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gargoyles42 Posted on Aug 16 2008, 04:18 PM
  Provided By Boo

Kate: I'm really sorry to intrude, but this is an urgent situation, jax. I need your help. It's make or break.

Jason: You shouldn't be here.

Elizabeth: I don't want to leave you like this.

Jason: It's ok. I'm all right.

Elizabeth: Don't -- don't do this, not with me. I know how much you're carrying by yourself. I can feel how isolated and alone you are. You need someone to talk to. I just want to do something for you. I want to listen. Please just talk to me.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: I never thought sonny would turn against me.

Anthony: You're retired. You have no power. It's foolish of you to show up here making threats when you're in no position to carry them out.

Sonny: I will make this plain and simple. If you threaten my children again, any harm comes to them, I will splatter your brains all over the sidewalk.

Lulu: I will do o .

Johnny: Wait, lulu, just put your seatbelt back on.

Lulu: I will jump out of the car before you take me to shadybrook!

Johnny: Ok, ok. We're stopping. See? It's all right.

Lulu: I don't care if I'm crazy. I am not going to be the reason why you go to prison.

Kate: Sorry, carly. Look, scarlett's people -- they want to pull the piece in "crimson" because they think it conflicts with the piece in "prima bella." It doesn't, but they're worried about overexposure.

Jax: They're not worried about a lawsuit?

Kate: The way that these contracts are worded -- look, if it was that simple, jax, I would have called the lawyers myself.

Jax: So is it to late to pull the feature?

Kate: "Scarlett in crimson" is not only a great interview, it is a gorgeous layout. It's a signature piece. It is exactly how we want to establish ourselves right out of the gate, so I need you to get these people to come around. I need you to use the same style you did with the european distributor, you know, your own special brand of charm and steel. Please.

Jax: Ok, I'll make a call.

Jax: Hello, elise. This is jasper jacks. Could I speak with crystal, please?

Lucky: Hey, hey --

Sam: No, no, no. Listen to me. This is as far as you go. If we get seen together, it could blow --

Lucky: I could tell them I'm on the take. That I want in on the counterfeit drugs. Given my history, it wouldn't be a tough sell.

Sam: No. Nice try.

Lucky: Listen, this could be way too dangerous for you. I mean, there are way too many things that could go wrong. And I just -- karpov -- what if he finds out that you're a spy? I just don't want you getting caught in the crossfire if the cops show up or jason's people show up, for that matter.

Sam: Listen, I live with the dangers of your job every single day. I accept that it's who you are. It's part of the deal. I am asking you to give me the same respect in return. Please.

Jason: After michael got shot, sonny wanted to walk away from the business. And I didn't think it could work. To no longer have guards, to think that he could just be legit and people would accept it and forget everything he'd done.

Elizabeth: You told him that?

Jason: Yeah, I told him that. Sonny believed it would work, that people would buy it because I'd been his right hand all this time. That he could just slip off into the background and keep his family safe. He asked me, as a friend, to take over.

Elizabeth: You mean to make yourself the target. And you said yes.

Jason: No, I refused.

Elizabeth: What? Sonny's retired and you're in charge, so I don't get what happened.

Jason: What happened was carly wanted sonny to give up custody of michael and morgan. To get them out of his life. To keep them safe.

Elizabeth: Like you did with jake.

Jason: Yeah. Sonny wouldn't buy it. Wouldn't listen to carly. She couldn't say anything to get through to him. She was going to take off with morgan. She was going to change their identities, and I know carly. She would have gone through with it, so I offered sonny a deal. I said I'll take over the business, just like you asked, if you give up custody. And he did. He agreed. He wanted out that bad.

Elizabeth: But he misses his children.

Jason: Yeah. He regrets giving up custody.

Elizabeth: And, now, sonny blames you for taking them away.

Claudia: No harm is going to come to your children. Isn't that right, daddy? So you can both zip up your pants.

Anthony: Alexis davis is in a position to drop the charges against my son, so I used the best leverage I could to assure her cooperation.

Claudia: He's just worried about johnny. The same way that I am. The same that you're worried about lulu.

Sonny: I don't want to hear any excuses or explanations. I'm going to tell you again. You threaten my children, anybody under my protection -- we're going to have a problem.

Anthony: You don't have anybody under your protection. In fact, technically, you're under jason morgan's protection, which makes it easy for me because jason has already proved that he won't take action. Your big, bad enforcer. Now that he's in charge, he wants peace at any price.

