhaps if the not-so-retired one was enlightened, maybe he could -- maybe he would avoid this disastrous alliance.

Jason: Ok, well, I want to know what product karpov is shipping, ok? I want to know who he's working with in the states. I want to know how he pays his people. I need to shut this guy down before he gets a foothold in port charles.

Spinelli: Forgive the jackal's contradiction, but if -- if step one is to find out what's in the shipments, then perhaps the cyberworld is not the place where we need to be. A harsher, more informative reality is called for.

Jason: What are you -- what are you talking about?

Spinelli: Well, we need to leave the safe confines of our inner sanctum and converge on the lair of the russian rogue himself. In other words, the grasshopper and the master must conduct a stakeout.

Jerry: First the warehouse, now the pier. It seems that we're running into each other in the most unlikely of places.

Sam: Does it really? I work here. You just seem to be looking for trouble.

Jerry: How does your boyfriend the cop feel about your return to the high seas?

Sam: Lucky and I broke up. What he thinks is completely irrelevant, and you still haven't said what you're doing here.

Jerry: Well, you know what they say about idle hands. I'm looking into some very promising business opportunities, not that your mother is not a delightful distraction.

Sam: You don't fool me. You're using my mother.

Jerry: Well, alexis either doesn't agree, or she doesn't mind.

Sam: That is a weak denial.

Jerry: Well, you're hardly objective. You see, jealousy does that to people.

Sam: Excuse me?

Jerry: Youjee, the reason for such hostility is that i stopped pursuing you and turned my attention to alexis.

Sam: I don't know. It could have something to do with you holding me and 15 other people hostage.

Jerry: You see, that is the main difference between you and your mother. She actually believes in redemption. However, it's quite apparent that you two have the same genetic connection in your mutual attraction to, let's say, the darker side of men, which makes for very interesting possibilities.

Sam: What possibilities?

Jerry: That I actually may turn my attention back to you. 7

Matt: Yeah, I'll meet you in the alley off van ness. I'll see you there in a half an hour.

Nikolas: Hi, nadine. Did you lose something?

Nadine: Um, yeah, I just -- i dropped my pen, but now I found it, so I'm just going to -- hi. Hi, you're a patient of dr. Hunter's?

Patient: That's right.

Nadine: Did he prescribe antibiotics?

Patient: Amoxicillin.

Nadine: Oh, ok, I'm just going to check it out. New policy, if you don't mind.

Matt: Yes, and there we go, ms. Corey. That is the medicine i prescribed. Now you go home. Make sure you follow the instructions that I gave you, and then next week you can come see me for a follow-up.

Ms. Corey: Thanks.

Matt: Yes. What the hell do you think you're doing?

Nadine: There's a pulled hamstring in exam room two, so --

Matt: I know you think I'm passing off counterfeit drugs, or maybe you're just trying to frame me for this ridiculous theory that you have.

Nikolas: What's -- what's going on here?

Matt: Just considering getting a restraining order against your favorite nurse.

Sam: You are a very sick man. What do you think my mother would say if I told her you tried to proposition me?

Jerry: I just made a simple observation. I mean, anything else is just wishful thinking on your part.

Sam: What? You are a pig.

Jerry: Yes, and one who likes your mother very much.

Sam: Why? Because she's the D.A.? Isn't that handy? Someone you can use to protect your back.

Jerry: Oh, is that what you think? I actually think I hold your mother in higher regard than you do. Alexis knows that I protected her when anthony zacchara threatened christina's life. I think a little gratitude would be in order.

Sam: Gratitude? How do I do that? Because the image of you as mr. Craig and your masked men and your automatic weapons shooting up the metro court is all just a little too fresh. You have not changed.

Jerry: Well, alexis would disagree. She actually is very fond of me.

Sam: Well, she's wrong.

Jerry: Yes, I also remember the metro court. I remember that you and I are far more alike than not, sweet sam.

Sam: Oh, come on. That's bull.

Jerry: No, we're survivors, and capable of the occasnal kindness when it doesn't cost us much, but far more invested in what we can get for ourselves in the moment. But I see in your eyes a reflection of my own. Now we struggle to do what's right, to walk into the light, but one short step, one little trip-up, and we're back on the dark side, because we both know that it's so much more exciting, don't we?

Kate: So, these are the champagne flutes I was talking about.

Sonny: That's fine. Whatever -- whatever you like, that's great.

Kate: Can you pretend, please, for me?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Are those diamonds?

Kate: They are. They're hand blown into every flute.

Sonny: Well, here's what i think. I think that -- that the bride should be the only one who gets a rock on her wedding day.

Kate: Oh, really?

