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 August 22, 2008
Posted: Aug 25 2008, 06:36 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 9-April 08

Provided By Boo

Patrick: I want to spend the rest of my life with you, sharing everything it has to offer -- the good, the bad, and just being a family, loving each other.

Robin: Ok. Can I talk to you in private? Just for a minute, please?

Patrick: Not until I'm convinced that you're going to say yes.

Karpov: Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: My fiancee and I got your wedding present.

Karpov: In my country such a gesture would be seen as an insult.

Sonny: Consider it a message. You broke the terms of our agreement. There's no going back. I am not doing business with you, now or in the future. Do not push me. Let this be over.

Lulu: I checked myself in voluntarily, so they'll let me leave, but not on my own. A family member has to sign me out. I asked lucky, but he said he wouldn't do it.

Jason: So what do you want me to do? You want me to convince lucky --

Lulu: I want you to tell the nurses that you're my brother and get me out of here. Take me to see johnny.

Claudia: I'd do anything for you. You know that?

Johnny: I know, claudia. You keep saying that. Now I need you to prove it. Find a way for me to see lulu. She's getting worse.

Claudia: She's getting the help that she needs, john. You need to start thinking about yourself. How's it going to look to the prosecutor if you stay in touch with someone that your lawyer says is too sick to testify?

Johnny: I don't care.

Claudia: I care. I'm not going to sit here and watch you throw your life away.

Johnny: Lulu is getting put through the wringer, claudia. She's losing her grip on reality.

Claudia: That is not your fault.

Johnny: Yes, it is. I did this to her.

Patrick: Before I met you, i thought my life was great. But you made me realize what i was missing. You believe in me. You make me better than I ever thought possible. You just -- you make my life more. And we might not always agree, but even when we don't agree, there's always -- always mutual respect and trust. And that's a deeper connection than I ever thought possible. Because you showed me what it means to commit to something. You showed me with your love, your courage, your fearlessness, your decision to have a baby --

[Robin chuckles]

Patrick: Our baby, your willingness to forgive my many mistakes. I know our life's not always going to be perfect, and there's going to be ups and downs. But there's no one in this world that I would rather do all those things with than you. So -- robin, will you do me the honor -- will you marry me?

Karpov: You have misunderstood my gift, mr. Corinthos. I sent it as a goodwill gesture to assure you that despite my disappointment, there are no hard feelings.

Sonny: I'm glad to hear that.

Karpov: Though I think you would be a tremendous asset, i will be moving forward with my plans without your input.

Sonny: The best course you could take would be out of port charles.

Karpov: I have high hopes for my enterprise here. Port charles is perfectly situated, a city that has so much to offer without complications and scrutiny that comes with doing business in new york.

Sonny: Yeah, I know a lot of people from the outside who think so.

Karpov: You refer to the zaccharas.

Sonny: Let me give you a last piece of advice. Do not make jason your enemy. I'm out of this now. I don't have to have contact with you or any of your people.

Jerry: Well, that was a potentially awkward situation. If sonny knew that I was working with you, that would be very unfortunate.

Karpov: For him, or for you?

Spinelli: Caution, maximista. Thoughtless action is comparable to shining a spotlight on us or hanging out a neon sign that says, "stakeout in progress."

Maxie: All right, chill, ok? No one's come in or out of karpov's warehouse.

Spinelli: Do you remember nothing from our last stakeout?

Maxie: Mm-hmm, I remember mind-numbing boredom.

Spinelli: That is the centerpiece of a private detective's craft, lying in wait, quiet, coiled like a cheetah on the hunt for unsuspecting prey.

Maxie: A starving cheetah. I remember the last time we did this we didn't find any prey, unsuspecting or otherwise.

Spinelli: That is the nature of the work. It requires a person who is a zen-like vessel. You know, capable of maintaining concentration over long stretches of inactivity, so when the moment to act arrives, he is ready.

Maxie: Who sprang into action the last time the cops showed up and were banging on the window? If I hadn't pulled you into that kiss, your cover would have been blown.