Sonny: This has nothing to do with jason. It's about you and me. Stay out of my way.

Anthony: Or what?

Sonny: You'll just find out how retired I am really am, anthony.

Lulu: Ok, look. We stick to the original plan, ok? We go to canada, and we drive west to vancouver, and we just hide out there. I will be fine as long as I'm with you.

Johnny: Lulu, I want to believe that. I do. Selfishly, I want you to be with me, but I know that's not the best thing for you.

Lulu: No, I know what's best for me.

Johnny: You have told me over and over what happened to your mother. How your father tried to get her help. And how he tried to do it himself. And it just made matters worse. That if they had gotten help from the start, she wouldn't be as sick as she is now.

Lulu: That's not the same thing as this.

Johnny: But I can't risk that happening to you. I've done everything wrong since the night that logan died. And I want to do something right for you.

Lulu: I will not get better if I know that you are locked up, paying for something that I did.

Lulu: Going to shadybrook is asking to get caught. If you really think that i should go, then drop me off.

Johnny: Lulu, if I drop you off, you're going to go straight back to port charles and confess, and it's not going to do you any good. No one's going to believe you. They're going to think you're trying to protect me.

Lulu: I will not let you ruin your life because of me.

Johnny: This is not about my life. It's about yours. And you can't be running around like some criminal.

Lulu: I'm ok.

Johnny: No, you're not. You need a doctor.

Lulu: You don't know what i need.

Johnny: I do know. And this isn't just because of the family history you've given me that you've lived with. I lived with a father who was very mentally ill, and I watched him deteriorate over the years because he needed help. You need help, and I'm going to get it for you.

Lulu: Ok. Ok, I will go. I will go on one condition. When you walk me in to make sure that I don't leave, you go to canada like we planned.

Johnny: I'll be fine.

Lulu: I need you to promise me. I won't be able to concentrate on getting better unless I know that you are safe and free.

Johnny: I promise.

Lulu: Ok. Ok, I'll go.

[Engine starts]

Lucky: Sam, I do respect you. I think you are smart and you are capable, and that is why i like having you around. But I just think this is way too dangerous for you to be risking your life.

Sam: That is very sweet. That is probably the nicest thing you've said to me in a really long time. And I'm going to take you to a secluded place someday and show you exactly how much that means to me, after I figure out who is putting these fake drugs into our hospitals. Come on. You know -- you know I am our only shot right now.

Lucky: Yeah, I know.

Sam: So?

Lucky: So in the spirit of mutual respect, listen, if things start to go wrong, if you feel you are getting in over your head, I want you to promise me you are going to call me.

Sam: Lucky --

Lucky: Listen, I know you're used to doing this alone. I get it. But eventually, you're going to have to give in. You're going to have to start trusting somebody, and I want you to start trusting me.

Sam: I do trust you. I do, ok? Listen, I promise. I promise you that -- oh, gosh. Ok, I promise if anything goes wrong, I will call you.

Sam: Hi.

Karpov: Right on time. I hope you're ready to get to work.

Sam: Yes, let's do this.

Karpov: We go.

Jason: I just wanted to prevent morgan from ever getting caught in the line of fire the way his brother was, but sonny can't see it or he won't see it. He is convinced that carly and i were out to punish him for what happened to michael.

Elizabeth: Well, I can see why he would think that about carly, but why you?

Jason: I don't know. He says I'm forcing him to give up hs kids because it's what i did. Like I need him to sign away michael and morgan to make giving up jake ok.

Elizabeth: That was my idea.

Jason: No, we both agreed.

Elizabeth: And we were right. After what happened to michael, it's just not safe for jake to be near you.

Jason: I know, but sonny doesn't see it that way. He thinks carly and I forced him.

Elizabeth: Carly made the right decision. And you only helped her do what was best for morgan. I'm sorry sonny can't see that. And that he's chosen to blame you.

Jax: "Crimson" is going to be the jewel in the crown of our expanding media holdings. The people who help make it a success will benefit in the long run. Good. Tell your client that we're glad to have her on board, and this cover will be great for her new film. It's a win-win. Ok. Thanks a lot.

Kate: Well, that was inspired. I knew you'd make a good business partner.

Jax: Well, it's basic negotiation. Carrot and stick.

Kate: Yeah, you saved the launch.

Jax: My stick was bigger than his.

Kate: Well, you're brilliant, you make me look brilliant, and together, we're going to make this magazine a huge success.

Jax: Well, that's the plan.

Kate: Carly, again, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to interrupt.

