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 August 1, 2008
Posted: Aug 2 2008, 02:01 AM


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Provided By Boo

Johnny: You ok?

Lulu: I'm glad we came here. I like seeing the places you loved as a little boy.

Johnny: I just wish you could have met professor siegel.

Lulu: I think he'd be happy that he helped us hide. But we can't stay here anymore. Lourdes knows that we are not joe and linda from chicago. And we can't risk her turning us in.

Johnny: I've never felt safer than I feel here with the two of us.

Lulu: All I have done is cause trouble for you. If I go back to port charles, i can turn myself in, and you can finally get away f good. Not just from the cops, but from your father and your family.

Johnny: Are you saying you want to leave me?

Sam: Oh, my goodness.

Lucky: Good morning.

Sam: Are you ready to play doctor?

Lucky: Don't tempt me the way I've been missing you.

Sam: I keep telling myself the deeper undercover I go, the sooner we find out who is smuggling the phony drugs, and the sooner we can have a very public reconciliation. And stop -- mm-mmm. Mm-hmm.

Spinelli: Subdued greetings, stone cold. The jackal regrets he has to inform you of another daunting development.

Jason: Yeah. Just go ahead, say it.

Spinelli: Mr. Sir has received a second transfer into his account in the grand keys. The payer is one of commandant karpov's holding companies.

Sonny: So I made a call to the union bosses. Can't wait to meet you. Whenever you're ready, I'll get everybody together and introduce you.

Karpov: Then I was right. This alliance works for both of us.

Max: Ms. Howard.

Kate: Bonjour, max.

Max: We weren't expecting you back so soon.

Kate: Oh, wait. I have something for you.

Max: Ok.

Kate: Ah. Voila.

Max: Thank you.

Kate: I hope it fits.

Max: Great.

Kate: Ok, now, where is my fiance?

Max: I'm sorry. You can't go in there right now.

Kate: I can't wait another second to -- oh.

Johnny: Don't push me away now, lulu. We're in this together.

Lulu: What about lourdes?

Johnny: Lourdes is fine. I talked her down. She's not going to tell anyone who we really are.

Lulu: You think because she has a major crush on you that she's in your corner?

Johnny: Ooh, somebody's jealous.

Lulu: No, I am scared.

Johnny: Lourdes is fine, ok? What's the harm of a little crush if it's going to help her keep our secret?

Lulu: The zaccharas killed her father. A part of her has to want revenge.

Johnny: Is that what you would say if it were your father?

Lulu: Yes. I don't blame you for what your family has done. I know that you're different, but lourdes doesn'T. She may be quiet for now. But eventually she's goi to want more.

Johnny: She can't have more. I'm all yours.

Lulu: Trust me. I'm not blaming lourdes. She sees the cutest guy in the world, and she knows his deepest darkest secret. And she sees that as an emotional connection. Eventually, she is going to try to seal it with a kiss, and you are going to turn her down. And she'll be upset, and who knows what she is going to do. But it's going to be bad.

Johnny: You've got it all figured out, don't you?

Lulu: Even of she doesn't go to the police, I could see her telling this whole story to her brother. So before we have some lovesick pianstudent and her gang-banger brother brthing down our necks, we need to figure out what we're going to do.

[Knock on door]

Lourdes: It's lourdes.

Lulu: Hi, lourdes.

Lourdes: Hi, johnny. Are you busy?

Nikolas: Hey, claudia. It's nikolas. I'd appreciate a call back from you. I still haven't heard from lulu. I need to know if your brother has gotten in touch with you. Thanks. Working hard?

Nadine: That's what you pay me for.

Nikolas: You need some help?

Nadine: No, thanks. You've helped enough. Unless you don't trust me to do this either.

Nikolas: Nadine, rearranging the coffee bar is a long way from going undercover and trying to incriminate matt hunter. I'm not going to apologize for stopping you.

Sam: Stop. Ok, ok. Stop, stop, stop. We need to stop before someone catches us. You know, the only good thing about this separation is it makes me want you more.

Lucky: No, worse is just pretending that we don't care about each other.

Sam: Oh.

Elizabeth: Hey, nikolas.

Nikolas: Hey.

Elizabeth: I knew I'd find you here.

Nikolas: Here to help?