Spinelli: Maximista's ploy was impressive and convincing. The officer thought that we were actually kissing.

Maxie: We were really kissing.

Spinelli: I mean with enjoyment. Not just as two operatives, professional and detached.

Maxie: Spinelli, I really want to help you, but I don't see karpov's lawyer anywhere.

Spinelli: Well, she is elusive. We must show patience and tenacity. I mean, stakeouts can last days, sometimes even weeks.

Maxie: I know you really want to help jason, but --

Spinelli: Look, I have to acquire damning evidence against the slavic seductress to unmask her true nature and free stone cold from the spell that she's cast.

Maxie: I don't see jason losing his mind over sasha. I don't see jason losing his mind over anything. He is pretty self-sufficient. I mean, he runs the mob. He shoots at people. Besides some cyber assistance and a really good lawyer, which jason has both of, he doesn't need anything else.

Spinelli: Maximista is mistaken.

Maxie: I'm just saying, don't you think our time could be put to better use? Lulu is losing her mind for killing logan. Johnny's taking the blame. Those two could use our help a little bit more.

Claudia: Lulu kept stringing logan along. It is not your fault that he turned into a psychotic, jealous maniac. And hacked the door down with an axe and came after you.

Johnny: Lulu is haunted by the mistakes she thinks she made when was with logan. She blames herself.

Claudia: She should blame herself. She's to blame.

Johnny: Will you stop arguing with everything I say and listen?

Claudia: No, I won'T. You listen to me, john. Lulu is to blame. She might as well have stuck the knife in logan herself.

Johnny: You know, I thought when I brought her to shadybrook, i was doing the right thing. But now it's just turned out to be a big mistake. Like every damn choice I've made since logan died.

Claudia: Johnny, why do you keep saying it like that? As if you have some responsibility for lulu's mental instability? I talked to her brother. I know that it runs in the family, johnny. So how is it your fault?

[Door opening]

Lucky: You know what? You're a son of a bitch.

Claudia: Hey, hey! Back off.

Lucky: While you're sitting here trying to figure out how you can get off a murder charge and walk away clean, you just pushed my sister over the edge.

Lulu: You know, I'm getting worse. I can feel it inside. It's like I'm holding on to myself, to what I know is real, but it is slipping away. I need to see johnny before it's gone.

Jason: Listen, if I pretend to be your brother and sign you out, I'd basically be kidnapping you.

Lulu: Don't tell me you're afraid of breaking the law.

Jason: No, it's not that. I'm worried about you. Ok, there's a reason lucky didn't want to go through with this.

Lulu: Because he hates johnny. He thinks johnny's the killer. He doesn't know th truth about me I -- I'm having hallucinations. I see logan as clearly as I see you. He just stands there staring at me.

Jason: You really need to let the doctors deal with this.

Lulu: I know what is waiting for me. If I go across the hall, I can see it. Please help me before that happens.

Jason: The problem is, if you go see johnny, scott baldwin's going to say you're able to testify --

Lulu: I don't care.

Jason: That's the problem.

Lulu: I don't care. I want to see johnny.

Jason: I can't -- you can't do this. You're going to cause more problems for everybody involved, lulu. We can't do it.

Lulu: If you had one chance to see jake and elizabeth and you had one chance to tell them that you loved them, one memory that you would have to hold on for the rest of your life, wouldn't you take it?

Mac: Public humiliation can be a real growth experience. It may take patrick a while to appreciate --

Anna: Oh, shut up. Maybe robin wants this.

Patrick: So I can kneel here for the rest of the day and I will, but the rest of them have to get back to work. So for the sake of the sick and the injured, just say --

Robin: It's just I don't know what I -- when I thought about getting married, I didn't think of it happening in this way --

Patrick: But it's happening now, robin. It's happening, and it can happen for the rest of our life if you just say yes.

Robin: It's a beautiful thought, really. It's just a little -- um, just crowded.

[Classical music playing]

Nikolas: I'm glad you decided to stay for dinner.

