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 August 8, 2008
Posted: Aug 14 2008, 01:44 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 9-April 08

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Kathy

Carly: It was worth letting Karpov grope me a little, so I could get my hands on that.

Jason: It was reckless and stupid, even for you.

Carly: I can handle myself, clearly, Jason.

Jason: I'm sure Karpov's girlfriend thought the same thing, right before he threw her off the tenth floor balcony. You could have been hurt, Carly.

Carly: Why can't you just admit that I helped you and say thank you?

Sasha: You were supposed to arrange the landing of the shipment, not show up in person and inspect the contents.

Sonny: Really? As Mr. Karpov's attorney, you will understand that the agreement we made is more binding than any contract. I made it clear. No drugs.

Karpov: For the amount of money I'm paying you, Mr. Corinthos, you can learn a little tolerance.

Nikolas: I still think Jerry is a suspect.

Sam: We can probably debate this all night.

Lucky: Listen, as much as I love spending time with you, every minute we spend in here together, we're inviting trouble. We need to protect your cover.

Sam: I know, okay? I hate this phony breakup, too.

Nikolas: As soon as we find out who is doing this, the sooner we can get back to our lives.

Lucky: Exactly why I won't follow up on useless leads. We won't make this case on circumstantial evidence.

Sam: Fine. Then let's broaden the search and look for different suspects. Come on. Nadine said that Matt Hunter looks suspicious, no?

Nikolas: Yeah. And where is Nadine?

Nadine: You're behind this counterfeit drug scam. Just admit it.

Matt: Okay. Fine. It means giving up a fortune and spending years in a federal prison, but sure. I'm going to go ahead and let you make this citizen's arrest because why? You nagged me into it?

Nadine: I know you know who's behind it.

Matt: I don't know. I'm trying to figure that out, but you're girl detective act is going to ruin any chance that I've got.

Nadine: Wait. You expect me to believe that you're trying to stop the counterfeit drugs?

Matt: I don't care what you believe. Just leave me the hell alone.

Claudia: Hey! Get your damn hands off her.

Logan's voice: You never gave a damn about me.

[Lulu screams]

Lulu: No, don't!

Johnny: I guess we should figure out what we're doing for dinner. You okay?

Lulu: Sure.

Johnny: You're lying to me.

Johnny: You're not okay. Sit down. How could you be? You're stuck here hiding out like this, on your birthday.

Lulu: How did you know?

Johnny: Well, you dropped your driver's license a few months ago, and I took a peek.

Lulu: And you remembered?

Johnny: I was actually planning a hell of a surprise for you. I was going to bring you here. I mean, not to this exact apartment, but to Manhattan for dinner. And then afterwards, I was going to take you on a yacht in the harbor. And I had just a little present picked out for you.

Lulu: I guess I ruined those plans.

Johnny: Well, we're here in Manhattan.

Lulu: Running from the police.

Johnny: But we're together, Lulu, and that's all that counts. Hey, it's your birthday.

Lulu: You should be cursing the day that I was born.

Johnny: No.

Lulu: Yes.

Johnny: Because if you were not born, then I don't even know if I'd still be alive. Or worse, I could be turning into my father. Trapped in that life, I would have no idea of what it feels like to be this happy, to love you the way that I do.

Lulu: You wouldn't be running away from a murder that I committed.

Johnny: Lulu, you have given me so much more than I ever thought I was capable of. And if my life were to end today --

Lulu: Don't say that.


Karpov: I'm sorry you tried to examine the shipment. I advise you to learn from this incident and not repeat it.

Sonny: I don't work for you. I don't take orders from you.

Karpov: You've been well paid for your services.

Sonny: To consult! And I did that in good faith. Now you violated our agreement by moving drugs.

Karpov: You're a businessman, Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: When I decided to work for you, it was on two conditions. No drugs. And no conflict with Jason Morgan. Now you broke one condition. I don't have faith that you won't break another one.

Karpov: Let's discuss this. I am not ready to end our association.

Sonny: Too bad! You already did.

Jason: So when you went with Karpov, did you have any kind of plan to get away? Did you know where he was taking you?

Carly: No, I figured that I would improvise, and I did. That's how we got his PDA.

Jason: No, forget "we." Stay out of this.

