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gargoyles42 Posted on Oct 4 2008, 08:43 PM
  Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

Robin: I can't be in labor. It's too soon.

Elizabeth: The best thing to do is just breathe, all right?

Patrick: You and the baby are going to be fine. You're going to be fine.

Robin: Okay.

Jason: We have nothing to discuss.

Sasha: Your associate here disagrees. According to her, you're prepared to strike against Mr. Karpov.

Spinelli: What Maximista meant --

Sasha: Her meaning was unmistakable. And unless you care to explain, I have to assume that she's right and you're about to start a mob war.

Kate: It's a simple question. Yes or no? Did you have sex with Carly the night you took Michael to the institute?

Sonny: Yeah.

Jax: Wow, it's quite funny when you think about it, isn't it? You know, like, I went to all the trouble to ask for a separation, trying to figure out a way to save our marriage, but it was already over.

Carly: Jax, don't say that. Please, don't say that.

Jax: You slept with Sonny at least once that I know of.

Carly: It was only that one time.

Carly: Jax --

Jax: At least you didn't add insult by denying it.

Carly: Don't walk away and don't tell me our marriage is over.

Jason: All right, let's get something straight. This is not my associate. Mr. Karpov and I made an agreement. I plan on honoring it. Unless he makes a move against me, all bets are off.

Maxie: But Spinelli was run down in front of Karpov's warehouse.

Spinelli: Maximista, perhaps it would be best not to --

Maxie: You're lucky that Spinelli's okay and, if anything ever happens to him --

Spinelli: Look, I -- I am perfectly capable of dealing with the Slavic seductress.

Sasha: Look, no one working for Mr. Karpov had anything to do with the unfortunate incident. I came here to give you my personal assurances.

Jason: You've done it. Goodbye.

Maxie: Well, she was totally lying.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, Maximista was only trying --

Jason: That's enough. You guys keep messing around like this, somebody is going to get killed.

Lucky: I'm so ready for this to be over.

Sam: Okay, listen to me. Getting shot during the DEA drug bust definitely helped my street cred with Karpov and his drug runners. I am definitely making progress.

Lucky: What do you mean, you're making progress?

Sam: I don't want to say it a million times, so can we wait for Nadine and Nikolas to get here?

Lucky: No, no, no, I haven't even heard from either one of them, and I don't even know if Nikolas will remember about this meeting. Listen, I'll call, okay?

Sam: No, no, no, actually, don't -- don't call him, because, you know, now that I think about it, Nadine -- it's no secret that she has a thing for Nikolas and I've seen the way he's been looking at her lately. Girl thing. So will you trust me on this? If they want some alone time, they should definitely have some alone time. And it'll give us a chance to be alone, too, and I think that's all the better.

Lucky: Oh, you're not fair.

Sam: What?

Lucky: Because you're making me the voice of reason. I don't want to be the voice of reason.

Sam: I think that is good.

Lucky: God, I miss you. I miss you so much -- I want to rip your clothes off.

Sam: Okay, ditto and... ditto. Come on, let's go.

Lucky: Do you know we're in the back room of a medical clinic --

Sam: Yes, I know. So what? It's risky. I don't care.

Lucky: Anyone could come in.

Sam: Guess what. I like taking risks. Whoa!

Boy: Do something. Help her. My mother can barely stand up. The pain's so bad.

Matt: All right, all right. Try and stay cal all right? Tell me what happened.

Woman: I -- I get bad headaches, migraines.

Boy: I took her to the hospital and they gave her this medication.

Leyla: Which hospital?

Matt: Mercy.

Man: I need help, please.

Boy: She started taking this medicine and right away I could see something was wrong. Look at her. She's so pale.

Matt: Can you follow this? I think she might have been poisoned.

Claudia: Where's John?

Ric: I asked the -- the guards to wait to bring him up. I want to talk to you first about what happened in court today.

Claudia: When Scott Baldwin produced that so-called evidence? Please, I wanted to scream. The idea that Logan was some kind of an undercover cop --

Ric: Scott got --

Claudia: It's ridiculous. Oh, my --

Ric: Claudia.

Claudia: What, that Logan Hayes is some kind of a martyr?