Elizabeth: No, no. I'm sorry. But can I speak with you? Maybe we can go in the back room.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Nadine: There are some patients in the back, but I can give you some privacy. It's not like I have anything better to do.

Elizabeth: Is she ok?

Nikolas: Yeah, she'll get over it. What's going on?

Elizabeth: Well, I hate to bother you with this again, but I am still really worried about lucky.

Maxie: Well, I e-mailed them to you five minutes ago, and as soon as you take a look at them, we can put this story to bed.

Matt: Listen, you wacked-out bimbo.

Maxie: Thank you so much, marcel. You have no idea how grateful kate will be. Excuse me. I'm conducting business here.

Matt: Where's my garage door opener?

Maxie: How would you like it if someone just barged into the O.R. While you were performing surgery? Oh, that's right. No one trusts you enough to let you perform surgery.

Matt: Ok, you stole my garage door opener. I couldn't get my car out of the garage to get to surgery.

Maxie: Hey, I'm very busy. I have better things to do than play "who took my garage door remote" with you.

Matt: Ok, look. I get that you don't like me. Really, I don't care. Join the club.

Maxie: You don't think you've earned it?

Matt: I get up, I go to work. I mind my own business. I come home.

Maxie: You ate my tofu.

Matt: No, no, no. See, I don't touch the stuff.

Maxie: It disappeared. Along with m's bologna.

Matt: Oh, wait. By tofu, do you mean that gelatinous white substance that looked like it was grown in a petri dish? Because -- like, I put that down the disposal. The disposal didn't even like it. But the bologna was great. Thank you.

Maxie: You have your own shelf in our refrigerator, so feel free to buy yourself some groceries and put them on it.

Matt: I was hungry and the bologna looked great. And it was delicious, actually. So can I just get my garage door opener and --

Maxie: If you lost it, you're going to have to pay to replace it, or better yet, just find another place to live, ok?

Matt: No. Ally, I like where I live. The location's great. And it bugs the crap out of you. So, I mean, really, it's perfect.

Spinelli: Has stone cold given more consideration to a course of action vis-a-vis mr. Sir's dealings with the russian rogue?

Jason: I haven't decided anything yet.

Spinelli: It may be seen as a sign of weakness to dally for too long. I mean, even if mr. Sir considers sharing his knowledge of the inner workings of his former organization, it could give the russian rogue an opportunity to formulate an attack plan.

Jason: I can't believe sonny's going to give karpov anything that's going to hurt me.

Spinelli: Your faith in mr. Sir is touching, if not a bit misplaced, given that he's having secret meetings wh the enemy.

Jason: I don't know what sonny's doing, spinelli.

[Knock at door]

Jason: Yes.

Diane: Jason, I'm due to file these articles of incorporation at the courthouse in a few minutes.

Jason: Can you give us a few minutes, please? So how long have you known sonny's been working with andrei karpov?

Kate: I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were in the middle of a meeting.

Sonny: No, no, no.

[Kate laughs]

Kate: I just couldn't wait to see you.

Sonny: Oh, I see. We're just finishing up. How was your trip?

Kate: It can wait, sonny.

Karpov: You two shouldn't delay your reunion for me. Your wife is charming.

Kate: Oh, actually, we're not quite married yet, but I do like the sound of that. Your wife.

Sonny: Kate howard, the future mrs. Corinthos, this is andrei karpov.

Kate: Mr. Karpov, it's a pleasure.

Karpov: Indeed. I will find my own way out.

Sonny: No, I'll let you out. I'll let you out.

Kate: Good-bye.

Sonny: Thank you. We'll do it again.

Karpov: Yeah.

Sonny: I missed you

Kate: Mm-hmm. So --

Sonny: Yeah.

Kate: Andrei karpov. I don't remember you mentioning him.

Sonny: Probably not. He's new.

Kate: Mm-hmm. Look at you. Taking over the world without any ties to the mob.

Sonny: Forget about that. How was paris?

Kate: Oh, paris. Paris is far too romantic a city not to be with the one that you love. I can't wait to be there with you.

Sonny: Next time. I promise.

Kate: You promise?

Sonny: Yeah.

Kate: Ooh. So --

Sonny: Hmm?

Kate: What have you been doing while I was away?

Sonny: Oh, just missing you, basically, you know, but you're here now so make it up to me.

Kate: All right.