Carly: You know what? In your life, you have two people you can count on. That was me and Sonny. And now Sonny has left you hanging out to dry.

Jason: I don't know that yet, Carly.

Carly: Really? Because he's now working with your enemies after he dumped the entire organization in your lap.

Jason: Part of the reason I took over the organization was so I could protect you. And I'm not going to be able to protect you if you keep doing stupid things like this.

Carly: Well, I could see that you were up to your neck, okay? And I wanted to do something that could help you to give you an advantage.

Jason: Fine. Talking to you is like talking to a wall. Let's go.

Carly: Jason.

Matt: Okay. Just put the gun down. There's not a problem here.

Claudia: Harassing a woman in a dark alley is definitely a problem for the woman.

Matt: Yeah. She's stalking me.

Claudia: Mm-hmm.

Matt: I told her to leave me alone in I don't even know how many ways, but, obviously, nothing is getting through.

Nadine: Keep walking.

Matt: Yeah.

Nadine: What did you have to go and do that for?

Claudia: Oh, a simple thank you would be fine.

Nadine: I was about to get information out of him.

Claudia: About what?

Nadine: Never mind. Thank you for your help, even though I didn't need it.

Claudia: You're coming with me.

Nikolas: Nadine is still not answering her phone.

Sam: Well, maybe she just doesn't want to talk to you.

Nikolas: Something tells me she's off trailing Matt Hunter again, even though I told her not to.

Sam: Really?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Sam: Well, maybe that's why she doesn't want to talk to you. Maybe she doesn't want you telling her what her to do.

Nikolas: Sam, she's harassing a member of my staff simply because she believes she overheard him on some suspicious phone call.

Sam: Okay. Well, what's the problem with her following up on it?

Nikolas: Because she's not accomplishing anything by it other than irritating him and embarrassing herself. She broke into the man's bedroom, for God's sake. Climbed through his window.

Sam: That sounds harmless, I suppose.

Nikolas: Right, of course. You wouldn't think that if you thought he was involved in this counterfeit drug ring.

Sam: No, absolutely not. I would be looking somewhere to dig up some more evidence.

Lucky: The way you are with Jerry.

Sam: Come on. Jerry keeps turning up everywhere I am. Down at the pier. At the warehouse when I'm docking a shipment for Karpov. It's not just a coincidence.

Nikolas: I don't believe it is either. I mean, I think this is right up Jerry's alley. There's big money in counterfeit drugs. And he wouldn't think twice if somebody died in the process.

Lucky: There you go again, talking like you're sure he's involved.

Jerry's voice: Hello? Hello? Anybody here?

Nikolas: Oh God, what now?

Nikolas: What could you possibly want?

Jerry: I have some information you might be able to use about some bad medicine that's circulating.

Lulu: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you like that.

Johnny: It's okay. It's your birthday. You get to do what you want.

Lulu: Yeah, I wish.

Johnny: What do you wish? What did you do on your favorite birthday ever?

Lulu: Well, we, I mean, weren't very big on birthdays, at least my dad wasnít. My mom always tried to make them special, and when she got sick, my brothers and my grandma took over.

Johnny: Okay, but I don't want to know what everyone was doing or what their duties were, I want to know what made your birthday special. What birthday memory stands out in your head?

Lulu: Um... hmm. My tenth.

Johnny: And what made it special?

Lulu: I was a princess.

Johnny: I'm sorry.

Lulu: Seriously.

Johnny: Okay.

Lulu: Nikolas threw this huge party, and there was food on china and silver, a string quartet, and Lucky and Elizabeth were there. And Emily was there and she did my hair. And I was wearing this beautiful dress, and I had a beautiful necklace. It was a gift from Nikolas for my birthday. It was gold, handmade. An owl. The symbol of Athena.

Johnny: The warrior goddess.

Lulu: Yeah.

Johnny: A real scrapper. It's fitting.

Lulu: Yeah, it was fun. I had a lot of fun. I didn't realize really until the end of the day that my parents weren't there. Nikolas knew. And he said that my mom and my dad are very proud of me and they love me. And even when they're not around, their love still is.

Nikolas: So let's see. You held me hostage. You poisoned me. You blackmailed me. And now you're here. Why?

Jerry: Yes. No need to hear my litany of transgressions. I'm quite aware, thank you.

