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gargoyles42 Posted on Oct 12 2008, 08:25 PM
  Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

Carly: I own half of this hotel. I can do whatever I want.

Jax: To retaliate for me divorcing you.

Nikolas: Now, you wouldn't be that petty, would you?

Carly: Yes, I would, but I wouldn't do it to Jax.

Jax: Well, then end your negotiations with Nikolas already.

Carly: Well, I happen to think his involvement will benefit this hotel.

Jax: You're either rationalizing, or you're flat-out lying.

Nikolas: Hey, Carly's your business partner. Shouldn't you show her a little bit more --

Jax: This is none of your business, okay?

Carly: He has done an excellent job with his family holdings. I've checked, no offense.

Nikolas: Oh, none taken. I would expect it.

Carly: Look, he's got an excellent track record, and best of all, Nikolas will bring an influx of liquid capital.

Jax: We don't need cash, okay? Look, do us all a favor, and back out of this before it's too late.

Max: It's okay. You can speak freely in front of my father.

Jason: It's your father?

Max: Yeah, remember, I told you he's coming to visit his son, head of the organization.

Diane: Mr. Giambetti, this is Jason. He is Max's other bodyguard.

Maximus: Bodyguard. This -- this is no bodyguard. I know exactly who you are.

Sonny: How you feeling?

Kate: Um, well -- well, enough to beg unsuccessfully for a latte this morning with my oatmeal. There's no release for caffeine addicts.

Sonny: You want me to call a nurse?

Kate: No, I do not. My best medicine is right here.

Sonny: Don't give me credit for anything except almost getting you killed.

Max: I can explain.

Maximus: Don't bother. This goombah shows no respect.

Max: Oh, no, sure he does. He shows a lot of respect.

Maximus: Max, you're running a sloppy organization here. Look at this clown, huh? Jeans, t-shirt, comes strolling into the boss's office like he owns the place.

Max: Yeah, but -- but I told Jason he could come in without knocking.

Maximus: No more. You knock. You show deference to your superiors, capisce?

Max: Dad, he's a good employee, hard-working, loyal.

Maximus: Hey, when I was with Tony and the boys, the would have cut this slob's jewels off and fed them to him.

Diane: Max has a much more humane approach to leadership.

Maximus: Mr. Giambetti to you, sweetheart. Me, you can call me anything you like. This lady lawyer's got some very impressive assets. What do you think, Mario?

Milo: Actually, Dad, you named me Milo.

Max: Yeah, Dad, Jason was dressed that way because he was on assignment.

Maximus: That's no reason for his insolence. I'm waiting for your apology.

Max: Dad, it's not necessary, really.

Maximus: Rules, Max. Order, discipline. Apologize to Mr. Giambetti.

Jason: I meant no disrespect.

Maximus: Huh?

Jason: I -- I should have changed my clothes after my assignment.

Maximus: Well, what are you waiting for? Come on, go out there and put some nice clothes on, and make sure when you come back you're dressed the way you're supposed to. Guys like that, trouble. You don't look after them, next thing you know, you walk in, and they're running the whole shebang.

Maxie: Thank you so much, Federico. The layout is amazing. Yes, Clarice, I know what I'm doing. The jewelry feature? [To Spinelli] Oh, thank you. [On phone] Yes, uh, four pages, rubies and diamonds, and use the frosted glass backdrop. I don't know. I'm going to have to look through Kate's notes for that.

Spinelli: Perhaps Maximista might consider a much-needed break.

Maxie: I have no time to take a break, okay? Have you hacked into "Couture's" software layout program yet?

Spinelli: Yes.

Maxie: Whatever they have, we have to be bigger and better.

Spinelli: I am on the brink of unlocking "Couture's" secret portals, but you know, my conscience can't help but question the dubious ethics involved.

Maxie: Dubious shmoobious. Just do it.

Spinelli: Hasty yet confident executive decision.

Maxie: Well, if I'm going to get the December issue of "Crimson" out in time, I have to hustle and stop Clarice from taking over, because her global vision is sadly lacking.

