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Laina Posted on Oct 15 2010, 06:12 AM
  Fandom: General Hospital
Title: Lost
Characters: Jax and Sam
Pairing: Jam
Rating/Warnings: PG. AU, Het.
Summary: Sam feels so lost without Jax in her life.
A/N: Thanks to Judy and the readers.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except this story. I'm making no money from this story and the characters belong to their creators.
Words: 410 words without title and ending.


Seven years ago Sam had the world in the palm of her hand. She had a man who had loved her, only for him to leave her for her mother, his best friend.

She had her sisters, but they had grown up and moved away.

Kristina was twenty-four now and lived in her own apartment. She had a job at the Metro Court and tons of friends that kept her busy, so busy that Sam barely ever saw her sister anymore.

Molly was eighteen and had just graduated from high school. She was just starting her first job as a waitress at Kelly’s to start saving money for her own place.

Molly had a boyfriend and they were talking about getting married in a few years and Sam dreaded what would happen when Alexis found out.

With no one else in her life since Maxie had started her own fashion line and magazine in California, Sam didn’t know what to do.

Without Jax or her friends and family in her life, Sam felt lost.

She was thirty-seven years old and she was alone. Sam was so lost and didn’t know where to turn.

She wanted a family, but there was no one around who could be what she needed.

Jax had been everything to her, until that day seven years ago when he broke up with her a week before their wedding.

Sam’s whole world had been blown apart when Jax had told her that he had fallen in love with Alexis and that he was sorry he had hurt her.

Ever since then Sam had been lost, unable to stand the direction her life was going in.


As Sam as stood on the porch for the last time of what would be her home, she sniffled softly and wiped away the single tear that had fallen.

It was time to move on and leave Port Charles. She was going to make a new life for herself elsewhere.

Hopefully this time things would be different. This time Sam would remember everything that Jax and her friends and family had ever told her and taught her.

This time Sam was going to give all of herself to any new relationship she found herself in.

Sam wanted someone to love her and maybe, just maybe, wherever she ended up now, she would be able to find the love she desperately craved and then she wouldn’t feel so lost anymore.

The end.
Laina Posted on Oct 15 2010, 06:10 AM
  Fandom: General Hospital
Title: Can’t Let Her Go
Characters: Jax/Sam
Pairing: Jam
Rating/Warnings: PG. AU, Het, OOC.
Summary: No matter how long they are apart Jax just can't let Sam go.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, you know that. If I did, we wouldn’t have had to deal with Guza’s crap fest.
A/N: Thanks to my awesome friend and beta Judy and to all the readers.
Words: 324 words without title and ending.

*Can’t Let Her Go* Drabble

Jax tried to get over Sam; he tried everything that he could think of, to be able to move on.

He tried spending time with and dating other women, but on his last date he realized something.

Jax realized that no matter what happened between Sam and him in the past, he still loves her and just can’t let her go.

Being without Sam is like being trapped in a fire or under water. It feels like he’s dying and Jax just hates feeling that way.

So he calls her on the phone and arranges for them to meet at his hotel and they do. When they are sitting at the table staring at each other, Jax suddenly blurts out that he still loves her.

“I love you, Sam.” Right after the words slip out Jax wishes that he could take it back, afraid that Sam might not feel the same way.

But when he looks into Sam’s eyes and sees the same love reflected in them he starts to calm down. When Sam speaks, Jax knows that she’s ready to try being in a relationship with him again.

“I love you too, Jax. I just think that if we are going to try to have a relationship again that we should take things slowly this time.”

Jax smiles at Sam and then he nods and says, “I completely agree. We need to get to know each other again before jumping back into things.”

At Jax’s words, Sam smiles and then she claims Jax’s lips with her own. She had missed him, everything about him. His kisses, the way he held her in his arms, all the time, for no reason.

But the thing she had missed about him the most had been his love and being able to see him every day. Now Sam had both things back and she couldn’t wait to get to know the man she loved again.

