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 September 11, 2008
Posted: Oct 4 2008, 08:45 PM


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Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Kathy

Kate: Port Charles. New York State, not New York City. Oh, yes, I am well aware of how far it is from Milan, and I'm sure that you'll find a way.

Clarice: The revised mockups from the printers. I included the final cost projection in the timeline. The floral designer has called twice. I have six emails from the photographer, and we'll need to revise the mockups if -- what should I tell people about the wedding?

Kate: Cancel the flowers, the photographer, and the caterer immediately. I need to see the mockup for plan b for the bridal issue, and just call back as many invitations as possible, because the wedding is definitely off.

Sonny: Did you really think I'd give up on you that easy?

Jerry: Sorry to disappoint, Dr. Hunter, but I am not planning on murdering anyone. That could certainly change if you choose to manhandle another woman in my presence.

Matt: Then why are you hanging around here?

Jerry: Well, I came here to see a friend of mine at the clinic, but she isn't there.

Matt: Okay. So then, get going.

Jerry: I was very lenient with you in the alleyway with you the other day, given the situation. Don't make me regret that choice.

Matt: This is a free clinic. People show up here because they don't have health insurance. They're already upset and scared when they arrive. They don't need to find a man in a suit with a gun hanging around. You might scare them off.

Jerry: I wouldn't dream of it.

Jason: Did you see the court order?

Shadybrook doctor: It was signed by a judge.

Jason: Okay, why didn't you notify the family?

Shadybrook doctor: Miss Spencer seemed eager to cooperate. I couldn't hold her here against her will.

Elizabeth: Jason, what are you doing here? Where's Lulu?

Edward: That child is in no condition to testify.

Epiphany: It's a disgrace.

Tracy: Since when does the special prosecutor get to troll the psych ward for witnesses?

Judge Aroyo: Whoever you are, sit.

Tracy: Doesn't anybody care about what's happened to this girl?

Scott: Well, at least she's alive to tell about it.

Tracy: No thanks to you.

Scott: Now you listen to me, Tracy. The jury is going to hear what happened that night.

Edward: It's bad enough to have to sit through this circus, but now to sit here and have this little girl dragged in here and then forced --

Judge Aroyo: That's enough, Juror 2.

Tracy: Daddy, you be quiet.

Edward: So, where's your reprobate husband when his daughter really needs him?

Tracy: Don't make this about Luke.

Edward: Luke Spencer is the only reason these charges were even brought in this case.

Judge Aroyo: Who is Luke Spencer?

Tracy: Luke Spencer is your witness's father. Your special prosecutor has had a vendetta against him for 30 years.

Scott: Objection, Your Honor. She is trying to taint the jury.

Edward: I'm tainted. Send me home.

Judge Aroyo: Enough. All of you, sit.

Ric: Your Honor, if I may. My client is on trial for his life here. Now, I don't think any of us want to send a man to death row based on the testimony of a mental patient.

Kate: What happened to you?

Sonny: I'm all right.

Clarice: I'll start making those calls.

Kate: So, did you get in a fight, or did you manage to get arrested?

Sonny: No, actually, I was upset, and I had no business driving.

Kate: You were in a car accident?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, head-on. Two cars totaled. Claudia Zacchara is in the hospital.

Kate: Well, that didn't take you long.

Sonny: She was driving the other car. She made a wide turn, and I was driving too fast.

Kate: Is she all right?

Sonny: Yeah, she's fine, I guess.

Kate: Do you want to call her? Why don't you call her? You can use my phone.

Sonny: I thought you forgave me for Claudia.

Kate: Have you been sleeping with her all along, or is it just Carly?

Sonny: Do you want to have this talk again, or whatever? But look, here's -- here's the situation, okay? I'm in love with you, only you, and we are going to get married.

Kate: Who the hell do you think that you are dealing with? I am not going to spend the rest of my marriage looking the other way.

Sonny: How about if you think about it like I'm going to spend the rest of our lives making it up to you?

Kate: There is no "the rest of our lives." We are over.

Robin: Your brother is on trial for his life, so of course you would do anything you possibly could for Patrick to let you out of the hospital. It would be tacky if it weren't so sad.