Spinelli: Yes, you are capable and vastly talented, but do you think you might be overstepping your role as Kate's assistant.

Maxie: Kate just launched "Crimson," and I'm not going to let it sputter and stall just because she's in I.C.U. recovering from her attempt to marry Sonny.

Spinelli: Very generous sentiment.

Maxie: Yeah, well, if "Crimson" goes down the toilet, my career goes with it.

[Phone rings]

Maxie: Oh. "Crimson." Yes, Clarice. The cover shoot? Oh, use -- use the icy blue evening gown shoot. Yeah, I went and saw Kate this morning. It's in my notes. That's what she wanted.

Olivia: That's kind of funny, because I was sitting with Kate Howard all morning. I know I didn't see you there, so I'm kind of wondering why you're lying.

Kate: So, are you saying we should have paid attention to those omens after all?

Sonny: The shooting had nothing to do with bad luck. It was all on me.

Kate: I'm not going to -- I'm not going to believe that, Sonny.

Sonny: Okay, when Karpov approached me, I knew he was a part of a big European crime syndicate. I tried to work an angle with him to keep him away from Jason. Do you get what I'm saying?

Kate: I do, I do.

Sonny: Okay.

Kate: And I appreciate you confessing all of this, but I already know, Sonny. You had a deal with Karpov, and then you walked away.

Sonny: I walked out on a deal. I should have known that he was going to retaliate.

Kate: You can't blame yourself for someone else's actions.

Sonny: Karpov -- listen, Karpov had you shot to pay me back, so in a way, I pulled the trigger.

Carly: Nikolas has great ideas for the grounds, and he wants to dedicate a playground to Michael.

Jax: That is appalling.

Nikolas: Excuse me?

Jax: Carly's kid is in a coma, and you're exploiting that to meet your -- your ends?

Nikolas: So -- so if you don't get your way, you're going to turn this into, like, a personal betrayal thing? Is that it?

Jax: Yeah, this is personal between you and me.

Nikolas: Look, I've been completely above-board on this. I have every right to make an investment.

Jax: You know what? You're being used. Worst part is, I think you know it.

Jerry: You see?

Nadine: What is that?

Jerry: Be quiet. You see, you've wandered into something far beyond your understanding. There are people in this world who are not the least bit moved by innocence. In fact, they find it annoying. Unfortunately for you, I happen to be one of them. It's really quite a shame. I mean, you're a pretty little thing. If you weren't such a busybody this could all have been avoided.

Nadine: No, no, no, no!

Olivia: I thought you were my cousin's assistant.

Maxie: First assistant, which basically means I'm Kate's right hand. "Crimson" is my dream, too.

Olivia: So you were channeling Connie, and you picked the cover through ESP?

Maxie: Our next issue is due at the printers. Are we supposed to just blow it off?

Olivia: And this somehow translates into you calling the shots?

Maxie: Most of the decisions I've been making I previously went over with Kate.

Olivia: So if I went and talked to my cousin right now and told her what you were up to, she'd be overjoyed, right?

Spinelli: No doubt the fashionista would be relieved to hear that brave Maximista is keeping the flame alive, as it were, but I would advise --

Maxie: Not tell Kate.

Olivia: Why not?

Maxie: Because she's very hands-on, and she's going to want to be involved in the decisions. Kate needs to be resting.

Olivia: And when she's done resting and she comes back to work, guess who's going to be out on their keister?

Sonny: Jason discovered a Russian bullet from the choir loft. He checked the sight line. They definitely were aiming at you. There was only one bullet in the gun, so they got their target. Karpov had somebody shoot you to get to me. It was personal.

Kate: Sonny, you're acting like you should have known all this was going to happen.

Sonny: I -- I should have known.

Kate: Why?

Sonny: Why? Because Karpov said that I would be sorry, that a deal's a deal, that I don't get to change it.

Kate: But you didn't know. You didn't know he'd retaliate.

Sonny: He sent us a wedding present. What?

Kate: Before the ceremony I got a floral delivery from Karpov.

Sonny: Blood-red roses?