Carly: Glad it all worked out.

Kate: Ok, so I'll see you tomorrow.

Jax: Yep.

[Carly sighs]

Jax: Go ahead. Spit it out.

Carly: If I do, are you going to jump in and defend her? Or are you going to go running for the closest exit? Because of these are my options, I'd rather bite my tongue until it bleeds.

Jax: Oh, that's a brilliant plan. The best way to kill a marriage, huh? Stuff it all down there, keep it inside, let it eat away at you.

Carly: You don't want to know what I think.

Jax: If we're not honest, we don't stand a chance.

Carly: Ok, you want me to be honest?

Jax: Yes.

Carly: I think that was a total set-up. That was kate howard making sure she was staking her claim and keeping you close to her, and you played into it. That's what I think. Did you know that one in five american adults

Jax: Well, kate's no saint. I'm sure at this point, she enjoys getting one up on you.

Carly: You're going to make excuses for her.

Jax: No, I'm just being honest. I'm just letting you know what it looks like from where I'm standing. You know, kate's every inch the scrapper you are.

Carly: Until she breaks a nail.

Jax: She's a lot more like you than you know.

Carly: Does she kiss like me?

Jax: No.

Carly: Oh, am I not allowed to bring that up?

Jax: No, you can bring that up, as long as you mention all the times you've gone running off to sonny and jason. Do you really want to go there?

Carly: We're digressing from the kate point.

Jax: Kate's dislike for you is way down on her list of priorities, ok? Her reputation is riding on the success of this magazine. She didn't make up the crisis with the scarlett people. She needs "crimson" to be a success a hell of a lot more than to get a few digs in at you.

Carly: But she couldn't resist a chance to do both. Jax, come on. Why didn't she call you about the scarlett problem? And don't say it's because she was afraid I wouldn't give you the message. She could have called you on your cell. As a matter of fact, your entire business could be done over the phone. She came here tonight because she wanted to cause trouble between the two of us, and it worked.

Jax: No, she came here tonight because it was a business emergency.

Carly: Oh, god.

Jax: Ok, it had to be handled tonight. It wasn't a manipulation. Please give me some credit for knowing the difference.

Carly: Let's say I do that. Let's say I unconditionally accept your friendship with kate. Is that what you need to come back? Is that what you need to come back to this marriage?

Jason: The night michael got shot, it really hit home. It's a hard reality. Michael's in a coma. It's just something I've had to accept.

Elizabeth: You say that now, but earlier at the hospital, i saw, in your eyes, how much you just wanted to be with jake.

Jason: I miss him. You know, I miss you guys both so much. Due to the choices I've made, that's the way it is. Sonny went the other way. The business took too many people he cared about, so his answer was just to quit. Get out, walk away. He was retired for less than two months when he was contacted by another organization. They offered him a deal, and he started working with them.

Elizabeth: That doesn't make sense.

Jason: No, it does, if deep down what sonny really wants is revenge.

Mike: All right. Is it about the old gambling debt?

Sonny: No.

Mike: Because I thought jason took care of it.

Sonny: Mike, it has nothing to do with what you've done. I'm working some things through, and I just need a sounding board.

Mike: And you called me?

Sonny: Well, you know, after all this time, I figured that i could trust your opinion. I'll give you a few seconds to get over the shock.

Mike: How about the cardiac arrest? You know at my age, sonny.

Sonny: You're going to be around for a long time, mike.

Mike: I'm glad I hung around long enough for you to be able to trust me. So what happened?

Sonny: Anthony went to alexis. He wants her to drop the murder charges on johnny. He, uh, he threatened kristina.

Mike: Well, I would never make excuses for that bastard, but my opinion? Kristina's not in any real danger. It's a tactic to pressure alexis.

Sonny: That's exactly what i thought, you know, but I went over there anyway, just to pay him a visit. And I let him know that if he threatened kristina or anybody else in my family again, I'd blow his brains out.

Mike: Well, that's subtle.

Sonny: You know what he said? That I'm retired, I no longer have the power to back up my threats. And that I did him a favor by stepping down.

Mike: Favor? How?

Sonny: Well, the zaccharas could do pretty much whatever they want at this point because jason's priority is keeping the peace. He threw it in my face. He says jason has no spine. He can't run things.

Mike: And?

Sonny: I'm just starting to think he's right.

Claudia: What is the point of pushing sonny like that? I mean, are you trying to goad him until he just snaps and kills you?

Anthony: Would you grieve for me?