Sonny: Yeah.

Kate: Do you? I had no idea you were such a traditional.

Sonny: Mary catherine and nicholas constantino.

Kate: And what made you think of them?

Sonny: They had the biggest, splashiest wedding in the history of bensonhurst.

Kate: Yeah, well, see, i wouldn't know. No one in my family was invited. Something about a butcher bill. But I heard about it.

Sonny: Well, I -- ka: Everyone did.

Sonny: I went with the cerullos, right, and guess who my date was? Lois' sister, frannie.

Kate: Oh, was she, really?

Sonny: Yeah.

Kate: It must have been special if you still remember it.

Sonny: Well, no, actually, it -- it gave me nightmares because mary's dress looked like a bunch of pillows put together and exploded, and en they sewed it back together, and then, you know, frannie and lois is like, "oh, that's the greatest dress in the world."

Kate: Oh, I'm sure they would.

Sonny: But -- but the best part was -- you know those -- those glasses -- champagne glasses they put in those fountains and stuff? And the bride and groom, they walk right through, barefoot?

Kate: I like it. It's very old school.

Sonny: Yeah, it was the happiest day of their life. That's what you want, isn't it? Big splashy wedding everybody remembers.

Kate: Wow, if it was that over-the-top, I'd be horrified. Yeah. Yes, what I want people to remember is the hope and the love and the promise. I mean, I -- I try to picture myself on my wedding day walking down the aisle, you know, like I did when I was a little girl, like all little girls do, i suppose, but now it's real, and you are standing there at the end, waiting for me. And honestly, sonny, I get -- i get these feelings inside. I'm all scared and excited at the same time. It's like butterflies.

Sonny: You want champagne glasses with diamonds in them, buy 300. We'll give them away as party favors. We'll walk through that fountain barefoot and as happy as mary and nicky were -- we'll be 10 times happier.

Jason: Stakeout's a waste of time.

Spinelli: Yeah, but we -- we could hide under cover of darkness, bring snacks.

Jason: You know what? Quit it with the snacks, ok? I'm going to send somebody else to stake out the warehouse he's using, all right? Spinell : You know, jackal, P.I. Is quite capable of field surveillance work. In fact, he relishes it.

Jason: Well, the jackal, P.I. Needs to be right here, because this is what you do. You're better than anybody.

Spinelli: Yeah, but that is what you trust me to do. I know -- I know that you doubt my physical prowess, but I have learned at the feet of the master, and I just wish to spring into action and --

Jason: I don't want to risk you getting hurt.

Spinelli: I wish to risk myself. I -- I know you have reasons to doubt me, but I can redeem myself.

Sonny: Yeah, you know what? You can't walk in here any time you feel like walking in here, maxie.

Maxie: If I didn't, who would stick up for spinelli? I hope you're not coming down on him for telling me about that karpov stuff. I'm going to keep your stupid mob secrets for spinelli.

Spinelli: No, don't --

Maxie: Don't worry, spinelli. If I could keep my mouth shut about lulu being a murderer, I could keep quiet about pretty much anything.

Lulu: So, did you say you got milk, because I thought we already had some.

Johnny: Don't worry about it. How you feeling?

Lulu: Honestly, it was horrible.

Johnny: I'm sorry I left you.

Lulu: You must be wondering what you got yourself into.

Johnny: Well, whatever we're into, it's as much my doing as it was yours.

Lulu: Maybe you should have me committed and get out while you can.

Johnny: You were traumatized, lulu. That's a far cry from crazy. These things that you're seeing -- these things that you think you're seeing? It's just a reaction.

Lulu: I know that they're not real. I -- I don't believe in ghosts, but I know I wasn't dreaming. I heard music. I got up and walked over to him.

Johnny: Your mind's messing with you.

Lulu: Well, somehow that doesn't reassure me, because my mom had hallucinations, which means i could be on my way to going as nuts as she is now.

Johnny: Look at me. Do you want to go crazy? Then stop saying it, because all you're doing right now is talking yourself into it.


Johnny: I actually know how you feel. You don't think I've looked at my old man and wondered? Every time I do something crazy or get a wild idea, I think, hell, is this how he started? Am I just two bad choices away from going off the rails? But then I tell myself that i am not him, and you are not your mother. You are perfectly sane.

Lulu: Except I keep seeing a dead guy who's not really there.

Johnny: Lulu, a crazy person kills someone, hfeels no remorse. That's not you, ok? Quit doing this to yourself.

[Knock on door] Sal's voice: Joe, I got to talk to you, man. Open up.

