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gargoyles42 Posted on Oct 4 2008, 08:52 PM
  Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

Woman: So are you going to look all night or you going to buy me a drink?

Sonny: Okay, give the lady whatever she wants.

Woman: I'll have a beer and a shot. Well, well, well, if this isn't one for the books. The bad boy returns.

Sonny: It's been a long time, Olivia.

Kate: Look, Jason, even the best of friends don't always march in step. It's no secret how Carly feels about my marrying Sonny. So I assume it would be the height of disloyalty for you to attend --

Jason: Carly has nothing to do with my decision.

Kate: Okay, so I take it that you have reasons of your own that you're opposed to this marriage.

Jason: If Sonny wants me at the wedding, he'll ask me.

Sam: I should call your bluff.

Jerry: What makes you think I'm bluffing?

Sam: Well, I don't know. I have absolutely nothing to lose, but you -- you've got a good thing going.

Jerry: Yes, I do.

Sam: You are not going to risk your relationship with Alexis. This -- this is just a game for you. You want to see how far I'm going to go.

Jerry: Well, let's say for the sake of argument, that I don't care about anything else at the moment, that... I find you the most enticing woman that I've ever laid my eyes on. How far are you willing to go?

Lulu: Come here. Mom, I brought Lucky and Nikolas here. They're here, just like you asked me to. Mom, please, wake up. Please --

Nikolas: Lulu, come on, stop.

Olivia: Now, when Gloria Cerullo called me to set this thing up, I've got to say, my first impulse was to say no.

Sonny: Well, your -- your first impulses were always bad. That's -- that's kind of what I like about you.

[Olivia chuckles]

Olivia: We dated for, what, five minutes in high school? So what is this? Is this revisiting your glory days? What?

Sonny: I'm marrying your cousin.

Olivia: You're marrying Kate Howard. I don't have a cousin Connie anymore.

Sonny: But you knew about the wedding.

Olivia: Yeah, I saw some stuff in the tabloids, even a picture of Connie -- sorry, Kate -- on her knees in the back of a car with some hotshot businessman.

Sonny: That was -- that was misleading.

Olivia: You think?

[Olivia laughs]

Olivia: A leopard doesn't change its spots, and Connie was always a prude. She's the last person to be doing some guy in the back of a limo. That's more my style.

Kate: So you're refusing to tend your best friend's wedding.

Jason: I'm not against the wedding.

Kate: But you'll only wish Sonny well if he asks you himself, and what? Thanks you for taking over? Forgives you for siding with Carly to take away his children?

Jason: Kate... there is a lot of tension... between me and Sonny. And I wouldn't want to show up to his wedding unless he knew about it.

Kate: Jason, I came here -- I came here on my own. I was willing to make peace, to ask you myself personally, because I know how much Sonny cares for you. He considers you family. It's important to have your family around you on your most important day. But, okay, I guess your first instinct was correct. Maybe you shouldn't be at the wedding at all.

[Door closes]

Noah: Charles Fox is one of the top burn surgeons in the country. I've already put in a call.

Matt: Do you see how this -- this concern, this going the extra mile might just come off to be a tad bit insincere?

Noah: You know what? It's time to move on, all right? What's past is past. I'm trying to get you the best help here.

Matt: You paid off my mother to raise me, okay? Out of sight, out of mind. You don't get to have a sudden attack of remorse to just make amends.

Noah: I'm your father.

Anna: Maybe now's not the time to --

Noah: Imperfect, messed up, but I'm still --

Matt: You are a stranger, okay? I don't know you. This was your idea, okay? I just happen to be okay with it.

Noah: I don't think that's true.

Patrick: You know, let me just make this a little more clear. You're not wanted here.

Robin: Patrick --

Patrick: No, you -- you had a son and all you saw was an obstacle with your career path. So you discarded him like a bad grade on your transcript. You had a choice and you made the choice to leave him behind.

Matt: Look, really, I -- I don't need the help. I don't know you; you are nothing to me, so just stay the hell out of it, all right?

Jerry: The flow of blood may be leaving my brain, but it didn't evaporate my common sense.

Sam: You are too into my mother to risk losing her. Oh, well. This could have been fun.

Jerry: The fun is only beginning. But we're not going to continue here, where your mother could walk in any minute. We're going to move this party to a room at the cosmopolitan where we're more comfortable and have total privacy.