Ric: Shh, this is a death penalty case now. I just want you to be aware of what we're up against.

Claudia: Scott wants Johnny to get a lethal injection. And he tried to twist my words on the stand today, but I didn't let him. I think I held my own. I mean, I didn't say anything that would incriminate John.

Ric: I -- I think that the jury was aware that you were holding back. But I don't think that you did anything to help Scott's case. You were a credible witness.

Claudia: It wasn't a horrible first day, then, right? I mean --

Ric: You want me to tell you what you want to hear, or do you want the truth?

Sonny: I'm sorry. I never -- I never wanted you to know --

Kate: A lie is a really bad way to start a marriage.

Sonny: It happened once in -- in an extreme circumstance.

Kate: According to everyone else, it's routine behavior for you --

Sonny: It's not -- okay --

Kate: And Carly.

Sonny: It's not going to happen again. I promise you. I regret what happened. It will never happen again.

Kate: Why should I trust you?

Sonny: Because I -- I -- I did it -- I didn't -- I didn't --

Kate: What?

Sonny: I was -- we were taking Michael to the institute.

Kate: Uh-huh.

Sonny: We were putting him in. We were saying our goodbyes. We went -- we went to the car. It was raining. We started to talk about Michael, his hopes, his dreams. She started to cry.

Sonny: One thing led to -- led to another.

Kate: What about me, the person you swore that you loved? What about me? Did I even cross your mind?

Carly: Please don't leave without giving me a chance to explain.

Jax: Well, excuse me if I don't want to hear the details of the special bond that you share with Sonny.

Carly: We share a son in a coma.

Jax: Oh, please, don't you dare. Don't you dare use Michael as an excuse.

Carly: We had just put Michael in an Aftercare facility for the rest of his life.

Jax: I don't want to hear it, Carly. I don't want to hear it.

Carly: The pain was unbearable. And it just happened.

Anna: How is she?

Mac: One minute we're talking. The next, she's buckled over in pain. What the hell was she doing here in the first place? She should -- never should have been working in her condition.

Anna: It's good that she was here because they knew what to do with her. They knew how to treat her.

Mac: She wouldn't have been all stressed out.

Anna: You know what, Mac? I think it's a good thing that she works, because it keeps her mind occupied.

Mac: Not the job, Anna. Dealing with Patrick. You know, having to justify for the hundredth time why she doesn't want to marry the guy. Even I was piling on. Why I let you people talk me into getting on board with that --

Anna: Don't you want her to be happy?

Mac: It's a disaster waiting to happen.

Anna: Yeah, well, love can sometimes be like that. But I think that she needs a partner in all of this, Mac. She needs somebody to be there, to share all the good times and the bad times. And -- and just, you know, when she wakes up in the morning after a sleepless night, just somebody there to say "you look beautiful" even if her eyes are all puffy or whatever.

Mac: You've been brainwashed by Patrick.

Anna: You think that I'm wrong about this?

Mac: Patrick makes some good points, but I'm a realist. I see past the smiles, all the hopeful upbeat talk about how wonderful and normal everything is when we know it's not.

Anna: Oh, Mac, I mean, the odds are excellent the baby won't have HIV.

Mac: You know, everyone keeps acting like if we just wish real hard and pray real hard, it'll all be okay. I did all that when we found out about Stone, found out that there was a chance Robin could be infected. I thought positive thoughts. I told myself the odds were on her side, but it didn't matter. I love Robin so much. I admire her, everything she's done with her life. And I know, Anna, I know that even though she refuses to talk about it, she's terrified that baby could have HIV. I don't know. Maybe that's what brought on the early labor.

Robin: I'm glad you're here.

Patrick: Of course I'm here. If this baby's going to come tonight, we're going to be ready for her.

Robin: Yeah, you're right...

[Robin breathes deeply]

Robin: Because I've been taking my meds religiously so there's a less than 2% chance that the baby could have HIV. And, if this is premature labor, then they can do a C-section. And then that's fine, because that can work as well. So, no matter what, it'll be fine.

Patrick: It'll be fine. There's only one thing missing.

Robin: What?

Patrick: A name for our little girl. If she's going to come out tonight, we need something better than "hey you."

Robin: Okay, what?

