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 October 1, 2008
Posted: Oct 4 2008, 08:59 PM


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Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

Jax: Carly, Carly -- it would be so easy.

Carly: It would be so right.

Jax: Look, we're both vulnerable. We want to celebrate the fact that we're still alive. But this -- this wouldn't be fair to you or me because our marriage is still over.

Spinelli: Most tragic circumstance has thrown a wrench into the romantic idyll that Stone Cold had planned with the maternal one. Yes, it forces a delay, but the -- the interlude of love might easily be rescheduled.

Jason: Forget it.

Elizabeth: Kate getting shot doesn't change anything for me.

Claudia: You want me to go to Sonny and offer him our condolences?

Anthony: Yeah, you've got lots of experience in making men feel better.

Claudia: Daddy, Sonny's bride was just shot. So why in the hell would he want to see me?

Anthony: Sonny pulled you out of a burning car wreck and saved your life. The two of you have a connection. Use it. Reassure him that the Zacchara family was not involved in this senseless tragedy.

Claudia: And he's just supposed to take my word for it?

Anthony: Claudia, you can be very convincing. And this time, honey, you're working with the truth.

[Claudia chuckles]

Anthony: Tell my daughter she should do this.

Ric: Throwing Claudia at Sonny is the worst idea you can come up with.

Sonny: You don't need to tell me what I've done.

Olivia: Then why did you do it? Why did you put Connie in the line of fire?

Sonny: You want to say it? I'll say it. If Kate dies, her blood is on my hands.

Nikolas: Try this.

Nadine: Mm. What is it?

Nikolas: Cornish hen with fig stuffing.

Nadine: Figs?

Nikolas: You're not allergic, are you?

Nadine: Mm -- no. It's just that, when I was a kid, my Aunt Rayleen used to say that figs were an aphrodisiac. You know, they make you --

Nikolas: Make you what? What?

[Nadine chuckles]

Nikolas: Yeah, I know what an aphrodisiac is.

Nadine: She called it temptation food because, when Adam and eve were in the Garden of Eden, Adam wore a fig leaf.

Nikolas: Did anyone in your family ever question Aunt Rayleen's words of dubious wisdom?

Nadine: Well, there was always some truth to what she said. So don't get all condescending.

Nikolas: No, no, listen. I have a lot of respect for Aunt Rayleen. She's a creative thinker, much like yourself.

Nadine: What's that supposed to mean?

Nikolas: Well, you did jump overboard without knowing how to swim.

Nadine: Well, if I had refused, that would have completely ruined your plan.

Nikolas: Plan? What plan? Do I look like a man with a plan? I found out where you were, got on a boat, and improvised.

Nadine: You were wonderful. And I really appreciated it, but I could've handled it myself.

Nikolas: Nadine, you were stowed away on a Russian gangster's boat without a gun. They were going to kill you.

Nadine: You were worried about me, weren't you?

Nikolas: Maybe.

Nadine: Well --

Nikolas: I didn't want anything to happen to you.

Nadine: Nothing did. And now we're beside a fire with brandy and figgy stuffing, all because of you.

Nikolas: You should, uh, finish your food so you can get to bed.

Nadine: Where are you -- you going?

Nikolas: For a ride.

Nadine: For a -- for a ride?

Elizabeth: What happened to Kate was a tragedy. And I understand that you had to stay with Sonny to help him through it. We can just reschedule our trip for whenever. We have all the time in the world.

Jason: All the time in the world, that's exactly what Sonny said to Kate. Let's go.

Spinelli: The Jackal shall most reluctantly comply.

Elizabeth: Spinelli, can you wait in the lounge. Jason and I need to talk.

Spinelli: The grasshopper of love is much more amenable to that plan.

Jason: This -- this is not a time you should be seen talking to me.

Elizabeth: I don't want you using what happened to Kate as an excuse to pull away from me.

Jason: Then there's something you need to see.

Sonny: My oldest son was shot because of me, Olivia. I had to make sense of that. Something in my life had to change. So I wanted to start a new life with the woman that I loved, and I convinced myself and her that I could make that happen.

Olivia: Connie believed you.

Sonny: I told her that -- that there was no danger. She believed me. So this is on me. I led Kate into this. But I tell you one thing right now. I swear to you --

[Grunts loudly]

Sonny: Whoever's responsible for this, they're going to pay with their lives.

