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gargoyles42 Posted on Oct 4 2008, 08:58 PM
  Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy


Lulu: Howard. Howard, Howard. Did you leave a note on my tray?

Woman: That would be the final call for flight 247 to Rome. You should be on board.

Sonny: Do you have a problem with what I'm asking?

Jason: Sonny. We have to be sure that Karpov was the shooter. It is way too soon to make a move against anybody.

Ric: So you can walk.

Anthony: I can fly, too, but don't tell anyone.

Ric: So, uh, how long you been faking?

Anthony: What difference does it make?

Ric: Oh, just give me a second, Anthony. You know, I'm just trying to -- just trying to put the pieces together. Actually, it's starting to clang into place. This whole shooting at Sonny's tonight, you've been planning it all along. You just used the paralysis as a cover, right?

Anthony: Planning it was the easy part. You got to give me credit for still being able to hit a target. I've been through a lot of reading-glass prescriptions since the last time.

Ric: You meant to shoot Kate? I thought Sonny was the target.

Anthony: No. I don't want Sonny dead. I got big plans for him.

Lulu: Answer me.

Howard: No, Lulu, I didn't leave a note with your food.

Lulu: Well, why -- why should I believe you?

Howard: Because I'm telling the truth.

Lulu: Well, somebody wrote it. Somebody left it. It -- who's been near the food cart, okay? It didn't crawl up on my tray on its own.

Howard: Why don't I find Dr. Winters?

Lulu: Drop dead. I will find her on my own.

Morgan: I thought you got shot.

Carly: Oh, sweetie, I'm fine. I'm fine, and so is Jax.

Morgan: What about Daddy?

Carly: Daddy's fine, too, okay? He is. He's just -- he's really sad right now because, um, well, a bad guy shot Kate right before they were supposed to get married.

Morgan: Was it the same bad guy who shot Michael?

Jax: Morgan, come here. You know, what's important is you don't have to be afraid because the police are going to catch the bad guys, okay?

Morgan: Okay.

Jax: And in the meantime, I'm going to make sure that you're all safe, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Morgan: Okay, okay.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: Are you good to go, sweetie?

Morgan: Okay.

Carly: All right, let's go. Thank you.

Woman: All the other passengers are on board.

Elizabeth: I'm supposed to be traveling with someone, and he's not here yet.

Woman: We can't hold the flight, so if you're going, now's the last chance.

Sonny: All right, let me -- let me take this from the top since, obviously, I -- I have not made my point. Karpov shot Kate. In a church. At -- at our wedding ceremony. Whether he was aiming at her or not, it doesn't matter. He almost killed, he almost killed the woman that I love, so he has to deal with the consequences of his actions, and so do his people. So -- listen to me. You send a message tonight. Otherwise, Karpov will strike again.

Olivia: It's confusing to know how to feel about Sonny, you know? Because neither one of us would be here if it wasn't for him. You wouldn't be laying here, and I wouldn't be sitting here blabbing at you, if it wasn't for Sonny and his horrible choices, but -- but he brought us together, Connie, and you are the best gift that I've gotten in 20 years.

[Olivia sniffles]

Olivia: And we've got so much baggage, all right? And I realize now I'm -- I really must've underestimated you, you know. Because you -- you really got to have some kind of -- some kind of scary inner strength to have spent all that time with Sonny and -- and never even been tempted to tell him the truth. That's unless -- unless you're even more terrified that he'd find out.

Jason: With all due respect, you're not in any condition to make this call. You're too emotional. You know how dangerous that can be.

Sonny: You gearing up to do nothing?

Jason: Look, I'm -- I need to know the truth --

Sonny: You gearing up to do nothing?

Jason: I need to know the truth before I do it. What -- what do you got?

Spinelli: Analysis has proven that the recovered shell casing is from a bullet manufactured in Russia and fired from a Russian rifle.

Sonny: There's your truth. He shot Kate. Kill him!

Ric: Are you really as unaffected as you seem to be about being discovered?

Anthony: Somebody was bound to find out sooner or later. I always suspected it would be you. You're an impressive young man, Ric, despite what your father says.

Ric: Well, don't -- don't take offense at this, Anthony, but I've got to ask you a question. Are you off your meds?

[Anthony laughs]

Ric: I mean, what possible reason could you have for -- for wanting to shoot Kate? What's the benefit?

Anthony: Sit down, kid. I'm going to take you to school.

