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 A Secret Between Lovers, GH-RoSam One-Shot
Posted: Jul 5 2008, 12:56 PM


Title: A Secret Between Lovers
Characters: Robin and Sam
Pairing: Robin/Sam
Rating/Warnings: PG-13. AU, OOC, FemSlash.
Summary: What happens when Sam arranges for herself and Robin to have a week off of work?

Robin sighed softly as she pushed her shoulder-length, brown hair out of her eyes. She had just finished her shift at “General Hospital” and was heading home, ready to relax for the rest of the evening. As she slid into the driver’s seat, she thought of her girlfriend who would be waiting for her at home. Sam had surprised her one day by asking her out to a movie and they had had a great time. It became a thing that they would end up doing every weekend for two months. Now, they had officially been going out for three years. Sure, they had their ups and downs numerous times through the years. But nothing was going to break them up. The two women had already had many things happen to them that could have broken them up but didn’t.

Patrick, a friend of Robin's, had asked her out one night and Sam had found out about it. Sam had gotten jealous and had accused Robin of cheating on her. She had even gone as far as to accuse Robin of using her as "just an experiment" instead of actually being in a relationship with her. But eventually things had been explained, Sam had been forgiven and everything had gone back to normal. Robin knew that ever since she and Sam had started dating, the other woman's life had seemed to slow down. Sam was friends with Jason and the two of them lived a pretty dangerous life, helping out Sonny. Now, Sam didn't spend time with Jason and Sonny any more, only Robin. The two women got along wonderfully.

Sure, they had their problems. What couple doesn't? But now, Sam had talked Robin into taking the rest of the week off work at "General Hospital." The two women were going to play "hooky" and stay home for the rest of the week. Sam had already called her boss and said that she would like to take the rest of the week off. Her boss had agreed and then Sam had called Epiphany and said that Robin would be taking the rest of the week off, spending some of her vacation time sooner than she had thought. After getting the okay from both of their bosses, Sam made plans for how they were going to be spending their time. Now it was time for the object of her affection to get home, so they could put those plans in action.

When Robin walked in the door twenty minutes later, Sam smiled at her girlfriend and got up and walked over to the other woman and kissed her. When the two women broke apart, Robin closed the door and went to put her things away. As she walked into the room, Robin saw that Sam had already gotten out some clothes for her to wear and she turned and smiled at her girlfriend. Robin put her things from work away and grabbed the clothes that Sam had set out on the bed for her. Then she walked over to her girlfriend and kissed the other woman once more, before saying she was going to take a quick shower. When Sam nodded, Robin smiled and went into the bathroom to take her shower.

Ten minutes later Robin stepped out of the shower and was surprised to find Sam sitting on the toilet with the lid down, waiting for her. "What's wrong?" Robin asked softly and was surprised when her girlfriend just shook her head "no." "Nothing's wrong. I'm just waiting for you," Sam said as her eyes travelled over the body of her naked girlfriend. Robin blushed and quickly got dressed, feeling a little embarrassed with her girlfriend just sitting there watching her. When she was dressed once more, Robin asked what they were going to be doing tonight. Then when she turned back to face her girlfriend, she saw the smirk the other woman was wearing. "What are you planning?" Robin asked, laughing softly.

Sam just shook her head and then waited for Robin to finish cleaning up her mess in the bathroom. When Robin was done, the two women decided to head out to see a movie. They ended up seeing the movie "The Eye." It wasn't really a scary movie like they had thought it would be. There was no killer, unlike most of the other scary movies that usually had one. It was just a woman who had someone else's eyes and could see the things that her eye donor had been able to see when she was alive. Sure, people were dying in the movie, but it wasn't as if someone was taking an axe or chainsaw to the characters. When the movie was over, Robin and Sam exited the theater and headed for home once more, taking the long way.

It was a clear night, with a soft breeze blowing which both women enjoyed. As they walked home, they talked about mutual friends, their jobs, and their families. Sam asked hoe Georgie and Maxie were doing and what they were up to. Robin spoke about her younger sisters, how they were doing in school and what was going on in their lives right now. Then Robin asked about Kristina and Molly. Sam smiled as she spoke about her little sisters. She spoke about how well Kristina was doing in school, while Molly was having trouble learning how to subtract in math class. After speaking about their families, Sam brought the topic back to their jobs. "I hope that you're not angry but I spoke to my boss and I spoke to Epiphany."

Robin didn't say anything at first. She just let Sam finish saying what she needed to say. "I got the rest of the week off for both of us. I mean the full week, not just tomorrow through Friday. I got us the weekend off as well. I decided that the two of us need to spend some time together without so many interruptions." When she was sure that Sam was finished, Robin smiled. "Thank you," She said to her girlfriend. "I'm glad you did this because I could really use the time off." Sam nodded. "I know; that's why I arranged it for us to play "hooky" for week. This way we can get some much-needed rest and relaxation and we can have fun doing it. Besides, no-one else really knows why both of us have taken time off work."

Robin said softly and then asked, "So, it's a secret. Right?" Sam nodded. "Yeah, it's a secret between lovers. This way no one will get suspicious and we can still have the much-needed time off. Also, I've given clear instructions to both of our families not to call and interupt unless it's an emergency." Robin and Sam reached their apartment a few minutes later. Sam unlocked and opened the door and they walked outside. After closing and locking the door Sam watched as Robin lay down on the couch. Moments later she walked over to her girlfriend and pulled the other woman into a kiss. As Robin pulled Sam on top of her, Sam's hands started to wander all over her girlfriend's body.

When they broke apart a few minutes later, they were both smiling. The two women spent the rest of the night getting to know each other once more. They made love well into the night and when the sun came up the next morning, both women finally decided to cathc their breath. As they lay in bed beside each other the next morning Robin looked at Sam and was once again reminded of just why she loved her girlfriend so much. Sam is feeling the same way. She watches as Robin sighs softly and snuggles deeper into the covers. She realizes that she has everything that she has ever wanted in Robin. A smile graces her lips and she scoots closer to her girlfriend, wrapping her arms around the other woman's waist. "I love you," She whispers to Robin and Robin replies in kind. "I love you too, Sam."

The End.
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