Claudia: Well, maybe you don't understand what family really means, but I do. That's why nothing is going to keep me out of that court and keep me from standing up for my little brother.

Patrick: We can't keep you here against your will, but if you were to sign out, you'd be doing it against doctor's orders. If you were to die, it's not our responsibility.

Claudia: I understand. I'm going to finish getting dressed now, so you can leave or, you know, if you'd like to watch, although that does seem a little adventurous for one of you.

Patrick: It's your life to risk.

Claudia: Mm-hmm.

Patrick: Thank you for not jumping to conclusions.

Robin: Of course. I wouldn't think that. I love you, and I know that you love me, and I've been thinking --

[Beeper goes off]

Patrick: I'm sorry. I'm going to have to take that. I'll see you later though, right?

Robin: Yeah.

Patrick: Okay, bye.

Nadine: So, are you saying that Lulu loves Johnny because she's crazy or that she went crazy because she loves him.

Nikolas: No, I'm saying that Lulu needs to get out of Port Charles for a little while. That's what I'm saying.

[Phone rings]

Nikolas: Excuse me. Hello?

Jason: Some assistant D.A. and cop took Lulu to court.

Nikolas: Thank you. Thanks for letting me know.

Nadine: Is Lulu okay?

Nikolas: Baldwin had her picked up to testify. I need to get to the courthouse.

Elizabeth: Why does Scott even want Lulu's testimony? She's obviously very sick.

Jason: Baldwin -- what he wants is he wants Lulu to admit that -- that she played Logan and Johnny against each other, provoked a murder, and then helped Johnny escape.

Elizabeth: Can he do that?

Jason: Judge signed the court order. He can pretty much do whatever he wants, make Lulu testify.

Elizabeth: At least you tried.

Jason: Yeah, I just wish there was more I could do.

Elizabeth: I've been thinking a lot about us. I know you think if we start seeing each other, we will only want more.

Jason: I will never be able to give you what you want.

Elizabeth: Well, I gave up that dream of being married with a white picket fence a long time ago. I just don't see why we can't have a very private relationship. Why can't we just take what we can give each other and be happy?

Jason: I just don't think it can work.

Judge Aroyo: Approach the bench.

Edward: Look at that poor little girl. She's absolutely crazy, just like her mother. Oh, God, it's such a tragedy.

Ron: What's the point of putting the girl through this?

Mrs. Albright: Prosecutor must believe that she has important information, the poor thing.

Epiphany: You know, I know we're supposed to keep an open mind, but I don't like this one bit.

Ric: Miss Spencer is in no condition to testify, and Mr. Baldwin well knows it.

Scott: She's faking.

Ric: Look, I can present evidence of paranoia and delusions as well as a history of mental illness.

Scott: Lulu Spencer's the reason why John Zacchara and Logan Hayes fought. Her testimony is crucial to the prosecution.

Ric: Her testimony is unreliable by definition.

Scott: The jury should hear all sides of the story, Lansing.

Judge Aroyo: I'll allow Miss Spencer's testimony.

Scott: Thank you.

Edward: If she calls a mistrial, I'll be home in time for cocktail hour.

Epiphany and Ron: Cocktail hour?

Edward: Yeah.

Judge Aroyo: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience. Miss Spencer, please take the witness stand.

Johnny: You can't let this happen.

Ric: Shut up before you make things worse.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Lulu: Yes.

Judge Aroyo: Proceed, Mr. Baldwin.

Scott: Thank you, Your Honor. Good afternoon, Miss Spencer. Let me just get right to it. Did you know Logan Hayes?

Lulu: Yes.

Scott: How would you characterize your relationship with him?

Lulu: It was complicated.

Scott: Were you and him ever boyfriend and girlfriend?

Lulu: Kind of.

Scott: Did you have sex with him?

Lulu: Yes.

Scott: Did you see him on the night that he was murdered?

Johnny: No, Lulu, no. Don't say another word.

[Gavel striking]

Sonny: We can't let a misunderstanding like this mess everything up.

Kate: There is no misunderstanding. You slept with Carly in May. You've been lying to me about it for months, and the only reason I found out is because my assistant told me.

Sonny: I don't blame you for being upset.