Nikolas: Good. Then you understand why I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth. And why I'm looking for a scalpel right now to stab you in the heart.

Jerry: Yes, I understand that you're angry, but I'm making a sincere attempt to turn my life around.

Nikolas: Oh, in other words, you're here to suck up to me.

Jerry: Unashamedly.

Nikolas: So I'll stop telling Alexis that she's insane for getting involved with you.

Jerry: Absolutely. What I have to tell you is very important. Otherwise, I wouldn't be standing in this room, surrounded by surgical instruments. I hear things, and I hear that there's counterfeit heart medications circulating. I mean, you do good work here, and you've suffered major setbacks, so -- heart medication. Dispense with care.

Nikolas: Well, come on then. How do you know this? Huh? Who's behind the counterfeit drugs?

Milo: I'll call Max. Just give us the word, and I'll handle this thing.

Sonny: Kate.

Kate: I didn't expect you back so soon.

Sonny: Uh...

Milo: Yeah, I'll just be out here, boss.

Sonny: Hi.

Kate: Hi.

Sonny: Is that what I think it is?

Kate: Yes, it's a bridal bouquet.

Sonny: You decided to elope? Let's do it. Tonight. Because I'm feeling it. I am feeling it.

Kate: Well, there's something very alluring about the idea of elopement.

Sonny: No muss, no fuss.

Kate: Just the two of us. And the love we share.

Sonny: Yeah.

Kate: I don't know. I've grown rather attached to the idea of me walking down the aisle to you, the man of my dreams. The first and only man to capture my heart for all the world to see.

Sonny: And you had that dress specifically designed for the occasion.

Kate: Two dresses.

Sonny: Uh, what do you mean, two dresses?

Kate: A Federico and a Maha Chang. Both originals. One for the wedding, one for the reception.

Sonny: It would be a shame to have those go to waste, right?

Kate: Do you think that I'm shallow and self-absorbed?

Sonny: No, no, no. Listen to me. You want the wedding of your dreams, right? I'm going to give that to you.

Kate: Are you sure?

Sonny: No, I'm positive.

Kate: Okay, good. 'Cause that's why I'm here.

[Sonny laughs]

Kate: You simply must help me decide.

Maxie: What would Jason be without you?

Spinelli: A ripped, awe-inspiring specimen of manhood with cobalt blue eyes --

Maxie: A bunch of nice body parts. A blue-eyed, better-looking Frankenstein without the brain. You are Jason's mojo.

Spinelli: I am an information gathering device. A glorified CPU. Central processing unit.

Maxie: Spinelli, what is this?

Spinelli: Okay, there's no need to illustrate your point.

Maxie: What is this?

Spinelli: It is a laptop computer.

Maxie: Wrong. No, it is a doorstop without someone who knows how to use it. A box with a bunch of pretty little wires. I mean. Anyone can go around looking for fights or trying to get shot at. Jason Morgans are a dime a dozen, but you are the one and only original, amazing Damian Spinelli.

Spinelli: The Jackal appreciates Maximista's efforts to stop the shrinkage -- of my ego. But if Maximista had the choice between a cyber-proficient, but physically ineffectual specimen such as myself or a danger dude like Johnny Zacchara or Stone Cold, who would she chose?

Maxie: Duh, you, of course. I mean, the Jasons and Johnnys of this world are hot, yes, and they make you stop thinking rationally for a couple of minutes, but they are not guys you can actually, you know, share stuff with and talk to. You can't really count on them as a friend.

Carly: I've flirted with plenty of dangerous men and survived without you having to pull a gun on them, Jason.

Jason: I have a project for you, okay? You can go now.

Maxie: Forget it. If Carly gets to stay, so can I.

Nikolas: Not that I expected the son of a bitch to admit anything.

Sam: No, it's as good as a confession. Jerry is definitely involved. You heard him.

Lucky: No, I hear him warn Nikolas to watch out for phony heart meds.

[Sam sighs]

Nikolas: Exactly. But to me, that means he's connected. He's in on it.

Lucky: Why would Jerry incriminate himself?

Nikolas: Because the guy likes to play mind games. That's what he does.

Sam: He probably thinks I'm playing both sides.