Olivia: Yeah, I'm sure if Kate was awake right now, she'd be just thrilled to know that some mobster was going to wind up with a bullet in his head.

Sonny: I want justice.

Olivia: Oh, Sonny, have you not learned anything in all this time?

Sonny: Well, what?

Olivia: Violence leads to more violence. That's it. People who live in your world need to stay the hell away from people who donít.

Jason: This could be your future if you stay with me.

Anthony: I thought we were on the same page with recent events, Ric.

Ric: You weren't at the church when Kate got shot, Anthony, all right? Sonny's consumed with anger and grief. He's likely to lash out at the first person who approaches him, especially Claudia.

Anthony: You're selling Claudia short. Sonny defended Claudia one night in a hotel restaurant when I lost my temper.

Ric: When Sonny is under attack, he divides his life into two factions, allies and enemies. Right now, the Zaccharas are enemies.

Anthony: Exactly why Claudia needs to calm the waters.

Ric: Sonny and Claudia had a one-night stand when he and Kate had a falling out and --

Claudia: Thank you for reminding me.

Ric: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but my point is -- my point is that Kate and Claudia don't like each other. Sonny knows that. He's not going to be receptive.

Anthony: You really got your hackle up about this, don't you, Ric?

Ric: No, your objective here is to make sure that Sonny knows that the Zaccharas had nothing to do with the shooting. I think that plan will blow up in your face if you do this.

Anthony: Claudia lied to an entire jury. She convinced them that Logan Hayes tried to rape her and that her brother wound up killing the little monkey to protect her. All that and she wasn't even there when it happened. Think about the pathos she could bring to the scene of this crime, unless my confidence in you is misplaced.

[Claudia clears throat]

Claudia: Ciao.

Ric: Well, that wasn't your smoothest move, Anthony, considering the fact that the Zaccharas, namely you, did shoot Kate.

Anthony: Claudia doesn't know that. And there's nothing more convincing than a liar who thinks she is telling the truth.

Jax: Carly, a crisis has a way of making priorities clear.

Carly: Yes, that's what happened. I'm clear. We belong together.

Jax: We acted in the moment.

Carly: I know. There was a shot and we instantly went to each other. You instinctively tried to protect me.

Jax: It was a reflex. That's it.

Carly: Which proves that we love each other.

Jax: I never questioned that.

Carly: Then what else matters? Jax, there are no guarantees, okay? We could live a long uneventful life or we could die tomorrow. Why waste what precious time we have? What's more important than love?

Jax: We also have to have happiness.

Carly: We have been happy.

Jax: Yes, but not always. Look, in the day-to-day life of married people, you and I just don't work.

Carly: No, that's not true. I didn't work. I let myself get pulled into Sonny and Jason's world. And it's never going to happen again.

Jax: You've said that too many times.

Carly: That's before I was scared straight at the thought of losing you forever. Look what happened tonight. I didn't try and stop the wedding. I don't care if Sonny is completely devoted to Kate. I don't care. You have my whole heart. All you have to do is take it.

Jax: Carly, you're saying all the things that I've ever wanted to hear. It's just too late.

Carly: No, it doesn't have to be. There's no divine referee out there that says that we can't be back together. We can try again if we want to.

Jax: I -- I don't want to, Carly.

Carly: You're going to regret it. If we give up now, you're going to regret it. And maybe in a year or five years from now, but you're going to look back and realize that the best time of your life was spent with me.

Jax: Yeah, probably.

Carly: Then why risk it? We can pick up the pieces and we can be happy for the rest of our lives.

Jax: I know you, Carly. You're not -- you're not content with happiness. There's always a part of you that has to test it. No matter who's with you, they always have to prove their love over and over.

Carly: No, not you. That won't happen if you take me back. That's all the proof I need.

Jax: No. I know that you believe that. But as soon as I give in, the clock starts ticking and -- and the time will come when you feel tempted to -- to lie or -- or be unfaithful again. Then you'll have a -- a good reason and you'll probably talk me into forgiving you. I -- I just -- I can't go through that again. It hurts too much to be your husband.

Anthony: My grandfather always had a glass of port after a night like this. Several glasses, actually.

Ric: Bride hunting?

Anthony: They're a lot easier to hit than lawyers. Counselor, I'm sensing you're not seeing the brilliance of my plan.