Nadine: You could have warned me. I would have worn my tiara.

Nikolas: What's the matter? A bit much for you?

Nadine: No, I think it's a great idea, all this extra silverware. That way, if you drop something, you don't even have to get up from the table. All the extras are right here.

Nikolas: Yeah. That one is for the escargot, mm.

Nadine: Obviously. Talk about awkward.

Nikolas: I know the feeling.

Nadine: I doubt that.

Nikolas: No, no, really. Listen, the first time that i ate chili and french fries at kelly's, I could not decide if i wanted to use a spoon or a fork for the chili. Really, and it completely paralyzed me.

Nadine: You're kidding.

Nikolas: No, I played back every lesson in etiquette that I ever had in my whole life.

Nadine: Over something so --

Nikolas: I know, so unimportant. And then it was a complete waste of energy.

Nadine: Oh, I don't know about a complete waste. Now anytime I want to smile, all I'll have to do is look at you and think chili.

[Nadine chuckles]

Claudia: Whoa, hey, what the hell? Is this -- this is standard procedure in this town? Cops come in and badger the prisoner whenever they want to?

Lucky: I don't give a damn about procedure. I am lulu's brother, and after visiting her this morning, she was practically hysterical.

Claudia: You are not --

Lucky: So you tell me what you said to her.

Claudia: You are not going to put that on john.

Lucky: I know that she called you.

Claudia: Hey, your sister has problems, man. They run in your family.

Lucky: Yeah, that's right.

Claudia: She was born with them.

Lucky: That's right. It's inside. It's white noise -- harmless or in the background until somebody sets it off. Getting involved with you is what did this to lulu, and I'm going to see to it that she never calls you again. That you will never, ever make contact. Do you understand me?

Johnny: Do you even care about how your sister feels? Lulu needs me.

Lucky: No, lulu needs her family.

Johnny: Oh, none of you even understand what she's going through.

Claudia: All right, you know what?

Lucky: Then you tell me.

Claudia: Hey! Get this crazy cop off my brother, or I will sue this department into bankruptcy

Lucky: Son of a bitch. I never want him near my sister again.

Harper: Ok. Hey, go for a walk.

Lucky: Listen, you didn't see my sister. You don't know what he did.

Harper: This isn't helping anybody, all right? Including lulu.

Claudia: I want him written up.

Harper: For what?

Claudia: Harassment.

Harper: All I saw was a good cop trying to handle an out of control murder suspect.

Claudia: See that? That is why you need to stay away from lulu.

Jason: My situation is completely different from yours.

Lulu: Yes. Yeah, you choose to stay away from the two people you love the most to keep them safe. That is your choice. This is my choice. I need to see johnny. I don't know how much longer i have.

Jason: You're assuming you're going to wind up like your mother.

Lulu: Are you saying that i won't? Are you going to tell me that the worst can't happen?

Jason: No.

Lulu: And if it does, I don't know what memories I'm going to take with me. I need johnny. He needs me. Please, just help me see him while I still can.

Jason: All right.

Lulu: Thank you.

Angie: Uh, excuse me. Where are you going?

Lulu: My brother is taking me for a drive.

Jason: Yeah, I'm going to sign her out at the desk.

Angie: Did dr. Winters ok it?

Jason: She said that lulu shouldn't be in any stressful situations.

Lulu: I'm in good hands.

Robin: Hey.

Patrick: I thought I might find you here. I hope that heavy breathing is because I caught you by surprise, not because I brought on early labor.

Robin: No, no, no. It's not labor. The baby's fine.

Patrick: Define fine.

Robin: That was quite a speech you made back there.

Patrick: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I asked you to marry me, in case you missed that part.

Robin: How could I have missed it? I mean, how could anyone have missed it? You asked me to marry you in front of the entire hospital. I think I finally understand how that girl feels. You know, the girl who always gets proposed to right before the super bowl. Her face is really big on the jumbotron and everyone's waiting. What will she say? How could she say no, right?