Nikolas: You're right. He might be trying to throw you off by acting like one of the good guys. You know, passing information to me, hoping that it will get back to you.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Nadine's voice: I didn't ask for your help.

Claudia's voice: Oh, too bad.

Nadine's voice: I didn't need an escort.

Claudia's voice: I don't have a lot of use for you.

Nadine's voice: Then why don't you leave me alone?

Sam: You still don't think he's involved, do you?

Nikolas: What's going on?

Claudia: I just saved her ass.

Nadine: I didn't need saving.

Nikolas: Oh, great. Let me guess. Matt Hunter.

Claudia: Yeah, I don't know who, some guy, and they were in an alley off of Van Ness, and apparently, it's a really good thing I showed up when I did 'cause she must have said something he didn't like at all.

Nadine: I was just trying to get him to talk.

Sam: I want to go check out that alley.

Lucky: You're not going alone.

Sam: Fine.

Nikolas: Okay. So let's just say again that you're right, and he is pushing illegal drugs. Did you stop and think what these people would do to you?

Nadine: That was my risk to take.

Nikolas: And I'm just supposed to be satisfied with that?

Nadine: You're my employer. You're not my boyfriend. And even if you were my boyfriend, you still wouldn't get to tell me what to do.

Claudia: She's got it bad for you.

Lulu: Now it's your turn. Tell me about your favorite birthday.

Johnny: No, this is your day. It's all about you. You know, I never pictured you as the princess type.

Lulu: Oh, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I was a typical little girl, and it helped that my wonderful older brother had a giant ballroom for us to waltz around in.

Johnny: You waltzed?

Lulu: Yeah, I walt -- okay. Well, Nikolas waltzed. I kind of went along with it. I mean, I wasn't that bad. I mean, well, I might have been bad, but Nikolas said he would take care of it, and I should follow along, and he did. And pretty soon I was spinning around the room.

Johnny: Well.

[Waltz music plays]

Johnny: This is no ballroom, and I'm no prince, but, uh, come on.

Lulu: "But, uh" --

[Johnny laughs]

Johnny: But, uh -- you ready?

Kate: Now, the bridal bouquet is the foundation for the wedding decor.

Sonny: Yeah, they all look really great to me.

Kate: Well, it's not about looking good. It's about being right. It's about who we want to say we are, okay? So here we go. Roses. Now, they're more traditional. Classic. Timeless. All right. How about wildflowers? They would dictate something more -- oh, I don't know. Wild. Okay. How about something arranged carefully? Sculpted.

Sonny: I want to have an opinion.

Kate: But you're fighting the urge to flee the room.

Sonny: No, it's that, you know, you look so beautiful with those in your hands that it made my heart skip a little bit.

Kate: Oh.

Sonny: And I just -- I just pictured you walking down the aisle and not seeing anything but your face.

Kate: You are no help whatsoever. But you're awfully romantic.

Sonny: Can we move this? Come over here.

Mike: Hey, Sonny, I've --

Sonny: Mike.

Mike: Oh. I'm sorry to barge in like this.

Sonny: Can it just wait?

Mike: No.

Spinelli: The Jackal has previously advised Maximista that there are certain subjects that are not for her lovely ears to hear.

Maxie: What? "Business?" It's not as if I don't know what he does for a living. Hello? I've been around.

Spinelli: Okay. There's no question that Maximista exhibits great bravery in the face of danger, but --

Maxie: So, what? I'm being dismissed because I'm a girl? That's stupid and macho. And that means that Carly is going to have to leave, too.

Carly: Okay. You know what? I could give you an earful as to why my place in Jason's life is far more important than your place in Spinelli's. And how there is absolutely no comparison between what I'm allowed to know and be a part of and what you're allowed to know and be a part of, but instead, I'm going to be a good example, and I'm going to show you how to bow out gracefully, and let Spinelli and Jason do everything they need to do right now.

Maxie: I can't believe you're going to let them treat you like this. I'm really disappointed.

Carly: I don't care.

Maxie: And I don't like how you continually insult Spinelli.

Spinelli: I never said that.

Maxie: Oh, you never would, but that's why I'm going to. He could really help you out in the field. And he wants to. I think you should include him. But if you do include him, please don't let him get hurt.

Jason: Can you leave now, please?

Maxie: Mm-hmm.

