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gargoyles42 Posted on Jul 27 2008, 05:58 PM
  Provided By Boo
Proofread By Kathy

Claudia: We dealt with Karpov when I was living with my Uncle Rudy in Milan.

Sonny: Why should that interest me?

Claudia: These people are dangerous. They have no code, no honor. They've been expanding throughout Europe and it makes sense that they want to move into the U.S.

Sonny: It's -- it's a big country.

Claudia: And Port Charles is the perfect point of entry. But Karpov is new here. He doesn't know the area, he doesn't know the players, so he needs someone to facilitate things. Enter you, newly retired and bored out of your mind.

Sonny: Actually, I'm not that bored. And it's not really your concern, so --

Claudia: Well, it is my concern 'cause these people are dangerous and I would hate to see the balance of power upset.

Sonny: I understand that you aren't allowed, you know, access to your family business. Now you're interfering with mine. It's not a good thing. You know what I mean?

Claudia: I'm thinking of my little brother here, the same way you're thinking of Jason. You are thinking of Jason, aren't you? What do you think he'd say about you and Karpov?

Sonny: Call him. Ask him.

Lulu: I can't do this anymore. I have to tell Lucky the truth. It'll be better if the truth comes out.

Johnny: Back off or I kill her.

Lulu: Johnny, don't this.

Johnny: Back off!

Lucky: Lulu's right. You don't want to do this.

Johnny: Move.

Lucky: You're making a big mistake.

Mac: Put the gun down and let her go. Put it down. Put it down. You're only making things --

Mac: Lulu!

Johnny: Get out of the car. Get out of the car. Leave the keys or she's dead.

Mayor Floyd: Okay, okay, okay. All right, all right, all right. Just -- just don't hurt her. Don't hurt her.

[Engine starts]

Lucky: Stop! Give up or I'll shoot.

Lulu: What are you doing? Are you crazy?

Johnny: I won't let you confess.

[Police sirens]

Maxie: What do you think is taking Jason so long? Doesn't he realize I'm losing my mind?

Spinelli: You know, Maximista was most prudent in confiding in Stone Cold.

Maxie: What do you think he meant when he said he would fix it? Is he going to talk to Johnny or Lulu first?

Spinelli: Have no fear. Stone Cold excels at handling the direst of situations.

Maxie: I get that you worship Jason, like the cricket and the master.

Spinelli: Grasshopper.

Maxie: And he -- he -- he has really good street smarts. But Jason is horrible with communication skills. There's no way he's going to be able to convince Lulu to keep her mouth shut. She can't handle the pressure.

Spinelli: Fair Lulu's emotions have been known to run slightly amok, but she would no doubt heed the voice of reason that Stone Cold presents --

Maxie: Spinelli, Lulu is a basket case, okay? She's blaming herself for killing Logan, completely forgetting the fact that he's a psycho whack-job who tried to murder her.

Spinelli: Point taken.

Maxie: It's almost like Lulu would be happier if Logan had raped me and then killed her because she wouldn't be able to feel guilty. She'd be dead.

Spinelli: Look, now you're just speaking in conundrums.

Maxie: I really hate this, Spinelli. I just hate it.

Harper: Put out an APB for John Zacchara and Lulu Spencer. Set up road blocks on all the routes going out of town.

Mayor Floyd: My car was just stolen outside by an armed felon. What kind of a fun house are you people running around here?

Lucky: You tell me where Johnny's taking Lulu.

Jason: I have no idea.

Lucky: Like hell you don’t. Your timing was way too perfect. You show up. Two seconds later, Johnny's making a run for it?

Harper: I'm thinking you got the gun into Johnny and worked out the escape route. And when I tried to take him down, you threw my shots.

Jason: Lulu was too close. You could've blown her head off.

Lulu: I don't see anyone.

Johnny: We got away.

Lulu: Yeah, for how long?

Johnny: Long enough for us to ditch this car. They can't follow too close. I've got a hostage.

Lulu: Kidnapping is a federal crime and they already had you under arrest for murder. And I'm the one who killed Logan.

Johnny: You were protecting yourself.

Lulu: I stabbed him to death and the police think it was you.