Patrick: Is that what you're trying to say right now? You trying to say no?

Clarice: When you walk into the reception wearing it, jaws are literally going to drop.

Kate: Mm. Federico did a lovely job.

Clarice: Lovely? He's just given yet another reason for all the petty and jealous in the fashion industry to hate you. Giselle is going to have a stroke. It's perfect.

Kate: Well, not quite. The empire waist has to be raised a centimeter. Seamstress: Yes, miss howard.

Kate: It will give me more freedom of movement. After all, I'll be greeting guests all night and dancing with my handsome groom.

Sonny: The groom is very much looking forward to that.

Kate: Ahem. You need to leave. You are not supposed to see this dress.

Sonny: Too late. I already saw it. And I want to see more. Clarice, get out of the way. Move.

Kate: Don't move, clarice. All right, if we're going to break a tradition, we have to do this right.

Sonny: You going to run away on me again?

Kate: Turn around.

Sonny: What do you mean, turn around?

Kate: Turn around.

Kate: Ok, ok, ok. Ok. You can look.

Sonny: You look gorgeous. Honestly, I can't stop looking.

Maxie: I want to be as good of a friend to you as you've been to me. I owe you.

Spinelli: We're not keeping score. Although I suppose it would be possible to assign a numerical value to acts of kindness, according to --

Maxie: Spinelli, if it doesn't go both ways, it's not friendship. It's just me taking advantage of you, which we both know I have it in me to do.

Spinelli: You know, you're not as self-centered as you'd like people to think.

Maxie: Yes, I am. And you should be more self-centered. I mean, I know that you like jason and you care about him and you want to help him and stuff, but all the time and energy you're spending worrying about him, it's a waste. I told you, he's, like, indestructible. He doesn't need our protection.

Spinelli: That is the way that the world looks at men of solitude, but few know of their secret pain.

Maxie: I want to be supportive, but I have this rather large axe hanging over my head. I mean, if lulu confesses to being the one that killed logan, scott baldwin's going to figure out that I helped. I'll be charged with aiding and abetting and my life will be ruined, and mac's heart will be broken.

Spinelli: You know the jackal would fall on his metaphorical sword to prevent either outcome, but there's nothing left to do. There's no more evidence to be uncovered, and it's way too late to prove that lulu acted in self defense, so --

Maxie: So I just have to wait for the axe to fall.

Spinelli: Well, thus the jackal's current project. If nothing else, it provides maximista with something else to occupy her thoughts.

Maxie: You did this for me?

Lucky: Excuse me, have you seen my sister lulu spencer? Doctor: She left a little while ago.

Lucky: I thought she could only be signed out by a family member. Doctor: She was, by your brother.

Lucky: Oh, I'm just -- just surprised that he didn't mention it. Did he happen to say where -- what their plans were or where they might be going or -- doctor: Just that he was taking her for a ride. Your sister seemed happy. Almost eager to go. It was such a marked improvement in her mood that I put aside any reservations I had.

Lucky: About what? Doctor: The fact that he was driving a motorcycle.

Claudia: Johnny, if I wasn't here, how long do you think it would take you to confess that -- that you killed logan? You know what I don't understand is why loving this girl --

Lulu: I'm here to see johnny.

Harper: What's this have to do with you?

Lulu: I needed a ride. Jason gave me one. Now I need to see johnny.

Harper: The man who took you hostage.

Jason: She's not armed. They just searched us on the way in. Just please let her see him.

Harper: Are you sure you're all right?

Lulu: Yes, I need to see him. Please.

Harper: His sister's in there. I'll see if she'll leave so you can go in, all right? One visitor at a time.

Johnny: Send her in.

Claudia: No, send her away. Thanks, dad. ep

Epiphany: I tried to warn that boy.

Leyla: You know, it's clear that robin and patrick love each other. I think it's just a matter of time that robin realizes she's actually getting what she wants. Matt's voice: Oh, you can't be serious.

Matt: Really? You want to wish patrick drake on another woman? He'll be cheating on her with the first nurse that he sees.

