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 September 2, 2008
Posted: Oct 4 2008, 08:39 PM


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Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

Elizabeth: Don't say anything.

Sonny: A bet's a bet.

Kate: See? Your virility wasn't compromised a bit by picking your fiancťe a bouquet.

Sonny: Yeah, I'll show you how much it wasn't when I take the dirt off my hands.

Kate: Can I have my flowers?

Maid: I'll get you a vase, Miss.

Kate: Oh, no, no, it's okay. I got it. I noticed the freesias outside earlier. The scent is amazing.

Maid: Mrs. Corinthos loved them. She used to plant them everywhere.

Andrei: Yes. Yes. All right.

Jax: It's valid, I assure you.

Andrei: Let's hope not, for your sake.

Sasha: Andrei, what's wrong?

Jax: Your client's visa has been revoked.

Andrei: Make this go away. I don't like obstacles, Mr. Jacks. You'd be wise to remember that.

Lulu: [Gasps]

Lulu: [Gasps]

Laura: What?

Claudia: I saw Johnny kill Logan in self-defense.

Johnny: Claudia, you weren't there. She wasn't there, I swear.

Ric: It's all right, it's all right.

Claudia: Hey --

Ric: Look, I'm not going to let you get up on that stand and commit perjury.

Claudia: Can I just explain, please? I knew that something was wrong the minute I got off the elevator. I heard shouting. I ran up and I saw that the door to our penthouse was smashed open. Johnny was inside fighting for his life. Logan had an ax, okay? Johnny had a little knife. And Logan was ranting. Man, he was crazy. He was ranting about Lulu and how he's going to make sure that he keeps Johnny away from Lulu for good.

Johnny: Claudia --

Claudia: And I'm -- I'm yelling at them to stop, you know? But Logan just keeps going. So I'm digging through my purse. I'm trying to find my cell phone and I look up. Logan's got this ax and he's cornered my brother. Johnny did not have a choice. He used that knife in self-defense. The only thing my brother is guilty of Ė is saving his own life.

Laura: What's the matter?

Laura: No, no, it's all right. It's okay. You see him, don't you? You see Logan.

Lulu: He's right behind you. He's the hallucination that's driving me crazy.

Laura: No, no, no, no, we won't let him. We won't let that happen. It's okay. It's okay.

Sonny: You're not going to put the flowers in the vase?

Kate: Not yet. I'm still enjoying my bouquet. This place really is special, Sonny. How long did you say you've had it?

Sonny: Give or take, 10 years.

Kate: What are your favorite things to do here?

Sonny: Well, that depends, you know, who I'm with. But I want to start, you know, from scratch. So, whatever we decide to do, we could start a new tradition.

Kate: Okay, well, if it was up to you and you alone, what would you do?

Sonny: I'd go on a boat. I'd go to the beach because I love the beach, take a picnic, take a walk into the cove. We'd go for a swim.

Kate: I think you're confusing me with someone else. I don't swim, remember?

Sonny: I'm not confusing you with anybody.

Sonny: You know why? Because all you got to do is let me hold you and you'll feel safe.

Andrei: Well?

Sasha: When did you manage to get this document?

Jax: [Speaking German]

Sasha: [Speaking German]

Jax: [Speaking German]

Sasha: [Speaking German]

Jax: [Speaking German]

Andrei: Enough! Let our American legal counsel see to this. I assume you chose to speak in German so as not to alarm your beautiful, eavesdropping wife.

Jax: No, she has nothing to do with this.

Andrei: She's worried about you, Mr. Jacks, and with a good reason, because what you've done is extremely foolish.

[Speaking German]

Jason: We can't do this.

Elizabeth: Why? Why can't we be together?

Jason: We talked about it months ago.

Elizabeth: Are you going to deny that you want me as much as I want you?

Jason: People want a lot of things they can't have.

Elizabeth: But this is not about people. This is about us.

Jason: We can't do this. There is no "us."

Elizabeth: Yes, there is. We may not talk about it or act on it, but it's there all the time.

Jason: I have nothing to offer you.

Elizabeth: That is not true.