Johnny: Yeah, you were going to confess to clear me.

Lulu: And you should've let me. Instead, you want to ruin your whole life.

Johnny: Yeah, well, hell of a pair, aren't we?

Sonny: Jason might not take your call, but he picks up from my number, so go ahead and call him and tell him that you saw me having lunch with Andrei Karpov.

Claudia: You don't think I'll do it?

Sonny: It's fine with me if you do.

Claudia: Okay. You called my bluff. But you're on thin ice. That man is dangerous.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, it was lunch, nothing more.

Claudia: No, it was business, and by business, I don't mean you negotiating a coffee export to Siberia.

Sonny: You're a Zacchara. I don't trust you.

Claudia: If you think Andrei Karpov is a man that you can trust --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Claudia: You would be dead wrong.

Sonny: Okay, thank you. I'll consider that, if I ever do business with him. Now, you can go out that way or you can go out that way.

Claudia: How long did your retirement last, Sonny? All of two months?

Sonny: Um –

Carly: You're giving me an ultimatum? I have to be honest all the time or you're going to leave me?

Jax: I would love for you to be completely honest all the time. But all I'm asking for right now is for you to stop sabotaging my business with Kate.

Carly: Okay, fine. Then you tell Kate to stop hitting on you.

Jax: How many times do you need to hear this? Even if Kate was hitting on me, it wouldn't matter because we're business associates. I told you that I'm going to stop socializing with her and I intend to stick to my word.

Carly: How about not being business partners with her anymore? That would be perfect.

Jax: Well, I certainly won't be selling my shares to Claudia Zacchara now, will I?

Carly: So find someone else to sell them to.

Jax: Listen, you need to understand something. I'm invested in "Crimson" and I'm going to make sure that it turns a profit. And it might take one or two years. And if you can't find a way to trust me, then we're in serious trouble.

Carly: I do trust you. I trust you and I love you. And maybe I'm just protecting my interests.

Jax: Meaning what?

Carly: You're a good guy and you're giving Kate the benefit of the doubt. But you know what? That woman didn't get to where she is without playing some games of her own.

Jax: You know what? I'm not going to argue about Kate anymore. All I want you to do is promise me that you won't sabotage my business dealings again. Can you do that? Come on.

Carly: Fine. I promise I won’t. Kate's not worth all this tension between us.

Jax: Thank you very much.

[Phone rings]

Jax: This is Jax.

Clarice: Jax, where are you?

Jax: I'm at home. Why?

Clarice: You were supposed to be here half an hour ago. Roger Canfield is due any minute. Kate told him you were going to be at the meeting.

Jax: Why didn't you tell me about it?

Clarice: I spoke to Carly twice to set and confirm. She promised she give you the message.

Jax: Yeah, I'm on my way.

Carly: You're on your way where?

Jax: To the crucial business meeting you didn't tell me about.

Carly: What are you talking about? Wh –

Kate: How did he sound?

Clarice: Well, it's hard to tell, you know. He's always so polite. But I'm sure he believed me about setting up the meeting with Carly.

Kate: Well done. At the very least, it'll set up another fight with Jax and Carly and maybe, if we're lucky, Jax will decide he's had enough altogether.

Clarice: You like Jax. Do you really want to tank his marriage?

Kate: I think he deserves far better than Carly.

Nadine: Thanks for coming over. We have a couple minutes. He's with a patient.

Nikolas: Who? Who's with --

Nadine: Matt. Dr. Hunter, of course.

Nikolas: I don't follow you.

Nadine: Remember I told you he was beyond mysterious on that phone call?

Nikolas: Yes.

Nadine: Well, and he was talking to Logan Hayes the day he was killed?

Nikolas: Yes.

Nadine: Okay, well, you have to admit that that's kind of suspicious and -- anyway, he asked me out on a date.

Nikolas: I'm sorry. And what does your date have to do with any of this?

Nadine: Well, I'm pretty convinced that he had something to do with the counterfeit drug ring. So when we're out to dinner, I'll make small talk, get him to trust me, and then I'll veer the conversation over to the phony drugs and he'll tell me everything he knows.

Clarice: Mr. Jacks, you made it just in time.