The end.
Laina Posted on Oct 15 2010, 06:07 AM
  Fandom: General Hospital
Title: Not so Perfect anymore
Characters: Jax, Sam and PC Slut.
Pairing: Jam/Jel
Rating/Warnings: PG. AU, Het, OOC.
Summary: Jax and Sam get divorced.
A/N: Thanks to my friend/beta Judy for all her help and to the readers.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the fandom or characters. I only own this story.
Words: 284 without title and ending.

*Not so Perfect anymore*

Six years they had been married and happily living in domestic bliss.

Not anymore, they weren’t. After all this time, everything from the past had come flooding back.

There were just some things that a person couldn’t forgive.

Finding her husband in bed with her worst enemy was what had done it for Sam.

She had come home from work sick last week, wanting to lie down and get some rest to feel better.

Sam had thought that Jax would be at work all day, but she had gotten the surprise of her life when she had entered their home.

Jax and PC Slut were in Jax and Sam’s bed completely naked, having sex.

Both of them had looked up and froze when they had seen Sam.

She had stood there for a moment before turning and walking back outside.

The life they had lived, the life Sam had loved, that had seemed so perfect; was not so perfect anymore.

Her husband was cheating on her and with a woman he knew she hated more than anything.

A tear fell down Sam’s cheek but she quickly brushed it away before getting back into her car and driving off.

All the plans she had had of them renewing their vows and trying to start a family didn’t matter anymore.

Jax had found the woman he wanted to be with and it wasn’t his wife.

Sam wiped her eyes and decided right then and there she was going to call Alexis and have her draw up the divorce papers.

She couldn’t believe that she had finally gotten everything she wanted in life, only for it to be ripped away from her in a matter of seconds.

The end.
Laina Posted on Oct 15 2010, 06:05 AM
  Fandom: General Hospital
Title: Getting Past the Pain
Characters: Jax, Sam, Amiee, Jordan.
Pairing: Jax/Sam (Jam)
Rating/Warnings: PG-13. AU, FutureFic, Het, OOC, two Original Characters.
Summary: Jax and Sam are both twenty-nine and have been married for eight years. Amiee is six years old.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything except the character Amiee and this story.
Author’s Note: Thanks to my friend and beta Judy for all of her help.

*Getting Past the Pain*

It was dawn as Jax watched his wife sleep. They were tangled up together, arms and legs entwined as Sam slept. Jax pulled one of his arms free and a moment later he brushed his wife’s hair out of her eyes. Sam didn’t move much, less wake up when he moved her hair. She was sleeping peacefully and Jax was glad about that. He and Sam had been through a lot recently with the kidnapping of their daughter Amiee. Jax figured that their daughter had been kidnapped because one of his wife’s enemies was trying to get back at her. Before Jax and Sam had gotten together, Sam had been living her life by each con job that she did.

Now they were happily married, or had been until Amiee had been kidnapped. Since their daughter had been returned just yesterday, after having been missing for three months, Sam was finally calming down. Jax knew that when she thought he wasn’t looking, Sam would quickly leave whatever room they were in and go to check on their daughter. Not that he blamed her because he didn’t. Jax himself had half a mind to never let his daughter out of his sight so that he could be sure Amiee would never be kidnapped or hurt again. When Amiee had been kidnapped, her kidnapper had roughed her up a little bit and Jax thanked God it wasn’t more than that.

Suddenly, a loud cry broke the silence of the early morning and Jax quickly got up to see about Amiee. He wanted to let Sam sleep for as long as she could. Slipping on some jogging pants and his robe, Jax went to check on Amiee. Walking into his daughter’s room, he picked Amiee up and asked her what was wrong. “Amiee, what’s wrong?” Jax wiped away his daughter’s tears as she answered. “My tummy hurts, daddy.” Jax hugged Amiee to him for a moment and then he pressed a kiss to the top of her head. Placing his daughter back on her bed, Jax went to get something to help settle Amiee’s stomach.

