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gargoyles42 Posted on Aug 25 2008, 06:34 PM
  Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

Sasha: I find you attractive, Mr. Morgan. And I propose a personal alliance that would be beneficial and enjoyable for both of us.

Jason: Put it on or leave without it.

[Sasha chuckles]

[Door opens]

Sasha: Oh, hello, again, little trespasser. You show very bad timing.

Spinelli: Stone Cold and the Slavic seductress?

[Heavy breathing]

Nikolas: Is that what you wanted?

Nadine: What if I said yes?

Alexis: You aren't your father, Johnny. You have a conscience. And I know that. You stayed with Lulu because she needed you, and if you didn't care about her, you would be off on a beach in South America somewhere.

Johnny: You know how she is?

Alexis: I will find out for you. But you have to tell me what happened with Logan. And I promise you I will plead you out on self defense. Then there's a chance that my children won't get hurt. Do you know that your father threatened my daughter when I held you in -- in jail for one night? Can you imagine what will happen if you go through with this trial and you lose? I know you have a heart, Johnny. You just have to use it.

Johnny: My father has to be stopped.

Trevor: John -- you don't say another word. This woman is trying to entrap you.

Patrick: Yes, I did want a boy for the simple reason that I was a boy, so I could, you know, figure out how to be a father to a boy. I would basically just do what my father didn’t. But a -- a girl?

Robin: He's a little nervous.

Patrick: Very nervous. I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out how to be father to a girl and it's -- it's scaring the hell out of me.

Scott: Hey, she's faking all this. She's just acting crazy. She doesn't want to have to testify against her boyfriend, the murderer.

Sonny: You're out of here.

Scott: Hey, listen, Corinthos. Look at this. You see? I'm on the job. Potential witness.

Sonny: You're going after Luke Spencer's daughter because this is all about you and your pathetic vendetta.

Scott: You know, my son was murdered. You of all people, I think, would understand this. Wasn't your son just shot in the head? Do you not want revenge? So why wouldn't I?

Sonny: Your grief doesn't excuse what you just did to Lulu.

Scott: What are you, her protector now? Are you going to help her the same way you helped my daughter Karen? You're going to hook her on drugs and get her to strip?

Sonny: Oh, you want to go there?

Scott: Yeah.

Sonny: Okay. You need to leave now. I'm going to call my lawyer. I'll have Diane call the state bar and write you up for whatever violations she can come up with. And then I'll have her call a press conference so the whole world can see that you're up here in a mental hospital attacking a defenseless, traumatized girl. You're not going to look like a grieving father. You know what you're going to look like? The coward that you are.

Scott: While you're calling lawyers, call her one.

Sonny: Hey. He's gone. He's gone now. He's not going to hurt you. No one's going to -- I'm not going to let anybody hurt you. Can you look at me, Lulu?

Trevor: Coercing a confession from my client, Ms. Davis, is a breach of ethics. Should I report you to my friends on the state bar?

Alexis: Trevor, go ahead. What -- you know what? Go ahead and do that. And while you're at it, why don't you take a picture of your granddaughter, Molly. Remember her? Because your client is threatening her sister's life. And I have every reason to believe she'll be next.

Trevor: The terms were clear. I explained exactly what I needed and why.

Alexis: And I explained to you exactly why I can't do that. It won't work. They'll fire me. They'll put somebody else in to prosecute him. He'll end up in jail. And my daughter might end up dead. Confess. He needs to confess and then I'll plead him out at self defense.

Trevor: Ms. Davis, you're a great lawyer and a good D.A. But as my son says, you don't know when you personally should stop and the law starts.

Alexis: Then stop looking at me like the D.A. and start thinking about me as a parent, as a mother.

Trevor: All right. Now let's just get this clear, huh? You are willing to risk your own precious children to force a confession? Shame on you.

[Alexis scoffs]

Nikolas: I shouldn't have done that. What are you even doing here, Nadine?

Nadine: I know you're upset about your sister. I thought you might need a friend.