Jason: We tried to meet in secret and it didn't work. If I sleep with you, I'm going to want more. I'm going to want the life that I can't have.

Elizabeth: If there's no solution, why can't we grab what little happiness we can?

Jason: We can say that we're going to stay in the present, but it's impossible. You know that we're not going to be satisfied meeting in secret. We're going to want more, so why even do it to ourselves?

Elizabeth: Because I can't forget you. I need you. Don't shut me out.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah, Bernie. Well, did you talk to Ramirez about the meeting or not?

Laura: Honey, don't give him the power to frighten you.

Lulu: I can't help it. He's standing right there. I know he's a hallucination, but I just see him.

Laura: Then we are going to make him go away.

Lulu: I canít. I have tried again and again. And sometimes he does go away, and -- and then I tell myself I'm okay, it's over. But it's never over. When I think that I'm moving past it and finally feeling hope, Logan shows up again.

Laura: Like he won't allow you to go forward?

Lulu: He wants me to pay because he's gone and I'm still here. He's going to make me relive it over and over until I go crazy.

Laura: No, Lulu, listen to me. You had the right to defend yourself.

Lulu: No, no, no, I did everything wrong and now Logan is dead because of me.

Laura: Lulu -- you said that you see him when you feel hopeful, right? Like he doesn't want to allow you to go forward, right? Sweetheart, it's not Logan doing that. That's you.

Maxie: You're probably in this alley so you can get in the counterfeit drug ring yourself.

Matt: I lost a patient to counterfeit drugs. She had a heart condition and I prescribed the right medicine, but she went south on me fast, all the way to the morgue. But before we could realize that she was taking a placebo, it was too late. Whoever switched out the fake meds with the real ones killed her as sure as putting a bullet in her head, and I am going to make sure that that never happens again.

Claudia: Johnny wanted to call the police and I wouldn't let him. I mean, Logan was the special prosecutor's son. Scott Baldwin would've been out for blood. I mean, he's been going after Johnny every chance he got, you know?

Ric: Despite the potential evidence in John's favor? You said it yourself -- the door was splintered, there was an ax involved.

Claudia: I know, but Scott Baldwin would've claimed that we staged everything after the fact. Right? Besides, John was completely out of it. He couldn't make any decisions. So I made all of them for him, including disposing of the body, dumping it at the clinic, getting rid of the door, burning the bloody carpet. Look, I love my brother, and I would do anything to protect him. And if anybody's guilty here, it's me.

Ric: Look, it's very moving, but it's a total lie.

Claudia: Doesn't have to be.

Ric: Think the jury would believe your story?

Claudia: I think I can be very convincing when I have to be.

Ric: I have no doubt in my mind that you can lie with total conviction. Properly rehearsed, we can maybe remove a few of the little inconsistencies, some of the details that make it seem, well, a little less than rehearsed. The cops have forensics on their side, Claudia. If they uncover one scrap of evidence to dispel your story, it's going to look like exactly what it is, a desperate ploy to try to save your brother. The quickest way for you to get John convicted is to get caught in a lie. So you're not going on the stand. But Lulu is.

Johnny: No, no, no, no, no! You do that and it's over.

Laura: Honey? Where do you see him?

Lulu: He's right there.

Laura: Okay. It's okay. Now tell yourself that you have the power to make him go away.

Lulu: I donít.

Laura: Honey, you've done so many courageous things in your life. Show a little courage now.

Lulu: I can't do that.

Laura: Yes, you can. You must confront him.

Lulu: He's not real!

Laura: He is to you. He's very real to you. So you must talk to him. Tell him why he died. And you can tell him that you're sorry. But tell him that you're not going to give up the rest of your life for him.

Matt: I traced the bad meds back to the same distributor that General Hospital uses.

Maxie: And you pulled some strings to get the fellowship Nikolas was offering.

Matt: No, I got that on my own merits, than you very much. I was offered several grants, but this one allowed me to continue my investigation. So, like most residents, I have a fortune in student loans. It's believable that I would get involved in a fake drug ring.

Maxie: And your lousy personality makes it pretty convincing.

Matt: Oh, why am I even bothering explaining?

