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 Fanfic Contest Voting, CLOSED.
Posted: Jul 28 2008, 11:00 PM


Group: Admin
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GHOnline Fanfic Challenge Voting!!!

First off I would like to thank the six people who entered, you guys know who u are so thank you. I wish more people would have entered but we got six awesome stories so you are all winners in my book. All of your stories were wonderful. So thank you for taking the time to write them for us.

Here are the guidelines for voting:

1. Only Vote for ONE story, and DO NOT vote for yourself(if you are a paticipant)!!! Please do not be bias as to the couple used in the story. Do not vote for a story just because that is your favorite couple, vote for it because you think it's the most creative and your favorite story.

2. PM your vote to me (gargoyles42) with the number assigned to the banner you choose, DO NOT post your vote in this thread!! Also state in the subject that the vote is for the fanfic contest.

3. Voting will last til Thursday, July 31th and Winner will be announced Friday, August 1st.

Good luck to everyone 14.gif and if you sent me your fanfic entry but I didn't get it please PM me as soon as possible with your fanfic.

Thank you for entering multistars.gif , and here are the stories:

Entry 1

Title: Misery
Summary: Elizabeth and Lucky discuss Jake & Jason.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. They belong to ABC and the following is only a product of my imagination.


“Mommy, why you cryin’?” asked Cam, standing in front of his mother who was sitting on the crouch, wiping away a tear.

“It’s the story on the new, baby,” replied Elizabeth, “it was really sad. But I’m okay now.” She forced a smile to reassure her little boy. Cam didn’t look convinced but he didn’t have a chance to question further when the front door opened.

“Hey you guys!” said Lucky.

“Daddy!” yelled Cam, running to him. His enthusiasm for his father’s arrival never seemed to diminish. Every time he saw him he was as excited as the last. Jake walked slowly towards Lucky, carefully placing each step. He’d fallen down enough times today. Lucky leaned down and picked him up, sending him flying up in the air while Cam looked up, laughing. If she hadn’t been so preoccupied Elizabeth would have enjoyed the scene.

“Lucky, I am so sorry. I completely forgot you were coming to pick up the boys. Their stuff isn’t even ready! I don’t know where my head was at, I’m so distracted!” she apologized, quickly picking up the boys’ toys around the living room.

Lucky could see that she was upset; he could sense the tension inside her. They had known each other for quite a while, after all. He liked to think he was the person who knew her the most, even after two divorces. He smiled, hoping to relieve her of her stress, and said, “That’s fine, it won’t take too long to put everything together. Cam, why don’t you go upstairs and pick out the toys you want to take with you?” The little boy didn’t even acknowledge him and went straight toward the stairs. He had a mission. An important mission.

Lucky put Jake down and sat on the couch. He looked around, trying to find the source of her tension. She disappeared into the kitchen for a minute, to pick up things for the boys, probably, and Lucky’s eyes fell on the TV. There was Jason Morgan’s picture, and although the sound was off, Lucky knew approximately what the news anchor was saying. Jason had been arrested. Again. And he would most likely be released soon, like every other time Jason had been arrested.

Elizabeth came back into the living room and saw the TV too. She quickly grabbed the remote and turned it off. “I baked some brownies earlier for the boys, you can take them with you, I know you don’t usually keep dessert in the house.” She put the plate on the table next to the front door. She was going for the stairs when Lucky stopped her.

“You know you can talk to me, right?” Lucky asked.

Elizabeth stopped and turned around slowly. She couldn’t even imagine talking about this with Lucky. “I’m fine,” she replied, “I must be more tired than I thought, that’s all.”

“Jason’s back in custody.” For some reason he felt the need to push the issue, to get her to open up to him. He had a lot of questions, mostly because he hadn’t had the courage to ask them before. Too afraid of the answers.

Elizabeth sighed. She had hoped he wouldn’t approach the subject. She looked up the stairs, silently asking Cam to come back so she wouldn’t have to continue this conversation. But he had most likely been distracted from his mission by a toy train or car and the miniature race track in his bedroom. She walked slowly over to the couch and sat down next to her ex-husband. She could get through this, she could hold off on the crying until he was gone with the boys.

“Jason has a good lawyer,” she said, trying to keep things fairly neutral, “I’m sure he’ll be out of there in a matter of hours, just like always.” She knew her voice was strained. It sounded strange to her, like her brain wasn’t connected to the words that were coming out of her mouth. She watched Jake walk toward the coffee table, a red block in his hand. He put it there then went over to the stack of blocks, picked up another one, and brought it over to the table, setting it beside the other one. And back he went. She felt her eyes tear up. “Damn it,” she thought.

“Elizabeth…” Lucky started.