Lourdes: You know how you can't stop going over and over the notes in your head? That's what keeps happening to me. I keep dreaming about our lessons. I really do.

Johnny: Well, you're very talented, lourdes.

Lourdes: In my dreams, you're not joe. You're johnny. You don't mind me calling you johnny, do you?

Johnny: Don't you have some errands to run?

Lulu: You want me to leave, now?

Johnny: Well, you might as well. I'm going to be caught up with this lesson.

Lourdes: I'm a little early. I couldn't wait.

Lulu: Oh, yeah, that's fine. I have plenty to do.

Lourdes: I don't think lulu likes the idea of leaving us alone.

Johnny: Well, you're the only one who knows who I really am. And since my father and his people had your dad killed, she thinks you might hate me for it.

Lourdes: But you had nothing to do with my dad's murder, right?

Johnny: No.

Lourdes: That's why I could never hate you, johnny. Lulu's rig. If sal found out, he would kill you.

Johnny: That's why you can never tell him.

Lourdes: If lulu just knew me a little, she'd know I wouldn't let anything happen to you.

Johnny: Thanks. That means a lot to me.

Elizabeth: Lucky is frantic with worry over lulu. And I know you are, too. But with lucky being a cophe's trained to take action. And instead, he's sitting in that squad room, day after day, listening to baldwin make lulu an accessory to murder.

Nikolas: So what are you thinking? That lucky might be a loose cannon here?

Elizabeth: I'm thinking he needs someone to confide in. He's going to turn all of his anger and his fear in on himself. And you've seen how bad that can be.

Nikolas: Yeah, I know. But he's been sober a long time. I don't think he'll do anything that self-destructive.

Elizabeth: Me neither. But the worst thing for him is to feel helpless. It goes against his nature.

Nikolas: Well, I could talk to him about it.

Elizabeth: Ok. But he's not going to confide in you. 'Cause he knows you are as worried about lulu as he is.

Nikolas: What are you saying? What would you like me to do?

Elizabeth: I am saying lucky needs sam. He trusted her. He confided in her. She would understand what he's going through.

Nikolas: I thought that you didn't trust sam.

Elizabeth: Well, I've seen how good they can be together. And it's the worst possible time for them to be breaking up.

Nikolas: I certainly agree with that. Ok. Well, I'll see what I can do to help.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Nikolas: All right. Bye.

[Sam clears throat]

Sam: That was, um, awkward.

Diane: Sonny's business dealings are covered by attorney-client privilege. I can no more volunteer information about him than I can disclose your dealings to him. However, now that you know the truth, sonny believes that his work with karpov neither conflicts with nor compromises you in any way.

Jason: Ok. Wow, that's -- what do you believe, diane? You and max could have warned me that sonny's working with andrei karpov.

Diane: I urged sonny in the strongest possible terms. I begged him, jason, to make a full disclosure, and he declined. His attitude appeared to be that you never needed to know he was working with karpov, and then if you did find out, you would simply assume that sonny, in fact, was acting in your best interests.

Karpov: Did the shipment arrive?

Jerry: Right on schedule. Does this place fit your purposes?

Karpov: Indeed. Keep this up, and we'll do very well together.

Jerry: Yes, I heard counterfeit drugs were good business. You've clearly turned it into an industry.

Karpov: That's just barely touching the surface. The real money is in the hard stuff. If that's not a problem for you, we'll all be rich.

Jerry: Well, there will be only one problem for any of us. And that's jason morgan.

Karpov: Not to worry. Morgan has been handled.

Kate: So I hired helmut to take the photos. You're going to love him. And -- oh, I found the perfect cufflinks. Now I hope you don't mind. I picked them up for you.

Sonny: Very nice.

Kate: Oh, you like them. Why are you all cross-eyed?

Sonny: I'm not. I mean -- no, I couldn't come up with anything nicer, yeah. But you know what? It just seems like you're more excited about planning the wedding then you are about marrying me.

Kate: Are you being serious?

Sonny: Well, I'm just saying.

Kate: Ok, fine. You know what? We're just going to stop all this planning right now. Yeah, we are. And you and I, we're going to go to vegas or mexico or your island, and we're going to get married. Just you ande

Sonny: And not have the wedding of the century? You would -- you couldn't live with yourself.