Ric: All right, clearly, I must be missing something here.

Anthony: You see, things aren't always what they seem. Sometimes, they're simpler. I used the Russian rifle to shoot Kate and a Russian bullet. By now, Jason or Sonny or one of their goons stumbled on the shell casing I so thoughtfully left behind. Now, these men are not masters of great subtlety. They're going to jump at the most obvious-looking conclusion.

Ric: Karpov.

Anthony: Proceed to the head of the class. And what would be Karpov's motive for shooting up Sonny's wedding?

Ric: Sonny made a deal with Karpov. Sonny backed out of the deal and made Karpov look weak.

Anthony: Precisely. It's that kind of clunky, bone-headed logic that Corinthos and his ilk easily grasp. Two plus two equals four. There's no room for variation. There's no margin for human foible or error. It's lazy thinking, but who am I to complain? Nine times out of ten, it works for me. Now, we have Sonny. Everybody knows the man is not capable of a rational thought when his emotions are involved. That's always been Sonny's fatal flaw. So true to form, he'll fly off the handle and demand Karpov's head. On the other hand, we have Jason. He is not burdened by an emotional life. He's all steel and logic, and he's learning how to react like a boss. He'll think, why bring on a war over a matter that is personal to a man who's no longer even in their business? Sonny doesn't have the manpower to take Karpov on his own, so he's going to have to weigh his options.

Ric: The best one being you.

Anthony: Bingo. Sonny will come to me hat in hand and beg me to give him shelter from the storm.

Ric: Anthony, I, uh, I don't mean to spoil your little fantasy, but I don't see that happening.

Anthony: Please, don't rain on my harmless little fantasy. All right, so I'll go to him. Either way, I get what I want.

Ric: Partnership?

Anthony: And that's the first step toward taking Jason Morgan out of the picture for good.

Jax: Hey, you know what? Do me a favor and go drink somewhere else, because we've seen enough violence for one night.

Johnny: Okay, if you're going to throw me out, take your best shot, but I don't take too well to orders.

Jax: Well, this is my territory, Johnny, so what I say goes.

[Cell phone rings]

Johnny: Lulu?

Lulu: I need to see you.

Johnny: I don't think that's a very good idea.

Lulu: You have to come now. Somebody knows that I killed Logan.

Mercedes: I should've turned off the news as soon as I heard Sonny's name.

Carly: Stop beating yourself up. You did exactly what I wanted you to do. He was worried, and you brought him to me. It's okay.

Mercedes: I'll go run Morgan’s bath then.

Carly: Thanks.

Carly: Want to have a talk?

Morgan: Okay.

Carly: Okay. Jax is right. There are things that happen that you shouldn't even try to understand, but I think today may answer some of your questions about why you don't spend time with your father. I know you've been struggling with that. See, your daddy used to work with some dangerous people, and, um, well, he made some enemies. And sometimes those enemies want to try and hurt your father, and somebody else gets hurt instead.

Morgan: Like Michael?

Carly: Like Michael. And like Kate. See, honey, that's why your daddy and I decided that -- well, that your daddy shouldn't spend time with you. Not because he doesn't want to spend time with you and not because he doesn't love you, because he does. But he does this because he wants to keep you safe, so what happened to Michael and what happened to Kate will never, ever happen to you. God, I wish just that your life didn't have to be so stressful and crazy. I wish that -- well, I wish that your life didn't have so much mystery and fear in it. You shouldn't have to wrap your precious little mind around violence and guns, and you shouldn't have to be afraid of losing someone you love so horribly. Okay. Well, you know what? I guess we have to make the best of it, huh? Yeah. Can I have a hug?

Spinelli: Even in the face of such incriminating evidence, Stone Cold still doubts that the fashionista was shot by Karpov or on his orders?

Jason: Whoa, whoa, hold on. Anyone with money can buy a Russian gun.

Monica: Kate's vitals are still too unstable to operate.

Olivia: But she needs the surgery.

Monica: And she'll get it, just as soon as she's strong enough.

Sonny: I want Patrick Drake.

Monica: We are trying to locate him. Excuse me.

Olivia: Who's Patrick Drake?

Sonny: Best neurosurgeon in town. I don't want Kate to come out of this paralyzed.

Olivia: Paralyzed? Sonny, wake up. She's going to be lucky if she's paralyzed. At least she'd be alive.

Jason: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Jason.

Jason: I'm so sorry.

Elizabeth: Are you okay?