Sam: You assume a lot.

Jerry: Well, after all this talk about how boring your boyfriend the cop is and how much you've been coming on to me, if you shut me down now, I'll just have to assume that this was all a setup.

Lucky: Lulu, come on.

Lulu: She was getting better. She told me.

Nikolas: Did you -- you've actually spoken to her?

Lulu: Yes, yes. She has been up. She's been walking around. She was helping me deal with what happened to Logan. She is recovering, okay? So she gets tired and she drifts. This has happened. I walked in on her like this and then she wakes up. This is why she didn't want me to tell you guys. She didn't want a repeat of last time where you would get your hopes up and then she would relapse.

Lainey: Oh, I didn't see you signed in on the visitors log.

Nikolas: Lulu says that there was a change in our mother's condition.

Lulu: She's been getting better.

Lainey: Better?

Lulu: Yes, walking around and talking to me.

Lucky: Were you aware of this?

Lainey: I had no idea.

Lulu: Stop it. Don't look at me like that. I did not imagine this. Check her records. She was awake. She was.

Lulu: I came in to -- to just sit with her, you know? And -- and I was having a hard time and I started crying. My head was in her lap and -- and she talked to me. I looked up. I couldn't believe it. She was awake. This is -- this is a side effect of the medication. It happens to some of the patients who've been on it.

Lucky: Did -- did Mom tell you this?

Lulu: No, her doctor -- her doctor did. He came in and saw her this morning.

Nikolas: What was his name?

Lulu: Dr. McGinnis. He's been working with the clinic in France that's doing the drug.

Nikolas: Okay, why didn't this doctor call us the moment she woke up?

Lulu: Because he's not allowed to.

Lucky: Okay, how can he possibly justify not notifying her family?

Lulu: Because Mom signed a form. Look, she didn't want us to go through the hell again of losing her in case she was going to relapse. And some of the other patients who have been on this have only been awake for a short period of time, so she had every reason to be worried. But Mom said that she was feeling stronger. She wants to see you guys, okay? She's going to wake up. Mom, don't do this. Just wake up. Look, Lucky and Nikolas are here. You wanted them here. Wake up.

Jerry: Do you admit that this whole thing is a scam or are we getting a room at the cosmopolitan?

Sam: Are you serious? As if we wouldn't run the risk of being seen there.

Jerry: I guess I have my answer.

Sam: Stop this! I am the one who's actually being scammed here. You -- you still have actual emotional feelings for my mother and it freaks you out. If she ever found out about it, she would never talk to you. She would never forgive you and you would be free of any scary emotional entanglements. Well, guess what. I am not going to let you use me as the coward's way out.

Jerry: And what if I didn't care if Alexis found out?

Sam: I care.

Jerry: Then you know that she would be hurt if I dumped her for you.

Sam: Then don’t. End this before it starts. It's your call. I'm available if you end things with my mom. And in the meantime, there will be no meeting at the cosmopolitan... or anywhere else.

Jerry: I have to consider my options.

Jason: Yeah, well, according to our inside guy, the coast guard is changing their patrol schedule, okay? So I need to move up shipments by one day. So move them up one day. You got it?

[Door opens]

Carly: Hi. Sorry. I needed to see you.

Jason: Sure, about what?

Carly: The truth -- I just need a place to hide out so I don't have to go home.

Jason: Well, what happened?

Carly: Nothing new, no major disaster, no life-changing bad choices in the past 12 hours. Just a lame attempt at online dating.

Jason: Yeah, by the way, I'm not your perfect match.

Carly: Jax is. That's kind of why I don't want to go home. You know, he's gone. He's not coming back. I don't want to walk in the living room and think about old times with Michael and Morgan and Jax. Michael and Jax aren't coming home and that's going to make me really sad. And then you know what I'm going to do. I'm going to get into that thinking thing that I do and I'm going to tell myself that what I have with Jax isn't lost and then I'm going to go to him and I'm going to try and convince him, you know, that -- that what happened between me and Sonny was wrong and that we really are over this time. And I'm going to try and get him to come back to me. What do you think? Do you think Jax is going to come back to me?

Olivia: So what made you track down Connie after all this time?

Sonny: It wasn't planned. Connie -- I mean, Kate -- the name kind of took a little while to get used to.