Nikolas: I don’t. You shouldn't be anywhere near me.

Nadine: Believe me, if I didn't want to be kissed just now, I would have kicked you where it counts.

Nikolas: Look, Nadine. Either you don't get it or you just don't want to get it. But this -- us -- is not going anywhere. You understand?

Nadine: I understand you wish it wouldn’t.

Nikolas: And you should probably know that I'm genetically predispositioned on both sides of my family for madness. Not a nice guy.

Nadine: Pretty spoiled, I'll give you that.

Nikolas: And did you know that I -- that I cheated on Emily, the love of my life? Caused her untold pain and humiliation. I did that.

Nadine: I'd say you're making up for it now by being in love with her so long after her death.

Nikolas: And I also -- I also have an evil grandmother that could just literally swoop down here at any moment and torture and terrorize the people I care about. She tried to kill Emily on several occasions. In short, what I'm trying to tell you is, I'm just a really bad bet, Nadine. But -- but I like you. I really do. That's why I can't allow you to -- to risk your heart or waste your time on me, okay?

Nadine: You're not the only person to have family --

Nikolas: Would you -- would you just please get out? Please?

Nikolas: Oh, God.

Spinelli: The Jackal hadn't realized that stone cold had entered into a romantic -- sexual -- cheap hookup with the Slavic seductress. But his eyes cannot possibly be deceiving him.

Jason: Stop, Spinelli. Stop. You need to leave.

Sasha: Well, it has indeed been a pleasure. Should you want to reach me again, I'm available to you at any time. Good-bye. Dos vidanya, little trespasser.

Spinelli: Surely, Stone Cold realizes that the Slavic seductress cannot be trusted, even for a mere moment. And while she may be beautiful, she cruelly ordered her goons to hold the Jackal in a compromising position with his feet dangling from the ground and his arms nearly ripped from their sockets.

Jason: Just calm down. Calm --

Spinelli: She will serve as a deadly distraction. And while it is not my place to question the desires of --

Jason: Sasha showed up to deliver a message from Karpov. She came on to me to seal the deal.

Spinelli: That would indeed be a relief. If only it were true.

Spinelli: I'm sorry -- Stone Cold doesn't need to be ashamed of succumbing to the wiles of the Slavic seductress.

Jason: Spinelli, I --

Spinelli: I just -- and I know that you -- that you struggle daily -- mightily -- with your longing for fair Elizabeth. And so it is understandable that you would seek oblivion, which is itself a comfort, by turning to someone so completely opposite of the mother of the small stone cold one.

Jason: Don't -- don't start talking about Elizabeth right now.

Spinelli: Indeed. Indeed. Why sully your love for fair Elizabeth by slipping into the dark side by sampling the forbidden fruit? Although, I'm sure it was driven by the pain of recent months and the frustration of being so --

Jason: Enough.

Lucky: Nikolas?

Nikolas: Hey. Did you see Lulu? Is anything changed?

Lucky: Yeah. I found her in Mom's room.

Nikolas: Great. They put her in a straitjacket and then they allow her to go visit her incurably ill mother. She's never going to get well at Shadybrook.

Lucky: Yeah. She's starting to remind me of her. I mean, she's so vulnerable.

Nikolas: I know. Did she tell you that she sees Logan?

Lucky: No. But I'm not surprised.

Nikolas: Yeah, it could only be a matter of time before the confusion sets in, just like it did with Mom.

Lucky: You know -- Lulu, she would be so fine if not for Johnny Zacchara.

Claudia: Hey. You know what? Don't you dare put this on my brother.

Alexis: You're the one who came into my office telling me that Anthony’s falling apart, talking about how dangerous he is. You and I both know that a confession as part of a plea bargain is a reasonable compromise.

Trevor: Your children are safe for the moment. But had you forced a confession from John, it would be an entirely different story. I told you that Anthony will not compromise when it comes to his kid. Free him. It is the best way to save your children. It's the best way to save all of us.