Kate: Oh, really? Thanks so much. That's so generous of you, although canceling my one and only wedding because my fiancé was sleeping around just makes me a little bit more than upset.

Sonny: What Carly and I did in that limo had nothing to do with me and you. It was one bad night.

Kate: I'm not going to presume to understand what it feels like to lose a child. I can't even imagine that kind of pain. If you had just told me, but you didn’t. You lied to me for months.

Sonny: I made --

Kate: You would have gone on lying gladly.

Sonny: I made a mistake. Yes, I should have told you, but I'm owning it now.

Kate: Yeah, sure you're owning it now, because you got caught.

Sonny: Nothing changed.

Kate: Everything has changed. I am going to cut my losses before any more damage is done.

Sonny: You don't want to do that. You know that, right?

Kate: Well, you know what? I walked away from you once, didn't I? I can certainly do it again.

Sonny: Okay, but listen to me. You loved me when we were growing up in Bensonhurst, and you still love me.

Kate: Loving you is not the issue.

Sonny: You told me once that I got everything I wanted. In a way, you do, too. We've both had to pay for things. We've made some hard choices, and look what you got now. Look what we can have if we stay together.

Kate: No, a marriage with you would be a disaster.

Sonny: I don't believe that, and you don't mean it.

Kate: I -- I believed the fantasy that we could get together after all of these years and fall in love again. I -- I let myself believe that, but yes, you know what? It's fine, because I do like the life that I've built for myself.

Sonny: And I have no place in that life? Is that what you're saying?

Kate: Yes.

Sonny: Oh, okay, so you're going to just believe what everybody says, that, you know, our lives are too different and I'm in love with Carly and all that stuff, and no matter how much we love each other, you know, it's not going to work out?

Kate: That's exactly what I'm saying.

Sonny: Then why are you still wearing my ring? You want me to tell you why? Because you love me, and I'll wait as long as I have to wait for you to remember.

Sam: Once I can prove that Jerry's involved in smuggling counterfeit drugs, he will be out of Port Charles and out of my mother's life.

Lucky: I don't want you coming on to this guy.

Sam: Are you kidding me? You are not going to get all jealous and macho on me right now?

Lucky: Yeah, probably. My main concern is you and what working this way can do to you.

Sam: I am not scamming Jerry for money. I am trying to save lives here. I want him away from my mother. And if you want to know the whole truth and nothing but, I sort of kind of want him to pay for what he did at the Metro Court. Anyway, it's not like we're going to fall in love. He's not going to affect us at all.

Lucky: Listen, I've seen the way Jerry comes on to you. He wants to believe you're equally as twisted as he is.

Sam: I know what I'm doing, Lucky.

Lucky: Then haven't you been used enough in your life? Why put yourself through this, especially with Jerry Jacks?

Jason: Hey, what are you -- what are you doing here? You were supposed to go straight home after Maxie’s testimony.

Spinelli: What is a home, really? An abode, safe-haven, a place to rest.

Jason: Did Maxie end up in jail?

Spinelli: I fear she's trapped in a prison of her own making, one of shame, humiliation, loneliness.

Jason: Where is she right now?

Spinelli: I know not. I -- I should have heeded Stone Cold's advice and stayed within the confines of my pink bedroom. My presence in court only made painful testimony even worse.

Jason: What -- what did she say? Did she say something to incriminate herself?

Spinelli: The prickly prosecutor asked almost nothing about the night of the murder.

Jason: Spinelli, that's great.

Spinelli: Yeah, I know, but instead, he asked questions of a most personal and humiliating nature. He -- he presented fair Maximista as a careless wench of the lowest virtue, of the roundest heel. He forced her to admit that she knew the crabby commando in the biblical sense for the sole intention of hurting fair Lulu and then forced her to admit that she offered herself again to the crabby commando, only to be rejected.

Jason: At least we know that Baldwin doesn't suspect anything.

Spinelli: Yeah. I admire how you can stick to the facts, but had you seen her on the witness stand, never flinching, never resorting to a lie -- she was the epitome of courage.

Jason: Did you tell her that?

Spinelli: I was -- I was witness to her brutal and public humiliation, and for that reason, she cannot bear the sight of me.