Jax: Are they still in there?

Clarice: They went in just a minute ago.

Jax: Great, thank you. Roger, good to see you again. I take it I haven't missed too much.

Kate: No, we were just getting started.

Jax: Okay. The last time we spoke, you were ready to make a substantial buy with a two-year contract, Roger.

Roger: I was.

Kate: Roger is a little concerned about the recent publicity you and I have received.

Jax: Oh, well, you don't believe everything you read, do you?

Roger: Well, I'm discriminating, of course.

Jax: It was clearly a -- a paparazzi stunt, that picture. Nothing really worth talking about.

Roger: Well, it did seem a bit trivial.

Kate: Now, I already told Roger that the preview circulation numbers look fantastic and there will be at least three feature articles using La Crème cosmetic products exclusively.

Roger: That's a reasonable offer. However --

Jax: Roger, we just actually closed the European distribution so your market access will increase by 30%.

Roger: Then I think we have a deal. Send me the paperwork.

Jax: Wonderful. Thank you.

Roger: The two of you are quite a team.

Sonny: Any good businessman diversifies, and Karpov is looking into legitimate ventures.

Claudia: Karpov is smart enough to know that you are not ready for retirement. You controlled a pivotal piece of territory.

Sonny: I signed over everything to Jason. From what I hear, he's doing fantastic. I'm not looking back.

Claudia: No, you're looking in the mirror and wondering, is this all there is?

Sonny: No, I'm not. And you know what? You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Claudia: Oh, yeah, no, I'm sure your life is very exciting now --

Sonny: Yes.

Claudia: With all the trips to the warehouse and letting those coffee beans run through your fingers, driving up the sale of your latest shipment of java.

Sonny: Mm, mm.

Claudia: Face it, Sonny.

Sonny: Mm-hmm?

Claudia: It's not about the money. It's about the power. It's about the risk. It's about getting away with it over and over again. And you don't like to take orders from anyone, not even your best friend, so you want back in. Karpov is opening a door for you to do that.

Maxie: I'm really sorry, Spinelli.

Spinelli: No, there's no need to apologize.

Maxie: Yes. I'm completely freaking out, bouncing around like a superball because I feel safe with you and I don't think you'll judge me.

Spinelli: Well, I wouldn’t.

Maxie: I would never take advantage of you. You know, like I did when we had sex.

Spinelli: Look, the Jackal assures Maximista he did not feel taken advantage of --

Maxie: That's because you're too nice and you don't want to make me feel bad.

Spinelli: Actually, I think Maximista misinterprets the Jackal's --

Maxie: Spinelli, you're so sweet and you would never say one word against me, even when you're seeing me at my absolute worst.

Spinelli: Or best.

Maxie: Now you've gone too far.

Spinelli: No, it's just -- Maximista is most lovely.

Maxie: Yeah, it was really lovely me to be so scared that I needed to be wanted.

Spinelli: You are wanted and treasured and esteemed --

Maxie: You are my best friend and you gave me what I needed. I used you for sex. What kind of friend would do that?

Spinelli: The Jackal has repeatedly mentioned, he did not feel used in any --

[Phone rings]

Maxie: This can't be good. Hi, Dad.

Mac: Where are you?

Maxie: What happened?

Mac: John Zacchara just took Lulu hostage at gunpoint and escaped in the mayor's car.

Maxie: Oh, my God.

Mac: We've got Jason Morgan in custody.

Maxie: What? Jason? Why?

Mac: He may be an accomplice. I need you at the station now.

Lulu: What are you doing?

Johnny: Trust me.

Lulu: You're driving in a circle.

Johnny: We're going to the warehouse district. It's full of alleys and dead ends; it's a perfect place to leave a car.

Lulu: No, we can't get away on foot.

Johnny: We won't have to.

Lulu: We will get caught. They'll start shooting at us. We have to stop.

Johnny: Lulu, don’t. You're going to make us crash.

Lulu: We have to turn ourselves in -- it's the only way.

Johnny: No, it's not.

Lulu: I can tell them the truth. It's all my fault. I brought the gun into the PCPD. You saw the gun, you panicked. You were just trying to protect me -- what are you doing?