Patrick: Well, I was thinking Millicent, right? Milli for short.

Robin: Well, "hey you" is starting to sound really good.

Patrick: Yeah, maybe you're right.

Kelly: I have good news. You're not in labor.

Patrick: Oh, good.

Kelly: You're having Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Patrick: False alarm.

Kelly: This is perfectly normal. It's your body getting ready for the real thing.

Robin: Sure didn't feel like practice.

Patrick: Well, if they're more frequent and more intense, Braxton-Hicks signals pre-labor. It's the softening and the thinning of the cervix.

Kelly: Someone's been doing his homework.

Patrick: Yeah, well, I figured if I knew what this was going into it, it would kind of lessen the stress and the anxiety part of it.

Kelly: Yeah, how's that working for you?

Patrick: It didn't work at all.

Kelly: Well, there's nothing to panic about here, okay? You're healthy, and as long as you relax and avoid unnecessary stress, you should carry to term.

Nikolas: I guess I'm a little confused as to how you got yourself thrown in jail for contempt in court.

Nadine: Baldwin's a jerk.

Nikolas: Yes, but doesn't that kind of go without saying? All you had to do was testify that you found Logan's body on the sidewalk and saw some car drive away, right?

Nadine: Yeah, well, he wasn't interested in the facts. He wanted me to say that I saw John Zacchara driving that car.

Nikolas: But you didn't.

Nadine: No, I didn't.

Nikolas: That's all you had to say.

Nadine: Yeah, well, Baldwin's a lawyer, Nikolas. They don't just ask questions. They -- they frame them in this way so that if you don't answer them in the way that you want them to, then you look guilty to the entire room, or at least suspect.

Nikolas: But if you didn't see the driver, and you didn't, what else was there to say?

Nadine: Well, then it's like I might be lying.

Nikolas: But why would you lie? Why would you protect a guy like John Zacchara?

Nadine: Because you're Lulu's brother and I work for you and I'm a girl, after all, and you're you. You are wealthy, handsome, available Nikolas Cassadine and why wouldn't I lie for you if you asked?

Nikolas: That's -- that's ridiculous.

Nadine: Yeah, it's outrageous.

Nikolas: I would never try to influence your testimony.

Nadine: No, of course you wouldn't. And even if -- if you did, I would never -- I would never do that, even if I were in love with you.

Sonny: When I was with Carly, if I had been thinking about you, I wouldn't have done it.

Kate: Oh... there's my answer. Carly overwhelms everything in your life.

Sonny: That's not true. I just found out that you had paid off Ian Devlin --

Kate: I paid off Ian Devlin to keep you from going to jail, to keep you from killing him, so that you wouldn't throw your life away. But never mind, right? Because all you saw was betrayal. So you were under no obligation to be faithful.

Sonny: I'm not trying to justify or -- or -- or, you know, make an excuse for what I did. I'm just trying to tell you what happened. I was taking my -- my son, who was in a coma, and I put him in the institution. There was a lot of things going on at that time. Things were coming down on me. Carly and I, you know -- it's like -- I hate what happened. And afterwards, you know, we -- we both knew it was a mistake. And true to form, like Carly, she -- right after, you know, she hands me this document to -- so I would sign over my kids.

Carly: Wait, Carly had sex with you so that you would sign over your kids?

Jax: I offered to take Michael to the institute with you, but you didn't want me there. So don't tell me that this was a spontaneous accident.

Carly: Jax --

Jax: No, no, part of you knew that this was going to happen.

Carly: I swear to you, I didn't.

Jax: I can't believe it. I mean, you came home to me that night. I was so happy to see you. We made love. We had sex, to be more accurate, right? You went -- you went straight from Sonny to me. How -- how could you do that to me?

Nadine: I certainly hope you don't think that I blurted out my feelings in the middle of an entire courtroom. And not that those are my feelings. I mean, I enjoy your company, but when I said the word "love," that was only hypothetical, which is all that it could be, obviously. I was only trying to make a point.

Nikolas: Right. And what point would that be?

Nadine: That Scott Baldwin was wrong, of course. It is a tragedy that his son died and justice needs to be served, obviously. But he's not interested in justice. He's only out for revenge and he was just trying to use my testimony to get that.