Kate: I just put it out of my mind. I -- I was foolish.

Sonny: No, I was foolish, because I should have known it wasn't over with Karpov, but I -- I was selfish. I was arrogant. I couldn't see the truth, and now you're paying a price.

Jax: So much has happened -- Michael being shot, our marriage breaking up -- just give yourself a little time to process it all.

Carly: That's what I'm trying to do, trying to slow down and spend a lot of time with Morgan, not be buried here in the hotel, Jax.

Jax: Yeah, seems a little too familiar. I remember how this happened with Courtney.

Nikolas: Oh, I wouldn't bring up the past if I were you.

Jax: Oh, you mean the part where you undermined my marriage and had an affair with my then-wife? That part?

Nikolas: Or the part where you pretended to be my son's father and lied about it?

Jax: Oh, so you're admitting this is about revenge, years after the fact.

Nikolas: No.

Carly: Nikolas came to me with a legitimate business offer, Jax.

Jax: Yeah, why now? Why?

Nikolas: Wait, I don't appreciate being interrogated.

Jax: Okay, you know what? Then I'll answer for you. Now that Emilyís gone, you've got too much time and money on your hands. Carly and I are breaking up. It's just -- it's perfect timing, isn't it? Because you can -- you can pay us both back for the incident with Spencer by investing in our hotel and turning us against each other.

Nikolas: That's completely, completely absurd.

Carly: You're over-thinking this, Jax.

Jax: Have you forgotten that Nikolas was just as angry with you as he was with me for the time that he lost with Spencer? Have the sense to end this, Carly.

Carly: I'm capable of making my own decisions, thanks.

Jax: If you pursue this, I'll stop the deal before it goes through.

Carly: Is Jax right? Is this about revenge?

Patrick: Mac, you've got to be kidding me.

Mac: Just sit right here. Sit down.

Patrick: Okay, I know you mean well in a twisted, "uncle cop" sort of way --

Mac: Just save your breath for Robin.

Patrick: How do you know she's coming?

Mac: Well, because Robin's had years of trying to save me from my overprotective instincts, and if she's true to form, she'll be here any minute.

Patrick: This is nuts. This is nuts.

Mac: You know, call it an intervention. You were a fool to turn down Robin's proposal. You know, you two were so caught up in keeping score you've lost sight of what you both want.

Patrick: Okay, but do I really need to be handcuffed for this?

Robin: Uncle Mac, I know you're trying to help, okay?

Patrick: Robin, are you okay?

Robin: But you're totally overreacting.

Mac: Come on, sit down. Catch your breath, will you, please?

Robin: I mean, handcuffs? It's so embarrassing.

Patrick: Okay, Macís right. Just take a breather.

Robin: I'm fine, all right? I'm not going into labor or anything. And I'll feel a lot better when you uncuff my boyfriend.

Mac: Not until I've had my say.

Robin: You're going to make this difficult for us, aren't you?

Patrick: After he uncuffs me. Mac, you are -- you are going to uncuff me?

Mac: I love you, and I've learned to respect Patrick, so you'll know that I'm coming from a place of genuine concern when I tell you you're making stubborn, idiotic choices.

Robin: I -- okay, you know, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I don't think this is the best way to --

Mac: Robin, you want to marry Patrick because you love him. You want to spend the rest of your life with him, and you're having a baby with him. Patrick wants to marry you because he loves you. He wants to spend the rest of his life with you, and he's having a baby with you. I mean, the reasons to get married are obvious. So are the reasons to stay single.

Patrick: They are?

Mac: Fear of the future, fear that things won't work out and the marriage will fall apart. Look, I know. You know, I was married to Felicia, whom I loved with all my heart, but she left me flat.

Robin: There you go.

Mac: But I wouldn't trade a single day of it for anything. Felicia enriched my life in a lot of ways. You know, I have years of memories that I'll always cherish. Look, my point is, there are no guarantees, right? Marriage is a risk, but so is anything worthwhile. I mean, you make the choice, you make the commitment, and you hope for the best, just like any other couple. Personally, I think the two of you have a really good chance together, assuming you can stay out of your way long enough to say "I do," which I'm going to give you an opportunity to do.