Alexis: Trevor, there is no way that I can do that.

Trevor: I suggest you find one. I don't want my granddaughter caught up in this any more than you do.

Johnny: You've got to stop my father.

Trevor: John -- I can’t.

Kate: Talk to me.

Clarice: The hat feature's running too short, but we can drop in some quotes and some extra art. The caterers need final numbers for the reception.

Kate: That's fine. Maxie?

Maxie: Federico's seamstress never showed, so the reception dress is behind schedule.

Kate: Is he aware that I need it by the end of the week?

Maxie: I can go into the city and pick it up for you, if you'd like.

Kate: No. How about that Japanese designer? Have you heard back from him?

Maxie: Well, Lulu sent an e-mail a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if we got a response. But would you like me to send another one?

Kate: Um -- no. I think that that can wait till after the wedding. But while we're on the subject of Lulu, I -- I know you've been concerned, and you should know that Sonny is going to visit her today.

Maxie: She can have visitors?

Kate: As far as I know. Maxie, I've avoided bringing up the topic because I wanted to respect your privacy. But the truth is, we were all here when Logan barged off the elevator and had words with you and Lulu. I'm sure you've been thinking about her, so if you would like to go and see her --

Maxie: Now?

Kate: Yes. And Maxie, if the opportunity presents itself, let Lulu know that her job is waiting for her when she is ready.

Maxie: Okay.

Sonny: Breaks -- you know, from reality -- they're scary. Believe me. I know. You see things that can't be real, but they're real to you and you try to be strong. You try to get yourself, you know, together. Everything's okay for a little while, and then something happens. You see a vision. Hear voices whispering.

Sonny: You don't know if it's a thought, a dream, a nightmare. I've been where you are and the worst part for me was that I lost belief in myself. I thought I was a burden to everybody who loved me. And then when I tried to get -- I tried to get better and willed myself to survive in the -- in the real world. And, you know, get some control. It got worse for me. And you know what? All I wanted to do was hide. And I understand that you find comfort in that. That makes you feel safe. But I'm just, you know, speaking for myself. I felt hopeless when I would let myself disconnect.

Lulu: I hate this place.

Sonny: I know. I know what that's about.

Lulu: I hate the way they look at me.

Sonny: A lot of people recover from breakdowns. I don't know if you know this, but I'll let you in on a thing here. I don't know if your dad told you, but I was diagnosed with something called bipolar disorder. And my life is good. I take medication. I see doctors every once in a while, which is what you need to do. Because I'm telling you right now from experience, you can't solve this on your own.

Lulu: I can't solve anything.

Sonny: You've got to let the doctors help you.

Lulu: Okay.

Sonny: And you know, you don't have to be alone in this. I can talk -- I can call your dad.

Lulu: No.

Sonny: I mean, I've tracked him down before.

Lulu: No. No. I don't want my dad to know about this. It was terrible for him when my mom went crazy. Maybe I'll be better when he gets back.

Mike: You know, it's happened to me, so I kind of know what I'm talking about. There's a certain karmic justice when a former ladies' man -- former -- discovers that he is going to be the father of a little girl.

Anna: Oh, I know. It is just so perfect. Really.

Mike: Overnight -- I mean, women flip from being worthy only of seduction to --

Robin: Just another notch on the stethoscope, according to Patrick.

Mike: To sweet little princesses in their fairy tale land who must be protected at all costs.

Anna: Oh. So cute.

Patrick: Oh, yeah, okay. So cute, yeah. Have a good time while every lame pickup line I've ever said is running through my mind.

Robin: Really? What was the lamest?

Mike: Oh, trust me, honey. You don't want to know.

Robin: No, no. I want --

Patrick: I'm not going to sit here and tell you my pickup lines.

Anna: Yes, I want to hear. Look, bated breath right now. I need to hear them.

Patrick: No, they weren't --

Robin: We're all ears.

Patrick: No, it's not going to happen.

Anna: Oh, so what was it like? Something like, "hey, what, shall I call you in the morning, or, like, just nudge you?' No?