Spinelli: Maximista thinks I'm too big of a wimp to even address the issue of my wimpishness.

Jason: Just forget about that, okay? Right here, Karpov's PDA. I want to know everything that's on it. Right now.

[Karpov speaking Russian]

[Man speaking Russian]

[Karpov speaking Russian]

Karpov: There may be trouble with Corinthos.

Jerry: Well, that's unfortunate. Having Sonny on your side more or less guarantees that Jason Morgan won't be in the way. Jason rules this town now. If he gets involved -- dos vadanya.

Karpov: Then it would be in both our interests if you dealt with Mr. Morgan.

Nikolas: The staff's gone. We're the only ones here.

Claudia: Should I be flattered you want to be alone with me?

Nikolas: I just wanted to make sure that no one could overhear us. Please sit. Okay. So I think that I have proven you can trust me, yes?

Claudia: Yes.

Nikolas: I need to know if my sister is safe and if you've spoken to your brother.

Claudia: I've only spoken to John one time. He called me. I was with my father, so I couldn't really talk to him, but he said he was -- he said he was okay.

Nikolas: I'm concerned about your brother, as well, but is Lulu okay?

Claudia: Well, um, yeah. I mean, look, John's not ever going to let anything happen to Lulu. You know, he -- I hate to say this, but he really cares about her. I think he's in love with her. So, yeah, she's safe.

Nikolas: That's great. Well, thanks for telling me about the phone call.

Claudia: My brother is not going to let anything happen to your sister.

Nikolas: Oh, well, unfortunately there are some things that your brother can't protect Lulu from.

Nadine: Nurses Without Borders.

Leyla: Excuse me.

Nadine: Yeah, we'll see the world, practice medicine without all the bureaucracy and without all the drama.

Leyla: Ah. Running away is not going to fix this.

Nadine: What are you talking about?

Leyla: Whatever you did or said to Nikolas.

Nadine: No, no, I'm talking about a higher calling. I'm talking about serving humanity.

Leyla: It can't be that bad.

Nadine: Ha. I followed Dr. Hunter to a dark alley and confronted him about the counterfeit drugs.

Leyla: Well, then, maybe you should just leave the guy alone. Maybe he won't say anything to Nikolas.

Nadine: Oh, no, Nikolas knows. Claudia Zacchara made sure of that.

Leyla: Claudia Zacchara?

Nadine: Yeah, right after she pulled a gun on Dr. Hunter.

Leyla: Whoa, why would she do that?

Nadine: I don't know. She claimed to be trying to protect me, even though it was the last thing I needed. And then she dragged me back to the clinic like she was taking me to the principal's office. And that was exactly how Nikolas acted, so condescending, like I was pulling some prank instead of trying to link Matt --

Leyla: Dr. Hunter, hi.

Matt: Hello.

Leyla: Do you need anything?

Matt: Yes, actually, I do. Can you get your friend here into some therapy because her paranoia is ruining my life?

Sam: I don't see anything that would indicate why Matt Hunter was here.

Lucky: I was never convinced Nadine was right to suspect the guy. I mean, I like Nadine. She's great. But she has a crush on Nikolas.

Sam: And what's that supposed to mean? That she's a girl? She can't handle two things at the same time -- caring about somebody and a complex logical thought? God forbid.

Lucky: Uh-huh, well, tell me you've never done anything to impress a guy -- doing something different to make him notice you.

Sam: Are you serious? She's a professional who deals with life and death situations every day.

Lucky: And moons over Nikolas like a lovesick teenager.

Sam: Oh, my God. She overheard Matt Hunter talking about counterfeit drugs.

Lucky: Okay, because he works at the hospital where the counterfeit drugs came in. He's talking about it. That doesn't give us any reason to think he's involved.

Sam: Uh-huh, maybe this does. This alleyway leads to Pier 52, where I landed that shipment for Karpov. Maybe all of this leads to Karpov and the drugs. Come on.

Mike: Look, guys, I can see this is a bad time.

Kate: No, no, no, Mike, not at all. Sonny was just being sweet and romantic all on his own. Now, I'm going to go home, and I'm going to contemplate this momentous choice.

Sonny: Bye.

Kate: Bye-bye.

Mike: Kate, I'm sorry.