Elizabeth: You know, maybe she just wanted to accept in a more private moment.

Kelly: She was fleeing in terror.

Elizabeth: She was a little overwhelmed. Ok, a lot overwhelmed.

Lainey: You know, robin was just so ambivalent about raising a baby with patrick that marriage probably just feels like overkill.

Kelly: She thinks that he's not marriage material. I mean, imagine being at a party with your husband, and then suddenly wondering if he's slept with every woman in the room.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Kelly: Not that I'm in any position to judge.


Elizabeth: He just bared his heart in front of all of us. It was one of the most romantic declarations I have ever seen.

Lainey: One of the most?

Kelly: No, don't ask. You'll just get depressed. Well, we all know how obstinate robin can get, right? She's going to dig in her heels and come up with a hundred reasons why she shouldn't get married instead of following her heart.

Elizabeth: Come on, the man has changed. What else does he have to do to prove it?

Lainey: What else can he do?

Kelly: Clearly, it's time for us as robin's friends to step in and take control of the situation and steer her in the direction of her heart.

Robin: Before I give you an answer, I want you to know how much I truly I love you and how committed I am to raising our little girl together.

Patrick: Hey, you're really starting to scare me because this is just starting to sound like a no.

Robin: Well, I need you to be honest with me and be honest with yourself about why you suddenly want to get married. I mean, before -- not that long ago, it was, like, a death sentence to you. Life is over as you know it.

Patrick: I thought we established that the things I've said in the past no longer apply.

Robin: Ok, everything changed when you found out you were going to be a father, right?

Patrick: Right.

Robin: So maybe that's the reason that you want to get married or feel like you should because of the baby, but i honestly think that is a recipe for disaster. Getting married because you are having a child together is a mistake because it means --

Patrick: You're right.

Robin: What?

Patrick: You're right. I think it would be a mistake to get married just because we're having a child. I couldn't agree with you more.

Jerry: I'm done trying to convince you, mr. Karpov. You won't get a better deal or more attractive incentives. If you don't think I'm trustworthy, there's no point going on.

Karpov: I am satisfied that you are not wearing a wire or feeding the information to the district attorney. But I still have questions about your loyalty.

Jerry: I'm loyal to whoever pays me, mr. Karpov. At this point, you need me. See, you won't last in port charles without me.

Karpov: I wouldn't overestimate your worth, mr. Jacks.

[Telephone rings]

Karpov: Da, this is karpov. Two in the alley? Outside the warehouse?

[Karpov speaks russian] I'll handle it. Da, ok.

[Karpov speaks russian]

Jerry: [Russian accent] Problem?

Karpov: And you are maybe the solution.

Maxie: This is exactly the kind of thing that I wish I could do for you, to show you how much i care about how you.

Spinelli: Well, I'm sure if you put your mind to it --

Maxie: I mean, you're trying to keep me distracted, but I can think of a lot of better things than some boring stakeout.

Spinelli: Well, my motives weren't entirely selfless. I mean, there is vital information to be gained, and maximista has proven her insights are quite valuable.

Maxie: Well, that's really sweet of you, except I think you're giving me way too much credit. I'm sure I could spot a liar, but that's only because I spend most of my time lying. When it comes to gathering incriminating evidence on mobsters, my intuition is basically just how badly they dress. I -- spinelli?

Spinelli: Huh?

Maxie: Did you just see that?

Spinelli: What?

Spinelli: Well, someone just went into the karpov's warehouse. Spinelli, I think that they have a gun.

Johnny: I need to see lulu.

Claudia: John, please don't do this. It's suicide.

Johnny: Claudia, please don't argue with me. You're making it worse.

Harper: All right, you can come in.

Lulu: Hey.

Harper: Just -- you stay on your side of the table, all right? You guys can hold hands. That's it.

Claudia: Why the hell did you bring her here? Do you want to get johnny convicted? Is that what you want?

Jason: I did lulu a favor, that's all.

Claudia: The girl's crazy, jason. If she her for a razor blade, would you give it to her?