Robin: Oh --

Patrick: No, Mac. Hey, Mac, don't --

Robin: How about we just do the -- hey, Uncle Mac!

Carly: We were raising the baby, and you were furious with us. Hell, if it were me, I'd be chomping at the bit for revenge.

Nikolas: Look, Emily helped me move on from that. I'm telling you, it's a non-issue.

Carly: It's not a non-issue for you and Jax.

Nikolas: Well, Jax -- he's losing you. He needs a fight. I'm a convenient target for him.

Carly: He has a point. Your decision to buy into the Metro Court -- awfully sudden. Why? Why do you want this place?

Nikolas: I already told you. I can see it from Wyndemere. It's very elegant at night, all lit up.

Carly: No offense, but that's a pretty shallow reason.

Nikolas: Maybe, but it's a reason without ulterior motive.

Carly: Okay, now that you know that Jax is going to make this difficult for you, why do you still want in? Why not buy another company, some other hotel, expand the clinic in Emilyís name?

Nikolas: I might very well do all of those things, but I also intend to invest in this hotel, and Jax's arbitrary insistence that I'm the enemy makes me more determined not to back down.

Carly: So if I let you buy into this place, how do I know that you and Jax won't tear each other apart?

Nikolas: You donít.

Diane: Well, Mr. Giambetti -- Maximus, Maximus, yes -- you have been out of the country for some time, and things are a little different now.

Milo: You're blowing it.

Max: What do you suggest I do, Mario?

Milo: Get Dad out of here before Jason comes back. Jeez.

Max: Hey, Dad, what do you say we go grab some chow?

Maximus: Oh, you want to show off, huh? You want to let me know how everybody bows and scrapes to you as you stroll into a restaurant.

Max: Something like that.

Diane: I know a wonderful Italian place that delivers.

[Knock on door]

Max: Excuse me one second. Oh -- yeah?

Maximus: Now that's better. Let me see here. Why don't you make yourself useful here and go get me an espresso?

Milo: I got it, Dad. Black, no sugar.

Maximus: So tell me about yourself. You got anybody special in your life?

Diane: As a matter of fact, I do. I have a wonderful man. He is kind and sincere and loving.

Maximus: Lose him. A woman like you has needs. Kind and sincere? That won't satisfy.

[Phone rings]

Max: Hello? Bernie. An emergency? Just give me a minute to think about that one, okay? Hmm.

Maxie: I am just trying to do what Kate would want.

Olivia: So you think my cousin would want you running her magazine?

Spinelli: If the Jackal may be so bold, Maximista's intentions are most honorable. The glacial one is incapacitated, yet the show, or in this case the venerable holiday issue of "Crimson," must go on.

Olivia: That's what you call her? The glacial one?

Spinelli: Well, her demeanor is often quite chilling. She's struck fear into the Jackal on more than one occasion, but she has been a boon and inspiration to fair Maximista here. It has been she who has encouraged Maximista, lo, these many months and has witnessed her underling's raw talent blossom into unerring instincts for the fickle vagaries of the fashion world.

Maxie: Thank you, Spinelli.

Spinelli: 'Tis merely the unvarnished truth. But now the glacial one is in critical condition and unable to make decisions, so her most loyal lieutenant of fashion will attempt to carry on in her place. The Jackal has full confidence that the glacial one would approve of Maximista's intrepid mission.

Olivia: I remember you from my cousin's wedding. What's your name?

Spinelli: Damian Spinelli, the Jackal, assassin of cyberspace. Oh, and grasshopper to Zen master Stone Cold.

Olivia: Okay, I got no idea what you said, but it sounds like you're a very busy guy.

Maxie: He's my best friend. Don't make fun of him.

Olivia: Who's making fun? He's a cute kid. He's kind of like a cross between Shakespeare and some kind of crazy surfer guy.

Maxie: Well, he really is a cyber genius, and thanks to all his hacking, we are going to have an amazing December issue, if I can get Kate to sign off on it.