Kate: Sonny corinthos, you are the reason for all of this. I finally found the man that i want to marry, all right? It happens to be the man that i very first fell in love with. So, yes, I am enjoying myself with all of this planning. And I am sure I'm going to make myself completely crazy over something like cocktail napkins. But at the end of the day, the bottom line, what really matters is when the minister pronounces you and I husband and wife. He's talking about us. Everyone else can just simply disappear. And we can begin the rest of our lives together.

Sonny: Your designer dress would be wasted.

Kate: Nothing's wasted on you.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Sonny: Are you vibrating?

Kate: Well, are you in the room? I have to go to work.

Sonny: You have to go to work? What do you mean?

Kate: I have to go to work. I'm sorry. I'm going to make it up for you. You know what? Actually, I have a little present for you in this bag.

Sonny: Really?

Kate: I do, yeah. I was going to save it for our honeymoon, but I think I'm going to show you a little paris tonight.

Sonny: I'll make you a special dinner.

Kate: Oh, my goodness. He's gorgeous, and he cooks. How lucky am I. Au revoir.

Sonny: Max, you're lurking.

Max: I'm sorry, boss.

Sonny: Well, you should be, because you know I'm not supposed to be interrued when I'm having a meeting with karpov. Especially, ms. Howard. I don't want her to know that I'm doing business with him. If my guys brush their teeth like they clean their room,

Sam: It really must be nice having somebody worry about you.

Lucky: You know, elizabeth has enough to worry about without thinking I'm going to implode.

Sam: Ok. So then we have to get this done and over with so we can get back to our normal lives.

Lucky: I think I want to tell elizabeth that we're faking our breakup.

Sam: No, I would really like if you didn't do that. Lucky, the more people that know, the more risky this becomes.

Lucky: Elizabeth is trustworthy. She can keep a secret.

Sam: Yeah, I know, obviously. I am so sorry for elizabeth's concern, but we're trying to stop counterfeit drug dealers. This means stepping on a few toes. And it's not like she has a personal stake in this that goes beyond her very, very genuine concern for you. But I am here for you to talk to, whenever you need. She's worried for nothing.

Lucky: I understand that. It's just unnecessary for her to stress about it.

Sam: Really? Ok. So if you tell her, she's going to want to help out in the investigation. Are you willing to put her through a risk like that?

Lucky: No more than I want you to.

Sam: Ok. You know what the difference is? I happen to know what I'm doing. Lucky, I want this over with just as quickly as you do. I have a lead. You have to trust me on this.

Nikolas: Hello.

Nadine: You blew my chance to work matt for information last night.

Nikolas: Oh, god. Would you stop with this, please? You're in over your head. This is crazy.

Nadine: No. You don't know anything about me, except for what you choose to believe. And if you hadn't stuck your nose into my business, I might actuallyave a solid lead onto whoever is smuggling these drugs. And elizabeth wouldn't be so worried, and he wouldn't have to lie to her.

Nikolas: What are you -- that has to be the most convoluted reasoning I've ever heard.

Nadine: No. You know what? Fine. I'm going to just prove I'm right, and get some evidence against matt all by myself.

Lourdes: Can we talk before we start the lesson?

Johnny: And what is there to talk about?

Lourdes: Now that I know who you are, I want to get to know you. What is it like, being the son of a famous gangster?

Johnny: Wouldn't you just rather play music? All right. To tell you the truth, I grew up like every other kid. Everybody did a good job keeping me away from the family business, you know? I'll tell you a secret.

Lourdes: My lips are sealed.

Johnny: I was kind of a spoiled rich kid.

Lourdes: No, I don't believe it.

Johnny: Yeah, it's true. My father was out of town a lot, so there were a lot of lawyers and businessmen making choices in the family name. I cared about two things. Driving fats cars and, well, finding trouble. But just petty stuff. Nothing like my old man. When I think about the hurt that was caused because of the choices that people made in our family name, how lives were destroyed, and you and your brother, how you hurt so badly, I -- I feel horrible.

Lourdes: That's why it's good you got away from them.

Johnny: Sometime in the near future, I'd like to pay you back somehow.

Lourdes: No offense, but you're wanted for murder. You're a fugitive, and everyone thinks lulu's your hostage. What kind of fute could you possibly have?

Sonny: If kate knew who karpov really was, she would worry, max.