Jason: Yeah, no, I'm fine.

Elizabeth: I was so afraid that something happened.

Jason: Something did. Kate got shot. I'm at the hospital right now. I just -- I am so sorry I didn't make the flight and I --

Sonny: You're a dead man!

Ric: You know, I've got to hand it to you, Anthony. You're a sly old bastard.

Anthony: I keep telling you people that.

Ric: Well, please, don't stop now. Go on. Come on, tell me how this convoluted path leads to Jason's death.

Anthony: Are you raising an objection, Counselor?

Ric: Oh, no.

Anthony: Oh, why am I not surprised? Jason Morgan is not high on your list, is he?

Ric: No, I loathe the man.

Anthony: Good. Maybe we can use that sometime. Okay. Now, we've got Sonny demanding Karpov's death. Jason refuses. Sonny spirals over to the Zacchara side. And that's when I start on him. And believe me, I know how.

Ric: Oh, I don't doubt it.

Anthony: Yeah, I'll hit him with Jason's betrayal, commiserate about the ingratitude of people he raised up from nothing, people that he put into power. And about how that kind of behavior is an abomination. It's a slap in the face to the old days, when honor and loyalty and respect and a man's word meant something, and how can we let this kind of insubordination go unchecked? Because, my God, it invites chaos, and yada, yada, yada. And the bottom line is Sonny comes to the realization that he has to take Jason out. And once he's there, it'll be clear sailing because Jason won't fight back. He'll die at his own mentor's hands, and the organization, the Corinthos organization reverts back to Sonny. And then one day, when he's walking around, feeling all's right in his world, bang! Lights out. I take it all. So, you tell me, my eager young pupil, what is the beauty of this plan?

Ric: You come out the winner?

Anthony: Its simplicity. It all turns on the utterly predictable -- Jason's stupid, blind loyalty and Sonny's stupid, blind pride.

Lulu: Okay, we thought that nobody would believe me when I said that I killed Logan. But we're wrong, somebody does, and they want to make me pay.

Johnny: Whoa, whoa, slow down. Start from the beginning, come on.

Lulu: The beginning. Okay, so Tracy, she came in after you ran off, and I said whatever she wanted to hear to make her leave, and then the orderly brought me food and she finally left. I opened the lid and there was a note.

Johnny: What did it say?

Lulu: "You killed Logan. You should pay."

Johnny: Where's the note now, huh?

Lulu: That's the thing -- I went after the orderly who brought it to me, then I asked him if he wrote it. He denied it. I'm not even sure if I believe him, but that's what he said, and I don't even know what I was going to do with it. I came back in here. I maybe would've shown it to Lainey or something. But it doesn't matter because the note is gone. Oh, my God, you don't believe me.

Anthony: I always knew the way to destroy Corinthos was to turn him against his own enforcer. I just could never find the right -- the right leverage to push him over to our side.

Trevor: I just got word that Kate Howard was shot. Probably by Andrei Karpov.

Anthony: Ric was there. He's been filling me in.

Trevor: I tried to warn Katie that Sonny Corinthos was a disaster, borderline suicidal. What kind of an idiot, huh, runs an organization for decades and then thinks that he can walk away clean? What kind of a fool makes a deal with a heavy hitter like Karpov and then welches on it within weeks? It's as if he put the gun in Karpov's hand and pointed it right at Kate.

Claudia: Karpov didn't do it. I just had a meeting with him.

Ric: You did what?

Claudia: I had a meeting with him. I warned him that he needed to get out of town before all hell breaks loose. He didn't know what I was talking about. I told him Kate was shot. He seemed genuinely thrown.

Anthony: That's so touching. After all the lessons you should have learned at my feet. After all the experience of being a Zacchara daughter, the fact that you can still harbor such naive illusions really warms a father's heart.

Carly: Hey.

Jax: Hey.

Carly: I didn't expect to see you. Not that I'm complaining. Yeah. Come in.

Jax: Thanks. As soon as you left the hotel, I, uh, I just knew that I couldn't let you go. Because the people closest to Sonny that are left standing are you and Morgan. I don't think you're safe here.

Carly: We're fine. We are. I mean, Jason has guards out there. You can see it all through the window.

Jax: Oh, come on, Carly. Mob security is an oxymoron. I want to keep you safe.

Olivia: What the hell is wrong with you people?

Jason: Hey, hey, let -- let go.