Robin: Nice one. Or what about the -- all right. "You must be exhausted because you've been running through my mind all night."

Patrick: Oh, please. Give me a little credit.

Robin: Come on. Don't be shy. Really. We want to hear them.

Patrick: Okay. Well, first of all, they were never that fancy. I would usually just lean over and say, "I'm going to be a doctor."

Anna: Oh, no.

Robin: That face?

Patrick: It's the only face I have.

Anna: Did it work?

Patrick: They all worked.

Anna: That's what makes me sick, you see. I mean, women -- some women are just so -- they give us a bad name.

Patrick: Well, it didn't really matter what you were saying or what the line was. They all meant, you know, do you want to hang out? But you're right. It makes me sick, too. And if any guy says that to my little girl, I'm throwing him off the roof of the hospital.

Robin: So that's why I love him.

Jason: Did you get the encrypted information off Karpov's PDA?

Spinelli: I've been jackaling in the most focused and diligent manner, but the Russian rogue must have skilled cyber support, along with a seductress who is glad to -- sorry. Sorry. The subject is closed.

Jason: Can you get the files, or no?

Spinelli: I am the Jackal. No firewall can stand in my way for long. You know, the Slavic seductress is indeed attractive in an icy, terrifying sort of way.

Jason: Can you please concentrate?

Spinelli: Which is remarkably similar to the way that Stone Cold is often described by people who haven't experienced his kindness and true concern.

Jason: Focus, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Perhaps Stone Cold sees his own reflection in her icy, cold, Slavic eyes. Perhaps she leads him into the darkness of his soul and he's made newly aware of the irredeemable nature of his chosen life, and therefore must reach out for her cold embrace to stave off the brutal darkness to --

Jason: You know, stop. Stop talking about all this weird stuff. Get back to work. I've got a meeting with Bernie. Can you -- can you please get this figured out by the time I get back?

Spinelli: Yes, Master.

Jason: No, don't -- don't call me master.

Spinelli: Maximista? 'Tis I, the Jackal. I am in dire need of your immediate assistance.

Maxie: Lulu?

Lulu: Hey.

Maxie: Hi. I brought truffles.

Lulu: You're trying to make me fat. Thanks.

Maxie: You scared us all half to death. Couldn't you have called or something?

Lulu: I'm nuts. What do you expect?

Maxie: I was worried. Do you want one?

Lulu: This is weird. We basically hate each other.

Maxie: Yeah, definitely.

Lulu: But I mean, you're the only person that I can trust because you know that I killed Logan and you kept it a secret, especially from those who could have used it against me.

Maxie: Logan was a terrible person who was trying to hurt you. You can't let him ruin your life.

Lulu: I just feel so guilty still.

Maxie: Guilt is a waste of time.

Lulu: I killed somebody.

Maxie: Who was trying to kill you. You have to forget about Logan and focus on getting better.

Lulu: Um -- I can’t. I see him. I see Logan. And he's -- he's bloody and he just stands there and he looks at me.

Maxie: Well, maybe we should just get you a TV or something.

Lulu: I just don't know what he wants.

Maxie: He doesn't want anything. He's dead, Lulu. He's not real, okay? And if you are seeing Logan, it's because of some post-traumatic shock or misplaced guilt or something like that. But you -- you need to just ignore it and maybe he will go away.

Lulu: I just think that I should confess.

Maxie: No. You shouldn’t.

Lulu: If I don't tell the truth, I'm going to get worse and worse, like my mother, until I go completely crazy.

Claudia: If anyone is to blame for what happened to John, it's Lulu.

Lucky: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you mean "what happened to Johnny"? He completely destroyed my sister's life.

Claudia: What has Lulu done for Johnny? I mean, really. She -- she wouldn't leave him alone. She's stringing Logan along, and the guy finally went postal. And you know what? If she hadn't brought that gun into the --

Lucky: No, no, no. You cannot prove that she did that.