Maxie: So I don't tell my dad what you're doing.

Matt: The point is I am very close to figuring out where this warehouse is where they're storing the bad meds.

Maxie: And then what?

Matt: And then I go in there, I get the names, IDs. I call the cops, I bust this thing wide open.

Maxie: You know, you're taking a pretty big risk, assuming you're telling me the truth.

Matt: I am way too good of a surgeon to be wasting my life dealing drugs.

Maxie: Okay, what are you going to do if the bad guys catch you?

Matt: Well, that -- now, that is a concern, if every single time I turn around, I'm tripping over you.

Maxie: Fine, I'll leave. And I'll keep your secret.

Matt: Just -- just like that?

Maxie: Yeah. You told me about your patient with the heart condition. I happen to have empathy for her.

Carly: What happened?

Jax: I don't know. Karpov's visa was revoked. So he can no longer stay at the hotel because now he's illegal in this country, so I had him escorted off the premises.

Carly: Jax, you shouldn't have done that.

Jax: Well, I did, so hopefully now it'll be over.

Carly: It's not funny. The man is dangerous. Jerry didn't warn you once, he warned you twice. And you told me that if Jerry is that worried, then the man must be psycho.

Jax: Look, you've been drawing Karpov's attention. Now, we both know how dangerous he is towards women. I have the right to protect you.

Carly: Jax --

Jax: No, don't "Jax" me, okay? I love you. I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe.

Kate: Wow.

Sonny: Hey. I had the restaurant send over some food, all right, so we can eat and have champagne.

Kate: Thank you. So I noticed all those shells in the cabinet before. They're phenomenal. Are they all from the island?

Sonny: Yeah, Carly collected them, along with Michael and Morgan. And when Michael was 5, one of those summers, he saw a starfish. That's probably what you saw over there.

Kate: What about that cone-shaped one? It has sort of like a tiger pattern on it.

Sonny: I don't know because Carly knew the names of all those things. What I should've done is packed all that stuff up and sent it to her after we got divorced, but I just never got around to it.

Kate: Well, maybe you like having it here.

Sonny: No, what I like is, you know, when I see them, it reminds me of my children on the beach picking up shells.

Kate: Mm-hmm, with Carly.

Sonny: Okay, listen, that was in the past.

Kate: Yeah, it was. It's just that Carly has a lot of -- she's left her mark on the place in a lot of ways.

Sonny: We spent a lot of time here. I told you that.

Kate: Yes, you did. And I thought it was best to meet those memories head-on, but it's just making me wonder if Carly will ever really be out of your life.

Max: Diane, I saw your car.

Diane: You look positively Huck Finn-ish, which is very appealing in a rural sort of way.

Max: You know, I had my feet in the pool. I do it sometimes when Mr. C's gone. You want my papers?

Diane: Yes, the prenuptial agreement that I drew up. I realize that Sonny is on his island with Kate, but I was sort of hoping to see you.

Max: You want to join me at the pool?

Diane: At or in?

Max: Whatever your heart desires.

Diane: Oh, Max, you are so poetic. I just can't wrap my mind around this.

Max: Well, you don't have to do it if you don't want to.

Diane: No, no, no, no, no, no, not the sensual fun of skinny-dipping. I am talking about Kate marrying Sonny. She's so full of love and hope.

Max: Isn't that what a bride's supposed to feel?

Diane: Mm-hmm, and she wouldn't be if she knew that Sonny was having sex with his ex-wife in the back of a limousine the night that Michael was sent to the institute.

Max: You know about that?

Diane: I know everything. Unfortunately, I can't tell Kate.

Max: Of course not.

Diane: So you have to.

Lulu: Your plan is crazy.

Laura: Well, consider the source.

Lulu: Mom, I'm seeing somebody who is not there.

Laura: That's because you feel guilty because you regret that he died.

Lulu: Of course.

Laura: Don't you feel the slightest bit angry about what he did to you?

Lulu: Yes, but I still shouldn't --

Laura: Then tell him. You need to tell him that he terrorized you and that forced you to defend yourself.

Lulu: But it's partly my fault.

Laura: Which part?