Olivia: I'm thinking of changing my name to -- to -- to Gwyneth. Gwyneth Falconeri. What do you think?

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: Anyway, Kate went to Port Charles looking to buy some property, and her car broke down, so she came into my office and she asked to use the phone.

Olivia: She asked?

Sonny: Well, you know, in that cute way she has.

Olivia: Ha. Let me guess. She started stamping her feet and ordering people around. All of a sudden, you recognized her.

Sonny: In a few minutes, kind of --

Olivia: And now you guys are getting married. Who says dreams don't come true?

Sonny: We've had our ups and downs, you know. We've made some adjustments, and we're at a point where we want to spend the rest of our lives together.

Olivia: Well, I wouldn't go buying those his and hers rocking chairs just yet.

Sonny: What does that mean? You know something I don't?

Olivia: Well, Connie dumped her entire past in the dustbin when she got a scholarship to Princeton. She didn't just change her name. She created a whole new wasp pedigree to go with it. Editing a fashion magazine, being some big time socialite, that was Connie's dream. Why is she going to give that up to marry a gangster?

Kate's voice: Walked home with Olivia today, and Sonny was waiting for us. He and Olivia were flirting like crazy. And when they started to kiss, I walked off. Olivia started to make fun of me, but this is weird. Sonny told her to stop. He seemed kind of sweet when he told me I looked nice.

[Door opens]

[Kate clears throat]

Kate: It's customary to knock, Maxie.

Maxie: Kate, you told me to drop this off. You said you --

Kate: Well, I obviously had a change of plans.

Maxie: Oh, what a cute picture. Is this you?

Sonny: Actually, I'm retired.

Olivia: I didn't think that was an option in your line of work.

Sonny: Well, not for me. I -- I -- I signed over my business to a former associate and, you know, I am completely legit.

Olivia: Strip joints?

Sonny: No, that was a long time ago. Coffee importer.

Olivia: Oh.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Olivia: Well, won't you just make the greatest fashion accessory. "This is my husband, Sonny, the coffee importer."

Sonny: Yeah.

Olivia: Well, I guess you must still be rich or Connie would have never agreed to marry you.

Sonny: Money has nothing to do with love. Yeah, I do all right. I mean, Connie doesn't need my money.

Olivia: So they say.

Sonny: Look, I know that it was very rough when she decided to leave and you -- your family was very close. But it's very difficult for her. She does -- she doesn't even talk about it.

Olivia: You know what? You're making this sound like -- like Connie got on a boat to another country or something, like she was an immigrant from Palermo in 1902 and -- and she had all her belongings wrapped in a shawl, and if the family never heard from her again, it was because she was an ocean away or she died of rickets or something. No, Connie didn't have the guts to conquer the world as Constanza Louise Falconeri. Okay, she made a choice to hide behind a fake name and a fake past, just like she chose to cut ties with this family. We haven't heard from her in years. As far as she's concerned, we don't exist.

Sonny: Olivia... you are absolutely wrong.

Kate: Yes, that's me in boarding school in Vermont.

Maxie: Who's the girl standing next to you?

Kate: Um, I don't remember. Mallory? Millicent? I don't know. So, do you have the finalized guest list for the wedding?

Maxie: Yes, it's going to be a lot smaller than you planned. But everyone local confirmed. And I noticed there were no Howards on the guest list. Are you going to invite any of your family to the wedding?

Kate: My parents are dead, Maxie. They were only children. I'm an only child. I have no extended family.

Maxie: That kind of explains it.

Kate: Explains what?

Maxie: Why you took Sonny back after he cheated on you with Carly. He's like the only family you have.

Kate: Oh, okay, that comment was a little inappropriate and rather judgmental, Maxie.

Maxie: Sorry.

Kate: Look, Sonny and I have come to an understanding. I don't want to hear anything more about that unfortunate incident with Carly. That woman is out of Sonny's life and out of Jax’s life.

Jason: Well, I've seen what you can do when you put your mind to something.

Carly: That's your polite way of saying I'll probably lie and scheme to get what I want.

Jason: Probably not the best strategy to get Jax back. It would defeat the purpose.