Claudia: Oh, come --

Nikolas: Lucky, we both know that Lulu brought the gun to Johnny.

Lucky: She didn't force him to take her hostage.

Claudia: You know what? The only reason I came here is to make sure that you keep Lulu off the stand. Because she could cost my brother his life. Please, don't let her testify.

Patrick: I -- I just thought Dr. Hunter was being a pig. That's all.

Robin: Yeah, sexism can be pretty ugly sometimes.

Patrick: And it was actually Leyla that warned me that your mom might be jumping to conclusions.

Robin: Really?

Patrick: Yeah.

Robin: I should thank her then.

Patrick: Yeah. Okay, I've got to go. I'll see you later.

Nadine: I've never been kissed like that. Nikolas was upset but passionate. We just -- it was amazing. And then, he yelled at me and asked me to leave, so I did.

Leyla: Hmm, I think I've read about this somewhere. I think it's "Jane Eyre," or was it "Wuthering Heights"?

Nadine: Ha, ha, very funny. You weren't there. You didn't get your lips kissed off only to get --

Leyla: Lips kissed off?

Nadine: Seriously. It was the most incredible thing that's ever happened to me. But Nikolas assured me that it would never happen again.

Maxie: Think about this, Lulu, okay? If -- if you confess, no one's going to believe you. You're in here. No offense. And Johnny is never going to admit that you did it.

Lulu: What kind of case do they have against Johnny?

Maxie: What, do I look like a lawyer?

Lulu: No, but you're the only one who tells me the truth. Everybody else is vague and patronizing, except for Scott Baldwin who exaggerates --

Maxie: Scott Baldwin is a loathsome creep, just like his son, who, pay attention, tried to rape me and then kill you.

Lulu: So you're saying Logan deserved to die.

Maxie: Yes, he absolutely did, and if I had a knife when he was attacking me, I wouldn't have tried to play along or talk him down. I would've distracted him the first chance I got and then stabbed him. I'm glad you had a knife. I wish Georgie had a knife when Diego killed her. Don't you see, Lulu? That could be you. Your life could be over. You got a chance to do something that my sister didn't -- defend yourself. And I don't know why you're so sorry about that. You should be happy that you're alive and Logan's dead.

Lulu: Because Johnny is paying for what I did.

Maxie: Johnny is fine. His whole demented family is looking out for him.

Lulu: How -- how are they looking out for him? Just tell me.

Maxie: From what I understand, there's a strong circumstantial case against Johnny, and Scott Baldwin’s pulling all these favors, trying to get the court date moved up.

Lulu: I know. Scott Baldwin told me he was going to have me subpoenaed to testify against Johnny.

Maxie: Ugh, that's really brave, threatening a mental patient. Sorry, just -- look, forget about Scott Baldwin and focus on getting better.

[Maxie sighs]

Lulu: I'm actually kind of glad you're here.

Maxie: Oh, yeah? Well, then you're going to love this next part. Kate said when you're feeling better, you can have your old job back.

Lulu: That must kill you to tell me that.

Maxie: You have no idea.

Trevor: If you go to prison, all hell is going to break loose. Anthony will personally target anyone he remotely holds responsible, starting with Claudia, then God knows who else.

Johnny: So what do we do?

Trevor: We do everything we can to exonerate you, no matter how many laws or legs we break. Once you're out of here, we'll do damage control, but now we've got to focus on getting you free. It's your only chance to save your sister -- and Lulu.

[Door opens]

Trevor: We're in the middle of a meeting.

Sonny: Yeah, it can wait.

Trevor: Johnny's got nothing to say to you.

Sonny: He's going to want to hear what I have to say to him.

Trevor: Well, look. Every time I came to you for help, you turned me down. You wouldn't even contact anybody in his behalf, so don't bother him now.

Sonny: I just came back from seeing Lulu.

Johnny: How is she?

Sonny: She's coherent. She's in a private room, not a ward. She's -- no straightjackets or anything like that, but she's -- she's as fragile as I've ever seen her.