Ric: I just -- your -- your methods, Anthony, are just a little extreme.

Anthony: No, extreme would've been blowing up the church and everyone in it.

Ric: Oh, well, then let me thank you on behalf of everybody for your restraint.

Anthony: Besides, this is much more devious. I shoot Kate with a Russian rifle. Sonny suspects Karpov and wants Jason to eliminate him. Jason refuses. Sonny allies himself with my family and we bump off Karpov. Then we turn Sonny and he eliminates Jason. The organization reverts back to Sonny and, at our convenience, we bump him off, too. It's beautiful.

Ric: [Chuckling] Yeah, that is assuming Sonny doesn't see the set-up and come after the Zaccharas instead.

Anthony: No, Claudia is the perfect person to build a bridge of trust with Sonny. We have to make him feel safe with us, Ric. It's a lot easier to bump somebody off if they think they're your friend.

Anthony: Oh, you look like hell.

Johnny: Yeah, you should see the bride.

Anthony: You went to that wedding?

Johnny: Yup. I thought it would cheer Lulu up to go with me. Genius, right?

Anthony: The man kidnapped you, John. You should not have gone anywhere near Corinthos, with or without your nut job girlfriend.

Johnny: Relax. I came through without a scratch. But I may have driven Lulu over the edge to compete insanity.

Jason: I just want you to take a look at Kate.

Elizabeth: Jason, it's terrible that she got shot. But you can't live your life assuming --

Jason: What if -- what if that was you, Elizabeth? And what if you were lying there about to leave your sons without a mother?

Olivia: Okay, so you and the nurse, you got a past. That's your business, all right? My business is you using my cousin as exhibit a on the dangers of mob life.

Jason: Sorry -- sorry. I hope Kate's all right.

Sonny: Before you go, Jason, just want you to look at her and picture Elizabeth lying there, fighting for her life, and you tell me that you wouldn't do anything you can to go after the people who did this?

Jax: You know, I put you and Morgan in the hotel here so nothing would happen to you. It wasn't an invitation to get back together. I'm sorry.

Carly: I love you. And I've never felt this way about any man. I'm determined to make this marriage work, and you know how I am when I set my heart to something.

Jax: Yeah. Yeah, you're the strongest woman I know.

Carly: Then give us one more try.

Jax: You know, I'm making it sound like it's all your fault when I know it's my fault, too.

Carly: Then let's promise each other we can do better.

Jax: I blame you for sleeping with Sonny. I blame myself for not being able to get past it. I know my limits and I can't do this. I still think you're the most amazing woman I've ever met, but I just can't be with you.

Jason: You know my reasons why I'm not going to make a move.

Olivia: So, you want revenge and you think, somehow, this guy, Jason, is going to get it for you.

Sonny: Stay out of it, Olivia.

Olivia: No. Going after the person --

Sonny: Stay out of it, Olivia.

Olivia: Who shot Connie is not the way to help her.

Sonny: Kate's in that bed because of me. Somebody was trying to send me a message. And I'll tell you right now, I am going to make sure that nobody moves against me or anybody I care about again.

Spinelli: Matters with the maternal one deteriorated into a rancorous dispute?

Jason: I took her to see Kate to show her why she can't be with me.

Spinelli: Yeah -- yes, the Jackal concurs that it is far too dangerous for Stone Cold and the maternal one to rendezvous within the confines of Port Charles. But, fortunately, the grasshopper of love has rebooked their vacation --

Jason: Sonny wants a war, and I may not be able to stop him.

Spinelli: Then perhaps it is wisest for Stone Cold to have some distance.

Jason: Why? I can't leave right now, Spinelli.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: I need to see you.

Jason: You someplace safe?

Carly: Yeah, Jax has us at the hotel. He has the whole security team on alert.

Jason: Okay, just stay there. I'm -- I'm at the hospital doing damage control.

Carly: Jason, what's going on?

Carly: Who tried to kill Sonny today? And is his family in danger? I mean, is Morgan safe?

Olivia: Sonny, I know my cousin. She does not want the kind of protection that you're offering.

Sonny: Yeah, but if I don't do anything, it's going to just show a sign of weakness. That means everybody around me and you and her and everybody else is going to be in danger. Is that what you want?

Olivia: So let me get this straight. Okay, you want to kill the person --

Sonny: Yeah.

Olivia: Who shot Connie.