Carly: That's all I got left, to lie and scheme. I don't have anything else. Jason, there's nothing I can say or promise him. I -- I hurt him, and not just by sleeping with Sonny, but by not telling him about everything when I thought I was pregnant. I mean --

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Man, I trashed his trust. I just --

Jason: I'm sorry about that, Carly.

Carly: Not half as sorry as I am. I think I'm hurting. I broke Jax’s heart. I did that to the man I love. He's never going to trust anybody again.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: I mean, what can you say? You know, you messed up. You're sorry. You just got to keep going. It seems like you learned something.

Carly: How about that? And it only took me losing the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Jason: Carly, what are you -- what are you -- what are you going to do? Where are you going?

Carly: I'm --

Jason: What are you going to do?

Carly: I'm going to go to the hotel and I'm going to do my job and I'm going to contemplate all these life lessons I've just learned. I'm fine.

[Door closes]

Robin: Well, when you run out of charts to throw around, we can move to the supply closet.

Patrick: You know what? I tried to defend the guy and you heard him.

Robin: The guy, meaning your brother?

Patrick: If anyone knows what he's going through, it's me.

Robin: Maybe you don’t.

Patrick: No, living up to Noah Drake, the man, the myth, the legend, the great disappearing father?

Robin: Okay, that's not what I meant. You were projecting your own experience onto your brother, your half-brother, whatever.

Patrick: Robin, what am I supposed to do?

Robin: I don't know. Go have a beer with the guy. Go to a game. Try to bond with him on that level and then work your way up to the big stuff. And don't be surprised if it doesn't happen overnight.

Patrick: You know, honestly, that's not even why I'm upset. Once again, I'm reminded who my role model is. And I don't want to make the same mistakes as he did.

Robin: Parenting isn't a gene. It's not something you inherit. You're going to make a great father.

Patrick: Are you sure about that?

Lulu: Mom -- Mom, please, wake up. I think I felt her hand move. I think -- I think -- I think she's coming back.


Nikolas: What did you find out?

Lainey: I'd like to speak to you out in the hall.

Lulu: No, this affects our mother. She is going to hear this. And then when we're done, you need to call the doctors at the institute in France and tell them that she's relapsing.

Lainey: Lulu, I pulled Laura’s file. Her status is unchanged.

Lulu: It's only been a short while, but she was getting so much better.

Lainey: She wasn’t.

Lulu: I talked -- I talked to her. I talked to her doctor.

Nikolas: Lulu, it's --

Lulu: No, this happened! It's real.

Lainey: There's no Dr. McGinnis on staff here at Shadybrook, and there's no indication that Laura has responded since her relapse in November of 2006.

Lulu: No. No, no, no!

Matt: Oh, really, whatever you have to say, I don't want to hear it.

Robin: Well, you're stuck in that bed, so I guess you're going to have to listen to me.

Matt: Well, is it going to be something like, you know, "Patrick is a great guy" or something to that effect? Look, I know you have to believe that because you have his kid inside of you, but really, I've seen enough to know -- you know, know better.

Robin: Really? Well, how was he supposed to react when since the very beginning all you've been doing is picking fights with him, challenging him, goading him?

Matt: Was I supposed to just bow down?

Robin: You acted like a jerk, and he thought you were one. He just didn't know that there was a pretty good reason for it.

Matt: Just because we share a couple strands of DNA doesn't give him the right to have an opinion.

Robin: You certainly have an opinion of him. You've already pegged him as the chosen child just because he got to have a relationship with your father, as if you missed out on some awesome father-son experience. But I'll tell you the truth. After Patrick’s mother died, Noah became a drunk, until he disappeared from his life completely.

Matt: And somehow they just managed to get past that?

Robin: It was very difficult for Patrick to forgive his father, and it took a lot for him to let him back into his life, and when Patrick found out what Noah had done to you, he stuck up for you, the one who he shares a few strands of DNA with, but you know what? You're probably right. You have it all figured out, so I'll just stay out of it.

Noah: Well, now you know the truth about me. Pretty disgusting, isn't it?

Anna: Yeah, it's sad, a bit disheartening. The only thing that can make it worse at this point is if you went somewhere and had a drink.

Noah: Wow, well, I was just thinking about that. The smell, the burn in the back of the throat, the bang as the endorphin bell is rung.