“I’m fine, I’m sorry. I told you, I’m tired,” she replied.

“I know you, this is not tired. Something’s wrong. For the past few weeks, you’ve been all over the place.” He hated asking but he did it anyway, “Did something happen with Jason?”

Elizabeth closed her eyes and let out a shaky breath. A lone tear escaped, running down her cheek. Lucky’s heart broke. He hated seeing her cry. He ran his hand up and down her back softly, trying to comfort her.

“Jake’s walking,” she said, “Jason’s never seen his son walk.” Lucky stayed quiet. He hoped she would open up to him that way.

“I just…. It’s really hard. Jake looks so much like him. And every time that I hold him, and feed him, and put him down to sleep, I think that Jason can’t. It’s not fair.”

“I know,” Lucky said. She was surprised by his compassion. When he didn’t say anything else she continued.

“Since Michael got shot… It’s been really hard for Jason. And I know that being around Jake would help. But of course he can’t be. And I wish….” She hesitated, figured what the hell, and went for it, “I wish I could be there for him. God knows he’s been there for me through so much.”

“You miss him.” It was a statement rather than a question.

“Yes. When…. After Emily died we started seeing each other in secret.” She looked at him, trying to gauge his reaction. There was no anger in his eyes, no disappointment, so she continued, “And it helped a lot. He couldn’t be with Jake, but I could show him pictures, I could talk to him about his son, and we could be together. But after Michael got shot… Everything changed. Everything. Jason blames himself for what happened and he swears he won’t put me and the boys in the same position that he put Carly and Michael in. And now… we don’t talk anymore. I miss him.”

Lucky heard the words but most of all, he understood everything that wasn’t said. She struggled through her whole speech not to cry. She was clasping her hands together so tightly her knuckles were white. Her shoulders were slumped, her head down. Defeated. It was what she looked like to him. Like a woman who had completely given up.

Elizabeth leaned against the back of the sofa and sighed again. The smallest things seemed to take so much energy. Lucky looked at Jake, slowly putting his block on top of one another, then tearing the construction down and starting over. He did look a lot like Jason. Lucky loved him. The same way he loved Cameron, both children that weren’t his. It didn’t make much of a difference to him, but it made a difference for Jason. And Lucky imagined it would have made a difference for Zander, too, if he’d still been alive. He took a deep breath, already hating the words he was going to say.

“Maybe it’s not such a good idea, hiding Jake’s paternity.” Elizabeth turned around and looked at him as if he had two heads. She opened her mouth but closed it, not finding words to reply to his statement. He continued, “It’s obviously hurting you too much.”

“This isn’t about me,” Elizabeth finally replied, “It’s for Jake. For his safety. So he can have a normal childhood, with no guards, no fear, no violence. We all agreed. You and me and Jason. That it was the best idea.”

“I know, I know that’s what we all agreed. But I didn’t think it would affect you this much. Elizabeth…. Look at you. You’re barely hanging on! How long do you think you can continue like this?”

She stood up, as if ready for battle. “I can continue forever, if it’s for my boys,” she said.

“They know you’re not happy,” Lucky replied, “You know kids are sensitive to these things.”

“I’ll be fine. Just a little bit more time, and I’ll be fine. It’s for Jake. And Cam. For their safety. We all agreed, Lucky, we all agreed. You said you would help!”

“I don’t know anymore. I’m afraid it’s doing more harm than good. It’s a heavy burden to carry…”

“I can handle it,” she tried not to raise her voice, aware that Jake was in the room with them. “Should they even be talking about this in front of him?” she thought. “I can handle it.”

“You love Jason,” Lucky said. “And I’d be willing to bet he loves you too. I love Jake. I do. But I could never love him the way Jason does. It’s not the same. You know that. Love is strong. My parents taught me that. It can overcome the odds. If you’re so miserable we should reconsider.”

Elizabeth was speechless. She never expected to hear this from Lucky, of all people. Just as she was getting ready to reply, she heard small steps come down the stairs.

“I got all my toys ready, Daddy,” Cam said, “And I picked out some clothes, too. Are we ready to go soon? Can we go see Spencer and the horses Daddy?”

“Sure, buddy, I’ll call Uncle Nikolas and see if they can have us over.” Lucky turned to Elizabeth. “Think about it. I’ll go get the boys’ things ready,” he said as he walked up the stairs.

Elizabeth took a deep breath and sat back down on the couch. She knew she had a lot to think about, but her brain didn’t seem to want to cooperate. She felt numb. She watched as her son kept playing with his blocks, completely oblivious to the conversation that had just happened. She picked up the remote and turned the TV back on. There was Jason’s picture again. However, this time the anchor said that he had just been released and all charges against him had been dropped.