Johnny: No phone calls. We have to focus on getting away.

Lulu: But --

Johnny: Do you believe in me?

Lulu: Yes, but --

Johnny: Then just believe in me for a little longer, okay?

Nikolas: Well, I have to give you credit for your -- for your enthusiasm, I really do.

Nadine: Don't patronize me.

Nikolas: I'm not. I'm not. It's actually one of your more admirable qualities. I just think you might be jumping to conclusions here about Matt Hunter, that's all.

Nadine: I know he's here on a fellowship that you endowed, so you might be a little biased. But how much do you really know about the guy?

Nikolas: His records have been carefully reviewed. There was nothing there that sent up a red flag.

Nadine: He's not exactly going to put counterfeit drug ring on his resume.

Nikolas: No, I think we would agree on that.

Nadine: And he's the perfect inside man for a drug cartel. He has access to all the meds as a doctor. And he's still got to have tons of student loans to pay off, even with the fellowship.

Nikolas: It's quite a leap from student loans to drug peddling, don't you think?

Nadine: Well, I heard him talking about distribution on the phone call. And before you argue, he's got the perfect cover. Who's going to suspect a talented young doctor?

Nikolas: Uh, you would?

Nadine: Okay, fine. If you don't believe me, I'll get the proof all on my own.

Nikolas: No, you won’t.

Nadine: What? You think I can't do it?

Nikolas: No, it's not that. It just that if there's even a chance that you might be right about him being corrupt, you can't go on a date with him.

Sonny: That was a beautiful speech, but you don't know a damn thing about me.

Claudia: Actually, I know you pretty intimately.

Sonny: We -- we had sex once. We spent the next few months destroying each other. So what?

Claudia: You were decent to me the other night. I'm just trying to return the favor. Karpov is not a man you want to be in business with.

Sonny: All right, you did a good deed. I heard the warning and I'll think about what you said.

Claudia: Well, I really hope that you mean that because -- look, you bring a new guy into town -- balance of power shifts. That's not good for my family either.

[Phone rings]

Claudia: Hello?

Harper: We need you downtown for questioning.

Claudia: Why?

Harper: Your brother John is an armed fugitive.

Lucky: So how'd you get the gun to Johnny?

Jason: I didn’t.

Lucky: Where is Johnny headed with Lulu?

Jason: I -- Lucky, I don't know.

Lucky: Lulu's life is on the line. Don't you even give a damn?

[Door opens]

Diane: This conversation is over. My client says nothing further without benefit of counsel.

Lucky: Fine. You don't want to talk to me, you tell her where Johnny took Lulu.

Mac: Where did you lose the car? Then search the packing district on foot if you have to. What's he doing here?

Maxie: He was with me when you called. He's friends with --

Mac: I'll deal with that later. Listen, did Lulu discuss with either of you about helping John Zacchara escape?

Lulu: It doesn't look like anybody's here.

Johnny: Yeah, that's what I was hoping for. This will be a good place for us to hide out for a while.

Lulu: I can't believe we made it all the way to Manhattan.

Johnny: My family's got a bunch of cars and boats that aren't registered to the Zaccharas. It'll be a while before they can pick up a trail. They're probably in the warehouse district trying to find us, so we should be safe for a while.

Lulu: For now. It'll only be a matter of time until the cops find us. And now you're even in more danger for me.

Kate: Wow. You see, that was a spectacular save. If Roger had pulled out, it would've been disastrous for "Crimson." But because of you, it all worked out to our advantage.

Carly: Hey. How'd the meeting go?

Jax: It went well.

Carly: Great. Then maybe we can clear this up together. I never got a call. I never spoke to anyone, nor did I get a message. This meeting was just as much a surprise to me as it was to you.

Kate: I'm really sorry, Carly, but I distinctly remember Clarice calling you, once yesterday and then once again today to confirm.

Clarice: Yes, I spoke to you twice. I've got the times on my phone --

Carly: You're a liar. You both are. I never spoke to Clarice. Kate is trying to set me up to look bad.

Kate: Jax, do you really think that I would jeopardize a crucial meeting in order to make Carly look bad?

Carly: Okay, I am telling you the truth. I never got a message. Tell me you believe me.