Claudia: Not for a second.

[Anthony chuckles]

Anthony: Since you're being honest, I will be, too. It would be much better for us if sonny took over his organization again. He's much more volatile, much more prone to act rashly.

Claudia: So he's easier to manipulate than jason?

Anthony: If I can -- what? Inspire sonny to take back his power, it will definitely be to our benefit.

Claudia: Ok.

[Knock on door]

Man: Nikolas cassadine is here.

Claudia: Hi, batman.

Anthony: I'm a busy man, mr. Cassadine.

Nikolas: Oh, what's the matter? People to kill? Bodies to bury?

Anthony: You came to insult me?

Nikolas: I may hate everything that you stand for, but I know that you are a man who can get things done. And I also know that you're using all of your power and resources to find and protect your son. Well, I'm telling you to stop.

Doctor: You must be lulu.

Lulu: Yeah.

Dr. Foster: I'm dr. Foster.

Lulu: My family had a dog named foster. That was random. I don't know why I said that.

Johnny: It's ok.

Dr. Foster: Oh, no -- no need to apologize. It's an interesting thing about you. I understand you're experiencing some sort of trouble.

Lulu: They're just nightmares. That's all. And now that I'm here, I'm realizing I don't think I really need to be, you know. I think I just overreacted, and I scared myself. I'm going to be ok. We can -- I think we can leave.

Johnny: Can we have a moment alone, please?

Dr. Foster: Sure.

Johnny: Thanks.

Lulu: I can't do this.

Jax: Carly, this isn't a test, you know? If you do "x" I'll stick around, if you do "y" or "z" this marriage is over -- that's not how I wanted it to sound. And I know that I've messed up, too. I mean, if I would have done things better all the way along the line, then we probably wouldn't be here right now.

Carly: Where is here? I mean, do you want to be with me or not, jax?

Jax: You know, it's clear to me that I sent the message that i couldn't be trusted to stick around, because I always left. It's no wonder that you leaned on someone else. It's no wonder that you turned to jason.

Carly: Jason's my friend.

Jax: I know. I'm not blaming you. That's my point. I mean, I'm just as responsible for why we're here.

Carly: Let's be somewhere else.

Jax: Well, we also can't pretend that nothing happened.

Carly: I'm not pretending. I know what I want. I want to be with you.

Jax: And I don't want to make another mistake. I'm afraid that if we don't get this right, it'll be the end.

Carly: Jax.

Jax: And I don't want that. That's why I want to take things slow, and I want to be sure. Ok? Good night.

Jason: In the end, this isn't even about business. It's all about michael.

Elizabeth: About the guilt sonny carries?

Jason: I've tried every way i know how to make sonny understand. I don't blame him for michael any more than I blame myself.

Elizabeth: Everybody handles grief differently. Some need a target, and for whatever reason, sonny has chosen to blame you -- to find a reason to resent you.

Jason: I keep telling him to take the business back if he wants it. I don't want it.

Elizabeth: Jason, you're looking for logic when there is none. Sonny's grieving.

Jason: Ok, well, I mean, what do you think I should do?

Elizabeth: I think you need to make things right with sonny. So you know you did all you could.

Mike: Ok, it sounds to me like a rationalization for you, getting back in the business. Ok -- you wanted honest.

Sonny: I want honest.

Mike: Ok.

Sonny: I made a deal with jason to make my family safe. That's why I got out of the organization -- to stop the violence from coming down on them.

Mike: Good reason.

Sonny: But I'm starting to feel like they're in danger because i don't have the power that I used to have. And maybi made a mistake. I don't know. Who knows, at this point?

Mike: Sonny, you have to follow your own instincts.

Sonny: Yes.

Mike: Your own conscience. And from where I stand, getting out of the organization was the best decision you ever made. Now, you knew that a major power shift was not going to happen overnight without any bumps. And you're in a period of transition, with a lot of uncertainty. And anthony zacchara is taking advantage of that. It is up to jason to deal with it.

Sonny: But he's not dealing with it the way he should, mike.

Mike: All right. I know that you're angry with jason about michael and morgan, about the part that he played in getting you to sign away your sons.

Sonny: It hurts, mike. I don't want to talk about it.

Mike: Ok. Ok, then let's talk about the business end of this thing, ok? About job performance. Do you really believe, sonny, that jason would stand by and do nothing if anthony zacchara moved against you or anyone you cared about?

Sam: We are on a standard commercial route approaching toward the northeast. About a mile out, I was going to cut back, head toward pier 52, and then kill the engines, and we'll just drift.