She had a lot of thinking to do.

This post has been edited by gargoyles42 on Aug 25 2008, 10:11 PM

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Posted: Jul 28 2008, 11:02 PM


Group: Admin
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Entry 2

Always You…

“Every step I take
Leave’s something behind.
A little piece of me
Just waiting for someone to find!”

“I gave you what you wanted, but I didn’t think it would hurt this much.” Elizabeth said to the empty house.

Not even six months ago, she was briefly engaged to the man she loved unconditionally. It had been a quick engagement, considering, not even ten minutes after the acceptance of the proposal, their respective cellular phones rang and their world was torn apart.

Elizabeth moved through the world, once again, putting forth the face that the people she knew wanted. She couldn’t fathom a life without Jason, but here she was, moving forward once again with her life, there was no going back.

He had made his choice, once again the business came before her, what hurt even more than her unimaginable broken heart, it was the fact that her son, scratch that, her sons, wouldn’t know the man who wanted so much to be their father…

How could he walk away from his son? Jake was his flesh and blood, she could see how it would be easier for Jason to dismiss Cam, but Jake was the child he had longed for, for damn near all his adult life.

“Don’t be stupid, this has nothing to do with the kids, Jason loves Cameron as much as he loves Jake. He would never favor one over the other.” Elizabeth quickly berated herself and her emotions.

Her life rapidly changed from one moment to the next. It was like a play with constantly changing scenes, and writers. It felt like nothing would ever come to a head, it seemed like she was destined to be caught in the loop of heartache.

She felt like a character caught in the midst of never ending angst, where someone, a higher power perhaps, pulled the strings, beckoned her, this way and that. If that wasn’t phantasmal, she wasn’t sure what was… Perhaps she was just a lowly being, sentenced to playing a broken hearted woman for some higher being…

Those were thoughts better left un-thought… Thinking that way, could lead to madness.

A knock on the door pulled her from her thoughts, thankful for the short reprieve that her mind would have, her heart…

Elizabeth pulled the door open, her sadness quickly being replaced by anger.

Since Emily died, no one came by anymore, at least not people she actually wanted to come by. The last time she opened her door, it had been Carly, and before that Sam, the two people she actually despised.

Not even looking up to see who was there. Elizabeth said, “What do you want?” Her anger suffusing her words, tinting them with all the bitterness and injustice she felt.

“Umm, well… I---I’m sorry! I’ll leave.” Replied the booming voice, standing outside the door, quickly looking over his shoulder for an escape route.

Elizabeth’s head snapped up at the sound of the voice, the voice that could calm her every fear and fill her heart to brimming with love.

“I--- I didn’t mean you, I am sorry, please come in, or is that not allowed, will inviting you in, endanger the boys and I?” Elizabeth asked her eyes downcast once again.

“Will you not look at me?” Jason asked, trying to hold in his own emotions.

“What good is looking at you? Can I now touch you, taste you; feel your body pressed against mine? Can our son feel your comforting presence, be reminded of your love in your arms?” Elizabeth asked. Knowing full well if she didn’t stop, all her carefully constructed walls were going to tumble down, and once again she would be forced to spend months erecting them again.

Jason heard the hitch in her voice and felt the knife-like cut to his heart, with every question she asked.

Her pain though, was his pain, he wanted her. More than he could even fathom, his life without her was a bottomless pit that continued only because he couldn’t conceive the notion of taking his life. He knew the harsh reaction he would receive if she knew he had been taking more and more risks with his job. He wasn’t being the self contained man he normally was, he was acting more and more like Sonny…

“Elizabeth!” Jason said. He couldn’t bring himself to say anything else, his words, like always failed him, leaving him unable to continue.

So simple a word, her name, slipped from his lips, and with her name, her self-restraint, her wall, crumbled.

He was the only man who had ever made her name sound melodious as if every deity was gracing their love. But when she finally found the strength to look in his eyes, her heart broke even further, a feat, she didn’t think was possible. Mirrored upon his face was the same pain.

With the realization that he was hurting as much as she was, only served to ignite her anger even more.

“How dare you Jason! You come here, for what reason, could you not stay away, and did you want to rub the fact that we can’t be anything in my face?” Elizabeth said, her breath coming out in harsh pants. “This is not funny Jason, you can’t come here to assuage some of your own desire or guilt, whatever compelled you to come here. I am not made of stone, I am flesh and blood, I see you and it tears me apart, a little more each day I die.” She couldn’t finish, her tears came, washing down her cheeks, silvery drops tracing angelic lines into oblivion.

“I love you, please don’t doubt it!” Jason replied, his voice a bare whisper.