Carly: It's a simple question. Do you believe me, or do you believe Kate?

Jax: I can't believe you would do something like this again, after the conversations that we've had.

Carly: You're going to take Kate's word over your own wife?

Jax: Yes, I'm going to take Kate's word, because Kate and Clarice are professionals, and they wouldn't jeopardize the magazine.

Carly: I am telling you the truth. I swear, I never got a message about a meeting.

Jax: Why don't you just admit that you've been caught in a lie and be done with it, Carly?

Kate: Jax, you know what? It -- it all worked out fine.

Carly: Boy, you're loving this, aren't you? It's taking everything for you not to smile right now. You listen to me. Kate is trying to take advantage of what we went through with Michael. She knows we're hurting, and she's working it.

Kate: That is not fair, Carly. I have been nothing but sympathetic about your tragedy. You know, you really should think about grief counseling.

Carly: You better shut your mouth, or I will shut it for you.

Kate: Oh, my.

Carly: You listen to me. She is trying to destroy us, and you're helping her. Jax, you're believing her over me, your wife. I'm the person you swore to love, honor, and respect. Wow. Who's the biggest liar here?

Kate: Jax, I'm -- I'm sorry. This is clearly about me.

Jax: No, listen, it's not your fault, okay? This has nothing to do with you. This is about me and Carly. It's just -- it's got to stop.

[Door slams]

Nadine: You don't get to vote on who I date.

Nikolas: Look, I wouldn't presume to dictate your personal life. You're obviously free to see anyone you like, unless they're a suspected drug dealer.

Nadine: But you think I'm wrong about that.

Nikolas: I do, but on the slight chance that you -- that you might be right, you have to cancel this dinner.

Nadine: Because you think he might get violent and attack me with a butter knife?

Nikolas: No, I'm just saying it might be wise to take a little precaution here.

Nadine: Look, patients are in danger because they're getting placebos, the wrong medication, and so far, no one's been able to figure out where they're coming from, and now, this huge lead has landed right in my lap. I'm not going to brush it off.

Nikolas: I just -- I just -- I don't want you working this guy for information.

Nadine: I can be very subtle.

Nikolas: Oh, right. No offense, but subtlety's not one of your strong suits.

Nadine: You haven't seen what a great people person I am? I mean, Aunt Rayleen says that I could sell ice to the Eskimos.

Nikolas: I'm sure you could.

Nadine: I can lie with the best of them if it's for a good cause.

[Phone rings]

Nikolas: Excuse me.

Nadine: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: Lucky, what's up?

Lucky: I'm at the station. Listen, Lulu's been taken hostage by Johnny Zacchara.

Nikolas: All right, I'll be right there. I'm sorry.

Matt: Wow, you look great.

Nadine: Thanks.

Matt: You ready to go?

Nadine: Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this.

Jason: Lulu is the one who killed Logan. Johnny covered for her and got arrested for murder.

Diane: Who else knows the truth?

Jason: Maxie and Spinelli.

Diane: Well, what about the gun that John used to escape?

Jason: The gun -- Lulu must have smuggled the gun in. I came here to talk to Johnny. Johnny walked out of this room with a gun to Lulu's head. Harper was going to take a shot. There's no way he was going to hit Johnny, so I shoved him aside so he wouldn't hit Lulu.

Diane: Okay, okay, so, hypothetically speaking, there's no way that you could have been involved in any of this, right? Because it occurs to me, as it will occur to the police, that you helping Johnny escape would be a very smart way to make peace with the Zaccharas.

Mac: Tell me again, why were you visiting John Zacchara?

Maxie: I felt bad for him.

Mac: Since when? What has he ever done for you?

Spinelli: Well, Maximista has a kind heart, and you know, both she and the Jackal believe the mob prince to be innocent of the unworthy one's demise.

Mayor Floyd: Wait a minute. That psycho was itching to pull the trigger and blow Lulu Spencer away.

Maxie: That is ridiculous. There's no way that Johnny would shoot Lulu.

Spinelli: You know, Maximista is correct. See, the mob prince has a deep-abiding affection for the blonde one, so --

Mayor Floyd: You're Morgan’s flunky, aren't you? Maybe you smuggled in that gun.