Anna: Yeah, so then you're just trashed the rest of your life in the process. I mean, you can't undo what you did to Patrick and his mom or Matt and his mom. I believe that you can do a hell of a lot better in the future.

Noah: Well, your faith in me is astonishing under the circumstances. Should make me want to pull myself up by my bootstraps and go to an AA meeting instead of the bar.

Lainey: Lulu, when there's something difficult for us to face, sometimes the mind will create a coping mechanism, a way for us to deal with it.

Lulu: Can you please just test my mom to be sure?

Nikolas: We'd appreciate it. Thank you.

Lainey: I'll arrange for the tests, not because I think there will be any change in her condition but because I want us all to be on the same page so we can move forward together, okay?

Nikolas and Lucky: Thank you.

Lulu: Oh, my God.

Nikolas: Okay.

Lucky: You heard what Dr. Winters said.

Lulu: It was all in my head.

Nikolas: It's just a way for you to cope with things, Lulu, a way to survive. You don't have to beat yourself up.

Lulu: No, don't -- you don't want me to lose my mind over it. Too late. I have been having conversations with our catatonic mother and the doctor -- oh, my God, then talking about the clinic in France and how her recovery --

Nikolas: It's okay.

Lulu: Oh, my God.

Nikolas: It's okay.

Lulu: Oh, my God.

Nikolas: You're going to get better.

Lucky: Right, we're all going to help you.

Lulu: None of it was real. None of it was real. I was so happy. It was like a miracle.

Nikolas: Okay.

Maxie: Women all over the world want to be Kate Howard, have Kate Howard’s fabulous life. I'm talking to her, and it hits me. None of her family is going to her wedding. Isn't that sad?

Spinelli: I'm sure any lack that she feels will be more than compensated by the joy of wedding Mr. Sir.

Maxie: You don't understand. Even vain, self-centered fashion goddesses like Kate and myself need to feel connected to someone, besides the someone that we're sleeping with.

Spinelli: Well, her staff will be in attendance -- you know, the savvy if not entirely trustworthy Clarice and the radiant Maximista.

[Phone rings]

Spinelli: Oh.

Maxie: And poor Lulu. Even though Lulu doesn't have my dedication to the job, they really should let her out of that looney bin, just for the day. After all, she's not only Kate's second assistant, but she's Sonny's friend, or her dad is, anyway. Oh, well, I guess we'll just have to take pictures so she knows what it's like.

Spinelli: We?

Maxie: You're going to be my date, aren't you? What about you? Who are you taking to Sonny and Kate's wedding?

Sonny: I had the same reaction at first, that Connie cut her ties from the past because she was ashamed, but it wasn't -- it wasn't like that. She just saw how the game needed to be played.

Olivia: She bailed. It's ancient history. I don't think about those days anymore.

Sonny: No?

Olivia: No.

Sonny: How about your brother Vito when he snuck into the confessional, and you told him all your sins with the guy you liked?

Olivia: He told the entire neighborhood about that.

Sonny: Yeah, you're a legend.

Olivia: So Vito is going to spend an extra eternity in purgatory for that one, so just --

Sonny: So you -- you never think about the old days, right?

Olivia: All right, I was pissed at Connie, okay? She was always the star of the family. Then all of a sudden she decides she's too good for any of us.

Sonny: No, she thought that because of her -- she wouldn't achieve her dreams. She felt that, you know, being Kate Howard would get her places that Connie Falconeri wouldn’t. She -- you know, it wouldn't have mattered, because she has that ambition. She would have made it, but we've all made mistakes. I made some. I know you've made some.

Olivia: Yeah, I did just about every crazy, stupid thing there was to do, including dating you.

Sonny: Thank you.

Olivia: By the way, making a career out of the mob is no genius move either.

Sonny: Well, your family never thought I was good enough for Connie, so --

Olivia: Well, you were pretty wild, when you started running with Joe Scully. Yeah, believe me, there was more than a few Hail Mary’s said for divine intervention to keep Connie away from you.

Sonny: It worked.

Olivia: Yeah, she ditched you, became Katherine Hardwicke Howard. Now after all these years, you know, pick you up like something she found on the bottom of her designer shoe, decides you're good enough to marry after all.

Marty: A piece of heaven on earth.

Carly: It's a spa, Marty.

Marty: Well, when they finish the renovations, you are going to want to live there.