Olivia: You think this is a fricking playground? My cousin is fighting for her life in there! Why don't you show her freaking respect?

Karpov: I came only to offer condolences.

Olivia: Who the hell are you?

Karpov: A friend.

Jason: Can you please go back in with Kate? I'm going to take care of this.

Karpov: I'm going to overlook what just happened. You're upset over Miss Howard's shooting. I assure you I had nothing to do with it.

Sonny: Liar.

Karpov: May I remind you, there's a truce in place between us. I have not made any hostile moves against you. I expect you not to make any hostile moves against me.

Spinelli: With the master's permission, perhaps the Jackal could trace the comrade's movements tonight, ascertain whether he's telling the truth?

Jason: Good idea. Meet me at the nurses' station. You're just proving my point.

Sonny: That's just Karpov's plan. Bluffing his way through this. Deny, deny, deny. We'll let him do it. Let him think it's working. We're going to come up with an airtight plan here, get some alibis, right? A plan that will not fail. And then we will wipe that bastard off the face of the earth.

Lulu: Why are you looking at me like that? Say something.

Johnny: Honestly, Lulu, I don't know what to say.

Lulu: Well, how about that you believe me? Or that we have an understanding. There was a note, and whoever wrote it can get to me at any time. What if next time, there's a knife in my gut?

Johnny: Lulu, nobody is going to try and kill you.

Lulu: We don't know that. Can we at least agree that whoever wrote it does not wish me well?

Johnny: Who would do that? Nobody bought your confession. If they did, you would be in prison.

Lulu: I am in prison.

Johnny: What are you talking about? This place or up here?

Lulu: I don't know, both.

Johnny: Okay. So maybe this note was just a product of what's going on.

Lulu: What are you saying?

Johnny: I'm saying maybe you're doing this to yourself.

Jax: I booked the Windward suite for the foreseeable future.

Carly: You want us to move into the hotel? You think that's necessary?

Jax: Carly, I watched -- I watched Kate get shot today for the same reason that Michael did. Because she was standing next to Sonny. I'm not going to line you and Morgan up to be next. I mean, the Metro Court -- it makes sense. It's got the state-of-the-art security system, it's public, and I'll be able to keep an eye on you.

Carly: I'm just not sure I want to leave my house, you know?

Jax: Yeah, yeah, I mean, I understand that. It's just, you know, why take an unnecessary risk here?

Carly: I'm not, I'm just, you know, having a hard time making the adjustment.

Jax: Well, we'll work on it. Okay? You're staying at the hotel.

Ric: You know, you took a huge risk going after Karpov on your own. If I'd have known where you were going, I would've stopped you.

Claudia: You would've tried. Which is why I didn't tell you where I was going. The point is, guys, I saw the man's face. He had nothing to do with Kate Howard getting shot.

Trevor: Because Karpov's contract was on Sonny. And his incompetent shooter probably missed, and poor deluded Kate took the bullet for him because she made a decision to marry Sonny.

Ric: Dad, come on, I think you're jumping the gun a little bit here. Kate's not even dead yet.

Trevor: That's a stupid pun, and it's not funny. Kate has been shot twice because of that animal. And her luck is starting to run out.

Claudia: Well, hey, whether or not Kate dies or she goes screaming for the hills when she recovers, the point is Sonny was never a match with Kate. She's weak.

Trevor: You spiteful bitch. Don't even taint her name by opening up your mouth.

Ric: Hey, hey, hey! I get that you're upset. But okay, drink it off. Don't take it out on Claudia.

Trevor: Richard! You got into bed with that viper. She's going to suck you dry.

Mac: Well, how convenient. All the Zaccharas in one place. That'll make our job a lot easier.

Harper: We have some questions about Kate Howard's shooting.

Olivia: I see my cousin for the first time in twenty years, and all I can think of to do is fight? You know, I forgot to tell you about how many times I'd turn a corner in the old neighborhood, and I -- like -- like I saw you there. Frozen in time, you know? In your catholic school uniform. You were always so sophisticated, even back then. I forgot to tell you just how much I admired you. I could just never make the words come out.

Olivia: I forgot to tell you how -- how desperately I missed you. I -- Connie, I know, we were about as different as two girls could ever be. That is a fact. But you were like my sister. You know, you were like -- you were like a part of me. And as mad as I was at you for walking away from your family, I was -- I was so proud of you and so happy when you made your dreams come true. You conquered the world, Connie. You did. So why would you risk that all to get involved with Sonny again?