Maxie: No, Spinelli was with me the whole time.

Mayor Floyd: We'll see. I want him held as a person of interest.

Maxie: You can't arrest Spinelli for no reason.

Mac: Maxie, you need to leave.

Maxie: Okay, but I'm not leaving without him.

Mac: Fine, take him with you. I'll see you at home.

Mayor Floyd: Oh, so now you're protecting suspects?

Maxie: Thanks, Dad.

Nikolas: Lucky, hey, what happened?

Lucky: Lulu -- she sat in the squad room for half the afternoon waiting to see Johnny. When she got in, he put a gun to her head and used her to get away.

Harper: They found the mayor's car. No sign of Zacchara or Lulu.

Johnny: You okay?

Lulu: Yeah, it's a warm July night. For some reason, I'm freezing.

Johnny: Shock.

Lulu: All that tough talk, and I can't even pull off a jailbreak.

Johnny: We're in this together, Lulu.

Lulu: Yeah, well, you wouldn't be on the run from the cops if I hadn't brought in that gun.

Johnny: You still don't get it, do you?

Lulu: You would have been better off if you had just never picked me up that night.

Johnny: Lulu, my life was hell before you showed up. You gave me a reason to care, a reason to live. Lulu, I love you.

Kate: I used to have assistants.

Clarice: You're a hard woman to keep up with.

Kate: Well, you manage. You did well today, Clarice. That phone call sheet? Nice touch.

Clarice: You took quite a gamble arranging a crucial meeting with no assurance that Jax could be tracked down in time, or that he would take your word over Carly's, and the gamble paid off.

Kate: Look, I am not proud that I had to resort to dirty tricks, but Carly's combative attitude was making it nearly impossible to work with Jax, and I need him to launch this magazine.

Clarice: He certainly seems committed to making "Crimson" a success.

Kate: As am I.

Kate: Clarice, I think you can call it a night. Nice job today.

[Kate sighs]

Sonny: Hello?

Kate: Hi there. So, um, I'm in the mood to celebrate before I leave for Paris tomorrow.

Sonny: Something good happen?

Kate: Actually, I closed an advantageous deal. You want to come over? There's champagne and caviar.

Sonny: Oh, you know how much I'd love to, but I got business I got to take care of.

Kate: Really? At this hour? Aren't the coffee beans all asleep?

Sonny: Yeah, well, you know, it's already morning in some parts of the world. Maybe I'll swing by when I'm done, because I don't want you leaving for Paris without saying goodbye.

Karpov: This is Karpov.

Sonny: Yeah. It's Sonny Corinthos. I'm ready to discuss your offer.

Spinelli: Oh, God. The Jackal is gravely concerned because while there's no doubt that Stone Cold acted to protect fair Lulu, now the law-abiding ones assume that he's an accessory in the mob prince's untimely flight.

Maxie: What the hell was Johnny thinking trying to take Lulu hostage?

Spinelli: Perhaps he feared conviction and subsequent incarceration?

Maxie: No. Johnny doesn't scare that easily, not when it comes to himself. But he definitely goes into rescue mode over Lulu and she was all dramatic and flipped out over trying to help him.

Spinelli: Do you think that maybe fair Lulu brought him the gun?

Maxie: I'll bet she snuck it in her purse, on impulse. Luke Spencer’s daughter trying to take all these big chances. I'm sure when she got inside, she completely freaked out, and Johnny had to improvise, play the whole hostage thing, out they went.

Spinelli: Well, perhaps the law-abiding ones will come to the same conclusion and release Stone Cold.

Maxie: Well, except Lulu's boneheaded move will probably cost her boyfriend his life.

Lucky: Hey. It looks like Johnny's taken off on foot with Lulu. All right, she must be so scared, not that Johnny gives a damn.

Nikolas: And you're sure that Jason's a part of this?

Lucky: He shoved Harper out of the way so he wouldn't get shot.

Nikolas: But why would he put himself on the line for John Zacchara?

Lucky: Jason showed up right when Johnny was making his break. It has to be more than a coincidence.

Jason: I just have to get out of here.