Carly: Did Jax want to discuss any of the changes I made on the design?

Marty: I haven't heard from him.

Carly: Thanks.

Kate: Carly.

Carly: Any questions about your lease will be directed towards Marty.

Kate: Marty can't relay this particular message. So, you had sex with Sonny in the back of a limo, hmm? You used his grief to manipulate him, to seduce him.

Carly: If that's what you want to tell yourself.

Kate: You used Michael as an excuse, as a free pass to do whatever the hell you want. Well, that's all over. Sonny and I are in love, and we're getting married.

Carly: I'll alert the media.

Kate: I don't trust you, especially now that you've trashed your own marriage. You have nothing left to lose, so stay the hell away from my husband.

Carly: He's not your husband yet.

Sam: Hey. Lucky, why would you come through the front door?

Lucky: I'm sorry. I just wasn't thinking. I just -- I just needed somebody to talk to.

Sam: What happened?

Lucky: Lulu called me. She sounded so happy, I mean happier than she's ever been in months. She said that I just needed to come down to Shadybrook and that Nikolas was coming, too. I just was hoping that she had some kind of breakthrough. Instead, she said that our mother was awake. And for an instant, I just -- I wanted to believe.

Sam: Oh, Lucky.

Lucky: Yeah, my mom -- she was just... nothing had changed. She was just the same, you know. She wouldn't respond. It's like Lulu was hallucinating.

Lulu: You don't have to stay. I'm sure you have better things to do than baby-sit your crazy sister.

Nikolas: Oh, stop it. You're not crazy.

Lulu: I went from seeing visions of Logan to talking to Mom.

Nikolas: I know, but I think you saw Logan out of guilt. As for mom, you heard what Lainey said. You mind was just trying to -- to cope with everything. Come on, I should know how this works. My life was occupied by an illusion of Emily, remember?

Lulu: You had a brain tumor. What happened to me -- what's going on is not normal.

Nikolas: So what? So what? I'm glad you got to see Mom and take strength from her, even if it was in your mind. She helped you, didn't she? Yeah?

Lulu: Yeah, she did.

Nikolas: She did, and that's exactly what she'd want to do for you. Maybe there's a -- I don't know -- another name for what happened. Maybe it's love.

[Lulu scoffs]

Nikolas: Yours for Mom, and hers for you.

Kate: Oh, so you admit you're trying to undermine my marriage.

Carly: If things were so great, I wouldn't be able to.

Kate: But you aren't able to, Carly. You see, that's what burns you, the fact that Sonny's actually happy with me, so you're just going to keep throwing yourself at him, trying to drag him down to your level.

Carly: First of all, if you ever accuse me of using my grief over Michael to manipulate someone, I will kill you. Second of all, if I need to, I will go to Sonny whenever I want to, and if you have a problem with that, you take it up with him.

Kate: Fine, Carly. Sonny and I have been very honest. We have no more secrets.

Carly: Oh, I'm sure you could come up with a few.

Kate: So what? You're going to start spreading lies about me again?

Carly: I don't have to. No, I don't have to, because eventually, Sonny will realize that you're not the little angel he's been waiting for.

Kate: Well, Sonny knows exactly who and what I am, and he loves me, and he's going to marry me.

Carly: Then you, my friend, will get exactly what you deserve.

Kate: Sonny and I share a connection that you will never understand. It runs deeper than you will ever know. I am the woman he's been waiting for.

Sonny: I love Kate. I admire Kate.

Olivia: Yeah, what else is new?

Sonny: She had a goal, and she made sacrifices to reach it. If she had to do it over again, would she do some things differently? Of course she would. Who wouldn't? Connie reinvented herself, because let's face it, there's not a -- there's not a lot of high fashion success stories coming out of, you know, 19th avenue and 86th street. And there's something else. If she had kept one foot in the old neighborhood and a plan B to fall back on, that's pretty much admitting you're not going to make it.

Olivia: You know what, Sonny? There's a lot of ways to make it, okay? And there's a lot that you got to give up to get there. Connie's problem was that she never looked back.

Sonny: Maybe it was. Maybe more than you know. I talked to her. She misses Sal’s corny jokes, Nonna's crazy superstitions. She misses who she was and the people who loved her.

Sonny: And I just -- I just want to bring some of that past to the wedding.