Johnny: Hey, what's up? Sal: Listen, thanks for covering with the cops for me, man. I know you're wondering what --

Johnny: You don't owe me an explanation. Sal: All right. Listen, the cops are all over the shooting thing right now, so I really need to ask you and linda for a favor, if you wouldn't mind taking care of lourdes for me while I lay low for a while, if that's all right.

Spinelli: Now is not the best time to challenge stone cold.

Maxie: Please, like jason's ever in a good mood.

Jason: He needs to keep his mouth shut. He's putting you at risk.

Maxie: Hey, I can keep a secret, ok, considering all the stuff I've covered up. I mean, u can call me an expert.

Spinelli: The jackal does not mind danger. In fact, he relishes the opportunity to dive right in and --

Jason: You need to stop jumping on the chair. You're going to hurt yourself.

[Knock on door]

Marty: I'm sorry to bother you, mr. Morgan, but mr. Jacks is out of town, and I thought this was important.

Jason: What, did something happen to carly?

Marty: She left the hotel with a guest, said she was going for a drive.

Jason: What guest?

Marty: Andrei karpov. Milo: Ok, got it. Max is in position. He says karpov's shipment will be off-loading soon.

Sonny: Any word on what they're bringing in? Milo: Max hasn't gotten access yet.

Sonny: Karpov gave me his word he's not going to be pushing drugs into port charles. I just don't believe him. Sasha: Mr. Corinthos. I didn't expect to see you here.

Sonny: No, I'm just making sure everything goes smoothly. Sasha: Oh, well, mr. Karpov will be very grateful for your good work.

Sonny: I'm surprised. Why wouldn't mr. Karpov be here, you know, to see a shipment land? Sasha: Well, he planned to be, but he just called and said something important came up, so he might not make it.

Sonny: Right.

Carly: This place yours?

Karpov: Indeed.

Carly: This is where you wanted me to come with you so we could have a nice chat?

Karpov: Yeah, I just wanted your opinion.

Carly: Ok, it's -- it's nice, i guess, as far as warehouses go. What makes this one so special?

Karpov: That all depends on you.

Carly: Ok, you first. Why'd you bring me here?

Karpov: Use your imagination. Picture this space filled with jewels, furs, perhaps a sports car in the corner. Maybe the walls papered with thousand dollar bills.

Carly: It's your space. You should do whatever you like with it.

Karpov: What if I liked doing all that just for you?

Carly: Out of the goodness of your heart?

Karpov: I'm a businessman. We can negotiate.

Carly: And what would you like in exchange for your generosity?

Karpov: Your gratitude as a woman.

Carly: So you want to sleep with me.

Karpov: Sleep is not exactly what I had in mind.

Carly: I'm married to a man i love very much.

Karpov: Who said anything about love?

Carly: And if I weren't married, I can't be bought.

Karpov: I've offended you. I'm sorry. That wasn't my intention.

Carly: I think you've made your intention very clear. And I'm sure some women would jump at the opportunity.

Karpov: I'm afraid some woman just won't do. I find I like you more and more as time passes.

Carly: I've spent just enough time with you to sip a vodka and take a drive. And in my country, that's moving a little too fast. Especially when I know nothing about you.

Karpov: I am as you people say, a wide open book. So ask away.

Maxie: You can activate the gps in karpov's car all the way from here?

Spinelli: That's child's play, really.

Maxie: You really are a genius.

Spinelli: Well, since the esteemed marty was astute enough to provide the license plate number of the suspect --

Jason: Ok, I need you to focus right now and tell me where karpov's taking carly.

Maxie: Give spinelli a little credit and --

Jason: I need you to be quiet or you're going to leave.

Spinelli: Uh, karpov and the valkyrie have reached their destination. The vehicle is no longer moving. Oddly enough, it's the warehouse I mentioned for surveillance.

Jason: Ok I'm going to go get carly.

Spinelli: I will provide backup.

Jason: No. I'm going by myself. But you did good, ok? Thank you.

Maxie: Jason's right. You did great. He would be lost without you.

Spinelli: Yeah, my cyber-dominance is well-established, but it's obvious that it's the only thing that stone cold thinks I'm good for. He -- in his eyes, I am a dust mite, unfit for the feats of derring-do that I so wish to accomplish.

Nadine: Where's matt?

Nikolas: Oh, I don't know. But it certainly was a struggle convincing him to stay on at G.H., Let alone here at the clinic.

Nadine: Well, dr. Hunter has quite the temper. You must have offered him the world.

Nikolas: Nadine, I am telling you to back off. Stop breaking into his bedroom and hiding under his bed looking for stuff.

Nadine: Is that the price of keeping him around? Even if he's involved in this counterfeit drug ring that is potentially putting our patients at risk?