It wasn’t long before the medicine took effect and Amiee was asleep once more. After making sure that his daughter was okay, Jax went back to his bedroom. Crawling under the blankets once more, he was surprised when his wife asked, “Is Amiee okay?” Jax realized that he should have known Sam would know something was wrong if he left their bed before it was time to get up. “She had a stomach ache and I took care of it. She’s sleeping now, but it would probably be best if she stayed home from school today.” Sam nodded and moments later she rolled over and went back to sleep. Jax chuckled at his wife’s actions. Sam wasn’t a morning person, so he wasn’t surprised that she went right back to sleep after asking about Amiee.

Soon Jax had fallen back asleep as well. It felt like he was just starting to sleep soundly when the alarm went off right next to his head. Jax forced his eyes open once more, as he reached over and turned the alarm off. He rolled over to face Sam, only to see that his wife was already awake and that she was getting out of bed to get ready for the day. The two of them showered separately, so that one of them would be with Amiee at all times. Sam decided to stay home from work and take care of Amiee and Jax asked if that was a good idea. Sam’s boss was a jerk but Sam assured her husband that she had it covered.

Jax nodded and then kissed both Sam and Amiee good-bye before heading off to work. Sam and Amiee spent the day playing games together, having lunch, going to the zoo and just having a fun time in general. Things were going to be a lot different now and Sam would make sure that things were better than they had been. Sam had convinced Jax to hire a bodyguard for Amiee to protect her at all times. When Jax had finally given in, he had wanted to get a guard for Sam’s protection as well, but she had refused. They were in the process of getting past the pain of Amiee getting kidnapped and Sam knew that for her to do that she would have to go back to living her life the way that she used to before it happened.

When it was time for Amiee to take her nap, Sam tucked her daughter in her bed. After making sure that the house was secure, she turned to Jordan and said, “I’m going to take a shower now. You stay here with Amiee and I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Moments later Sam turned and started for the stairs, only to have Jordan take hold of her arm and make her pause. “Take your time Sam,” He said softly. Sam looked into his blue eyes and she knew that he meant it, that he wasn’t just trying to be nice. While Jordan and Sam were good friends, there were still some things that she would never understand about him.

Sam never understood how he just knew certain things. It was like he always knew what was best for her and her family, without them even having to ask him. To this day, Sam still never truly understood how Jordan had found Amiee. He had found Amiee ten miles away from their home at a bus station, curled up on a bench fast asleep. Sam would always be grateful to her friend and she would spend the rest of her life trying to find some way to show him how thankful she was. Sam smiled suddenly as she knew how she could repay her friend. Her friend Emily was a nice woman and Jordan was a nice man. They would be perfect for each other. Sam couldn’t wait to give Emily a call.

She just wanted Jordan to be as happy as she was with Jax and Amiee. After a few minutes, Sam began to wash her hair. If she was to get the ball rolling on her plan soon, then she would need to relax later and start planning everything right now. There was only a limited amount of time to try and get Emily and Jordan to meet and go out on a date. Sam knew that she would do everything in her power to get both of her friends to go on a date with each other at least once. As Sam thought about how she would introduce Jordan and Emily to each other, a great idea formed in her mind. She would ask them to join her and Jax at the movies this weekend while Alexis watched Amiee.

The end.
Laina Posted on Jul 5 2008, 12:49 PM
  Title: Living in a Dream
Characters: Jax and Sam.
Pairing: Jax and Sam.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13. AU, Het, OOC.
Summary: Jax and Sam are together. Here’s a small slice of their marriage on Valentine’s Day.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything except this story.
Author’s Note: Thanks to my beta Judy for all her help.

*Living in a Dream*

Jax smiled as he walked into the house, calling out Sam’s name as he hung up his coat and took off his tie. Sam came walking out of the kitchen with flour in her hair and on her face and clothes. She had been in the middle of making a cake for Valentine’s Day and was covered from head to toe in flour. Sam had been listening to some music as she made the cake and was being silly by dancing and singing along with the radio. Now that her husband was home though, she would need to hurry and finish the cake and then go and clean up.