Olivia: Why don't you let me help you with that?

Sonny: I guess I was -- I was too confident or too much in love. All I could really think about was the -- you know, us getting married, growing old together, being happy, having our dreams come true, you know. That's all I want is for us to have our dreams come true.

Kate: Hey, why are you saying this like it's no longer a possibility?

Sonny: I can't lie anymore. To you, to me, to anybody else. I can't do it, so I'm just going to have to say this. I am going to make sure that nobody touches you or hurts you again, and if they do, they're going to have to pay an ugly price. So I am going to get revenge to make sure this never happens again, and the only way I know how to do that is to go back to the mob.

Robin: This is really awkward. I'm sorry.

Patrick: Listen, I hope you don't feel pressured, because I really --

Robin: No, I -- I'm sorry. Go ahead.

Patrick: No. You're right, you're right. You can go. Go ahead.

Robin: I don't know. Maybe my Uncle Mac is right. Maybe both of us over think everything way too much.

Patrick: Hmm.

Robin: We let our heads get in the way of our hearts, so -- I don't know. I'm just going to -- I'm just going to blurt it out. I'm just going to say how I feel.

Patrick: Okay.

Robin: First of all, um, you've been wonderful. Since the second I fell in love with you, I mean, all my defenses were up. I was prickly, I was controlling. I don't know how you put up with me all this time.

Patrick: Honestly, I think you've been wonderful.

Robin: And when I decided I wanted to have a child, you said that you didn't want to be a dad. I thought that you were being selfish. Anyway, um, and then the night of Georgieís funeral, we just --

Patrick: We made a miracle together.

Robin: Yeah. And instead of celebrating that, all I've been doing is trying to control it. And in retrospect, what I've been doing is pushing you away these past few months.

Patrick: I'm still here.

Robin: I know. But you don't want to marry me anymore. And I totally understand why. I mean, because everything that I've done up until this point is showing you that I don't want to be with you. Maybe you even doubt that I still love you. Do you?

Olivia: I've got to hand it to you, Connie. Place looks great. You should have seen the shelf she had in her bedroom when she was a kid. It was like this rotating fashion display of, like, her shoes and her matching accessories, like black-and-white flip-flops with her black-and-white hoop earrings. And now here she is. This fashion queen in her fancy office. A little pretentious for my taste, but I guess it fits Connie.

Maxie: It's Kate. Kate Howard.

Olivia: It's Connie. Connie from Bensonhurst. Which might just work out in your favor.

Maxie: How's that?

Olivia: Well, when Connie comes back to the office and starts screaming in your face because, God forbid, you put the gold instead of the silver jewelry with the dress on the cover, you can tell her you had no choice because pushy Olivia Falconeri came in, said she was Connieís legal guardian, and she insisted you do everything her way. Even though everyone knows, Olivia's got crap taste in fashion.

Spinelli: Well, the Jackal begs to differ. The colloquial cousin looks most fetching in her chosen garb.

Maxie: You mean I could blame everything on you? On the other hand, if Kate's happy with what I've done, I can bask in the glory.

Olivia: Not exactly what I said, but I'll take that.

Maxie: Thank you so much. You and Kate will not regret it.

Olivia: You know who you remind me of? Connie, when she was your age.

Maxie: Oh, well, I'll take that as a compliment.

Olivia: You kids are going to knock this issue out of the park.

Spinelli: You know, it is mysterious to me how someone so warm and genuine could be related to the less than warm fashionista.

Olivia: I guess every family's got a black sheep. Maybe I'm Connieís. Or she's mine.

Kate: I'm having a little trouble with your logic.

Sonny: I've just got to make sure that you're alive, so I've got to send a message. I can't ignore this. I can't turn the other cheek. Because it makes us all a target.

Kate: I do not believe for one second that more violence makes anyone safer.

Sonny: I didn't expect you to like this.

Kate: I don't like it, Sonny. I loathe it. Every decision that you're making guarantees that we will never be safe. That we'll never be happy.