“You love me, what a joke.” Elizabeth replied, barking a disjointed laugh, a sound so foreign to her, and with the realization, she understood, she was close to her breaking point, if she had not already reached it.

“You loved me so much, that you proposed, and in the heat of a terrible moment, you took back all you vowed. You said you wouldn’t change your mind, but minutes later, you broke that promise. What happened to Michael was horrible, but have you not learned, life is short… We had something special, something that has spanned over eight years, and that one single tragic moment, you have disregarded me and our son.” Elizabeth finished, walking away from the door and from Jason.

Jason stared at her retreat back, torn between what he knew he should be doing and what he really wanted to do. His life was dangerous, if he followed his heart, he could lose everything that he loved, but by walking away, he was doing the same. Unable to stand still any longer, Jason strode into the house, shutting the door quietly.

As he reached for her, unsure of his intentions, he heard her whisper. “I did what you asked, but I didn’t think it would hurt this much. How could you have asked this of me?” Elizabeth said, sinking onto the couch, curling her knees beneath her as she gave in to the pain. Her sobs shook her body, stealing her breath and her desire to go on.

Jason saw the change, never before had he seen Elizabeth so low. He had done this; once again he was to blame for the immense pain she was in.

For once not thinking about anything, Jason slipped softly on to the couch, taking her in his arms. He was met with resistance to begin with, but soon she curled into his arms.

It didn’t take long, ten minutes maybe a little longer and she drifted off to sleep. It wasn’t until he was able to look at her, to really look, not just the quick stolen glances of before, that he really saw how tired she was, how unhappy she was, is…

He had so much he wanted to say, but he realized this time, he couldn’t make promises, he had to “man” up.

Enjoying the moments that he had deprived himself of, Jason finally felt at peace. That was until his son made his presence known. Gently he extracted himself from Elizabeth’s arms, covered her with the blanket that lay across the back of the couch and quietly went in search of his son.


Elizabeth came awake slowly, not wanting to, but knowing there was something she was forgetting… Then it hit her, Jason had come over, they had been arguing, or she had been… It was a little fuzzy, but she couldn’t remember him leaving… She sat up with a start, “Jake” slipping from her lips as she looked around her living room.

A warm, firm hand on her shoulder caused her to jump out of her skin, a squeal slipping from her lips.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to startle you.” Jason said, moving around in front of her.

“It’s---okay, really, I just didn’t…” Elizabeth said, tapering off, not sure what she wanted to say.

“We need to talk, what I asked of you the last time I came here, I was wrong.” Jason said. Knowing full well he was not saying what he needed to say, once again finding his inability to express himself, hindering his ability to say what he truly felt.

“Excuse me? You were wrong?” Elizabeth said, unable to wrap her mind around what was going on.

“I need to go, but I will be back. I have a few things that I need to do.” Jason said, placing a tender kiss to his son’s forehead before placing him in his playpen.

Elizabeth couldn’t think of anything to say, she just stared at his retreating back. Her heart threatening to break all over again, how could one woman be so stupid?


Elizabeth had fed the boys, done the dishes, bathed and put the boys to bed. Now she had a few moments for herself.

She knew if she allowed herself a few moments to think about everything that had happened today, she would fall apart, and perhaps never be able to pick up the pieces. So instead of sitting around and wondering what came next, she went to the only place where she could relax and not have to think.

The hot water and vanilla scented bubbles soothed her sore body, calmed her mind, giving her a few moments of peace.

A knock sounded at the door, Elizabeth almost screamed blue murder, but as Jason moved into the small room, a heated blush rose to her cheeks instead.

“Is there something you wanted?” Elizabeth asked, unable to form a coherent thought.

“Yes, I told you I would be back, I had a few things I needed to take care of, but I am back.” Jason replied. “I know I never say or do the right things, and when it comes to you, it seems I am always messing up. But I love you and you are right, I made a promise to you and then turned around and broke it.”

“I know why you did it…” Elizabeth began, but was cutoff.

“I know, you know. But that isn’t why I am here, to smooth over the hurts; I am here, because I have been a fool. For once, I am not going to allow my inadequacies to mess this up. I love you, there will never be another woman, you are my everything. And I know I have made quite a mess out of us at almost every turn, but I want you to be my wife, I want you and the boys to come live with me. I am tired of putting this business ahead of everything that I hold dear. I want us to raise the boys as a family, perhaps even convince you to give them a little sister.” Jason said, unable to stop the flow of words or the small smile. Now that he started, he seemed unable to stop.

“Excuse me?” Elizabeth said, “You have said much the same before, what has changed, what reassurance do I have you won’t once again break my heart by taking it back?”

Jason stepped closer to the tub, once beside it, he knelt down on one knee and reached into the bubbly mass for her hand.