Kate: No, stop it, Mike. As possessive as I am about Sonny, I don't mind sharing him with his father. Bye.

[Mike chuckles]

Mike: Good. Bye.

Sonny: You in trouble?

Mike: Not like you mean. Three very large Russian guys walked into Kellyís about a half an hour ago.

Sonny: What happened?

Mike: They ordered some food, and they made a point of greeting me as Sonny Corinthos' father. And they said that their boss Andrei Karpov --

Sonny: Karpov, yeah.

Mike: Might want to meet with me. It felt like a threat.

Sonny: It was. Karpov is a heavy hitter in Russia. I was working with him. I just quit. Clearly, he's not happy about it.

Spinelli: According to his PDA, Comrade Karpov had a meeting at Pier 52 tonight.

Jason: Can you figure out the last time that information was accessed?

Spinelli: 7:53.

Jason: 7:53, that's about the time I was driving Carly back here.

Spinelli: I fail to see the significance.

Jason: It's why she was so easy about leaving us alone to conduct business.

Spinelli: Yeah, it was uncharacteristic of the Valkyrie.

Jason: Carly has already seen where Karpov was headed. She's going to Pier 52.

Matt: So, let's see. You have broken into my bedroom. That was impressive. You've stalked me. That's a little weird. And you've trashed me to God knows how many people, which is completely unnecessary. But I've got a new one, how about we go check out my locker and see what kind of incriminating evidence we can find? That sounds like fun.

Nadine: Obviously, there's not going to be anything incriminating in your locker.

Leyla: You've made your point, Dr. Hunter.

Matt: No, apparently not. You need to stop, or I will get that restraining order.

Nadine: Fine -- that's just fine. Sooner or later, you will get caught. Bora Bora, anyone?

Leyla: Why are you talking about running away?

Nadine: Besides suffering total embarrassment and complete and utter humiliation?

Leyla: You've done nothing to be embarrassed about.

Nadine: Oh, gosh, they think I'm a crazed stalker.

Leyla: They think you were following your instincts.

Nadine: Yeah, well, Nikolas doesn't see it that way.

Leyla: Well, he should because those instincts are exactly what saved his life when he was facing brain surgery. Don't start doubting yourself now.

Nadine: Well, I guess when you put it that way.

Leyla: You're a woman of conviction, a fighter. You've done nothing to be embarrassed about.

Nadine: I guess you're right.

Leyla: Yeah, Nikolas was way out of line.

Nadine: Yeah, he's the one who should be embarrassed. He's the one who should be apologizing.

Leyla: You're bloody right.

Nadine: Yeah. I'm going to go tell him. Thanks.

Nikolas: I could see all the warning signs, you know, how much the fear was taking its toll on Lulu. And you'd think growing up with a father like Luke that she'd be a bit more cynical, but --

Claudia: Like me.

Nikolas: Yeah, like you. Lulu, she has a kind, loving heart, you know. Just like her mother. For me, I've always had this fear hanging over me that I'd turn into my father. And, now, I look at her and it's -- I don't know. She's a lot stronger than me. Maybe I'm not giving her enough credit. I don't know.

Claudia: Well, listen, I mean, worry when you are an older sibling, a big brother, it just sort of goes with the territory, right? I mean, I tell myself all the time, hey, Johnny's competent -- perfectly competent -- and he's going to be okay. But I'm scared out of my skin because I'm not there to protect him from those trigger-happy fools, and --

Nikolas: I know.

Claudia: I just love him so much. If anything ever happened to him --

Nikolas: Believe me, I know.

Claudia: You don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Something inside of me would break, and I would become the monster that everyone thinks that I am.

Nikolas: Well, listen, would it be okay if we passed along information to each other, shared information? Maybe work together on this? Would that be okay?

Claudia: Nikolas, if you really mean that, then, you know, let's do it right away. I mean, let's do it now. Let's do whatever it takes to bring Johnny and Lulu home safe.

Maxie: Good, you're alone.

Spinelli: Yeah, I'm still alone. You didn't see me. We didn't speak.

Maxie: Why? What are you doing?

Spinelli: This is Karpov's stuff, isn't it? You're going to go do something. You better tell me, or I'm going to tell Jason.

Spinelli: No.

Maxie: Talk.