Nikolas: Nadine, I believe you. I think you're right.

Nadine: I know I'm right and it makes me madder than a cut snake. And it is just not in me to stay quiet when I see that kind of injustice going on.

Nikolas: I know. It's one of the things I admire about you the most. But you have to learn how to make your point. I mean, when you go on the attack like that, people stop listening to you. It gets you nothing.

Nadine: Yeah, well, thanks for the pep talk.

Nikolas: Oh, I'm not finished with you yet. Bye.

Nadine: Bye.

Matt: I want full blood panels. Tell them to send me over samples of the meds. They're to go directly to the lab, no red tape. Possible poisonings for both of them. Get them both on IV's, normal saline, 500 cc bolus.

Lucky: I'll send a squad car over to Mercy and get those meds confiscated.

Matt: Get a list of everyone who took the meds.

Leyla: Full blood panels, please, directly to lab, no red tape. Thanks.

Lucky: Hey.

Sam: That is unbelievable. Who knows how many other people out there are taking counterfeit drugs?

Lucky: No, no, no, it's worse than that. Patients aren't just getting useless meds. They're being poisoned.

Jerry: Ms. Donev, these cold war theatrics are getting a bit much.

Sasha: They wouldn't have been necessary if your brother hadn't gotten Mr. Karpov's visa revoked.

Jerry: I think my brother showed admirable restraint. You see, if Carly was my wife, Mr. Karpov's visa would be the least of his problems. And if he keeps making advances to my sister-in-law, I think it might detract from our lucrative business venture.

Sasha: Mr. Karpov's infatuation will not interfere with business.

Jerry: Spoken like a woman who's in charge. I like that.

Sasha: I hope you're bringing me good news.

Jerry: Oh, yes, I am, actually. The doctor from the clinic, Matt Hunter -- he's on the trail of the counterfeit drugs and he thinks he has a lead.

Sasha: That would be the opposite of good news.

Jerry: Now here's the good one. You see, there are many people associated with the clinic who might cause some difficulties. So the place is going to be the site of a very tragic and fatal accident.

Sasha: Oh.

Maxie: You have to come at things from a position of strength. Like, if your magazine wants to do a layout with a hot new designer or a profile on a star, you don't actually say that. You just let them think that you're going to do them a favor.

Spinelli: Well, I fail to see the correlation between celebrity gossip and possibly inciting a mob war.

Maxie: It's the same principle. If a rival mobster's ice queen lawyer strolls in in a business suit that's trying way too hard and starts throwing out veiled threats, you have to back her down. And by the way, anyone can shoot a gun. It takes real skill to pull off a negotiation.

Spinelli: Stone Cold is not as trigger happy as you say.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah? How long ago? No, I'm -- I'm going to handle it.

Spinelli: Are we going to the mattresses?

Jason: You are. Upstairs, you're going to take a nap -- let's go. Come on. Just get -- stand up. Get his pillows and blankets.

Maxie: You should say "please." It's polite.

Jason: Get his pillows and blankets.

Maxie: Now that you have all this secret mob stuff to do, aren't you really glad that I'm here?

Kate: So Carly already had these papers in her purse, already drawn up by the lawyer.

Sonny: Yeah. And then after, you know, we --

Kate: Yeah, after you had sex, right. So she pulled them out of her purse and asked you to sign away your kids? Wow, I really didn't think I could like her any less.

Sonny: Okay, first of all, we were -- we were... we were both wrong. When she pulled out those papers, I -- I was furious and I told her. I said, "You know what? You're using sex to get me to give up my kids." But the truth is that, you know, the -- the sex came out of pain and grief. And afterwards, we both regretted it. And I -- and I got to tell you, I felt like, for -- for the first time in a long time, I realized how destructive we are. And the reason I didn't tell you... was because I didn't want to hurt you... because it didn't matter. It still doesn't matter. Nothing's changed.

Sonny: You still want to marry me?

Carly: I regretted what happened with Sonny the second it was over. When I came home, I ran straight for the shower because I just wanted to wash it off me and make it go away. And then, when I came out of the bathroom, you were there. And I needed you. I couldn't tell you what happened, because I had just lost my oldest son. I couldn't lose you, too. So when you reached out to me, I held onto you, Jax, because you're my husband and I love you.