“This” he said.

“I love you, I can’t imagine my life without you, and perhaps you have had a change of heart, but I have wanted you as my wife for so long, I can’t remember when I haven’t. I am not eloquent and fear, will never be, but I know that you complete me. I now know, that every step I have taken and every step I will take, will always and forever lead me back to you! Elizabeth Imogene Webber, will you be my wife?” Jason said, slipping a diamond and ruby engagement ring upon her finger.

“I-I, I…” Elizabeth stuttered.

“I have already made arrangements, should you say yes. I don’t want to wait; we can have a small ceremony right now, and then, when we have time to plan the big thing… Did I mention, I want to marry you now?” Jason asked.

Quickly he stood, pulled a towel from the rack and placed it over her bubble covered form, ignoring the confused look upon her beautiful face.

Tramping down his jealousy, he opened the door and ushered in a short pudgy little man, a Justice of the Peace.

Elizabeth laid there, her mouth agape, her hands pulling tersely at the towel, hoping all her vital parts were covered. It took a few moments, but she finally found her voice.

“You weren’t kidding when you said right now, were you?” Elizabeth said, with a slight laugh.

“No! Wait, does that mean you will?” Jason asked, his face a mask, unreadable, except his eyes, his eyes gave away everything, especially his happiness.

“You understand, you put this ring on my finger, the only way it is coming off, is if I die! If I say yes, you are not allowed to ever want a take-back! Do you understand me? Because once I say I do, especially if I say I do in a bathtub, then the only way you are ever getting away from me is in death, and it better be a mighty long time from now! Got it mister?” Elizabeth said, poking his chest for emphasis.

Jason leaned down and captured her lips with his. Putting forth every emotion he had ever felt in to it. Letting all the past hurts fade as he took heart in knowing, for once, he had finally made the right choice. It scared him a little to think that it had always been Elizabeth, it scared him, but it also filled him with something he had never known before, a feeling of coming home!

The Justice of the Peace had to leave the room for awhile, Elizabeth’s quick hands landed Jason in the tub, he was soaked along with her. But it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling. It had been too long since they had last felt this good.

Two hours later, both sopping wet and all smiles and rosy blushes, Mr. Davenport announced them husband and wife.

“So, you’re stuck with me now!” Elizabeth said.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Jason replied.

As the lights went off, the sounds of pleasure resonated through the house, along with the long awaited sounds of happiness…

If either of them had learned anything from all of this, it was that you couldn’t thwart fate.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Enough talking, get back to what you were doing before!” Elizabeth said with a laugh filled with heady desire.

The End!!!

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Posted: Jul 28 2008, 11:05 PM


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Entry 3

Because You Loved Me
(one shot)

“Last night I literally thought I was going to die from the pain. My heart kept skipping beats. Work had become pointless at times. Why try and save everyone else, when the one person you want to save shows you the door. In the end I guess I couldn’t prove my love. Who would blame her? I gave her every reason to doubt me. I really did try, though. I thought that I had more time, more time to prove to myself that it was true love. I waited too long I should have told her sooner. I did love her, more than I thought I could love anyone, again. First loves die hard….and I thought I would never get to experience that again. I’m sorry is all I know how to say. But she won’t even let me in the door.

She started seeing someone else. It’s not that I am jealous, ok maybe a little, but it’s that she is putting herself in danger yet again. Is she trying to prove something? Why is she doing this? Didn’t she learn from anything she had been through? I need to know, I need her to tell me that her love for me is gone. I hate that the day she told me to leave, was also the day she told me she loved me.

So…now what? Move on? Hope to God that I can find a love like this for a third time. And even if I did, I want the love from her.

It has been three weeks since she asked me to give her space. How much space does one person need? I saw her crying in the park. It took all I had to walk away from her. And just as I was about to crack, her best friend came along next to her. I think she saw me, I regret not going over to her.

Tonight there was a huge drugs bust. I felt it coming back. The need to be numb. I grabbed a bottle. I didn’t even see what it was, I just took it, hid it in my pocket, and left to my empty house. I sat, and sat and sat…staring at this bottle. Finally I stood up from where I was sitting, and I got in my car. I clenched on to the bottle of pills. I drove over the west side bridge, tossed them into the river, and came here.

I’m Lucky Spencer, and I almost gave in tonight” Lucky sat down back to his chair

“What stopped you?” an attendee asked

“I remembered she loved me” simply lucky stated.

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Posted: Jul 28 2008, 11:06 PM


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Entry 4

Title: No Second Chances
Characters: Jason and Sam
Pairing: Jason/Sam (JaSam)
Rating/Warnings: R. AU, Het, OOC, Strong Language, Violence.
Summary: Sam can’t forgive Jason for choosing another woman over her.