Sonny: Yes.

Olivia: But this has got nothing to do with anger or revenge. This is a perfectly reasonable way to protect yourself and your family, right? By triggering a bloodbath. Sonny, I know you. I know you. I know you got the devil's own temper. I've seen someone hit you. You go freaking berserk. You beat them until they got to beg for mercy or someone's going to pull you off of them. So don't kid yourself. This is exactly the same thing. This isn't about protecting you or Kate or your family or anybody else. This is about payback.

Robin: Sonny. Honey, I am so sorry. I can't imagine how you feel.

Sonny: I'm so glad you weren't there because it was -- well, I don't want to talk about it.

Robin: Yeah, it's okay. Well, I just want you to know, Patrick and I will be on this case every step of the way.

Sonny: This is Kate's cousin. This is Robin. And Patrickís the best neurosurgeon around.

Patrick: Your cousin's condition is extremely serious and she's not stabilized right now --

Sonny: How soon can you operate?

Olivia: Wait, wait, wait. Once again --

Sonny: Wait for what?

Olivia: You and Connie did not actually get married, okay? So that makes me family here. I'm making the decisions.

Sonny: Kate needs surgery. Patrick is the best surgeon there is.

Olivia: And I'm supposed to take your word for this? We're talking about my cousin's life here.

Robin: Okay, Kate was about to marry Sonny. I'm sure that she would trust him to make this decision for her.

Olivia: Who asked you? You want to root for the happy couple? You go right ahead. But Sonny's the one that put my cousin in this room. And I'm making it my business to see that she walks out of there.

Robin: Okay, with all due respect, though, you don't live here. You don't know the doctors. You don't know their reputations.

Olivia: I'm perfectly capable of doing research.

Patrick: Well, do all the research you want. Get on-line, do whatever you need to do. But do it fast. I need as much lead time as possible to assure a positive outcome on this surgery.

Olivia: So define positive for me. That means she lives, or she lives and she walks?

Robin: You have every right to be upset. But taking it out on the surgeon is counterproductive. Now, Sonny already knows Patrick, and he --

Sonny: That's okay, it's okay. This is -- you know -- Olivia is entitled to her feelings. Consult with the doctor. Just make sure that you make the right choice for Kate.

Olivia: So let us just assume for the moment that you're as good as you say you are. Okay? Lay it out for me.

Patrick: The bullet is lodged a fraction of an inch from Kate's spine. The longer it stays in there, the greater the chance of her waking up paralyzed.

Olivia: So, take it out.

Robin: If we go in too soon, Kate could die on the table.

Anthony: Give me that.

Johnny: Well, I'm well past the drinking age, thank you.

Ric: Why don't you listen to your father? He's trying to help you.

Johnny: Oh, look at what we've got here. The next generation of yes-men.

Anthony: Lulu is not good for you, John.

Johnny: She's not good for me? Let me tell you what I've done for her since I met her. After you tried to kill her, she has been kidnapped, shot at, attacked, and now Lulu has completely lost her mind. She asked me for help, and I just stood there.

Anthony: It's hard for you to understand, but you're better off --

Johnny: I'm better off? Or you're better off? Oh, yeah, can't have your son and heir tied up with an unstable girl because God only knows we Zaccharas are a bedrock of sanity.

Trevor: Andre Karpov is using Kate's shooting as a distraction to land one of his shipments right under our noses. It's time to teach him a lesson. No one, and I mean no one, uses our shipping lanes.

Anthony: What do you think?

Ric: Let the shipment go through. It'll be another slap in the face for Jason. He might actually take care of Karpov for us.

Anthony: Well, I'm not sure we want a war between Jason and Karpov's people yet. What about you? You want to weigh in?

Johnny: Oh, no. Sounds like you guys got it covered.

Anthony: Where are you going?

Johnny: I'll know when I get there.

Jason: I had Spinelli check out the security system that Jax installed. It's good.

Carly: Do we need protection?

Jason: I don't think you do. But you know what? It's better to be safe. I don't think you and Morgan are in danger.

Carly: Why? Do you know who tried to kill Sonny?

Jason: Kate was the target.

Carly: Kate? Why would anybody want to kill Kate?

Jason: To send a message to Sonny.

Carly: He gave the whole business to you. Nothing's changed. Everyone around him is still in danger.

Jason: They targeted Kate while she was marrying Sonny for a specific reason.