Jason: Why do you think that?

Spinelli: She walked out of the courtroom, head held high, and I -- I followed to offer a kind word of comfort, but she -- she just kept walking.

Johnny: Don't do this. You don't have to say anything.

Lulu: I'm sorry.

Johnny: Just tell them you want to go back to the hospital. They can't force you to testify.

Ric: Johnny --

Scott: Your Honor, where do I start?

Judge Aroyo: Control your client, Mr. Lansing.

Ric: Yes, Your Honor.

Johnny: Don't say anything.

Scott: Lansing, you need to sit your murdering client down.

Ric: I heard the judge.

Scott: Well, then do it.

Judge Aroyo: Sit down and be quiet, Mr. Zacchara. Proceed, Mr. Baldwin.

Scott: Thank you. How would you describe your relationship with Logan Hayes?

Lulu: We were kind of serious at one time.

Scott: Did you move in with him?

Lulu: For a couple days.

Scott: But you didn't really know what you wanted from him. Is that correct?

Ric: Objection, argumentative.

Judge Aroyo: Watch yourself, Mr. Baldwin.

Scott: Were you in love with Logan Hayes?

Lulu: No.

Scott: Were you in Johnny's apartment on July 4th?

Lulu: Yes. Um, no, I mean -- I -- I had a fight with Maxie, and we were at Kelly’s.

Scott: Well, let me -- let me just get right to the point. Did you see Johnny Zacchara kill Logan Hayes?

Lulu: No.

Scott: You're under oath.

Ric: Asked and answered, Your Honor.

Scott: That night that you were in the apartment with Maxie, that -- that was all just an alibi, wasn't it?

Lulu: No -- I mean, Johnny did not kill Logan Hayes. I did.

Scott: Excuse me?

Lulu: Johnny did not kill Logan Hayes. I did. I killed Logan Hayes.

Spinelli: Maximista just -- just walked away, I guess. Too distraught to even glance in my direction. But you know, my admiration remains pure.

Jason: Are you sure about that?

Spinelli: Yeah. I could never judge Maximista for her propensity to make bad choices.

Jason: Yeah, well, Maxie does bring a lot of trouble on herself.

Spinelli: If you had just seen the pain in her eyes --

Jason: Okay, Maxie is tough. She may not be as upset about this as you are.

Spinelli: Yeah, but then why did she walk away from me?

Jason: Well, why? Because she was embarrassed. I mean, you know what -- you know what that's like.

Spinelli: All too well, I'm afraid.

Jason: Yeah, well, sometimes it's more painful to be friends with someone who expects the best from you than someone who expects the worst.

Spinelli: By that Stone Cold logic, the kindest thing for me to do for Maximista would be to have no expectations either way, to leave her completely alone.

Jason: That's up to you.

Spinelli: But that way is so painful, as I've seen with you and fair Elizabeth.

Sonny: Hey, what do you need?

Mike: Well, I called Kate’s office to R.S.V.P. about the rehearsal dinner, and that secretary, Clarice --

Sonny: Yeah.

Mike: She kind of got snippy with me, and she said that the wedding was on hold?

Sonny: There's been a temporary setback.

Mike: What? Some fancy designer's upset about the gown or the caterer's feuding with the photographer, who's mad at some celebrity? What?

Sonny: Actually, it's about me and Kate.

Mike: Now I'm worried.

Sonny: Carly and I, we --

Mike: Now wait, wait, now wait. Say no more. Say no more.

Sonny: Well, it was just one night after we took Michael to the institute. Kate was never supposed to know.

Mike: But she found out. Sonny, didn't -- didn't you tell me that Kate swore that she would leave you if you ever went back to Carly.

Sonny: That's what she always said, yes.

Mike: Then how can you consider this a temporary setback? It supports everything that everybody in this town has told Kate from the get-go, that you and Carly will always get back together.

Clarice: You are not going to believe this.

Kate: Let me guess. Maxie showed up to work?

Clarice: She's actually getting a lot done by email, but that isn't it. I just got a call from the printers.

Kate: Mm-hmm, and what, they've got some sort of problem, and the revised mockups aren't really on their way?

Clarice: You know those contract negotiations which management assured us would be no problem?