Sonny: I have to do this.

Kate: No, you don't, Sonny.

Sonny: Well --

Kate: You donít. Come with me to Manhattan. Let's go to Paris. We can live in --

Sonny: I can't run away from who I am.

Kate: How about running to what you want? To what makes you happy?

Sonny: I want -- I want to be with you. But I have to defend what's mine.

Nikolas: If I come on board, I'll make decisions that I deem appropriate for the hotel only, and not to keep the peace with Jax.

Carly: You've never run a hotel before.

Nikolas: So what? It's a business. You assess the competition and see where your money's best spent for maximum return.

Carly: Sounds like you already have some ideas in mind.

Nikolas: I do. The Metro Court is the only full-service spa within 20 miles of here. They're proven moneymakers for deluxe hotels like this. I'm suggesting that we use a portion of the influx of cash that I'm offering to you to build a yoga center and a reflecting pool.

Carly: Wow. You don't seem like the yoga reflecting pool type.

Nikolas: Actually, I have a daily tai chi practice. But that's beside the point. With the improvements that I'm suggesting, it'll benefit both the spa and the entire hotel.

Carly: Wow. That's interesting.

Nikolas: See, there you go. Fresh perspective from someone other than the husband that you're divorcing.

Carly: You know, Jax and I are amicable. We are trying to be.

Nikolas: Perhaps. But he's still emotionally connected to you. And he clearly wants to still be a presence in your life, which is probably why he sees me as a threat. I'm in the way, and he doesn't like that.

Carly: Okay, but the question is, do I want all the aggravation?

Nikolas: What -- come on, you've heard my offer. It's way above market price. And from a business standpoint, this is a very good deal for you. So? Are we partners, or what?

Max: Uh, yes, Bernie. Jason is here.

Maximus: Who's on the phone? What's their problem?

Max: Uh, the Coast Guard's eyeing your shipment, bring it in on schedule. Or keep it outside the jurisdiction. You know what, that's the one. Yeah. Okay, great. I'll call you back. Thanks.

Maximus: Are all your people a marble or two short? You wouldn't lasted five minutes on Tonyís crew.

Diane: Uh, Maximus, why don't you and I take a walk around the harbor? The view at sunset is inspiring.

Maximus: I'm inspired already.

Max: Yeah, that's a great idea. Go ahead, enjoy yourselves. And take Milo for protection.

Maximus: Come on, sweetheart. And don't wait up, kids.

Max: Oh, God, Jason, I -- I -- I'm so sorry.

Jason: Shut up and get Bernie back on the phone right now.

Max: Yes.

Patrick: Look at us. Handcuffs never imagined this. You know what, that's exactly it. I never made plans for my life. Outside of a brilliant medical career, of course.

Robin: And humility seminars.

Patrick: Robin, I don't doubt that you love me. I know you love me. You -- you taught me what love is, what it means. And I was starting to get the hang of it, starting to trust it. And then we made our baby together. You know, I've tried really hard to be honest with myself. What it means to, what it's going to mean to raise a baby. And it's not going to be easy. Not all the days are going to be filled with calm and contentment. But it's going to be an adventure. Our little girl is the second greatest thing to ever happen to me. You, of course, being the first. I love you. And I know you have a fear of anything good that happens in your life because you've been hurt in the past and you're afraid it's going to happen again. But, listen. If you say -- if you say no, I want you to know that I understand why. But if it was up to me, I want it all. I want the love. The marriage. The 3:00 a.m. feedings. School supplies and soccer practice. I want to watch a little girl grow up. I want to look to you on our 25th wedding anniversary and tell you that I love you more now than I did on our wedding day. So -- I am going to ask you one more time. Robin, will you marry me?

Robin: With all my heart, yes.

Patrick: Yes.

Mac: How are you two doing? I need to interrogate a car thief.

Robin: We're getting married.

Mac: It's about time.

Patrick: Thanks, Mac.

Maxie: Yes, Clarice. You already mentioned you think we should use the black cocktail dress for the cover. But we're so going to use the blue. Per Kate's cousin's orders. So block it up. Thanks.