“I gave you what you wanted, but I didn’t think it would hurt this much.” Sam’s whispered words were like a dagger to Jason’s chest. She sounded so broken. The pain in her eyes and voice made him want to turn away in shame, but he didn’t. He couldn’t. Instead, Jason found himself unable to look at anything but the woman he loved. Sam looked up at Jason and she stared harshly into his blue eyes before forcing herself to say, “Get the fuck out of here.” Jason didn’t move. He just stood there staring at Sam lying in the hospital bed. This was the first time Sam had been in the hospital since losing Lila and Jason wanted to be there for her, but she wouldn’t let him. Not that he was surprised. Jason knew that he was once again the reason she was lying in that damned hospital bed, only this time things were worse.

This time, Jason had done the unthinkable in Sam’s book. He had chosen to push Elizabeth, Sam’s worst enemy out of the way of instead of saving the woman he supposedly loved and to Sam that was completely unforgivable. Not one to give up easily, Jason said, “Sam, I know what you’re thinking but you’re wrong. I’m not in love with Elizabeth. I’m in love with you and only you. I want to give us another try, have another chance.” Sam glared up at Jason from her bed and she said, “Jason, you didn’t give one fucking thought to me when that car was speeding down the street at me and Elizabeth. You were too worried about hurting that slut by telling her to stop flirting with you and when it came down to it, you picked that… That tramp! You picked that tramp instead of me and I can’t forgive that.”

Jason tried to brush Sam’s hair out of her face but when his hand went near her face, she grabbed his hand hard and twisted his fingers harshly making him say, “Damn it Sam calm down!” Sam spat in his face and said, “There are no second chances for us. You screwed that up when you chose Elizabeth!” Jason sighed and forced himself to remain calm as he tried to explain. “I didn’t choose Elizabeth. I was closer to her when the car reached us. If I had been next to you, then I’d have pushed you out of the way.” Sam laughed. “But the fact of the matter is that you were with Elizabeth! Again! This isn’t the first time that Elizabeth has come before me or our relationship!” Jason was getting a headache from all of Sam’s yelling and knew he would have to leave soon or risk snapping at Sam.

However, when Sam started to speak again, he knew it wouldn’t be good. “I gave you everything I had, Jason. I gave you my body, my love and my heart, and no one has ever gotten as close to my heart as you have. But do you even care? No! I’m just another notch on your headboard. I guess the only woman you’ll ever really give a damn about is that bitch Carly.” Jason counted to ten silently to calm down and then said, “You weren’t just another woman to me, Sam. I loved you. I STILL love you, but you’re making this difficult.” Sam rolled her eyes and then said, “Oh, excuse ME. I didn’t know that I’m the one who is supposed to make things easier for you. I’m the one in the hospital bed Jason!” Jason knew that they weren’t going to get anywhere tonight since Sam was so angry, so he just gave Sam a quick peck on the lips before she could protest and then he was out the door.

When Jason left, Sam glared at the door for several minutes before grabbing one of the pillows and heaving it at the closed door in anger. When the pillow simply hit the door and fell to the floor, she let out a growl of frustration. She wanted Elizabeth to pay and pay dearly. The woman was made out to be like she was some kind of fucking Saint or something and it drove Sam crazy. While everyone in town called her a slut, everyone called Elizabeth the perfect mother, the perfect friend, the perfect wife and more. But what no one really knew, was what a bitch Elizabeth could be. Sam knew though. Ever since she and Jason had first gotten together, Elizabeth had been trying to break them up, even though she was supposedly happily married to Lucky Spencer. The poor guy didn’t know that he was second to Jason Morgan with his wife.

Since Lucky hated Jason for his mob ties, Sam knew that he would try to tear Jason apart if he got even a hint that Elizabeth loved Jason a hell of a lot more than she ever loved him and would ever love him. Part of Sam wanted to go and tell Lucky everything. She wanted to break whatever hold Elizabeth seemed to have on every single person she had ever met. Sam wanted to bring Elizabeth down several notches, since the woman seemed to think that she could do no wrong. Oh yes, Sam would do it. An idea was slowly forming in her mind and the moment that she got out of this damn hospital, she was going to put her plan into action. Of course, it was going to be hard to make everyone see Elizabeth’s true colors. The only other person who hated Elizabeth as much as Sam was Carly and Sam knew that she would do or say anything to get Carly to help with her plan. She was ready to blow Jason Elizabeth’s lives apart.