Kate: No….

Clarice: All the printers, the people on the loading docks and the truck drivers just walked out. The printers' union is demanding a contract by midnight or they'll call a strike, and if that happens --

Kate: Crimson cannot publish.

Sam: Alexis and I have had our problems, and guess what, Lucky? A lot of it has been generated by me.

Lucky: Yeah, I'm not sure I agree with that.

Sam: Really. Actually, it is true. I haven't exactly been the daughter that she's always wanted, and let me see -- I have never really fessed up to anything that happened with Ric.

Lucky: That doesn't mean you have to seduce Jerry.

Sam: If Jerry stays in Port Charles, he will destroy her life.

Lucky: She may hate you for it.

Sam: I don't care. He's using her, and if the only way for Alexis to see that is by her watching me flirt with him, that's fine. I can live with that, as long as I do not lose you in the process.

Lucky: I'm not going to give up, especially after you admitted we're good together.

[Knock on door]

Jerry: Sweet Sam, open the door.

Scott: Let me understand this. You expect the jury to believe that you killed Logan Hayes?

Lulu: I did.

Scott: He was a soldier. He was trained in hand-to-hand combat.

Lulu: I know.

Scott: Johnny Zacchara killed Logan Hayes. Did he not?

Ric: Objection, Your Honor, leading.

Judge Aroyo: Overruled.

Scott: You are just trying to protect your boyfriend there.

Lulu: No.

Scott: Yes, Johnny gets acquitted, you play crazy, and everybody lives happily ever after.

Ric: Your Honor, objection. Mr. Baldwin's editorializing now.

Judge Aroyo: Sustained. The jury will disregard.

Lulu: Please, you need to believe me. I am the one who did this. I had no choice, just like last time.

Scott: What do you mean like last time?

Lulu: When I hit him with a wrench!

Scott: Did you love Logan Hayes?

Lulu: No! I love Johnny, okay? Please, you need to believe me. I am the one who did this. I am responsible. I am the one who killed Logan Hayes.

Scott: No further questions, Your Honor.

Johnny: Get her off the stand.

Judge Aroyo: Mr. Lansing?

Ric: Miss Spencer.

Lulu: I'm sorry. I should have told the truth sooner. I didn't --

Ric: I understand. This is a very difficult time for you, so I'll be brief.

Lulu: Do you believe me?

Ric: Well, that's up to the jury. I just have one important question.

Lulu: Okay.

Ric: Did you bring John Zacchara a gun on the day that he escaped police custody?

Lulu: I killed Logan Hayes.

Ric: Then why'd you bring a gun to John in lockup?

Lulu: Because I wanted to help.

Ric: You'd do just about anything to help John, wouldn't you?

Lulu: Yes.

Ric: Even confess to a crime you didn't commit.

Lulu: Why will you not believe me? I did this. I stabbed him.

Ric: Stabbed who?

Johnny: Leave her alone.

Lulu: Logan Hayes.

Ric: When did you stab him?

Lulu: The night that he died.

Ric: Wait a minute. I thought you were at Kelly’s. Or was that the night that you hit him over the head with the pipe wrench?

Lulu: I wanted to tell the truth for a very long time.

Ric: You feel guilty about what happened to Logan, don't you?

Lulu: Yes, because I'm responsible for all of this.

Ric: You led him on, right?

Lulu: Yes.

Ric: Even after you knew you were in love with John Zacchara?

Lulu: Yes.

Ric: Why'd you do that?

Lulu: I don't know.

Ric: I think you do.

Lulu: Because I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

Ric: Okay, wait. I don't understand this. Did you kill Logan with a knife or with the wrench, either in Kelly’s or in John's apartment, or you didn't want to hurt his feelings?

Lulu: I was scared.

Ric: Were you scared of John Zacchara?

Lulu: No. I was -- I was scared of how much I loved him. So I strung Logan along. I'm so sorry.

Ric: If you had been honest from the beginning, Logan wouldn't be dead today, would he?

Lulu: Yes. Because I killed him. And I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Everything is my fault.

Nikolas: Your Honor. I'm Nikolas Cassadine, the legal guardian of Miss Spencer. In that capacity, I insist that these questions stop immediately and allow me to take her back to the hospital.