Spinelli: Oh, if the Jackal may say so, that was most empowering. Perhaps Maximista can be enticed to a celebratory dinner at casa de Stone Cold's?

Maxie: Oh, Spinelli. You're so cute. We have one feature layout, but we need four, and then we have to verify the page count and wrap up Kate's editorial.

Spinelli: You have soaked up more publishing prowess than I realized.

Maxie: Oh, well, I'm a quick study. And my best classes in high school were art and creative writing. Oh, my gosh, look at this article on recent celebrity weddings. It's a mess. We're going to be here all night.

Spinelli: All night. As in, Maximista and the Jackal together?

Maxie: Yeah. Of course, together. I couldn't do this without you.

Spinelli: Oh.

Jason: No, Karpov has ships in the harbor. We need to be careful. Well, then re-route the next two shipments through the channel. And call me at home until further notice, okay, Bernie? Thanks.

Max: Jason, I really appreciate this.

Jason: You know what, Max, your timing could not be worse.

Max: I know things are a little bit crazy right now.

Jason: A little crazy? The Russians are breathing down my neck. The Zaccharas are waiting to take advantage with the situation with Sonny.

Max: I owe you big time. I --

Jason: Either your father is gone in three days or I come back and take charge and Maximus finds out the truth.

Carly: There you go. Thanks.

Jax: Well, I see Nikolas is gone. I hope that means you've pulled out of the deal.

Carly: I'm not trying to hurt you, Jax. This isn't personal.

Jax: Well, then, you'll respect the fact that our work environment has been relatively harmonious and that we should keep it that way.

Carly: It's not that simple. Excuse me.

Jax: Look, if we're going to bring in an investor, at least let's agree on who it's going to be.

Carly: Unless we canít.

Jax: In other words, you're going to dig in your heels.

Carly: You know what, if we could end this divorce, I would reconsider the decision.

Jax: Carly, our marriage is over. We are getting a divorce. This is only about the hotel.

Carly: Okay. Only about the hotel, then. I think I can work with Nikolas. He's made me a very generous offer. He has marketable ideas. We haven't finalized the details, but assuming we can, I will be selling him half of my shares.

Jax: No. You're making a huge mistake. Nikolas is a manipulator. Okay? And if he thinks he's going to walk in here and try to turn you against me, he's got another thing coming.

Nikolas: Nadine. Nadine -- Nadine!

Nikolas: Nadine. Nadine. Hey.

Nadine: Mm.

Nikolas: Hey.

Nadine: Oh.

Nikolas: Sit up. You okay?

Nadine: Oh -- yeah.

Nikolas: What happened? What happened?

Nadine: Oh. I have no idea. I was going through the meds. I was so tired, I must have just fallen asleep.

Maxie: Spinelli, do you think you could bring me the red bag?

Spinelli: Maximista's wish is the Jackal's command.

Maxie: That's a clutch.

Spinelli: Right. Is this the one you seek?

Maxie: Oh, no. That's a tote bag.

Spinelli: Confusion reigns, but it shall be conquered.

Maxie: It's okay, Spinelli. It was the one right next to that one. You don't have to be all mad about it.

Jason: I need you to watch Karpov. I need you to watch his warehouse. Any unusual activity, I want you to call me immediately, Cody. Okay? Thanks.

Max: They're coming. Can you, uh -- please. Please. Come on.

Jason: Three days.

Max: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Max: Oh, that was fast.

Maximus: Too fast.

Diane: Yes, well. We had a lovely stroll around the harbor.

Max: So, dad, what did you think of my territory?

Maximus: Nice. Real nice. Hey, bodyguard, can you give me a drink here? So, Max, did you work out your scheduling problem?

Max: Uh, kinda. Things are tense right now, you know? Dad, maybe you should go home a little earlier than you planned, and come back in, say, a couple of months?

Maximus: Why? I like it here.

Carly: You have to tell me if I've done the right thing. Please, you -- Jason, what the hell's going on?

Olivia: Enjoying the view?

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