Sonny: Are you gonna just stand there? I asked you a favor. You're going to turn me down?

Jason: Sonny, I don't have a choice right now.

Sonny: You have a choice.

Jason: What do you want me to do? You want me to start killing people?

Sonny: She's dying in there. It's retaliation.

Lulu: Please, don't do this. I really can't take it. You have been the only solid thing in my life. If you stop believing in me, I'm going to lose it. I will not exist.

Johnny: Okay, Lulu, first of all, I will never stop believing in you. But what you keep saying? That you're going to slip away? It just proves that you're sick, and you're getting sicker, and it's because of what I did.

Lulu: No, it isn't, not because of what -- it's because of what I did. I killed Logan, and the guilt was messing with my head. And I have moved past it, and I have had my mom there to help me.

Johnny: Yeah, I met your mother today.

Lulu: You met -- you met my mother?

Johnny: Tracy took me to her room. She can't move, Lulu. She can't speak.

Lulu: I know, I know, but she came back because I needed her, and she was there with me, all throughout your trial.

Johnny: Because you made her up.

Lulu: So what? So what? What does it matter if she was helping me get better?

Johnny: You're not better. You're worse.

Lulu: You think that because of the note. And the note is real. It is real. Where's the note?

Johnny: You know what? If the note is real, Lulu, then you wrote it to yourself.

Marty: The suite has been set up according to your specifications, Mr. Jacks.

Jax: Including the additional security?

Marty: Yes, Sir.

Jax: Thank you.

Marty: It's good to have you with us, and don't hesitate to call if you need anything.

Carly: Thanks, Marty. I appreciate it.

Jax: Come on, buddy. Let's go. Come on.

Morgan: How long do we have to stay here?

Jax: How long do we have to stay here? Well, I don't know. That's a good question. I guess we're going to have to figure that out as we go along. What's important is that you and your mom are where I can keep a closer eye on you. Okay?

Morgan: Okay.

Jax: All right, let's go. Come on.

Anthony: What can we do for you, Commissioner?

Mac: You can start by telling me where you were at 6:00 this evening.

Anthony: Right here, in my trusty wheelchair, admiring the sun setting behind my roses. Do you garden, Commissioner? It's true what they say. There's no more relaxing way to while away an afternoon.

Mac: Who knew the Zaccharas had such poetic souls?

Claudia: Well, you know, on Sundays, we actually listen to chamber music, so you're welcome to join us.

Anthony: How is Miss Howard? I hope she'll recover.

Mac: What's your relationship with Sonny Corinthos these days?

Anthony: Corinthos is irrelevant to me. His wife-to-be even more so. I didn't shoot her, if that's what you're getting at.

Mac: Well, maybe the shooter you sent sucked at his job.

Anthony: Look, I'm an old man in a wheelchair. I'm staring my golden years dead in the eye. I just spent a miserable summer under constant worry that my only son would wind up either dead or in prison for the rest of his life. All I want now is peace. Hey, genius, shouldn't you be raising an objection?

Trevor: Gentlemen, you're wasting your time. You should be questioning a man by the name of Andrei Karpov.

Mac: A new player in town? Russian?

Trevor: Yeah.

Mac: You want to come down to the station, give us some more information?

Trevor: Absolutely.

Mac: If I need to be in touch with you, I will.

Anthony: Trevor really has a thing for Kate. He couldn't wait to cooperate with cops.

Claudia: Yeah, I think it's a total waste of resources, time, everything.

Anthony: Since when do you care about squandered city resources?

Claudia: Karpov's not their guy. That's all I'm saying. He didn't shoot Kate.

Ric: I disagree. I think Karpov is guilty as sin. I'm sure Sonny will see it the same way.

Olivia: You were so against me going out with Sonny. You know, and you would just go on and on, in that annoying, imperious way you had about how I had to get away from him before it was too late. But it was already too late, I guess. But then Sonny flipped the script, didn't he? He dumped me. And he went after you. And I said you know what? That's fine, you jerk. Go beat your stupid head against that wall for a while. You know what? No one could believe it. When you started running around with a boy, you started ditching school and hanging out with him instead of getting straight as and going after all your big dreams. And you know what? I blame Sonny for this. But I blame myself, too. Because -- because if I would've just told him the truth all those years ago -- even a couple days ago, when he came to Bensonhurst, if I would've just told him the truth, you wouldn't be laying here right now.