Max: That you were thinking about getting back into the organization?

Sonny: Did I say I'm getting back into the business?

Max: No.

Sonny: Ok. Then my association with karpov is so he doesn't make a move against jason. Now kate doesn't have to know that. She's planning a wedding. I want her to be happy. That's plain and simple.

Max: Fine, fine. Whatever you say, boss.

Sonny: Ok.

[Knock at door]

Mike: Hey, sonny, max. Is kate back?

Sonny: No, she's at the office. What's up?

Mike: Oh, well --

Max: Mike.

Mike: Yeah. She's a very generous girl, your fiancee. I got a package from paris.

Sonny: Let me guess. Cufflinks?

Mike: With an entire tuxedo attached. I mean, it is a beaut.

Sonny: Kate likes you, mike.

Mike: Well, she has excellent taste all around. And I won't have to rent my tuxes from harvey's anymore.

Sonny: Well, then I guess I'm going to have to, you know, do my job and ask you to stand up for me.

Mike: Best man?

Sonny: Unless you hock those cufflinks, 'cause then all bets are off.

Mike: You know it's all good, sonny. After michael, I thought you'd crash and burn, but kate brings a light to you.

Sonny: I love her, mike. She makes me happy.

Mike: And the way you've turned your life around like this, walking away from your organization, looking for something good for yourself. What can I say, man? I am happy for you.

Elizabeth: Ok, boys, remember this picnic is a surprise for daddy, so les get it all set up before he gets here, ok? Ok.

Cameron: Jason!

Jason: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Jason: Hey. It looks like you're having a picnic.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, we are. Do you want to hold him?

Jason: No, I can'T.

Monica: Jason. Well, this just about the prettiest picture I have ever seen.

Elizabeth: Actually, we were waiting for lucky. We thought it would be a nice day to have a picnic.

Monica: Oh, are you and lucky --

Elizabeth: No. No, I'm just always looking for time that he can spend with the boys.

Monica: Ah. Well, I just didn't want to put my foot in it again. I really have to say that seeing you all here -- it's really quite a lovely family portrait.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Jason: I should go. Have fun.

Elizabeth: Bye.

Monica: I -- I wasn't wrong. I saw the way he looked at you.

Elizabeth: Well, it's not going to happen in this lifetime.

Monica: You know, I've -- I have always envied audrey. She has two beautiful great-grandchildren. It was so hard being estranged from michael. I mean, we held out hope that maybe -- maybe we'd have a chance at seeing him, at least seeing him grow up and learn things.

[Baby coos]

Elizabeth: I'm so sorry, monica.

Monica: And I think that's why jason had to leave. I think it was just because of michael.

Elizabeth: Well that's jason's choice, and there's nothing any of us can do but accept it.

Johnny: Lulu and I can't hide out indefinitely. We need to find a way to prove that it was self-defense, and then I can turn myself in.

Lourdes: Doesn't your father have any judge on payroll?

Johnny: Yeah, no one's going to walk away from a murder charge. If I can't prove that I did kill logan in self-defense, then we're going to have to stay on the run for a long time, maybe leave the country.

Lourdes: I could teach you spanish. Then you could go to mexico.

Johnny: There's a thought.

Lourdes: You know, I always thought about going to mexico. They say it's warm over there, and the ocean is just beautiful. I think mexico would be a great place to go, even if you weren't wanted for murder.

Sonny: I got to tell you, it hasn't been easy.

Mike: You lost your boy, sonny.

Sonny: Yeah.

Mike: Both your boys. I mean, you did what most men couldn't when you gave them up for their own good. And then you walked away from the one thing that defines you the most, your position in the organization. Now, either that is the most self-destructive or the bravest thing a guy could do.

Sonny: Honestly --

Mike: Yeah.

Sonny: Sometimes I miss it.

Mike: Sonny, power to you is like gambling is to me. I mean, it is a hell of a drug. You can't put it down, and you want it so bad, you can taste it. Just one more hand of poker, I'd tell myself. One more bet. I have never been able to walk away from my addiction. I can't even try to control it. And how you did it is beyond me. I mean, unless the love of a good woman is motivation enough?

Sonny: Kate gets me and she's smart.

Mike: And she's successful, and she has other things to think about besides you. Can your ego take it, huh?