Nikolas: Ok, ok, let's just say. Let's just say that he really is involved. Why would he be so careless as to leave evidence around for you to find?

Nadine: Could you be any more patronizing?

Nikolas: Stop stalking him. Stalker.

Lucky: Has sam been in yet?

Nikolas: Uh, no, I'm sorry. I haven't seen him.

Lucky: She was supposed to land a shipment and meet me here.

Nadine: Oh, I'm sure she's fine, as long as nikolas stayed out of her way.

Nikolas: I was hoping you had something on lulu.

Lucky: No, it's like lulu and johnny just disappeared and they could be anywhere by now.

Sam: Hey.

Lucky: Well?

Sam: I'm more convinced that ever jerry jacks is involved with this drug ring.

Johnny: Ok, we've got more than enough money. We can go anywhere that we want. So why don't we get some distance between us and this whole thing that happened with logan?

Lulu: I just told sal that we would baby-sit his sister while he's gone.

Johnny: Yeah, well, lourdes is a big girl. She can handle a couple of days by herself. You are my main priority.

Lulu: Johnny, we can't get away from what's going on inside my head, ok? Wherever we go, the thoughts and the images, they're going to be with me. I mean, wasn't it you who said the more we move around, the more likely we're going to get caught?

Johnny: Yes, but we could also say the same for staying put.

Lulu: When my parents were on the run, they never had to worry about 24-hour news stations or the internet or camera phones with people who would do anything to get on tv, even if it's only because they spotted a couple of fugitives like us. I should have never gone to see her.

Johnny: You took a big risk.

Lulu: I decided before I left that if I got caught I would have confessed.

Johnny: Just let me handle that.

Lulu: Because I can't?

Johnny: That's not what I meant.

Lulu: Ok, good. Because if you start lying to me to protect me, pretty soon, we're going to have nothing left. Lourdes: Hey, johnny. I hear we're going to be spending the next couple of days together. 3

Johnny: You can't stay here with us, lourdes.

Lulu: What johnny means is that it would really bad if the cops came for us and they found you here. So maybe you should just stay in your apartment. Lourdes: Johnny, is that what you want?

Johnny: Well, you've been a great friend and you have done an awesome job keeping our secret. But I don't want you putting yourself in any danger because of us. Look, I promise, if there's any trouble or you get lonely, we're going to be right here. Lourdes: Thanks, but I don't want to intrude. Maybe you could come down and check on me at night before i go to bed.

Johnny: Sure. I'd be happy to.

Lulu: You know when you go to check on her, she's going to be in the teeniest, tiniest little teddy. Or maybe even a towel. "Oh, johnny, I just got out of the shower."

Johnny: Ok, well, you know what, she's going to be in for a big surprise when she sees you by my side. Because I'm not going down there by myself.

Lulu: I'm serious. I feel bad for her. I know what it's like to want someone and have to walk away with only your fantasy intact.

Johnny: Well, lucky for us, this is the real thing.

Spinelli: The jackal is useful for only one thing in the stone cold world.

Maxie: Wouldn't you rather be the best at something than just another one of jasons goons?

Spinelli: Stone cold does not have goons, maximista.

Maxie: My point is everybody has a place. I soan, take the fashion world, for example. Some are meant to be models. Others are meant to be designers. Some people are just meant to be fashionable. I have great instincts and look good in almost anything I wear.Ow you, the great spinelli, are ace of cyberspace. No one's better.

Spinelli: That's true, but i still envy stone cold.

Maxie: I get that. As brilliant as kate is, she's a tough cookie. Could cut you like a razor blade. Jason, he feels no fear. Or much else, for that matter. So he gets shot at. But what's so great about that?

Spinelli: What I envy is the quality and quantity of the women that fall at the master's feet.

Maxie: You have to stop calling him "the master," spinelli. That only reinforces this idea you have that you're subservient, and you're totally superior to jason. Women -- I mean, we're not so great. We lie and cheat and manipulate.

Spinelli: Well, certainly not all women.

Maxie: Not georgie. You already had the greatest girl in the world fall in love with you. Doesn't that say something?

Spinelli: Yeah. Wise georgie's gone, and while i will not soon forget the wise and gentle one, I have --

Maxie: Needs?

Spinelli: Feelings. But it is becoming increasingly apparent that it's the manly man that gets the girl, you know? The slick gunslinger, the debonair double agent, the avid athlete. All who possess qualities that the jackal profoundly lacks.

Maxie: Oh, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard come out of your usually brilliant mouth. There is nothing lacking about you at all.