Sonny: You're so big and important now, running the organization that I gave you, that you're too busy to care that the woman that I love is dying in there, Jason.

Jason: Of course, I care. And my loyalty is unquestioned, and you know that. What do you want me to do? You gave me this business. You wanted me to be the boss. I have to act like a boss. I can't just fly off the handle and endanger the lives of the people who depend on me. My men, their families --

Sonny: Then you're a coward! And a traitor! Get out of here.

Lulu: Don't accuse me of that, it is not fair. I didn't -- I could not write myself a threatening note and not remember.

Johnny: Okay, Lulu, that's the thing. I don't think you know what you're capable of. Because you are sick. And your mind is crying out for help. It has been for months. It's what made you see Logan long after he was dead and buried. It's what allowed you to have long, helpful conversations with your catatonic mother, but it needs to stop. You need to get the help that you deserve, and I wish it were different, but I can't give that to you.

Lulu: No, Johnny, Johnny, no. Please, Johnny.

Johnny: It's for the best.

Lulu: No, it's not!

Johnny: Lulu, everything I do makes you worse. Okay? From taking the blame for Logan’s death to dragging you out on the run with me to sneaking you out of this place earlier on to taking you to your boss's wedding. And you watched her get shot. I am the worst thing that could happen --

Lulu: No, you're not; you're not the worst thing. You're -- I'm fine, I am not crazy, okay? I am better, I'm getting better. I promise you, I'm going to work so hard at it. Just please, please, please –

Doctor: What's going on here?

Johnny: She doesn't want me to leave. It's okay.

Doctor: You need to calm down.

Lulu: No, you leave me alone. Just tell me -- tell me –

Doctor: Restrain her.

Lulu: That I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy. Oh, believe me.

Doctor: Take her to isolation.

Lulu: No, let me go! No! Johnny, I'm not crazy!

Carly: Thanks for sticking around for Morgan’s bedtime story.

Jax: Are you kidding? Sometimes I think I enjoy the stories more than he does.

Carly: You were my hero tonight.

Jax: Nah.

Carly: Not because you shielded me from a bullet, or swooped in and whisked me and my little boy off to safety. You're my hero because you showed me, beyond any doubt, that you still love me.

Spinelli: Will Stone Cold be issuing the order for retaliatory action against comrade Karpov?

Jason: I don't want you worrying about that stuff.

Spinelli: It is the world I live in.

Jason: I'm not going to go to war because Sonny's not thinking clearly, all right? Too many people stand to lose. What happened to Kate is awful. But it's just another reminder why I can't –

Anthony: You agree with your old dad, don't you, that Ric is a bright guy?

Claudia: Ric is brilliant.

Anthony: After all, he got John acquitted.

Ric: Yeah, well, with an able assist from Claudia.

Anthony: Well, I'm impressed with my little girl as well.

Claudia: Thank you, Daddy.

Anthony: But this Kate Howard matter, it's -- it's unfortunate. And it complicates things.

Claudia: Well, how so?

Anthony: Well, you know how Sonny is. He's faced with a personal crisis and lashes out at all potential suspects. Unfortunately, our front door is going to be one of the first places Sonny goes.

Ric: Especially if Jason refuses to retaliate on his behalf.

Anthony: Which he will.

Claudia: What's --

Anthony: I want you to go see him.

Claudia: Jason?

Anthony: Sonny. Represent our family. Reassure him we had nothing to do with Kate's shooting, and offer him our sympathy and our assistance. Whatever it takes to comfort the poor man in his time of grief.

Sonny: I'd like some time with her.

Olivia: First, you get some time with me.

Sonny: No, no, no. Don't get in my face, Olivia.

Olivia: You want in your face?

Sonny: Don't do it, don't do it.

Olivia: You want in your face, huh? My cousin is fighting for her life in there because you are a liar.

Sonny: What do you mean, I'm a liar? What are you talking about?

Olivia: Because you told me you were out of the mob. You told Connie the same lie, and you made her bet her life on it.

Sonny: I did get out of the mob. I did not lie.

Olivia: Yeah?

Sonny: Yeah.

Olivia: Well, why don't you tell her that? Tell your fiancée that if she's lucky enough to live through this. What happened to you, Sonny? Huh? You used to at least be honest. Okay, you used to at least know when you did wrong, and you would own it. And now you're just standing here, with these feeble excuses and justifications. I want to hear you take responsibility for what you did. I want to hear you say the words, "I did this."

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