Ric: No objections, Your Honor. Miss Spencer obviously needs medical attention.

Judge Aroyo: Mr. Baldwin?

Scott: Take her away, Your Honor.

Lulu: No, no, no, no! I’m not leaving here! You tell them! You know the truth! Tell them that I did this!

Judge Aroyo: I release her into your custody, Mr. Cassadine.

Lulu: No, no, no, somebody has to believe me!

Nikolas: Lulu, come on.

Lulu: No. I won't let him do this! I'm not leaving here. Somebody just say that you believe me. Somebody. Somebody has to believe me!

Nikolas: Don't touch her. Let's go.

Lulu: I'm so sorry, Johnny, I did this all wrong. I'm so sorry.

Ric: Your Honor, in light of Miss Spencer's obviously grave medical condition, I suggest that her testimony be stricken from the record.

Judge Aroyo: Motion denied. Her testimony stands.

Robin: Hey. What's wrong? Did Spinelli relapse?

Maxie: No.

Robin: Then what are you doing here?

Maxie: Well, I didn't really know where else to go.

Robin: Something happened in court?

Maxie: I thought Scott Baldwin was going to ask me all about the night Logan died, and instead, he just wanted to know about when I slept with him.

Robin: Hmm. It was probably difficult talking about --

Maxie: Admitting that I slept with a loser like Logan just to make Lulu suffer? Yeah. That was difficult. It's just I thought I made all these bad choices and I had paid for them, but I guess nobody can really do that. You should have seen Spinelli.

Robin: He was in court?

Maxie: Yeah. He got all dressed up, and what did he get for his troubles? Chapter and verse on what a slut fair Maximista really is.

Robin: Oh, come on. I'm sure he doesn't judge you.

Maxie: No, he doesn't judge me. He just makes excuses and forgives me, but that doesn't change all the things I've done.

Robin: You're getting past them.

Maxie: Sometimes I don't think you really can change a reputation. I mean, I'm always going to be a liar with no self-respect, and Spinelli's always going to be a geek.

Robin: I don't know about that. I mean, Patrick’s changed.

Maxie: I hope so. But a lot of people, including you, still expect Patrick to go back to the way he was before.

Sam: Why exactly are you here?

Jerry: Well, for the pleasure of your company. And I'd like to take you on a little boat ride.

Sam: Really? Where to?

Jerry: Well, I recently purchased some property, and it's only accessible by boat. So what do you say? Would you like to pilot me there and back, Captain Nicole?

Sam: Um -- I'd -- when would you like to go?

Jerry: Today.

Sam: Oh. I'm sorry. I actually have plans today.

Jerry: Oh, well, I suppose your mother's free instead.

Sam: Oh, excuse me. It's me or Alexis, you do know that.

Jerry: You drive a hard bargain, sweet Sam. I certainly hope you can back it up.

Lucky: There's no way you're getting on that boat with that psychopath.

Sam: Oh, okay, fine. Then we need to come up with a better plan.

Sonny: The night in the limo, Carly and I just left our son tied to a bed for the rest of his life. I was feeling, you know, dead inside, and Carly and I did what we did. We felt worse afterward but we both agree that it's best to -- you know, act like it never happened.

Mike: And did Kate buy any part of that? Listen, Sonny. All I'm saying is you are as addicted to Carly as I am to gambling. You have your good years and your bad years, but it's always in the back of your mind.

Sonny: Kate is my future. Carly and I are done.

Mike: Kate. Kate just called off the wedding.

Sonny: She's hurt, Mike. She has every right to be. But we're going to work things out. I love her, and you know, I'm going to do what I can to make it up to her.

Mike: Okay, what if the tables were turned, okay? What if -- what -- what if --

Sonny: Yes?

Mike: Kate had sex with Jax that same night and waited all this time to tell you. Would it still be a temporary setback? You know, I think this is going to be a lot more difficult than you say it is.

Kate: Well, I never thought you would be low enough or desperate enough to create a labor dispute that would threaten "Crimson".

Sonny: What labor dispute?

Kate: Okay, you know how much I care about the magazine. You know better than anyone how hard I work, but it doesn't matter, right? You don't care.