Karpov: Drift?

Sam: Yeah, drift, until the harbor patrol passes.

Karpov: If you're drifting, they may think you're in distress. It will give them an excuse to board.

Sam: No, the harbor patrol is not my only concern. It's not even my biggest concern. They're going to give us a ton of warnings before they board. They're going to blow the bullhorn or fire shots over our head. Now, jason morgan's people, on the other hand -- if we are going through his territory, they will shoot first and then ask questions. So unless you have a deal with him or anyone else, I just --

Karpov: Asking questions is unwise.

Sam: I am making decisions based on the information that I know. So if you need to add anything to that --

Karpov: My business is none of your concern.

Sam: My concern is landing the shipment safely, and making sure I live another day to land another one.

Karpov: You won't have to worry about the second, if you don't do the first. Land the shipment safely, or it will go badly for everyone.

Sam: Yes, sir.

Lucky: Epiphany, how soon before I can question mr. Meyers?

Harper: The assault victim? I need to talk to him, too.

Epiphany: Well, you're both in for a wait. He needed surgery, and everything is backed up because we're short-staffed.

Harper: You better get all hands on deck. Chances are the E.R. Is going to take a hit tonight.

Lucky: What are you talking about?

Harper: The dea is doing a raid on pier 52. They got a tip that a shipment of drugs is being brought in by boat.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Come in. You saved me a phone call. We've got to talk.

Jason: Yeah, we do.

Sonny: You want a drink?

Jason: No.

Sonny: So it's just business?

Jason: Look, I'm here because i want to make sure that we don't have any more misunderstandings.

Sonny: About what?

Jason: About the choices I've made, the choices you've made, and the reasons behind them.

Sonny: You mean my motives.

Jason: Look, we don't have to agree, sonny, but I've got a bad feeling where this could go if we don't give each other the benefit of the doubt, considering what we've been through.

Sonny: I'm here. Hey, you want to talk to me, talk to me. Whatever you've got to say, I'll listen.

Jason: If you think anything I've done since the night michael was shot has been about making you pay or punishing you, it hasn'T. I mean, that's the last thing i would want to do. Minister's voice: Do you, jasper jacks, take this woman to be your wedded wife?

Jax: I do.

Singer: Patience all we got is time

Carly: You have to go.

Jax: All right. Maybe I'll call you later.

Carly: Maybe I'll answer.

Jax: Great.

Carly: Great.

Jax: See you later.

Carly: Bye.

Singer: We tend to find together all our own lessons I'm convinced that it's right that we spend so much life making love life makes us love

Jax: I still love you.

Carly: I love you.

Singer: That we spend so much life making love life makes us love oh, gracious I find that times like these call for reflection take it

Jax: I love you. Will you marry me?

Singer: I'm convinced that it's right that we spend so much life making love and life makes us love

Jax: I'm here for the duration, ok? I'm committed to you and the boys. And I've never meant anything more.

Singer: That we spend so much life making love and life makes us love if we could only live in this simple moment we'd be perfect it would be perfect if we could only let it the simple moments are fastest I'm convinced that it's right that we spend so much life making love

Jax: Let's make tonight about beginning, ok? No looking back. The best is yet to come.

Carly: I can't wait.

Singer: I'm convinced that it's right we spend so much love

Nikolas: My only interest here is protecting lulu. And since she and your son are virtually inseparable, I've made arrangements for john's escape as well.

Anthony: You've made arrangements?

Nikolas: Yes, new identities for the both of them, as well as transportation out of the country.

Anthony: My son's not going anywhere except home.

Nikolas: [Laughs] Mr. Zacchara, he held a hostage at gunpoint and fled police custody.

Anthony: Who's idea was that?

Nikolas: On top of the murder charge he's facing?

Anthony: Those things can be handled.

Nikolas: Well, then, I think you're delusional, because if john turns himself in or gets himself arrested, he goes to prison for the rest of his life. The arrangements that I've made are his only viable options here.

Anthony: You think I'm going to accept your help?

Nikolas: It's too late. It's already in motion.

Anthony: It's because of that little bitch you call a sister that johnny is in this mess. She jerked him and logan around, got them going at each other. If johnny hadn't killed logan, it would have been the other way around.

Nikolas: If you want to blame your son for becoming a murderer, you might want to look in the mirror. I'm getting him out of this country so they can have a life.

Anthony: My son stays with me. You and your sister interfere, I'll have your throats cut.

