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 Love and Danger, GH-Elizabeth/Sam
Posted: Jul 5 2008, 12:46 PM


Fandom: General Hospital
Title: Love and Danger
Characters: Elizabeth, Lorenzo, and Sam.
Pairing: Elizabeth/Sam
Rating/Warning: R. AU, OOC, Mild Violence, FemSlash.
Summary: Elizabeth loves Sam. Will she be able to handle the danger that surrounds the other woman’s life?

The sun was long gone as Elizabeth walked down the street late one night. There was a slight breeze which made her pick up her pace. Elizabeth was due to meet Sam at the docks any minute now and they were going to finally spend some time alone together. Heading for the docks, she suddenly heard the sound of footsteps behind her. So Elizabeth quickly whirled around and as she did so, saw that Lorenzo Alcazar was the one had been following her. She started running down the street, trying to get away from Lorenzo but to no avail. Lorenzo grabbed Elizabeth around the waist with one hand and covered her mouth to muffle her scream with the other hand. A few yards away from them was Sam - completely unaware that Lorenzo had captured her girlfriend. Elizabeth tried to bite Lorenzo and kick him but nothing helped her to escape.

Sam stood waiting at the docks, wondering what was keeping Elizabeth. However, when an hour had passed, she pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and called Elizabeth. When her girlfriend’s cell phone rang three times, she hung up, worried. Moments after hanging up, Sam started to search the area surrounding the docks. She was trying to find some clue as to what had happened to Elizabeth. After searching for clues for several minutes Sam noticed two sets of footprints. The first set of footprints were large so she assumed that they belonged to a man. The other set of footprints only went so far, before it looked as if the person with the bigger set of footprints had started dragging the smaller person somewhere. Realizing that it was Elizabeth who had been taken, Sam sighed and knew that she would have to go after all of her enemies to find out which one of them had taken Elizabeth.

After threatening some of her enemies and kicking the other half’s asses, Sam had finally made one of them squeal. It turned out that Lorenzo was still alive and that he was trying to get back at Sam for killing his son Diego. Sam had shot Diego in self-defense but that didn’t matter to Lorenzo. It did however, matter to Sam. Sam knew Lorenzo had taken Elizabeth because he knew how much the other woman meant to her. After searching for an hour, Sam decided to go and check out Lorenzo’s waterfront property. After searching the entire place, she was about to give up and leave when she suddenly heard Lorenzo calling Elizabeth a bitch and Elizabeth shouting for help. Tightening her grip on her gun, Sam started off in the direction in which Elizabeth’s shouting was coming from. When Sam reached them, she took one look at the situation and opened fire on Lorenzo.

When Sam had started shooting, Lorenzo had thrown Elizabeth to the ground and then took two bullets to the chest. He hit the ground and didn’t move. When Lorenzo went down, Sam quickly went to see about her girlfriend. Elizabeth was pretty beat up. She had bruises and cut marks from when Lorenzo had slapped her around and when she tried to fight him off, she also ended up injuring herself even more. Helping Elizabeth to her feet, Sam asked if she could walk and when her girlfriend said “yes”, Sam said that they were going to go to General Hospital to get checked out. Sam called the police and after she and Elizabeth were questioned, they were allowed them to go to General Hospital. When Elizabeth was being examined Sam called Jason and told him that she had shot Lorenzo - that he was now dead. She answered his questions and then hung up, wanting to be with Elizabeth.

After Elizabeth was checked out they were allowed to go home. When the two of them returned to their house, Sam unlocked and opened the door, motioning Elizabeth in first. After both women were inside and the door was closed and locked once more, they kicked off their shoes and crawled into bed together. The two women lay in bed next to each other, not knowing what to say at first. As Elizabeth lay next to Sam, she thought about their lives. Every day there was something happening to Sam or someone close to her. Elizabeth wasn’t sure if she would be able to stand the chaos and violence that was an everyday part of her girlfriend’s life. However, looking at Sam who had her eyes closed and looked ready to fall asleep, Elizabeth knew that she wouldn’t give the other woman up for anyone or anything. Elizabeth knew that by being with Sam, love and danger came wrapped in the same package.

But she also had to remember that they weren’t the same thing. Elizabeth knew that Sam would never intentionally hurt her. She also knew that Sam loved the danger and would always be careful but that didn’t stop her from worrying. When Elizabeth snapped out of her thoughts once more, she turned to Sam and smiled when she saw that the woman had indeed fallen asleep. Getting up, Elizabeth went and retrieved a blanket from the closet and covered both of them up with it. Snuggling up close to her girlfriend, she smiled again when Sam laughed softly in her sleep, as she wondered what the other woman was dreaming about. Before long, Elizabeth fell asleep too. However, a few minutes after Elizabeth had fallen asleep, Sam woke up once more. She laid still for a moment, taking in the silence. For a moment Sam had been worried about where Elizabeth was but then she got her bearings.

Feeling Elizabeth next to her, Sam yawned and opened her eyes slowly and watched her girlfriend sleep for a few minutes. This was the way that Sam loved to see Elizabeth the most, when the other woman was so peaceful. All that mattered to Sam though, was that both of them were okay. Sure, Elizabeth was a bit banged up but in a few days or even weeks the bruises would fade, the scratches would heal and everything would be okay for them once more. Now they would never have to worry about Lorenzo or Diego, or any of the hurt or trouble the men could cause, ever again. Sam moved closer to Elizabeth and kissed her girlfriends’ lips, before settling down in bed once more and going back to sleep. The two women were lucky to have each other and knew it. Both of them knew that no matter what, without the other, they would never be complete again.

The end.
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