Lulu: I knew that I wanted Johnny, but I kept going back to Logan, denying my feelings.

Laura: Oh, you made a mistake, honey. That still -- he did not have the right to do what he did to you.

Lulu: I still should have handled this better.

Laura: He wanted you more than you wanted him, okay? That gives him the right to feel hurt, and that's it. Do you think it was right that he used an ax to get into your apartment --

Lulu: No.

Laura: That he chased after you like that? That he hit Maxie?

Lulu: No, no, of course not.

Laura: How did that make you feel?

Lulu: I hated him.

Andrei: [Speaking Russian]

Jerry: Mon dieu, mon dieu, you seem to be having a bad day in any language.

Andrei: Someone has created a serious problem for me.

Jerry: Yes, and do you care to be more specific?

Andrei: The jealous husband.

Jerry: Anything I can handle for you?

Andrei: Well, it requires a personal touch. Why am I here?

Jerry: Well, we might have a possible setback, and there's a doctor by the name of Matt Hunter who's apparently investigating counterfeit drugs.

Andrei: Mm-hmm. Has he come up with anything?

Jerry: Well, he's made a contact with someone who has access to the warehouse where we store the drugs, so Ė

Andrei: This is why I hired you. Shut him up, permanently.

Jason: No, I won't be much longer. Yeah, okay. Thanks, Bernie.

Elizabeth: I know your business will always come first.

Jason: It's not just a business. You know, people depend on me. I'm responsible for so many things and so many people. I can't -- I can't just walk away, and I would never ask you to be second.

Elizabeth: Well, I'm glad you're not asking, because I'm telling you that it's okay with me.

Jason: No, no, you say that now, but --

Elizabeth: Jason, please do not presume you know what I'm thinking. You have this idea that I'm too fragile and sensitive to handle your world.

Jason: No, you're one of the strongest women I know.

Elizabeth: But you worry about my expectations. And you're right, I used to have them. When you and I were first together, I tried to accept that you worked for Sonny and that you would never give it up. I hoped that you would, and I hoped that you would live a normal life someday.

Jason: I can't give you a normal life.

Elizabeth: I know. I know that now, because I've changed. And after all these years, I've come to realize that it's all about compromise. And people are complicated, and I have no right to judge them and I have no right to decide anything for anyone else.

Jason: I know, but I don't want to keep hurting you, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I know, but, Jason, neither one of us have a crystal ball to see the future. All we have is the present. And in the present, all I want is you, whenever I can for as long as I can. And if it becomes too painful, then I'll walk away. Can you do that? Can you just let me decide what's best for me?

Elizabeth: I always think about our time at the safe house. I loved meeting you there.

Jason: I know. But you had to sneak away. You know, I had to lie to people, make excuses. You came to me when you shouldn't have, and you fell asleep at the wheel.

Elizabeth: But I was desperate to see you. I was afraid that every meeting would be our last, and now I just assume that it is and I accept it.

Jason: You canít. There's too much at stake for both of us.

Elizabeth: Not if we're careful.

Jason: Things are different now. You know, I'm not Sonny's second anymore. I'm running things. What happens if you got shot or you got killed meeting with me? Your children need to come first. You have to put them first. All it takes is one mistake, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Jason, why are you fighting this so hard? Have you stopped loving me? Was this all about Jake, and now that you've given Jake up, have you given me up, too?

Jason: That's not fair.

Elizabeth: Then just tell me the truth.

Jason: Well, the truth is that we wouldn't even be here if Spinelli didn't come up with some crazy scenario in his head.

Elizabeth: No, no, that's not true. This has been building for months. I miss you being a part of my life. I just thought you felt the same way.

Jason: I can't do this anymore.

Elizabeth: Okay, so you've told me that we can't meet, but you have yet to tell me how you feel. I need to know, Jason. I need to know so I can make peace with it. Because if you don't -- if you don't love me anymore, just say so, so I can let this all go.

Sonny: When did this stop being fun for you?

Kate: I don't know, I guess when I broke my own rules and started fishing around about Carly.

Sonny: Carly and I are done, and as soon as she took my kids, there was no bond there. You know that already.

Kate: I know that you're hurt.