Spinelli: I'm going to return this PDA to the warehouse, so that Comrade Karpov will think he dropped it. He will then go on blithely unaware that the Valkyrie stole it, and that we are now in possession of its most secret contents.

Maxie: No, no, no, that's way too dangerous.

Spinelli: It's essential if Stone Cold is to retain the upper hand.

Maxie: Okay, well, then I'm going to go with you.

Spinelli: No, no, brave Maximista, I must do this on my own.

Maxie: Uh, no. Jason didn't approve this.

Spinelli: It is my chance to prove that my skills go beyond cyber-dominance.

Maxie: You don't need to prove anything to Jason, okay? If he wants to run around getting shot at, ordering people around --

Spinelli: It's not just about proving myself to Stone Cold.

Maxie: I still don't understand what you're trying to prove.

Spinelli: I have to prove that I can escape beyond the shelter of my computer screen and actually walk the walk.

[Spinelli groans]

[Door shuts]

Sonny: Look, I did not go looking for this, Mike. Karpov approached me.

Mike: Look, look, look. It's -- it's your life, Sonny. I make no judgments here. It's just that I'd hoped that when you signed the business over to Jason that you really were done, especially now that you're marrying Kate.

Sonny: I thought I could run interference for Jason without being pulled back in, that I could pave the way for Karpov in exchange for keeping the peace. I was going to be a consultant under the radar, right? And then, you know, I'd introduce him to some people. But just to be a facilitator.

Mike: All right. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for Karpov.

Sonny: Well, yeah. But, you know, all the trouble it took Karpov to get me on board, you would think he wouldn't be stupid enough to deal drugs. But he did, so the deal's off. Jason's going to have to deal with him the way he deals with him.

Mike: Look, look, I believe -- Sonny, I believe that you're honest about your motives here.

Sonny: Right.

Mike: Okay? But I'm an addict, and you're my son. And as much as you meant well, working with Karpov also gave you a taste of the way your life used to be.

Sonny: Well, that taste did more than enough to convince me I don't want to go back.

[Crowbar clatters]

Lulu: Okay, my eyes are closed. I don't see the point since I know what's coming. All right, I'm going to open my eyes now. I mean it. Here I go.


Nikolas: Yeah, since it's Lulu's birthday, I knew she'd be on your mind even more. No, no, I'm sorry, Lesley, I haven't heard anything new. But I'll be sure and call you the moment I do.

Nadine: I take back my apology.

Nikolas: What apology?

Nadine: The one I almost made at the clinic. The more I think about it, the more I realize that outside of my work, you have no right to tell me what to do.

Nikolas: Look, look, I've just been concerned about you.

Nadine: Oh, there it is. You're doing it.

Nikolas: Doing what?

Nadine: You say those words like there's only one way to take them, like, there's this line you never cross. And then you tromp all over that line with your concern, and it's like, what's up with Nadine? Why is she acting so... you know.

Nikolas: No, no, I really donít.

Nadine: Oh, like it's all in my head, like you're not doing what you're doing.

Nikolas: Nadine, I don't have a clue what you're talking about.

Nadine: Then I'll show you.

Sonny: I'd offer you a drink, but you won't be staying long.

Karpov: For a man who held so much power for so long --

Sonny: Careful. This doesn't have to be hostile. You want to move drugs, I donít. I don't like dealing with the people you're forced to deal with -- derelicts, addicts, desperate people. I thought I was clear with you. But see, what you thought is I'd see all that money and I'd jump. Well, you miscalculated. Our association is over.

Karpov: You are the one who has miscalculated. It's far from over.

Spinelli: Aah! Um Ė

Sasha: Who are you? Why are you snooping around? You know you can't imagine the kinds of terrible accidents that happen in a warehouse.

Maxie: Excuse me, but why are these creeps manhandling my boyfriend?

Jason: Stop, it's me. Stop.

Carly: What the hell, Jason?

Jason: You need to get out of here.

Carly: I am not going anywhere. This is Karpov's shipment.

Jason: You are not doing this.

Carly: You need my help.

Jason: No, I don't need your help. I don't need to worry about Karpov or Sonny and worry about you getting yourself killed.

Carly: You're in more danger than I am. Sonny sold you out to the Russians, and I'm not going to let you do this alone.

Jason: Carly.

Carly: Gun!


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