Jax: And afterwards, you got out of bed and you left me sleeping, to do what? Hm? Did you go back to Sonny?

Carly: No, no, I went to Jason because I -- I felt guilty and I had to talk to someone about it and I couldn't talk to you because I couldn't risk losing you.

Jax: Wow, and all within a few hours. Let me ask you this. If you'd gotten pregnant and Sonny was the father, would you have ever told me?

Jax: So this is why you were so reluctant to take a pregnancy test, huh? That's why you kept putting it off, because you slept with both of us. You know, Sonny even told me if you were pregnant that I should take a paternity test. I mean, I must have been in complete denial, 'cause he basically told me that he slept with you.

Carly: He was being petty and cruel.

Jax: No, he was being honest. Would you have ever told me, or was I going to be another dupe like A.J.?

Carly: If I were pregnant, I would have taken a paternity test, and if Sonny was the father, I would have told you.

Jax: And if the baby had been mine, would you have told me anything at all?

Carly: I love you. I love you, and I didn't want this to happen, and I didn't want to hurt you the way that I'm hurting you right now.

Jax: Well, you should have thought about that before you slept with Sonny.

Kate: Maybe you think nothing's changed. Maybe you think that you can still marry me and you can still continue this bond with Carly.

Sonny: There is no bond with Carly.

Kate: Do you have any idea how many people warned me, Sonny? Do you? And I chose not to believe them, and now I'm the fool. It doesn't matter how much regret you and Carly have or how much pain you have caused yourself or other people. You and Carly will never be over.

Sonny: Okay, I'm going to tell you again. I don't want to have anything to do with Carly. She brings out the worst in me. You bring out the best.

Sonny: Do you know that you have made me... feel hope... for the first time... in a long time?

Sonny: Don't give up on me.

Kate: Look in my eyes, and you swear to me, you swear to me that you can never go back to Carly. Can you do that?

Sonny: I swear to you.

Kate: I can't believe you, Sonny. I can't.

Sam: All right, let me think. Karpov has a product in the shipping. What he needs is someone to handle the distribution, and that would be the middleman, which would be Jerry. I'm convinced of that.

Lucky: Yeah, based on what? Seeing him have a conversation on the docks with Karpov?

Sam: Are you kidding me? That was not social. Jerry is a sociopath who would gladly take pleasure in poisoning people to make an extra buck. I am convinced of that, too.

Lucky: If you put your emotions in the way, you could wind up with nothing, putting yourself into danger.

Sam: Listen, Lucky, I want justice, but I am not about to get killed over it, okay?

Lucky: You haven't seen any of the cargo you've moved for Karpov, have you? A decoy -- it could be a setup.

Sam: Okay, fine, then before I plan my next move, I need proof.

Lucky: Exactly.

Sam: And I think Jerry's the key to that, too.

[Phone rings]

Lucky: Spencer.

Sam: What?

Lucky: I'll be right there.

Sam: What?

Lucky: Two guys, both holding Russian passports, were found beaten up and unconscious in an alley. Looks like somebody's having a problem with Karpov.

Maxie: I know it probably wasn't a smart idea threatening the Slavic seductress, but Jason's really good at intimidation. I mean, usually his eyes are this really pretty blue, but --

Spinelli: Yeah, I -- I think Stone Cold would take exception to the word "pretty" being used --

Maxie: I can't help it. Jason's eyes are pretty, except for when he gets all cold and threatening, and then they become like ice. The Slavic seductress was definitely scared when she left.

Spinelli: Okay, yeah, which brings me back to my original point. I feel like I have placed you in a situation where your impulsive nature could -- could place you in peril.

Maxie: Jason will handle it, and while he's at it, he can have these walls repainted, too.

Spinelli: Oh, I could never ask him to do that. This room once inhabited by Stone Cold's seldom-mentioned first wife, the mysterious and reputedly beautiful Brenda.

Maxie: Brenda left Port Charles years ago. There comes a time when we need to move on. Besides, what kind of friend is Jason to you if he makes you stare at these walls all day?

