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Posted by: gargoyles42 Jul 11 2008, 04:21 PM
Do you guys think that after everything that has happened that Liason can end up together and happy?

Posted by: angel85qcca Jul 17 2008, 12:36 PM
All I know is that I will be really angry if they don't ! 6.gif

Posted by: mee5234 Jul 23 2008, 04:19 PM
i dk when liz got pregnant there was never a doubt in my mind that it was jasons even before she told an unconcious jason back in nov of 06 but ik it was going to take some time before the two actually got together but once jake was kidnapped and then jasons murder trial came around i was starting to become more positive that liaosn would finally be together like yea we had all those lil cute "ily scenes" nd the i need you scenes and pretty much a few mins that just confirmed what we liaosn fans all ready knew that they were madly in love and just wanted to be together and be a family but no its always "your life is too dangerous or i dont want to hurt you" like im so sick of guza stringing us all along whenever we think yes finally they are going to say screw everyone we love eachother and are about to be tgether something always destroys it i still have faith but that faith has become very slim if liasn arent closer to being together by christmas i dk how i will feel

Posted by: lbm234 Jul 27 2008, 10:42 PM
I really hope they end up together but it seems like it will never happen and things just keep getting in the way.

Posted by: iluvusteve Aug 15 2008, 08:43 PM
I really really hope so. I have loved Jason and Liz since the first day they meet.

Posted by: mee5234 Aug 16 2008, 02:57 AM
i dk i wish i could say that they love eachother so much that it doesnt matter but i really dk i dont doubtthere love i jst doubt there committment liz is too scared of not jason but his lifestyl and what it contains nd jason is too afraid that his lifestyle will hurt the ppl he loves most which would be jake nd liz nd his other family and friends and fear is whats proventing them from being together

Posted by: gargoyles42 Aug 16 2008, 02:03 PM
For a while I was really hoping for Liason to end up together but now their's been very little Liason on the show. I'm starting to lose hope in them. I'll always love Liason but I don't really think that Liz can except Jason's lifestyle like Sam did and like he needs. Plus, he's too scared for her life to even go near her.

Posted by: inahsan Aug 16 2008, 03:17 PM
I totally agree with you...... sad.gif
It' so sad but's the fact that Liz can never except Jason's lifestyle..& support him as Sam did.......And Jason knows that very well...he is also scared for her & the children's safety.....He is so scared that it seems he thinks million times before he even goes near them.... sad.gif
You can't be with someone or can't be happy with someone when there is always a fear...of loosing something / someone very precious

Posted by: gargoyles42 Aug 16 2008, 03:19 PM
I completely agree! iagree.gif

BTW, inahsan, I sent you a PM.

Posted by: jasam4ever25 Aug 16 2008, 05:01 PM
They should not and hopefully will not end uo together. They don't fit. They're trying to turn one night of sex into a relationship. Just becuause you have a baby together doesn't mean you have to be together. They're forcing it and it's getting old.

Posted by: inahsan Aug 16 2008, 05:58 PM
I can understand your frustration...
I loved JaSam too.........They could have been the best couple.At that time they were perfect for each other...But they handled it wrong.

But I have to say, I always loved Liason....even when they were not couple.

Posted by: LiasonLuSamFan Sep 1 2008, 04:19 PM
I definantly would love them together, but the writers have screwed us so many time I am not sure if it will happen.
All I know is I LOVE them together!

Posted by: krisseems Sep 17 2008, 10:48 PM
I hope they end up together because otherwise they have been stringing us along for nothing. I don't mind this back and forth crap so much because I am hoping for something in the end. I not this sucks.

Posted by: sydangle2 Nov 8 2008, 05:43 AM
Not a doubt in my mind they will be together.
They aren't in another relationship for a reason?

But I feel your frustration too .... this LIMBO has to stop.

Posted by: fastlanefan1 Dec 23 2008, 08:43 PM
Liason has this unique relationship that no other pairing(for Liz or Jason) can match. I think despite breaking up once again, somehow they will end up in each other's lives, again and not just because of Jake.

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