Jason: So just because she's sick, it doesn't matter what she wants?

Claudia: What are you? Are you -- are you like an advocate for the mentally ill now? That girl is going to get up on the stand and open up her big fat mouth, and my brother is going to end up in prison.

Jason: You know what, she's already in there. Let the visit happen. It might help both of them.

Claudia: Is that why you did this? Because you thought it was going to help?

Jason: Don't go.

Lucky: Get the hell away from me, or I'll have you locked up for impersonating my brother or taking lulu from shadybrook.

Jason: She needed to see him.

Lucky: Huh, is that you're official diagnosis because you are a psychiatrist now?

Jason: No, no. All I did was listen to lulu.

Lucky: Well, lulu is having a breakdown. She's not making the best decisions for herself. So you didn't do her any favors. Go away. Stay the hell away from her.

Jason: Lulu wants this. Don't make it any harder on her.

Claudia: Hey, cop. You can't possibly hate this more than I do, but you know the only way to make it worse is to go in there and try to rip the two of them apart.

[Lulu sighs]

Lulu: I think that I'm getting worse. I'm just -- I'm so afraid.

Johnny: Don'T. Lulu, don't do that to yourself. Don't give up. Hold on. Promise me you're going to hold on.

Spinelli: Karpov's men are off-loading goods from the truck. No doubt it's contraband.

Maxie: Ok, let's make an anonymous call to the police station.

Spinelli: If this place gets busted and shut down, it'll only limit the jackal's opportunities to gain evidence against the slavic seductress.

Maxie: Stop that. If jason says that he is not getting it on with karpov's lawyer, then he is not. All we need to do is gather enough evidence to run karpov out of town, and to do that, we just need to involve the police. Where are you going?

Spinelli: Before we call anyone, the jackal must investigate further.

[Classical music playing]

Nadine: What -- did I use the wrong -- is there chocolate sauce on my chin? Oh, god!

Nikolas: [Laughing] No. No, no, you just looked like you were enjoying yourself over there.

Nadine: Um, I am.

Nikolas: Good, that's something that I admire about you.

Nadine: That I can enjoy myself?

Nikolas: That you can live in the moment, appreciate what's right in front of you.

Nadine: Well, it's not hard when what's right in front of you is the most delicious chocolate concoction you've had in your entire life.

Nikolas: Well, I don't mean just this. I mean, the pediatric ward, with the kids and climbing through some innocent guy's window just to investigate.

Nadine: Mm-hmm. You thought I was an idiot for doing that.

Nikolas: Mm-mmm. I think that the undertaking was a bit misguided.

Nadine: I believe the word you used was "ridiculous."

Nikolas: My point is that even when your actions are questionable, your motives aren'T. You're very enthusiastic and open to new experiences, and i hope you never lose that.

Nadine: Oh. What about you? Are you open to new experiences?

Sonny: You look so gorgeous in this magnificent dress that i don't know how the wedding dress is going to compare.

Kate: Well, it's different. It's more formal.

Sonny: So it's not like a bunch of pillows exploded?

Kate: Oh, what are you saying? You saying that I wouldn't look good with a bunch of pillows exploding?

Sonny: Nah, I'd say you'd look good in anything. But you'd even look better with nothing.

Patrick: I am totally committed to raising this baby with you, but that's not the reason why i want to get married. Robin, I want this to be a commitment to you, because i love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Robin: Well, we can still do that. We don't have to get married, you know. We don't have to go through the stress and the formality.

Patrick: I want the stress. I want the formality. I want all of that. I want to say our vows. So the next time we have some stupid or even meaningful fight, there's a reason to stay -- a reason to try again. And I know that it's a big change, but I know that we can do it together. I love you. For rich or for poor. For better or for worse. For all of it. I want to be with you. For the rest of my life.

Robin: I love you so, so much.

Robin: I'm so sorry. I just -- I can't marry you. I'm sorry.