Carly: You have a lead?

Jason: Yeah. But it could be taking me and Sonny in the wrong direction.

Claudia: You're Nurse Johnson, aren't you?

Epiphany: Yeah, that's what it says on my name tag.

[Claudia chuckles]

Claudia: I need to see Kate Howard.

Epiphany: I'm sorry. Visiting hours are over.

Claudia: Um, you were actually on the jury that acquitted my brother. So I have a great deal of respect for you. But you can't stop me from seeing Kate.

Epiphany: You're not hearing me, Ms. Zacchara. Ms. Howard is in the ICU, which means only family members are allowed in after hours.

Claudia: Look, I'm not here to hurt Kate. I just want to see her.

Sonny: I don't give a damn what your intentions are. You're not going anywhere near Kate.

Claudia: I'm actually here to see you. You look like hell.

Sonny: Get out.

Claudia: Hey, I'm sorry. Empathy, it's not my strong suit. But I'm honestly so sorry for what happened to Kate, and I just -- if there is anything that I can do, please let me know.

Olivia: I want every piece of information you've got about my cousin's condition, so that I can make an informed decision.

Robin: Well, these latest test results are hopeful. She's about to be ready to be taken off the ventilator. I have to check on her one more time before we do so. About Sonny, he's not the bad guy in all of this.

Olivia: What's the deal with her? Is Sonny the one who knocked her up or something?

Patrick: Actually that would be me. And the "deal" with Dr. Scorpio and Sonny Corinthos? They're great friends.

Olivia: I'm sorry. I am sorry. I'm just a little flipped out about this.

Patrick: Well, you're not a lot like your cousin, are you?

Olivia: Well, you might be surprised. We hadn't spoken in almost twenty years. But I always knew that Connie was okay. You know, the head of a big magazine, on top of the world. You don't think you have to worry. What could happen to a person like that, right?

Patrick: I put an O.R. on standby. But I'd like to see her numbers go up before I put her through an invasive procedure.

Olivia: She's got to walk, Doc. You got to give her the best odds you can.

Patrick: Sonny's right. I'm the best at what I do. And if it eases your mind, I beat worse odds like this on a regular basis.

Olivia: It'll ease my mind if you operate half as good as you run your mouth.

Sonny: My bride is in ICU with a bullet in her spine.

Claudia: I know how you feel. I can see it on your face. Part of you is grieving, but one part of you is seething with rage.

Sonny: I don't want your sympathy.

Claudia: You saved my life, Sonny. I owe you for that.

Sonny: No, look, look, look, you don't owe me anything. You need to leave, because Kate wouldn't want me anywhere near you.

Claudia: I'm not your enemy, Sonny. That's all I came here to tell you. My family, our organization, had nothing to do with the shooting.

Sonny: I know who did it. Because if I didn't, I would be coming after all of you.

Claudia: Some life we're in, huh. This life leaves you dead or broken or crazy. Everyone else, everyone you love --

Sonny: I thought I could leave.

Claudia: Well, you can't leave. People like us, we can't get out. And when you try, it's the ones that you love that suffer.

Sonny: Well, you have an excuse because you were born into this life. I chose it. Now Kate has to pay the consequences.

Jason: Cody retrieved the shell casing. It was a Russian bullet.

Carly: Karpov shot Kate?

Jason: He denies it.

Carly: Well, of course he denies it. You believe him?

Jason: Well, if he's not going to admit it, why leave clues that point right to him?

Carly: Well, then, who do you suspect?

Jason: Carly, I don't know. We don't even have all the facts right now. All I know, Kate was shot on purpose. The only reason it could be is to get at Sonny. This -- this is personal.

Carly: It had to be Karpov. He was mad at Sonny for pulling out of their deal.

Jason: Maybe.

Carly: Now, I spent time with this man. Sending Sonny a message saying, "don't cross me", is exactly what this guy would do.

Jason: Whoever was responsible made a move against Sonny. Not me.

Nikolas: Hey, it's pretty easy to get turned around in this house. And your -- your room is down the hall there.

Nadine: If I sleep down the hall, I'll be alone. And I don't want to be alone.

Nikolas: No, of course not. You're emotional, you almost drowned.