Spinelli: Well, actually, I find them calming and kind of soothing. You know, studies have indicated that the color pink has a subduing effect on violent prison inmates and libidinous impulses.

Maxie: So pink kills your sex drive?

Spinelli: Well, the study has a -- a considerable margin of error, and individual reactions may vary widely. As to the Slavic seductress --

Maxie: So you think she's hot?

Spinelli: What?

Maxie: Well, you were talking about your libido, and then you brought her up, so --

Spinelli: They are two separate thoughts, unconnected. If I ever have contemplated the womanliness of the Slavic -- Ms. Donev, it was only to search for a way to counteract the power she was exerting over Stone Cold.

Maxie: That was all in your head, Spinelli, like a video game. Sasha is not some cyber-babe in a leather outfit with a whip. Part of the reason I got so mad downstairs is because I just -- I know that she had something to do with your hit and run.

Spinelli: Well, better the Jackal than fair Maximista. Had you been a casualty in the hit and run... the thought's too terrible to contemplate.

Maxie: Come on, Spinelli. I never would have let a pair of Russian mobsters ruin my Christian Cartullos. Those are the shoes that I was wearing.

Spinelli: I know. But the things you said to Karpov's lawyer, the way that you stood up for me.

Maxie: I'm always going to stand up for you.

Spinelli: I know. These people -- if they think of you as a threat or even a nuisance, the cost will be far more than a pair of sling -- peep-toed slingbacks.

Maxie: Are you going to try to start telling me that you're too dangerous for me again?

Spinelli: The danger is real. There is a reason why Stone Cold has separated himself from all the people he cares about.

Maxie: Spinelli, we both know that I'm not a good person. I'd like to think I'm not completely screwed up thanks to a few people who have believed in me in my life. After Georgie and Coop died, I was ready to self-destruct and follow my worst impulses, and I didn't thanks to you. So yes, I am grateful that you pushed me out of the way of that car, but you saved me just by being my friend.

Anna: It was a scare. So we're going to look on this as kind of a dry run, right? How did we do?

Robin: We did all right. I mean, I definitely have a lot of love and support.

Anna: You have so much love and support, support kind of beyond belief. It's ridiculous, really.

[Robin laughs]

Anna: I -- I don't know. I feel like -- you know, I want you to be happy, and I want you to have it all, and I've kind of turned into this awful, obnoxious, sort of overbearing mother that thinks that she knows what her child wants, and... okay, here's the part where you're supposed to jump in and say, "oh, no, no, no. You could never be that person."

[Anna laughs]

Robin: Mom, I know that you're always coming from a good place, and I love you for that.

Anna: So what I want to do is declare an official moratorium on all advice, but I'm going to reserve the right to hover.

[Robin laughs]

Robin: Okay, you can hover any time you want.

Anna: Am I that bad, really?

Robin: Uh...

[Anna laughs]

Robin: No, I'm just kidding. I just hope that I can be half the mom that you've been to me.

Nadine: You posted my bail?

Scott: Hey, hey, hey, hey, put her back in the cell. The court -- the judge is never going to sign off on that.

Nikolas: Too late, it's already done.

Harper: The night judge set bail, it's been paid. She gets to walk.

Scott: You lied on the witness stand. That's called perjury.

Nikolas: Back off, Scott.

Scott: Your girlfriend is covering up for a murderer.

Nikolas: Save it for the courtroom.

Scott: You know, when I get your sister up on the witness stand --

Nikolas: Oh, too bad, you can't. She's not well enough, sorry.

Scott: She's faking it. I can prove it. Eventually, Lulu is going to roll over on Johnny, and when she does, I will come after her for what she did, then I'm going to come after your girlfriend.

Nikolas: Will you listen to yourself for a moment? You're talking about the daughter of a woman you say you love.

Scott: Well, that's 'cause she's -- she lied. She lied to Logan. She led him on, and then she tried to help Johnny escape. Now she's going to pay for --

Nikolas: Shut up! All right, all right, all right.

Johnny: Thank you for what you did on the stand today.

Claudia: You'd be free if I had told the truth.

Johnny: We've been through this.

Claudia: Things have changed. You're going to get a lethal injection if you're convicted for a crime you didn't commit, John. You need to give Lulu up. If you admit that Lulu killed Logan, the fact that the girl's crazy is going to save her, John.