The only problem would be getting Carly to go against Jason. Sure, it was cruel to try and pin one best friend against another but Sam was desperate. She would do anything to make sure that Elizabeth was out of the picture permanently. Sam wanted Elizabeth out of her life and Jason’s as well. If a few people had to suffer in the process, then so be it. Sam was tired of getting treated like shit while everyone sang Lizbitch’s praises day and night. Sam smiled to herself at the nickname she had for Elizabeth. It was one she had made up the moment she met the other woman and it fit the other woman perfectly in Sam’s opinion. Since she had a plan, Sam felt better now that she knew what was to happen when she was released from the hospital. A few moments later she closed her eyes and fell asleep. She had dreams of getting Elizabeth back and all of them were better than the last.

The End.

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Entry 5

Broken Dreams

Today was the first day I had without him. Spinelli turned out to be the one true constant in my life besides my “dad” Mac. Georgie was brutally murdered, my mom and dad are God knows where, Robin has been back for a couple of years now but she is starting a family of her own. The two men I thought I had loved were murdered as well. Spinelli has been there no matter what. At first, I was not too sure about him; he was just someone I could torture Lulu with. Then one day out of nowhere, I realized I was starting to have feelings for him. I was not too happy with the fact that he worked for Jason Morgan because I knew Spinelli had so much more potential then to be a cyber lackey for some Mob boss.

Yesterday was the first time Spinelli and I slept together in that sense. I mean I have had him in my bed before but nothing ever happened. I did not know what it was like to have someone... a man, really that actually truly loved me for me. Cooper and Jesse both said they loved me but I do not think they really did. To Spinelli I was the Maxiemista, the right hand to the Fashionista. I liked Maxiemista much better than the “Bad Blonde One”, he originally dubbed me. Really, I am not that bad, just really misunderstood. Spinelli understood me or so I thought. He eventually gave into his more manly instincts and decided that he wanted to be more to Jason than just a computer hacker. He decided that he was going to learn how to shoot a gun and not shoot his foot as he did once before. He also started taking self- defense courses so he could learn how to defend himself and be more like Jason. To me Spinelli would never be like Jason, he was so much more than Jason could ever be.

Spinelli had been kind and would literally give you the shirt off his back. He may have been a little, okay make that a lot eccentric. If he was not eccentric, I do not think Spinelli would have been Spinelli, which was who he was and he could not understand that we all loved him just the way he was.

Everyone, except for Sonny Corinthos. He hated Spinelli with every fiber of his being. No one ever did understand why Sonny hated Spinelli so much. Maybe it was because he was not as smart as Spinelli and was jealous of him. Yeah, that was it he was jealous.

One day Carly had come to see Spinelli while I was at the penthouse visiting and asked… no demanded him to dig whatever he could up on my boss, Kate Howard. Carly was seriously a minx that was for sure. I was not sure what Carly was up to and I certainly did not want Spinelli involved with anything that Carly was involved with. Carly spelled trouble and it followed her wherever she went. Whatever it was that she had Spinelli dig up was major. It had Sonny in an uproar no sooner than Carly handing it to him. It also had Jax pretty upset too. I mean Jasper Jacks was Kate’s sole beneficiary for her magazine Crimson. I always thought Kate was a stand up woman, very regal and sophisticated. I never thought she would have had a skeleton that big in her closet.

That was the day I lost Spinelli, thanks to Carly. If it were not for her hatred against all women that were with Sonny, that were not her. Maybe I would be with Spinelli right now. Instead, I am writing my thoughts down versus telling them to him myself.

Well, I have to myself ready to go to a funeral I never thought I would have had to attend. I am going to miss him more than I thought I would. Well, Spinelli, I gave you what you wanted, but I never thought it would hurt me this much.

I hope he knew how much I loved him for who he was and not what he thought I wanted him to be.

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Entry 6

Author’s Note: I can’t bring myself to watch GH much anymore. I saw some of the Michael Coma scenes, but not all of them so forgive me if there is any repetition in ideas etc. This is an Alternative to the show in that Carly and Jason were together after Michael went into the permanent facility, not Sonny and Carly. In this scene, Carly and Jason have ended up at Michael’s room (accidently) at the same time, and they have not spoken since the ‘incident’. And scene….

Title: Repeat

“I gave you what you wanted, but I didn’t think would hurt this much.”

“That makes two of us.”

His blue eyes pierced hers as she stood just as angry and hurt as he was. The betrayal of what they had done to his best friend, his former mentor, was killing him as he looked at what had once been his son.

It was as though they were returning to the scene of the crime. Last time they had left that room, they had ended up in each other’s arms and lost themselves in one another.

“Jason, it’s not something I’m proud of either, you know? I love Jax and, God help you, you love little Lizzie.”


“Why do we have to talk about it? Why can’t it just be?”