Sonny: Yes.

Kate: I know that you're angry. You have every right to be. That doesn't negate the years you spent with Carly.

Sonny: People have been married for 20, 30 years. They have a second marriage, and they're happy and fulfilled.

Kate: Uh-huh, does Carly know that role?

Sonny: Carly's married to Jax, so what are we going here for?

Kate: Jax thinks the same thing.

Sonny: What do you mean?

Kate: There is something between you two. There's some sort of connection. It's not the kids. It's --

Sonny: You and I knew each other when we were teenagers, way before Carly, so that means that we have a special bond.

Kate: Do you remember -- do you remember that night that we went to the park and we brought the folding chairs and we looked up at the stars --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Kate: And we played "What's your Secret?" And we confided back and forth, and you looked at me and you said, "Connie, no one will ever know me like you do."

Sonny: It's true.

Kate: It was true. It was true. There's so many years in between, Sonny, and so many of those years were with Carly.

Sonny: But that is the past. I cannot change that, Kate.

Kate: I know you canít. And you can't change whatever it is you have with her.

Sonny: What do you want me to say?

Kate: I don't know.

Sonny: Okay.

Kate: I -- I don't know. I guess I just want you to validate my feelings that there is some sort of spark between you that could be ignited at any time, and without any warning, you could find yourself in each other's arms, and I would be the one burned.

Laura: Remember the night that he broke into the apartment?

Lulu: I don't want to.

Laura: Honey, it's okay. I'm right here with you. Nobody's going to hurt you. Let yourself remember how it felt.

Lulu: But -- I'm afraid.

Laura: Go on.

Lulu: I want to run, but there's nowhere to go. I can't get away.

Laura: And what did it feel like when he grabbed you?

Lulu: Scared.

Laura: Yeah. What else?

Lulu: Shocked. I can't believe this is happening.

Laura: Good. What did it feel like when he kissed you?

Lulu: I was shaking. I wanted him to think that I liked him so that he wouldn't be so angry.

Laura: Because you were trying to save yourself.

Lulu: And he knew it, and he grabbed me.

Laura: How did it feel when he attacked you?

Lulu: I hated him!

Laura: Good, you tell him. You're in control now, Lulu. You tell him.

Lulu: He's coming at me.

Laura: Talk to him. Tell him that you never meant to kill him but you had every right to defend yourself, and then you tell him to go away.

Lulu: Stop!

Johnny: I told you from the start, Lulu stays off of that stand.

Claudia: Maybe it will help Lulu to help you. I mean, if her testimony gets you acquitted, then you guys can go off and have a happy life together.

Johnny: Lulu completely snapped the day Jason brought her here to see me. Remember, you were there. She was standing right here screaming at something that wasn't there. If she takes that stand, it could turn into a permanent breakdown like her mother. I'm not going to risk that.

Ric: Do you have any idea what you're risking if you don't?

Johnny: Ric, you call Lulu to the stand, I confess on the spot.

Ric: Oh, my --

Johnny: I will tell the entire court that I murdered Logan Hayes with premeditation, and here's the best part. Once I get locked up, my father will unleash hell on this town. Are you sure you want to risk that, Ric?

Claudia: Let me talk to him, okay?

Ric: Yeah, go ahead. God knows I'm not getting anywhere.

Claudia: Why are you so determined to keep Lulu off the stand?

Johnny: How many times do I have to say it? She's sick. I don't want her getting worse.

Claudia: Lulu and Maxie got to the apartment before I did. What did Lulu see?

Johnny: Nothing, Claudia. Leave it alone.

Claudia: I have the timing all wrong, don't I? Hmm? My God. You got to the apartment after Maxie and Lulu. You didn't kill Logan Hayes, did you? Because Lulu did.

Elizabeth: Jason, I love you, but if you don't feel the same way, then all I'm doing is humiliating myself.

Jason: I don't know how to make this okay for you. Maybe I should lie, you know, say I don't care about you, but I canít. I cannot hurt you on purpose even if it's to set you free.

Elizabeth: But you'll hurt me with the truth, telling me you care but you can't --

Jason: What I feel doesn't matter.