Olivia: Well, that is actually kind of sweet. What are you thinking? Like, get Pasquale to make some of her favorites, get some real food, or are you thinking like a cake from Aunt Rose or what?

Sonny: I was thinking of you coming to the wedding.

Patrick: So, how'd it go with Dr. Fox?

Matt: Is this where I'm supposed to share my condition with my big brother?

Patrick: Look, Matt, you want to ignore that we're related. I can't do that. I'm not made up that way.

Matt: Sure, you are. So am I. I mean, we're father's sons.

Patrick: My father cheated on his wife, abandoned his illegitimate son, dove into a bottle, and destroyed his medical career. That's -- that's not in my genetic code. I'm not following those footsteps.

Matt: Okay, hooray for you.

Patrick: Look, you're not crazy about me, and I don't necessarily like you, but we're brothers, and I'm not going to walk away from that.

Lucky: Lulu -- she -- she hallucinated entire conversations. She even said that she had a visit from a doctor who said that our mother would get better.

Sam: Lucky, look, at least you and Lulu's real doctor know what you're dealing with and you can actually help her now.

Lucky: It's like she's just falling, and there's nothing I can do to stop it. No one can.

Lucky: She's going to be just like her mother. She's going to be still and silent and lost forever.

Lulu: So, here's the bad news. I -- I'm crazier than I thought. I needed you so badly that I made you up in my head. I guess Nikolas is right. You were real to me, and you were here for me when I needed you most. You saved me, Mom.

Maxie: Clearly, you're antisocial by choice, but your best friend is getting married. You have to be there.

Spinelli: Not that we would ever think of telling you what to do.

Maxie: He's going. Of course he's going. You can't just not show up and hope they don't notice.

Jason: I told Kate I wasn't going.

Maxie: Kate invited you personally, and you just said no to her face? He can't be that rude.

Spinelli: I think honest is the word we're looking for. He was being honest.

Maxie: Honesty is overrated. If you don't show up to Sonny and Kate's wedding, it'll look like you don't support them getting married. Well, you can't just put a bad vibe on their whole day.

Jason: I'm going to meet with Bernie.

Maxie: No, no, no, you have to go to the wedding, because it shows that you support Sonny and support Kate, and if their marriage gets off to a good start, then maybe Kate's heart won't be broken and "Crimson" won't go down the tubes, and then my fashion career will be saved.

[Door closes]

Maxie: Well, you understand, don't you?

Spinelli: In truth, I fail to see the correlation between Stone Cold's wedding attendance and your future fashion career.

Maxie: Trust me, Spinelli. We have to figure out a way to get Jason to go to that wedding.

Kate's voice: Sonny asked me out again. I said no again. He's always in trouble, and he and Olivia are kind of dating, but Olivia walked in right then, and Sonny said, "You’re done with me. Isn't that what you said? You don't care if I go out with your cousin." Olivia told him to knock himself out, which really got under my skin, because it was like she was saying I could have an old pair of tennis shoes. I got mad enough at her to say yes to him, so here it goes. I've got a date with Sonny Corinthos.

Olivia: Why in the hell would you want me at your wedding?

Sonny: You and Connie were very close, right?

Olivia: Sonny, we haven't seen each other in almost 20 years, and the last time we did, we had a barn-burner of a fight. Connie went storming out of here. She's never come back to Bensonhurst.

Sonny: I think Kate stayed away because she -- you know, she feels bad about what she did. I want to make things right for her. I know that you can help me.

Olivia: Why don't you -- why don't you start with someone she actually gets along with, like my brother Vito or maybe someone a little older, a little more forgiving like her aunt on her mother's side?

Sonny: Because the family never approved of the life that I chose. You think they're going to believe when I tell them I've gone legit, and last thing I want to do is -- is bring somebody to the wedding who's going to -- who's going to try to talk Kate out of marrying me. Look, you've always been stand-up with me. You've never judged me. You've been honest with me.

Olivia: I'm a real sport.

Sonny: I mean, forget the flirting and all that, you know, and the fighting, and you know that when I am serious, I am serious. I love Kate, and I want to do this for her.

Olivia: All right, I will come to your and Connie's wedding.

Sonny: Kate. Her name's Kate.

Olivia: Yeah, right. I just hope you know what the hell you're getting into.

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