Sam: It wasn't an accident that jerry was hanging around the warehouse when I was there or down at pier 52 when I helped dump that shipment.

Lucky: All it is is a coincidence.

Sam: No, it's not. It's an instinct. I have a feeling, ok?

Lucky: Sam, I can't arrest a guy on a hunch. We need proof.

Nikolas: Yeah. His history is enough to convince me.

Lucky: Jerry jacks is dating your aunt. Your mother. After all he put you through, i understand why you're gunning for him.

Nikolas: Exactly. Everything he's done to everyone makes me believe he's guilty as hell.

Lucky: I'm just concerned that your valid reasons for hating this guy are affecting your judgment.

Sam: Come on. It's at least worth investigating.

Lucky: The sad truth is that jerry jacks isn't the only person that would like to move illegal drugs through our city. Sasha: You cost me a pretty penny, mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Yeah? How so? Sasha: When mr. Karpov explained his goals for port charles to me, I told him that it would never happen. Mr. Corinthos is famous for being in control. I bet a week's salary that you would refuse mr. Karpov's offer to work with him.

Sonny: It was a bad bet. You should stay away from the -- from the track. Sasha: So why did you retire?

Sonny: I got my reasons. Personal. Sasha: And yet, here you are.

Sonny: I'm willing to make things easier for karpov as long as he stays away from my former organization. You should remind your boss of that. If karpov gives jason any problems, we got no deal. Sasha: You see, that is the part that makes no sense at all. You should be taking down the man who stole your empire.

Carly: I know how easily people jump to conclusions. They see a man with presence and power. They get jealous or intimidated and they like to label you.

Karpov: I appreciate your understanding. I imagine you had your own share of jealous attacks from others.

Carly: Well, we live in a society that likes to watch the powerful fall. What is that you deal in that makes this town so important?

Karpov: I'm disappointed. I thought your questions would be more personal.

Carly: It's very personal. What we buy and sell, what we own reflects our character, don't you think?

Karpov: I believe you can tell about a person from their body language.

Jason: Back off. Nice and slow.

Carly: Jason. Rpov: Mr. Morgan. What brings you to my warehouse?

Jason: Your one warning. Carly is off-limits. You lay a hand on anyone under my protection again, and you're dead.

Karpov: I don't want any trouble with you. And I remain charmed.

Carly: What the hell did you do that for?

Jason: What the hell is wrong with you?

Nikolas: I still think jerry is a suspect.

Sam: We could probably debate this all night.

Lucky: Listen, as much as I love spending time with you, every minute we spend in here together, we're inviting trouble. We need to protect your cover.

Sam: I know, ok? I hate this phony breakup, too.

Nikolas: As soon as we find out who's doing this, the sooner we can get back to our lives.

Lucky: Exactly why I won't follow up on useless leads. We won't make this case on circumstantial evidence.

Sam: Fine. Then let's broaden the search and look for different suspects. Come on, you guys -- nadine said that matt hunter looks suspicious, no?

Nikolas: Yeah. And where is nadine?

Nadine: Shoot.

Matt: This is the last time that you follow me.

Johnny: Promise me that you're ok?

Lulu: I make things worse when I doubt myself, that's what my mom always used to tell me. So what if I'm stressed or tired? I have a right to be. And the nightmares are hallucinations or whatever. I can't let them rule my life. I need to be strong for you. For us.

Johnny: If you can do that, we're gong to be ok. We're in this together, right?

Lulu: Yeah.

Johnny: Why don't you go put those groceries away?

Lulu: All right.

Jason: You said you wouldn't do anything about karpov.

Jason: No, I did not. Curly: I said I wouldn't do anything as far as sonny was concerned. And I knew I could get information that would help you.

Jason: Ok. Two of karpov's girlfriends died violently, probably murdered by him, carly.

Carly: He just wanted to take me for a drive. That's all he wanted.

Jason: That's not all he wanted. Curly: Ok. So he wanted to have sex with me. He wanted to line this room with jewels and furs and buy me some sports car, but I said no.

Jason: Ok, you should have never gone near the guy in the first place.

Carly: I had to go near karpov so I could steal his pda.

Sonny: First of all, jason didn't take anything from me. We made a deal. And I gave him the business.

Sasha: And now you are to make sure that there will be no friction between your mr. Morgan and my mr. Karpov.

Sonny: Karpov made me a nice offer. Some critical concessions. He plays by the rules, we got no problem. Can you hold up? Hold on.

Sasha: Uh, this shipment has to be loaded immediately.

Sonny: That's not going to take long. Bring that over here. Open this up. I just want to make sure this is what it's supposed to be. Can you come here for a second?

Sasha: I'm sure it is, it --

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