“Because, as always, Carly, what we do affects other people.” He lowered his voice, ashamed they were having this argument at Michael’s bedside, and took a seat once more, pleased to see the door had remained close, “People we care about.”

“People who will never understand us like we understand each other.” Carly’s statement shook the room with the weight of its truth, their eyes connecting with mutual warmth. Wrapping her arms tightly around herself, she ignored the tears welling in her eyes and continued, “I don’t expect anything. And—I didn’t know you’d be here. So, if you need time with Michael, alone, I can leave.”

The moment he heard her heels heading towards the door, he spoke before he could think about the words, “Don’t leave.”

Carly didn’t have the strength to look back at her; instead, she stood still.

“Do you remember when we were at the hospital and you…you blamed yourself?” Jason stared at her back, noting her trembling shoulders and bowed head, then proceeded with his head hung low, “It’s not your fault. It’s mine.”

“What?” She spun around to face him immediately, her tears evident in the shine of her eyes and cheeks, “Jason, there is no way you’re—“

“I left. I left, and I trusted my family to Sonny. To the business. And if I hurt my child like this, I—“

Carly rushed to him, kneeling before him, and looked up into his eyes, “You saved us.” Taking his hands in her own, she clasped the hold to her chest, assuring him, “You saved me and my little boy, Jase. We were on borrowed time but you—you took us in anyway. You gave us a home. You gave us love. You protected us and guided us. Until I screwed up, and you had to walk away.”

Jason shook his head slightly, remaining tight lipped.

“I run towards danger all the time. It calls my name, and I lie. I cheat. I do whatever it takes to go to it, to get the rush, and when you didn’t give me exactly what I wanted…I did it again. I ran to the enemy, and I let him rip us apart. I gave him my son so willingly, and I have only myself to blame for Michael’s…”

Jason gently used her hold to pull her into a strong embrace; the two of them were drowning in guilt. Each fully accepted their role in Michael’s accident; each fully to blame for the wrongs of the past. Both wanted to avoid the same dangers in the future.

Carly held him so tightly. Her nails dug into his back. Her tears created a puddle on his shoulder. Her heart pounded against his broad chest.

Holding her, he felt all of this. He savored her pain in relation to his own. She, after all this years, got him.

Jason pulled away slowly, staring away as to avoid her gaze which caught him so often, and went on, “I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.”

She joked through tears, letting out a soft and sharp laugh, “That makes two of us, too.”

“Carly, what we did…”

“Isn’t forever.” Shrugging her shoulders at his puzzled expression, she went on, “Jase, I don’t expect anything from you. Our lives…they aren’t what they were. We’re in a different place and time and we can’t go back. I understand perfectly. I understand better than you think.” She stood slowly to her feet, trying to clean herself up with the swipe of her hands, “If this had happened years ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity. I would have convinced you that this was love, to come back, to give me what I’ve always wanted.”

Jason searched her eyes for deception, found none, and sat in slight disbelief.

“But I’ve made my path, whether I stay with Jax or not, and my life has nothing to do with you. I can finally say that and make you proud, because I will always need you, Jase, but…I will never need you again.”

Standing to his feet as well, he nodded slowly with a small smile, “I know.”

“But Michael? He needs us always, and, if I have ruined that, I will never forgive myself, Jason. So, you promise me, right now, that night will never affect your relationship with your son. Because as much as I may have made you doubt it, I never saw anyone but you as Michael’s true father.”

“I will always be there for Michael.” Jason swore, stern and soft as only he could do, “And you, Carly.”

A bright smile spread across her lips, whispering, “I know.”

They stood in silence for a moment, trying to soak in the security of the moment. Yet, something felt surreal. Something felt completely foreign to them. Maybe they were missing the last piece, the helpless child. Maybe it was that there was no one yelling at them, making them defend each other. Maybe it was the fact that they weren’t fighting at all; they were equal. They were exchanging understanding, acceptance, and comfort. It was not one side for either of them.

Recognizing this, they found each other’s hand once more. Intertwining their fingers, they returned to Michael’s bedside. Carly took a seat on the bed beside Michael’s hip as Jason sat on the chair right beside the two of them. As they sat there for a moment, they mutually recalled the times they had been like this with their boy before.

They said nothing to each other but communicated through their touch and gaze – all the memories. They could remember Michael’s nursery, holding him at the window, telling him stories, and just sitting in silence.

Nothing else seemed important again as they stared at him, the peace could just envelope them.

But hope set in, causing Carly to pray aloud, “God, will return him one day, Jase. He has to.”

Jason said nothing, kissing the back of her hand supportively.

Drifting her eyes over to his, she sighed, “Until then, we wait.”

“Until then, we wait.”

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