Sonny: What --

Kate: As long as the mighty Sonny Corinthos can swoop in, save the day, and make me grateful?

Sonny: What are you talking about?

Kate: It's not going to work, all right? It's transparent, it's heavy-handed, and it reeks of organized crime.

Sonny: Okay, a labor dispute messed with "Crimson." You want me -- I'll make a call.

Kate: Don't you dare. I want you to stay out of my life.

Sonny: It's a lot more fun for you to yell at me in person, isn't it?

Kate: I have every right to make my point.

Sonny: Yeah?

Kate: Yeah.

Sonny: Then why didn't you just pick up the phone and call --

Kate: Just -- you know, stay away from my magazine, all right? And stay away from me.

Mike: Temporary setback, huh?

Jason: You -- you shouldn't be showing up here.

Elizabeth: Why not? Carly does.

Jason: Since when do you follow Carly's example?

Elizabeth: I don't know. Maybe I should a little more often.

Jason: No, you don't -- you don't mean that.

Elizabeth: Don't tell me what I mean. Or assume you know what I want or what I can handle. When I came to Port Charles years ago, I handled myself just fine. I was fearless. And you know what? I liked who I was back then. I went after what I wanted with no apologies, and that's what I'm doing right now. I want you. And I know you want me.

Nikolas: I'll be taking my sister back to Shadybrook myself.

Assistant D.A.: We're under orders to return her.

Nikolas: The judge released her to my custody.

Lulu: Please, Nikolas, just go back in there and convince the jury that I killed Logan, please.

Nikolas: Lulu, I'm not sending you back there with strangers.

Lulu: I'm going to be fine. I'll go back to my room and rest. Just please, I was just trying to make everything better for Johnny, and I made it worse. Please, please just tell them.

Nikolas: Okay. Come on.

Nadine: What happened?

Nikolas: Lulu confessed, but nobody believes her.

Claudia: I'm sorry, wait. Lulu told the court that she killed Logan?

Nikolas: Yes. She was hysterical. And it sounded even to me like she was covering for John.

Nadine: I can be a good listener.

Nikolas: Well, Lulu could very well spend the rest of her life in a mental institution.

Robin: You're being pretty hard on yourself. I mean, you've changed a lot in the last couple of years.

Maxie: Not really.

Robin: You have. I mean, really, a lot of people would have just given up after Georgie and after Coop but you didn’t. You held it together. You have a great job that could possibly turn into a career. You have a wonderful friend in Spinelli.

Maxie: No, I had a wonderful friend in Spinelli. But not after court today.

Robin: You don't know that yet.

Maxie: Look, he's going to act like everything's okay. But things won't be the same again. I'll see you.

Robin: Hey, um -- so, you know, everything about before -- I didn't even think for a moment that you and Claudia --

Patrick: I appreciate that. Thank you.

Robin: I want you to know that I'm committed to you and that I consider us a couple and --

Patrick: Okay, Robin, I don't want you to worry about that kind of stuff, okay? Because we're in a good place and our daughter's going to grow up knowing that we love each other, and that's what's most important. I'm just -- I'm sorry that I was causing you stress.

Robin: Causing me just a little bit of stress, but it's okay. It's --

Patrick: Good. Because you know, we're in a good place now. And I finally realized that's how you want your life to be.

Lucky: All right, what if I talk with Jax?

Sam: Talk with Jax and tell him what? Exactly what? That you're almost sure his brother's involved a counterfeit drug ring but you don't have any proof?

Lucky: Okay, all right. You're right. You know what? The fewer people that know, the better.

Sam: But then, Lucky, please, please, please let me do this my way. I promise you. You have nothing to worry about.

Lucky: You're really annoyingly --

Sam: What?

Lucky: Brave.

Sam: Okay, so you're going to be okay with it?

Lucky: No, I hate the whole idea. And it'll definitely change the way I feel. I'll care about you even more.

Sam: Sweet. So then, we are on. Oh. Jerry.

Jerry: Sweet Sam. What may I do for you?

Sam: Um, I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to come over for dinner tonight?

Jerry: Ah. Why, I thought you'd never ask.

Sam: Okay. It's official.