Claudia: Come on. This is productive, guys.

Nikolas: I'm not scared of you. I've been dealing with murdering sociopaths my entire life. I won't allow you to interfere with my plans. You understand?

[Phone rings]

Nikolas: Yes. All right, I'm on my way.

Anthony: What was that about?

Nikolas: It doesn't concern you.

Lulu: This place is not going to make me better. It's only going to make me worse.

Johnny: Dr. Foster seems ok.

Lulu: Dr. Foster is like every doctor that my mom ever saw. He's -- he's phony and calm and too understanding. I don't like the way that he talks to me.

Johnny: Ok, lulu, it's just being here, the idea -- it has you rattled. But once you settle in, and you start getting the help that you need --

Lulu: This place isn't going to help me.

Johnny: You need to try.

Lulu: I can't do this.

Johnny: Lulu, just give it a chance.

Lulu: If you leave me here, i will be sitting in a chair staring at a wall within a week, ok? Let's just go. We can leave, and then everything's going to be fine.

Johnny: Lulu, do you believe that I love you?

Lulu: I know that you love me.

Johnny: Ok. Then know when I say that this is the best thing for you, it is. I know this place is scary, but you have to get better if we're going to be together.

Lulu: We're not going to be together if you leave me here. I will be a statue. And even if I can think and feel and love, no matter how loud i scream it, you're not going to be able to hear me.

Nikolas: Look, I don't have time for this. I have to go.

Claudia: If you're going after lulu and john, I'm going with you.

Sonny: You say you don't want to punish me. I want to believe that, but why else would you help carly take my sons?

Jason: My reasons haven't changed. Carly was going to take morgan away.

Sonny: But do you understand, you gave her the power to take my sons away.

Jason: I get that you don't like how the whole thing went down. I understand that, but that doesn't make me your enemy.

Sonny: I'm not saying you are. And I'm not working with karpov to get back at you. I agreed to consult to keep him out of your way.

Jason: Ok, then why not just tell me that?

Sonny: Because you should know better, you know -- you know me well enough to know what I'm doing. When I was dealing with the guy, you should know why. Hey, you're running the organization. I don't want to interfere in that. I don't --

Kate: Hi, jason. Here again? Something tells me you're not planning a fishing trip.

Jason: Just need to work some things out.

Kate: Work out some things. Like mob business? If you're taking over again, sonny, you need to tell me.

Karpov: You need help?

Carly: Uh -- no. No, thanks, I'm fine.

Karpov: No, you're limping. How did that happen?

Carly: I turned my ankle.

Karpov: Hmm. But here you are, dressed for some kind of outing, huh?

Carly: I'm meeting my husband for a midnight sail.

Karpov: Your husband doesn't appear to be here. But I am, and I'm an excellent sailor. Maybe we should go out on the water instead, hmm?

Male voice: Freeze right where you are. Dea.


[Sam screams]

Lucky: Sam! Sam!

Nikolas: It was an administrator at shadybrook, someone on the board at the hospital. Lulu came in tonight and had herself admitted.

Claudia: Well, it's got to be my brother. It's got to be johnny that's with her, right? I mean, has anybody there said whether or not they called the police yet?

Nikolas: My sources couldn't say, but they've been all over the news lately, so it's possible. We need to get there before the police do, and get them out.

Johnny: Come on, this place is not a prison. These people want to help you, and you only have to stay as long as it takes for you to get well.

Lulu: What about you?

Johnny: I'm going to go to vancouver and hide out like we discussed, like I promised. Hey, I'll be in touch through spinelli, ok? The assassin of the internet will help me hide out, ok? He'll help me be in touch. And once you're better, he's going to help us meet.

Lulu: Do you think this is really going to work?

Johnny: I know it is. We have all the resources we need here. Now, you just need to let the doctors help you, lulu. Please, let them help you. I can't stand the fact that this is happening because of a choice that I made.

Lulu: No, we were both idiots, blaming ourselves.

Johnny: Ok, so let's stop blaming and work together. Let's stick to our original plan, and everything's going to be ok. Promis me.

Lulu: I promise.

Johnny: I've got to go now.

[Lulu sobs]

Johnny: But know that I'm here with you, ok?

Lulu: Yeah, ok. Ok. Ok.

Scott: There he is. Arrest him.

Lulu: What? No! No, wait! What? Johnny! Johnny, no!

Johnny: Get off me.

[Lulu screams]

Lulu: No, let him go! Johnny!

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