Johnny: Baldwin forged those documents saying that Logan was a police officer for a reason. It guarantees that this is a death penalty case, so if it's not me, he's going to go after Lulu.

Claudia: Ric is not going to let that happen.

Johnny: If Ric is as good as he says he is, why aren't we talking about my acquittal?

Claudia: Oh, because it's not that easy, Johnny, to cover up a murder, okay?

Johnny: I --

Claudia: It's not -- it's not like Lulu didn't leave you with an enormous mess here.

Johnny: I'm the one who insisted on the cover-up. Now it's up to me to fix it.

Claudia: You're going to sit there, and you're going to talk calmly to me about throwing your life away. Me -- me, John. I'm your sister, and I love you, and I would do anything for you, and for what? For what? I mean, for some girl whose mind is half gone.

Johnny: So I should toss Lulu aside --

Claudia: You know what? It's the risk that she took. It's the risk that anybody takes who gets involved with us, that gets involved with our insanity that we call a life. John, if you're not here to fight for me, I will make it up. It'll drag me under. I will become a monster, just like Daddy.

Johnny: You're a survivor, okay? You'll be fine without me.

Claudia: You bastard. I will never forgive you, John, for throwing your life away.

News anchor: Two men who had been brutally beaten were discovered in an alley near the Pier 52 warehouses by a woman who was walking her dog. Police say both were holding Russian passports and that there are no suspects at this time. Anyone who has information is --

[TV turns off]

[Door closes]

Patrick: How are you feeling?

Robin: Oh, a little silly. I just freaked everyone out, including myself, and got all emotional over Braxton-Hicks, which is fairly common.

Patrick: You know, I'm glad this happened. I've been badgering you about marrying me. Not very charming, and it's not very funny, and it's stressing you out, and that's the last thing you need. Yeah, we're going to raise our little girl together the best we can, and that should be -- that should be enough for now. I love you, and I'm going to respect that, so no more proposals, no more affidavits. Subject's closed, okay?

Robin: I love you, too.

Patrick: Good.

Patrick: I'll see you later.

Carly: What happened between me and Sonny was wrong, but as soon as it was over, I knew I'd made such a terrible mistake.

Jax: Yeah, and I made a mistake that night, too. I kissed Kate, and when you found out about it, you accused me of betrayal, and you had just slept with your ex.

Carly: I hated that you kissed Kate, and regardless of how guilty I feel about Sonny, I still hate it.

Jax: Oh, do you not see the hypocrisy, or am I just supposed to say, "Oh, it's just Carly's quirky way of dealing with things"?

Carly: I am sorry. I am so sorry.

Jax: No, but you're not. You're not. Sonny never looked at this marriage as real. You know, you always -- he thinks you're his and always will be his.

Carly: We're not talking about Sonny right now.

Jax: No, we are. We're talking about Sonny and that he always takes you whenever he just feels like it, and you allow him to do that, and that is why we have nothing left.

[Horn honking]


Nikolas: I'm sorry I lost my cool like that.

Nadine: Baldwin had it coming.

Nikolas: I just -- I just gave you this huge lecture about how going on the attack gets you nothing.

Nadine: Punching Scott Baldwin was a thing of beauty. There's no bigger accomplishment than that, is there?

Jason: Bad idea.

Jerry: Sweet Sam, we keep meeting at the most unexpected of places, don't we?

Sam: What the hell are you doing here?

Carly: We can't give up when we just found our way back to each other.

Jax: What are you talking about? That was all based on a lie, Carly.

Carly: No, it's not. It's not a lie that I love you, and I know you love me, Jax, and we belong together.

Jax: Yes, I love you, probably always will. But I have tried every way I know how to make this work. But I don't know how to be married to you. I don't know what you want from me.

Carly: I want you to forgive me. I want you to believe that I made a terrible mistake and I will never, ever make another one. Oh, I was so afraid that this was going to happen. From the moment that you told me you love me, I -- I knew the day was going to come that I was going to do something so huge and so terrible that you would walk away. I'm begging you not to. Please... don't leave, Jax. Love me enough to get past this. Be the one that won't leave.

Sonny: You okay?

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