Nadine: Yeah, I did. And as I was sinking, I thought, "I'm going to die." And then I had another thought, which was, "I never got to be with Nikolas." And then I felt you pulling me to the surface and onto the boat, and I told myself that I wasn't going to waste another chance with you. We've danced around this for so long.

Nikolas: Look, for good reason. I'm a terrible risk. I don't think I can give you what you need.

Nadine: Just stop. Stop talking and stop thinking and just go with it.

Vaughn: You are not going out on the water.

Johnny: I do not remember asking your permission.

Vaughn: Johnny, you're way too drunk to drive a boat. Come on, let me take you home, sober you up, okay? Ah!

Johnny: Want to bet my own boat can run circles around that Russian freighter, huh? I can't hear you!

Ric: Well -- your father went to bed.

Claudia: Uh-huh.

Ric: So how did it go with Sonny?

Claudia: Uh, well, he doesn't think we have anything to do with the shooting. But he was not in the mood to be consoled. At least not by me.

Ric: Oh, was he too angry?

Claudia: Mostly at himself, for thinking he could leave the mob and join some white picket fence life.

Ric: He actually said that, huh?

Claudia: Sonny's not difficult to read. Unlike you.

Ric: I've been very up-front about my interest in you.

Claudia: When I spoke to Karpov, he was genuinely surprised that Kate had been shot. He had no idea.

Ric: Your father seems to think that Karpov ordered the shooting.

Claudia: Yeah, right. So I'm wondering why you're going along with that.

Ric: Well, because it makes sense. Come on, Karpov was angry at Sonny. He wanted payback, right?

Claudia: It does not make sense, based on the conversation that I had with Karpov. So what -- you don't trust me?

Ric: Well, I would if you trusted me.

Claudia: That sounds like a challenge.

Ric: Hey, listen, there's enough chaos brewing right now. And I just want to see -- let it build and see how it plays out for me. And for you. Oh.

Claudia: You're playing with me, Ric.

Claudia: I kind of like it.

Jason: Okay, you and Morgan are going to be safe here. I don't think you have to worry about anything, but it's better to be careful.

Carly: You do realize Sonny is not going to rest until whoever shot Kate is dead. You know that.

Jason: Carly, that's his choice. I can't make any moves.

Carly: Because you think he's wrong about Karpov?

Jason: It doesn't matter either way.

Carly: He's going to want your help. He's probably going to ask you to take out Karpov.

Jason: He already has. I told him no.

Carly: That couldn't have been easy for you.

Jason: Well, what am I supposed to do? Risk the lives of everybody in my organization -- the people who are close to me? I'm supposed to start a war because Sonny is not thinking clearly? Look, I feel bad for him. What happened to Kate is awful, but we don't have the facts. If Sonny wants revenge, he's on his own.

Carly: For how long? He's going to play on your loyalty. He's going to play on your loyalty, and he's going to want you to go after Kate's shooter.

Jason: It doesn't matter. My answer is still no.

Carly: Come on, Jason. When have you been able to refuse Sonny of anything? Even when he's wrong?

Sonny: Did Dr. Drake answer all your questions?

Olivia: He has got an ego the size of Long Island. I just hope he's got the goods to back it up.

Sonny: How soon before he operates?

Olivia: If they operate now she could die on the table. If they wait, she's got a better chance of survival -- bigger risk that she could be paralyzed.

Sonny: I love Kate, no matter what. Nothing could change how I feel about her.

Olivia: Oh, that's sweet, Sonny, but this is not about you. This is about Connie. She's always been beautiful and stylish. And maybe people would say that she's vain or shallow. And you know what? Maybe they're right. But you know one thing, she is independent. She's not going to be happy coming out of this thing stuck in some damn chair for the rest of her life.

Sonny: She knows how to adjust. Do not take a chance on her life.

Olivia: Like you did?

Patrick: Kate. Hey, take it easy. You're in the hospital. Sonny's right outside.

Kate: If I die, you have to tell Sonny --

Patrick: No, just rest.

Kate: I should've told him, even if he hates me. Sonny has --

Patrick: Kate? Sonny has what?

Nadine: If you're about to ask me if I'm sure, the answer's yes.

Nikolas: I was about to say I've wanted this for a long time.

Singer: You tell me that you're scared that all your life only you cared I'm not about to fold no matter how you're begging I'm here for as long as you let me you'll never be alone one step at a time and when you're on your own just close your eyes just close your eyes and I'll be by your side

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