Sonny: I got to be honest with you. Sometimes it is not easy. You know? She's ambitious d she goes after what she wants. And it's fun to watch her do that, and I'm trying to be a legitimate businessman, and she keeps me in check.

Mike: She loves you, michael.

Sonny: I'm a lucky man. I -- I, you know, I got to tell you. I thought at this point in my life I'd be dead. It's nice to get a second chance. And I'm not saying it's going to be perfect, but I'm up to taking that challenge. And I'm glad you're on my side.

Mike: Me, too.

Maxie: I have had it up to here. I want dirt on dr. Matt hunter, and I want it right not. Spinelli.

Spinelli: Wh -- I -- maximista's needs are, of course, paramount, but the jackal is working on a priority mission --

Maxie: This is all robin's fault. I mean, I'm sure she didn't know she was renting out georgie's room to a total egomaniac, but robin is pregnant and eating for two, clearly thinking for no one. You'd think that because I live in the house she would take my feelings into consideration, but no. So, now, dr. Hunter lives in georgie's room, and we're just going to have to get him out. Can you believe he actually accused me of stealing his garage door opener?

Spinelli: Did you?

Maxie: Well, yes, but he doesn't know that for a fact. And he had a lot of nerve just barging into my office and blaming me.

Spinelli: Can his commissionership evict dr. Hunter?

Maxie: No, mac said something about dr. Hunter having rights under the law. Can you believe it? I figure that I'll just have to blackmail dr. Hunter to get him to leave, which I'll definitely need your help for.

Spinelli: Maximista, you just have to be patient and cool her proverbial heels.

Maxie: Don't be ridiculous, spinelli. We'll just close this window. Hey, who's andrei karpov?

Spinelli: Maximista should not avail herself of the jackal's computer without permission.

Maxie: Why? Is it top secret? Is this karpov guy a russian spy?

Spinelli: [Forced laugh] Maximista has not lost her sense of humor.

Maxie: Seriously, spinelli, is this guy dangerous?

Spinelli: Karpov is one of stone cold's potential competitors.

Maxie: So, he's a gangster.

Spinelli: Look, the jackal has said far, far too much. Please, just let this conversation slip into the mists of time, never to be recalled. Xie: Oh, please. You need to tell me all about this karpov guy, and you know why? Because I am your friend, and i am the person that you trust most -- well, besides jason. But he can't really give you good advice like I do. And I can tell there's something about this karpov guy that upsets you. And if you tell me what it is, maybe I could help you handle it.

Spinelli: It's not karpov, per se, that the jackal finds most distressing. It's his choice of allies which could potentially jeopardize my master's safety and security.

Maxie: So, what does karpov have on jason?

Spinelli: He has mr. Corinthos, sir. The godfather mobster has aligned himself with the russian rogue.

Maxie: No, sonny retired. Are you telling me that sonny was only pretending to retire, and that he's been hooking up dealing with this karpov guy behind jason's back? Wow. That's cold. Oh, my god. What's kate going to do when she finds out sonny didn't really leave the business? She could cancel the wedding or leave port charles. This could really ruin my life.

Kate: In the background, I want to see flowers, white roses. They'll make the gemstones pop on the page.

Clarice: Oh, you asked for red silk.

Kate: I did?

Clarice: White roses were for the wedding, red silk for the winter jewelry collection. But white roses work for winter, too.

Kate: Clarice, you don't have to humor me, all right? I have a million things on my mind, not the least of which is my fiance waiting at home for me right now.

Sonny: Not anymore. Hi, clarice.

Clarice: Hi, mr. Corinthos. Nice to see you.

Sonny: How long do you plan on keeping me from the woman that I love?

Kate: We are almost finished. Look at me right here.

Sonny: What do you mean? You've been away, what, two weeks in paris and now this. That's too much for a man to handle.

Kate: That's too much?

Sonny: Yeah, so let's go.

Kate: Really?

Sonny: Well, whatever. Well, well, well.

Kate: You know, I think I have to go. I think I have to go right now. So I think you need to hold all my calls. Just tell them -- I don't know, I have jet lag, all right? Something like that. Or you could just tell them I'm in love.

Leyla: Dr. Landers said you're ok to scrub in.

Matt: Oh, it's my lucky day. Thank you, nurse mir.

Leyla: Yeah.

[Cell phone rings]

Nadine: Hello.