Elizabeth: Yes, it does. It matters to me. Because if I know you love me, then it's something to hold on to. I'll know in my heart that it's real and not just my imagination, even if we never speak about it again.

Jason: You know I love you.

Lulu: I hate that you used me and you lied to me. I hate that you thought I was a game in the beginning, somebody that you could seduce just so you could sleep with Maxie. And then when you wanted me back, you thought you could snap your fingers and I would forgive and forget. I hate that you were angry and possessive and controlling. Johnny or no Johnny, I could have never loved you. And even when I told you that, you wouldn't go away, and I hate that you somehow decided that I was your savior. You put so much guilt and pressure on me. Even after I had moved on, you would grab me and you would maul me, and you wouldn't listen to me, especially that night. I told you to stay away, and you wouldnít. You just kept coming after me over and over until you shoved yourself on that knife and died. I'm sorry you're dead. I'm sorry that I couldn't save you. Nobody could have done that but you. So I forgive you, Logan, but you need to leave me alone so we can both be at peace. He's gone. He's gone.

Laura: I'm so proud of you.

Johnny: Logan was already dead when Lulu and Maxie showed up.

Claudia: I remember Lulu and Maxie that night. Maxie was a little shaken up. Lulu was completely flipped out.

Johnny: Maxie's tough. She's stronger than Lulu.

Claudia: Yeah, Lulu was hysterical.

Johnny: Lulu actually had a relationship with Logan at one time. She thought she actually had feelings for him, so she walks in and sees Logan dead with a knife sticking out of his belly --

Claudia: Yeah, but, see, that's the part that never made sense to me, Johnny. That crazy psycho comes hacking down our door with an ax? Come on, you're not going to go after him with a carving knife. You're going to get your gun.

Johnny: Oh, Ric's not going to buy this story any more than --

Claudia: He's going to buy the truth. He's going to recognize the truth when he hears it. Lulu was at the house alone, wasn't she, hmm? Logan showed up, went after her, and you've been lying for her to cover it up, and I have been stupid enough to help you.

Johnny: Oh, drop it, Claudia.

Claudia: No. Like hell I'm going to drop it. You are throwing your life away for that stupid little bitch.

Johnny: If you tell anyone this crazy little theory of yours, I'll confess.

Claudia: Yeah, I bet Lulu will, too. That's why you're so desperate to keep her off the stand, isn't it, John?

Johnny: If you turn this on Lulu, I won't forgive you. If you hurt her to save me, I'll wreck your life.

Claudia: Okay, well, guess what. That's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to save you, John.

Jax: I love you. I'm almost ready to come home.

Carly: Almost? Do you think you can move that timetable up a notch?

Max: I -- I canít. Mr. C would kill me.

Diane: Well, I certainly can't tell Kate. That would be a gross breach of attorney-client privilege. Sonny would have me hauled up on charges before the state bar.

Max: So what's worse, you being in trouble with the bar or me being dead?

Diane: What's worse is Kate being kept in the dark about all of this.

Sonny: Yes, I -- I have gone back to Carly in the past, but that's when I was with women in short-term relationships.

Kate: But the pull was always there.

Sonny: She was the mother of my children. I was addicted to the drama and the pain that we caused each other.

Jax: I realize patience isn't one of your virtues.

Carly: No, it's not one of yours either.

Jax: I just want to keep going slow until we're both sure.

Carly: I'm sure. I've never been more sure of anything in my whole life. Jax, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Sonny: You have to understand that I was different back then. Bipolar, self-destructive. I was in the mob. Now I'm a legitimate coffee importer. I'm taking my medication. And I'm -- and I'm in the best place I've ever been right now because of you.

Carly: You're it for me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Sonny: My future is with you. Do you want to know what I feel about Carly? Sadness.

Kate: Thank you. I needed to hear that, and I really hope it's true.

Max: What she doesn't know won't hurt her.

Diane: Oh, God. That is such a man thing to say. You know perfectly well that she would not set one foot down that aisle, couture wedding dress or not, if she knew that Sonny and Carly were having sex in the back of a limousine as of last May. Talk about a wake up call.

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