Johnny: Someone's got to tell her I'm okay.

Sonny: I had to stop Baldwin from attacking her because he wants her to testify against you. Now, that's -- that's what I'm here for, okay? You need to tell your lawyer she cannot get on that stand, because I'm telling you, from what I saw today, she'll have a breakdown if she's forced to testify.

Spinelli: Ah, Maximista has arrived in the nick of time.

Maxie: What's wrong?

Spinelli: Sasha Donev.

Maxie: Oh, I like your hair.

Spinelli: Oh, but, um, the Slavic seductress whose hostile helpers nearly tore the Jackal's arm out of his socket --

Maxie: Right, right, the woman in Karpov's warehouse.

Spinelli: Yes, Comrade Karpov's attorney, but so much more.

Maxie: What does that mean?

Spinelli: I've begun extensive research into who Sasha really is and what she really wants.

Maxie: Okay, but why do you need me? You're a cyber-genius. You can do your own research.

Spinelli: The Jackal requires your familiarity with the wiles of the feminine heart so that once he finds evidence of her destructive and predatory ways, then Maximista can show that evidence to Stone Cold.

Maxie: If Jason wants evidence on Karpov's lawyer, you should just give it to him.

Spinelli: But Stone Cold is in a fragile emotional state.

Maxie: He has emotions?

Spinelli: Okay, he hides them well, but he -- Stone Cold has a broken heart, and I fear that he's being tempted by the dark side, maybe even already drawn in.

Maxie: Drawn into where?

Spinelli: Despite my warnings, he -- he refuses to see the danger in her icy-cold eyes. He's driven by his pain and tempted by the heartless seductress, and he -- he's seeking comfort where there is none, yet he returns again and again and again as she heartlessly exploits his most dark and destructive desires. Oh --

Maxie: Spinelli thinks you're sleeping with Karpov's lawyer.

Lucky: I'll take it from here. I saw Lulu today. She's not doing very good. She needs your help.

Johnny: Anything she wants. Lulu is all I care about.

Lucky: She isn't strong enough to testify.

Johnny: My lawyers won't be calling her.

Lucky: The prosecution will. Scott Baldwin would love to rip her apart on that stand. He thinks Logan would still be alive, if not for her.

Johnny: I'll have my lawyers block the subpoena.

Lucky: There's only one way to stop that prosecution. If you love Lulu, and you want to save her, you confess.

Kate: Have we heard from Frederico’s people yet?

Clarice: I just spoke with them. Frederico swears you will receive the reception gown tomorrow. As far as the wedding dress goes --

Kate: Ahem.

Clarice: Not another word. Understood.

Kate: Thank you, Clarice. How's Lulu?

Sonny: Worse than expected.

Kate: I'm sorry.

Sonny: Fragile, a little confused, um, she's lost, you know, the belief in herself. I tried to help her. I don't know if I got through or not.

Kate: I'm sure that your efforts were appreciated.

Sonny: Well, maybe. I tried to tell her, you know, to cooperate with the doctors. I don't know if that advice helped.

Kate: Well, she's young, right?

Sonny: Right.

Kate: I'm sure that will help her chances of recovery.

Sonny: I'm not sure, because one minute, she's talking about, you know, she's fine, and she's resigned to being sick, and then the next minute, she's saying that she's -- she's going to be well by the time Luke comes back.

Kate: That must've been very difficult to see her so confused.

Sonny: She doesn't want to end up like her mother.

Kate: Well, she could end up like you.

Sonny: Yeah.

Kate: Yeah. You were proof that someone can survive mental illness and live a full life.

Sonny: Maybe. But what if you're wrong?

Jason: How -- how many times do I have to tell you, Spinelli?

Spinelli: The Jackal's only acting out of deep concern for Stone Cold and, to that end, has uncovered substantial information on Stone Cold's inamorata of the shadows.

Maxie: His what?

Spinelli: His partner in illicit passion.