Nikolas: Yeah, I was raised a certain way, right? I was taught to honor tradition, and I don't know, maybe it's -- maybe a little --

Nadine: Rigid?

Nikolas: Not as open and spontaneous as some people.

Nadine: Well, maybe you could work on that. Make yourself open to -- to new things.

Nikolas: Got something in mind?

Nadine: Well, we've never danced.

Nikolas: No, this is true.

Nadine: So, maybe we could -- no, no, no, no. You know what? That is a bad idea.

Nikolas: No, no, no, it's not. What kind of music do you like?

Nadine: Well, we are at a castle. So maybe we could waltz.

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah. You waltz?

Nadine: Well, I used to stand on my dad's feet, and he'd dance me around the room. It's one of my favorite memories, but there wasn't much call for ballroom dancing where I grew up so --

Nikolas: Right. Well, this will be another good memory. Come on.

Nadine: Oh, I don't want you to remember me looking like this.

Nikolas: No, that's -- you look beautiful. Come on.

Nadine: Ok.

Nikolas: You ready?

Nadine: Yes.

Nikolas: All right.

Nadine: Ok.

Nikolas: There you go.

Nadine: All right.

Nikolas: You ready?

Nadine: Yeah.

Nikolas: Ok.

Nadine: Ok. Ok.

[Both laugh]

Nadine: It's harder than it looks.

Nikolas: Just follow me, all right? I'm going to spin you now. You ready?

Nadine: All right.

Nikolas: Ready?

Nadine: Mm-hmm. Ready.

Nikolas: Wow, ok.

Nadine: Good.

Nikolas: This is going to be it.

Nadine: Mm-mmm.

Nikolas: [Laughing] Work it out.

Nadine: That was just the first one. Ok, all right.

Nikolas: Ready?

Nadine: Yeah.

[Nikolas laughs]

Nikolas: There you go.

Nadine: Better, see?

Sonny: You know what?

Kate: What?

Sonny: I take it back.

Kate: What?

Sonny: All the comments, teasing, and all that -- that -- you know. About your big plans for the wedding, I -- you were right.

Kate: Well, it's your wedding, too. You get a say, and I know you're a private person.

Sonny: Yes, I am. But, you know, some events are watershed in your life, and this is a big deal, and, uh -- we're starting a new life, and i want to make a statement. I'm very proud that you're going to be my wife.

[Sonny grunts]

Kate: What? What happened?

Sonny: I just -- I guess the pin in the back.

Kate: There's blood on the dress. Oh, this is the worst possible luck of all.

Claudia: Listen, cop, the damage is already done, right? Jason, he brought lulu here, and she's in there with johnny. Just give them a couple of minutes, ok? And then you can drag johnny back to his cell, business as usual, and there will be no drama.

Lucky: You just don't want johnny flipping out in front of his girl.

Claudia: I don'T. You're right. I'm looking out for my brother. But you should be doing the same thing for your sister right now. She needs to be in there.

Scott: What the hell is your sister doing in there with zacchara after what happened last time?

Lucky: She was searched.

Scott: I want her out.

Lucky: Give her a few more minutes.

Johnny: You know, we're going to get through this. You're strong. But I need you to focus on getting well. Do what the doctors tell you to do.

Lulu: What about you?

Johnny: I'll be fine. I'm going to beat these murder charges, and when I do, I'm going to be waiting for you when you get out. Hey, forget about your mother. Forget about the past. Forget about everything. We're going to have the life that we planned.

Lulu: No. No, no, no. No, no. No, no, no! You're not real. You're not real. You're not real. You're not real. No, no.

Spinelli: I must go scout at the warehouse.

Maxie: No, no, no, no. The last time you did that, you almost had your arms ripped out of their sockets, and I had to make up a crazy story that we were having sex in there.

Spinelli: I won't require assistance this time. I must prove to you and stone cold that my manly prowess is sufficient.

Maxie: Spinelli, don't you do this.

Spinelli: I am a master of stealth. It's ok.

Maxie: But you don't have to prove anything to --

[Car crashes]

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