Lucky: You know what? Let's just forget about Jerry. Right now, it's just the two of us.

Kate: So, get the labor lawyer on the phone. Have him file an injunction that will get those people back to work just long enough so that the issue can get out. I will not have months of my hard work derailed because the two sides can't sit down at the bargaining table.

Clarice: It's okay.

Kate: Clarice, please don't try to make me feel better.

Clarice: No, I mean, really, it's okay. In fact, it's a miracle. I just got a call from the union steward. Management agreed to all the printers' demands. There will be no strike. The crisis is over.

Jason: If we get involved, everybody's going to be at risk.

Elizabeth: Not if we keep it a secret.

Jason: What, do you want to go back to lying to people?

Elizabeth: A huge part of our life will always be a lie -- for Jake. And you know what? I'm over it. I am tired of being miserable. I want us to figure out a way to be together.

Jason: How can I justify that after what happened to Michael?

Elizabeth: No life is ever safe. And you do not have the right to decide --

Jason: My life is against everything that you believe in.

Cody: Andrei Karpov to see you.

Jason: Okay. In a minute. You've got to go out the back way.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no. We're not finished.

Jason: What are you doing? You can't be here.

Elizabeth: Watch me.

Spinelli: You're leaving.

Maxie: You, uh -- you should probably lay down. Let me take those.

Spinelli: They're for you.

Maxie: Thank you. I'm sorry you had to hear all that stuff in court today.

Spinelli: Why must you leave?

Maxie: You're feeling better, aren't you? Besides, I think it's probably best that we have a little distance so you don't have to pretend you didn't hear for yourself what a slut I really am.

Kate: Okay, so now get the labor lawyer on the phone and find out why this crisis blew up so quickly and then was resolved in less than an hour.

Sonny: Actually, you know, you don't need to be calling any lawyers, Clarice.

Kate: Excuse me.

Sonny: What?

Kate: Don't boss my staff around.

Sonny: I'm sorry, I was just -- well, I mean, if, you know, you want your boss to pay for the lawyer to tell you that there's no problem, go ahead. That's --

Clarice: I think I'll check my email. I wouldn't want to fall behind on anything.

Sonny: Right, right, right.

Sonny: You're not going to thank me?

Kate: Why? For manufacturing a crisis?

Sonny: I didn't -- I didn't order the labor dispute. I made a couple calls and I had people go back to work. What's it --

Kate: And now you expect me to be grateful.

Sonny: You -- come on, look. You -- you put your heart and soul into this magazine and you want it to succeed, and it will.

Kate: Don't bother with the dimples. I don't care how many strings you pull or how many times you say you love me, because obviously marriage means something different to you than it does to me.

Sonny: No, no, no. Don't do that.

Kate: I want you to take this.

Sonny: No, I'm not taking it.

Kate: I want you to take this back, because the wedding is off. I'm not marrying you.

Karpov: Last night, someone brutally beat two of my guards. Left them in the alley outside of my warehouse.

Jason: You mean the alley where my associate was run down?

Karpov: An unfortunate accident.

Jason: Unfortunately, your guards aren't dead.

Karpov: Then you admit that you ordered the attack.

Jason: I didn't order it. I did it myself.

Lulu: I tried to admit that I killed Logan. I thought that it would set him free. But everything that I said came out wrong and now the jury is going to find him guilty.

Laura: Oh, honey, you told the truth. I'm proud of you.

Lulu: No, but I'm not just scared about Johnny. I'm scared about me. If they find him guilty and put him to death, I will really go crazy.

Edward: I told you that would happen.

Epiphany: Poor Lulu. She's driven herself crazy trying to cover for him.

Ron: Open mind, remember?

Trevor: If the jury convicts John, I'm going to appeal it.

Anthony: If the jury convicts John, and I lose my son, you're going lose yours. Just so we're clear.

Claudia: I want you to put me back on the stand. I'm the only person that can dig Johnny out of this hole.

Judge Aroyo: Recess is over, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Baldwin. No more surprises, I hope.

Scott: No, Your Honor. The prosecution rests.

Judge: Mr. Lansing.

Ric: Yes, Your Honor. The defense would like to recall Claudia Antonia Zacchara.

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