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 Stronger Together, EmSam One-Shot
Posted: Jul 5 2008, 12:42 PM


Fandom: General Hospital
Title: Stronger Together
Characters: Emily, Sam, Lucky, Mac.
Pairing: Emily/Sam
Rating/Warning: R. AU, OOC, FemSlash, Friendship, Blindness, Minor Character Death.
Summary: What happens when Jason dies and Emily loses her only brother?

Emilyís POV

It took me a while to realize it but I finally understand it now. Sam and I are stronger together than we are apart. It took having Sam lose her sight for me to really understand just how much she means to me. Sam had thought that when she lost her sight I was going to leave her. But I wasnít going to leave her then and Iím definitely not going to leave her now. She means the world to me. I just wish that she and the others could understand that. Sam thinks that since she has become blind that Iíll no longer love her, or will eventually come to resent her. In my opinion, I donít think either of those things will ever happen. I love Sam too much to let something like blindness come between the two of us. Hopefully Iíll be able to convince her not to end things between the two of us. As I walk into our apartment, I close and lock the door before going through the mail and setting it down on the table.

As I hang my jacket on the hook by the door I hear the sound of music coming from our bedroom. Curious to find out what song my girlfriend is listening to I head for our bedroom, opening the door without a sound. Seconds later I stand in the doorway listening to a song I donít recognize. Wondering why my girlfriend is listening to this particular song if itís making her cry, I say ďSam?Ē Sam, who had been dancing to the song quickly whirled around to face her me. ďWhatís wrong?Ē I asked and I could tell that even though she had been dancing, she had been crying as well. Her eyes were red and there were tear tracks on her cheeks. Though Sam is trying to act as if nothing is wrong, I know better. ďWhat happened?Ē I ask softly, pulling my girlfriend into my arms. Sam starts full out crying, then. ďItís Jason,Ē She says softly and I freeze. ďWhat happened?Ē I repeat. ďHeís dead.Ē

At Samís words I feel like Iím going to faint. I let go of Sam as my knees buckle and moments later I find myself stunned and on the floor. I look up and see through my tears that Sam is trying to find me but canít. So I reach out and slip my hand in hers. When we touch she scoots closer to me and pulls me into a hug. The words that she is saying are ringing in my ears and I donít want to believe it but I know that Sam would never lie to me about something like this. ďHow?Ē I ask, unable to help myself. Sam sighs softly and then says, ďJason and Sonny are at war with three of the nine families. We donít know who shot Jason but we do know for a fact that it was someone in that group of families.Ē I slowly wipe my tears away and then ask if anyone has told my mother yet. When Sam shakes her head ďno,Ē I know that Iím going to have to tell her.

A few moments later I get up and grab the phone deciding to call my mother and get it over with. Bad news never gets better if you stall in telling it, so Iíll just tell her and be done with it. Fifteen minutes later I hang up after talking with my mother. She hadnít known about Jasonís death and neither did my father. The only people who know so far are the Police Commissioner, the Police, the Corinthos Organization and now Sam, my parents and I. I turn back to Sam who is still sitting on the floor and I say, ďHere, let me help you up.Ē When Sam is on her feet once more, I ask if she wants to come with me and see the Police Commissioner. When Sam nods I grab both of our coats and moments later we are on our way. Part of me doesnít want to believe that Jason is no longer alive. It hurts knowing that I never got to tell Jason one last time that I love him.

It hurts that I didnít get to say goodbye to him. But I know that it couldnít be helped. As we head over to the police station, I ask Sam how long ago she got the call about Jasonís death. ďSonny called me two hours ago. I knew that you were at work so I didnít want to call and upset you while you were still at work. The people at ĎGeneral Hospitalí need you and I didnít want you getting upset by the news and ending up making a mistake with a patient.Ē When we arrive at the police station we are greeted at the door by Lucky who doesnít want to let us through. But after several minutes of Sam telling him off and then threatening a certain part of his anatomy, he stepped aside and we quickly went to speak with Mac. Sam and I both questioned Mac about what happened, why and how Jason died. ďIím pretty sure that someone from one of the nine families shot Jason but Lucky seems to think that it was Jerry Jax.Ē

We stay at the station for two hours getting all of the information that we can before Mac says that even though they already know who Jason is, it would probably be a good idea to go and identify him anyway so that my mother or father wonít have to do it. So I nod and Sam and I go to the morgue so that I can identify Jasonís body. When the woman pulls the sheet back and I see Jason, my knees buckle again and before I can help it, I turn to the side and begin to vomit. I canít help it. Seeing my brother lying there dead is just more than I can take. When the woman asks if itís Jason, I say ďyes.Ē After I speak, Sam wraps her arms around me once more and I donít want her to let me go. Iím so afraid that Iím going to break into a million pieces if she lets go. Before I know it we are back at home once more even though I donít remember the drive home.

I decide to take a shower and I do, alone. When I step out forty minutes later showered and dressed, I feel less hysterical and more ready to handle everything. Iím still sad that my brother is dead but now I know that I wonít simply break because I donít have Jason to lean on any more. I realize that I have Sam and my family for that now and I know that Sam is going to help me through this tough time. I also know that Iím going to try and be there for her as well. I know that Sam and Jason have been pretty good friends for the last couple of years and I know that she is going to be blaming herself for not spending enough time hanging out with him lately. Iím glad that the both of us will be able to be there for each other. I donít know what I would do if I didnít have Sam and everyone else with me to get through this. The funeral is in two days and I donít know if Iíll be able to go to it.

Hopefully Sam will make me go since she always does whatís good for both of us. I know that itís going to be hard but with Sam by my side I think that it will be a little less hard to deal with, since she will be able to know and understand what Iím going through. Running my fingers through my hair I join Sam on the couch and we share some memories that we have of Jason. We spend the rest of the night alternating between laughing and crying as we talk about the things that Jason has done and said in the past. Even though I still feel like I could crumble any moment I know that things will get easier. It will take time but just knowing that I have Sam in my corner helps a lot. It lets me know that Iím not alone in my grief but it also lets me know that sheís not just with me because weíre family. Samís with me because she wants to be, not because she has to be.

The end.
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