Maxie: Oh, you mean his hook-up.

Spinelli: Yes.

Jason: No.

Maxie: Spinelli, under normal circumstances, I would believe you over Jason any day of the week, but despite being an unfeeling and mostly uncommunicative blockhead, no one's ever accused Jason of being a liar, so if he's saying he's not sleeping with Sasha doughnut or whoever, then he's probably not. You don't need to worry.

Jason: Why don't you listen to her?

Spinelli: Yeah, but it's -- ugh. Maximista did not see with her own eyes the shocking sight of the Slavic seductress take --

Maxie: I'm sure you had a really good reason to jump to that conclusion. I mean, the Slavic seductress is totally Jason's type. I bet she works out, and she seems all icy and commanding, and she probably carries a gun.

Jason: It's not helping, Maxie.

Maxie: I'm just saying Spinelli has a really good reason to worry about you, and you should be grateful. I mean, even though he's mistaken by telling people you're having an affair with a Russian princess when you're really not, his heart's in the right place, and he's a good friend, so you should just have patience.

Lucky: I'm asking you to do the right thing. Admit you killed Logan Hayes.

Johnny: I'm innocent.

Lucky: My sister sacrificed everything, including her own sanity, for you. Now you won't even admit what you've done?

Johnny: If I confess, Lulu will only get worse.

Lucky: Son of a bitch! The only way to save Lulu is to get out of her life. Don't make her pay for what you've done.

Claudia: Get the hell away from my brother, or, I swear, I will have your badge.

Lucky: If you love my sister, you'll confess.

Claudia: If you love your sister, you'll do whatever you can to save John.

Nikolas: Hello. [Exhales] I was on my way to see Lulu. I thought I'd stop in and say hello. I'll just put these over here. So I understand that she was here before. I'm not sure I like that idea at this point. You know, her -- her greatest fear right now is she's going to end up exactly the way you are right now, and I -- I did. I told her about self-fulfilling prophecies and all that. Well, maybe I should give myself the same lecture, especially the way I feel right now. You know, Emily was my -- she was my salvation, you know? And now that she's gone, I just -- I can't -- I can't -- I mean, come on. I'm a Cassadine. It's -- it's never a good idea to care about a Cassadine, right? Shouldn't even have a crush on one, and that's what this nurse, Nadine -- she has this crush on me. I don't know. She thinks of me as this -- this, like, tragic hero, mourning Emily’s death, living in a castle. Heck, I don't know. I mean -- I mean, I -- I like her, Mom. I mean, we -- we have a good time together. She's a good person. She makes me laugh sometimes. I just think it would be really irresponsible and selfish of me to get involved with her right now. I mean, I -- I can't give her what she needs. She'll just end up hurt in the end.

Sonny: We've -- we've talked a lot about spending our lives together, but we haven't talked a lot about my condition.

Kate: I know you're bipolar.

Sonny: Yeah.

Kate: And I am okay with it.

Sonny: Yeah, and I'm fine, too, as long I take my medication.

Kate: Yes.

Sonny: But I'm going to -- I'm going to let you in on something. Sometimes I don't -- I don't want to take it. Sometimes I miss -- that feeling. And I know that I -- that I accept that I'll never have that feeling, that intensity, that focus that I had. I'm not saying I'm going off the medication. I'm just -- I'm just saying it's hard.

Kate: Okay. We'll manage.

Sonny: You've never see -- you know, well, you've known me a long time, but you've never seen me go through a breakdown, and I hope to God that you never do. But I just -- I just want you, you know, to know there is a possibility, and -- okay.

Kate: Ahem. You know what I've seen? I've seen you be strong. I've seen you be honest. I've seen you face your illness head-on.

Sonny: It -- it -- it's -- it's -- there's been times when that wasn't the case is what I'm --

Kate: Well, and I pray that you won't have another breakdown, and I pray that they will develop new medications that will be more effective, but no matter what happens, I'm going to vow to love you in sickness and in health, just as I hope that you will do the same for me.

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