Walking over to Jax, Sam quickly kissed him and then said, “I need to finish the cake and then I’m going to take a quick shower. Will you take the cake out when it’s cooked?” Jax nodded and then Sam smiled and went to finish the cake. When it was ready she put it in the oven and then went to shower. Before too long, Sam was finished showering and dressing. She came back downstairs wearing a floor-length v-neck black and red dress. Her hair was swept up into a classy bun and she was wearing a little make-up as she approached her husband once more.

Jax whistled as he looked at Sam and then took the cake out of the oven and set it on top to let it cool. Walking over to his wife, Jax kissed Sam and then when he pulled back he said, “My turn. I’m gonna shower and then get your gift. We can go out to dinner if you like or we can order in. Your choice.” When Jax went to shower and change Sam added a little frosting on the cake and then put, ‘Happy Valentines Day’ on it in red. Since Jax was a fan of chocolate, the cake was all chocolate except for the frosting. Smiling to herself, Sam put away the frosting and then went to get Jax’s present.

The two of them had been married for two years and they were more in love than ever. When Jax entered the kitchen once again he was wearing a beautiful black suit and looked as handsome as ever. Sam walked back into the kitchen with Jax’s present and set it down on the dinner table. Jax quickly did the same before pulling Sam into his arms and showering her with more kisses. He kissed her temple, neck and lips. A few moments later Sam laughed softly as Jax started to tickle her. When Jax pulled away a moment later, Sam knew that they were going to be serious now.

Jax walked over to the table and pulled out a chair for Sam. Sam thanked her husband and then she sat in the chair. Jax went and got the two plates of food that he had hidden from Sam for their Valentine’s Day dinner. Setting the plates of food on the table, he grabbed Sam’s present and handed it to her. Sam grabbed Jax’s present and did the same. Both of them opened their presents. Jax had bought Sam a solid gold bracelet and Sam had bought Jax a gold watch. When they slipped their presents on, they shared a kiss and finished their meal which turned out to be pasta.

After finishing the pasta, Sam got up and retrieved the cake. She cut two small pieces and handed one to her husband and placed one on her plate. The two of them ate their pieces of cake in silence and when they were done with that, Sam got up and walked over to the stereo. She turned it on and put on the CD that she had put inside early this morning. The song that came on was Barry White’s ‘Can’t Get Enough of Your Love.’ Moments later the two of them were slow dancing, right there in the kitchen. Now some people might think that was stupid but neither of them cared.

Jax and Sam felt like they were living in a dream and nothing was going to ruin it. Their marriage was strong and stable and they were talking about having a couple of kids. Sam couldn’t wait to have a son or daughter. She had always wanted a child of her own. Only now Sam had Jax and they could have a child or two or three. Sam couldn’t wait to have a baby with Jax. In her opinion, having a baby was the strongest form of love a man and woman could show each other.

Smiling, Sam said, “I have one more thing for you.” Jax nodded and then he waited to see what his wife was going to say. “We are going to have a baby.” When her husband’s face lit up at her words, Sam knew that everything was going to be perfect. Jax hugged Sam a little tighter. “How far along are you?” Sam told him. “I’m four months along and I was waiting for tonight to tell you.” Jax was so excited. He couldn’t wait to be a father. He and Sam had talked about having children and now it was going to happen.

The two of them spent some time talking about getting things together before the baby came. When Jax asked if she knew the sex of the baby Sam told him that they were having a daughter. The look on Jax’s face was one that Sam was going to remember for the rest of her life. The love in his eyes and the happiness on his face was how Sam knew that nothing was ever going to tear them apart. After talking for a little while, the two of them went and got ready for bed. Sam changed into a nightgown and Jax changed into a pair of jogging pants and they got in bed and went to sleep in each others’ arms.

The end .

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