Leyla: You wanted to know when dr. Hunter went into the O.R.

Nadine: What kind?

Leyla: A hip replacement. It'll be at least four hours.

Nadine: Perfect. Come to the clinic now. I need you.

Cameron: Surprise.

Lucky: First, you know it's not my birthday. Second, you didn't say anything about having a picnic on the phone message.

Elizabeth: Well, we just thought you needed a little family time. I hope you don't mind.

Lucky: No, not at all. But you know you don't have to worry about me.

Elizabeth: I know. I just want you to always remember how much the boys love you. You're their hero. I know, I'm very blessed. There's not a day that goes by that I'm not grateful for having such an amazing family. Thank you. Thank you for looking out for me. Hi.

Elizabeth: We look out for each other, lucky. We always will.

Spinelli: The jackal was wrong to expose maximista to information of such a sensitive nature.

Maxie: I'm your friend. And if something is weighing on you, you should confide in me because that is what friends do.

Spinelli: But the information the jackal imparted ostensibly places said friend in danger.

Maxie: I'm not scared.

Spinelli: Yeah, I know. Which is why it's up to the jackal to look out for your well-being. Discounting, of course, his only increasingly perilous situation as long as he remains at stone cold's right hand. And if war looms with the russian rogue, he will undoubtedly count on the grasshopper's --

Maxie: Ok, stop babbling and please stop referring to yourself as a grasshopper because it's disrespectful.

Spinelli: The jackal appreciates your kind concern. And it also brings to the forefront the true heartbreak of the stone cold way. To protect those you hold in highest esteem, even if it means excising them from your life.

Maxie: What was that about needing to exercise?

Spinelli: See, it's the ones you care about the most that often the most vulnerable. It's clear what the jackal must do. In order to protect fair maximista, to shield her from harm, the jackal can no longer be in her radiant proximity.

Maxie: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Spinelli: You must stay away from the jackal for your own safety. It's a sacrifice that he willingly, but tragically must make for your own good.

Nadine: Good, you found someone to cover your shift.

Leyla: Now will you tell me why?

Nadine: I need a lookout.

Leyla: Who am I looking out for?

Nadine: You're going to ring the door of the scorpio house. You'll distract anyone who answers.

Leyla: How?

Nadine: I don't know. You'll think of something. Meanwhile, you'll keep them occupied. I'm going to climb upstairs to matt's room, and I'll be searching around while you're talking to tm and distracting them.

Nikolas: Hold on -- hold on. I feel compelled here to point out that breaking and entering into commissioner scorpio's home is a really bad idea.

Johnny: I was getting worried about you.

Lulu: I went to get supplies for the run -- water, toothpaste, you know. The necessities.

Johnny: Lourdes is going to keep her mouth shut. We're safe.

Lulu: Yeah, I hope so.

Johnny: Come on. You know, she offered to give me spanish lessons in case we need to make a run south of the border.

Lulu: You know thenly reason she's agreeing to give you spanish lessons is so she can spend more time with you.

Johnny: Jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous.

Lulu: Yeah, ok, yeah. I don't like the idea of her hanging all over my guy. But more importantly, I know what it feels like to have a broken heart. When lourdes realizes you are not the love of her life, she's going to be shattered. When someone like lourdes is upset, she's going to lash out on you. She's going to turn on you.

Johnny: Ok, well, by then we will have figured out our next step. Maybe going to mexico isn't such a bad idea.

Lulu: Well, either way, I'm going to get a spanish dictionary in case.

Johnny: Ok, look, now is when you stop worrying. What will be will be. It won't matter because we are here. We are safe right here, right now, and I love you.

Lulu: You know if we weren't fugitives, this might be just about the best time of my life.

Jerry: Sweet sam. I hope you're not alone. Terrible, nasty things can happen in such a dangerous place as this.

Sonny: Ok, like I said before, right? So max has the night off.

Kate: Oh, I bet he's off with diane. They are so cute.

Sonny: Why does diane think I'll never make you happy?

Kate: Well, she's wrong. It's too late. I'm already happy. Just knowing you love me and knowing we're changing our lives together. Diane's a good lawyer, but we could teach her a few things about the human heart.

Sonny: Hey.

Kate: Hmm?

Sonny: I want to get some champagne, ok?

Jason: We have to talk.

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