Diane: Dare I hope that telling the truth about Lulu killing Logan Hayes is part of the plan? No, I didn't think so.

Jason: You know what? The cops can dig all they want. There's no evidence tying me to Johnny's escape.

Diane: Unfortunately, and all concern for Lulu aside, you did obstruct an attempt to capture an escaping murder suspect. And despite my brilliance, that's going to cost you at least one night in jail.

Claudia: How in the hell would I sneak a gun into John?

Mac: You tell me.

Claudia: I don't know. Why don't you ask Lulu Spencer? He was probably protecting her. She's been making trouble for him since the beginning.

Mayor Floyd: By holding a gun to her head?

Claudia: I don't know what is going on here. But I'll tell you something. If you hurt my brother, I will come down so hard on this department.

Mac: Your brother is considered armed and dangerous. My men are authorized to use deadly force to stop him. So if you make contact with him, you'd better tell him to surrender or he will be killed.

Lulu: Okay. I'm terrified and I've done a terrible thing, and I honestly don't see how we're going to get out of it, but you --

Johnny: Out of what? Do you even know?

Lulu: You don't need to say that you love me just to keep me calm.

Johnny: I am saying it because it's true. I love you. You completely changed my life and there's nowhere else in the world I'd rather be than here with you.

Matt: So, um, thanks for coming to dinner with the new guy in town.

Nadine: I'm still pretty new here myself.

Matt: Yeah.

Nadine: So, how did you pick this place?

Matt: I had a coupon.

[Nadine laughs]

Matt: No, I'm kidding. One of the residents actually recommended it, said the food was pretty above average.

Nadine: Well, that's good. I'm starving.

Matt: Nervous?

Nadine: Excuse me?

Matt: Well, you're trying hard to hide it but it's obvious that you're on edge. Are you worried that I might take you in a dark alley and sell your body for black market organs?

[Nadine laughs]

Nadine: That hadn't crossed my mind, but now that you mention it, that's kind of scary.

Matt: No, I wouldn’t. I would be a lousy criminal. I would leave a trail of evidence and make more than a few incriminating remarks. I think the cops would be on to me in under a minute so --

Nadine: Oh.

Matt: I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Nadine: Oh, that's good to know. If I seem a little nervous it's just because I'm not a big dater. I mean, I don't go around accepting an invitation from just any guy who asks.

Matt: And there was just something about me you couldn't resist?

Matt: Is that somebody you know?

Nadine: Oh, man, you are new. Sonny Corinthos, major mob kingpin.

Karpov: I'm pleased you got back to me so quickly with a decision.

Sonny: I can't accept your offer. But I do have one of my own.

Carly: Hi. I owe you an apology.

Jax: It's a little late for that.

Carly: Not for hiding some message from Clarice because that never happened. You can talk to Mercedes. She never got a message either.

Jax: All right, Clarice was very specific. She spoke to you twice.

Carly: I am apologizing for putting you on the spot in front of Kate and Clarice. Okay? What goes on between us is private and that's how we should handle it.

Jax: There's nothing to handle. I've just come to pack a few things and that's it.

Carly: Where are you going? Are you going to go to Rome? Are you going to find Brenda and tell her how your wife doesn't understand you?

Jax: I'm going to the hotel, okay?

Carly: For the night?

Jax: I don't know. However long it takes me to figure out what comes next.

Carly: You're leaving me.

Jax: Yes. Does that surprise you after the conversations that we've just had? I'm not going to do this anymore, Carly. I want a separation.

Sonny: Thank you.

Matt: Okay. I'm obviously losing ground to the underworld. What's the fascination with the mob?

Nadine: No fascination. Although I do admire men who take risks.

Matt: A-ha. So there's more to you than just the kind, caring nurse?

Nadine: A lot more. What about you?

Matt: Nothing. I'm all work, no play. Well, except for tonight, of course.

Nadine: I find that hard to believe. You strike me as a risk-taker, actually.

Matt: Oh, yeah? What was your first hint?

Nadine: Your attitude. You seem to enjoy defying authority.

Matt: You seem very observant. Should I be complimented or concerned?

Sonny: Okay, first of all, I am not interested in coming out of retirement. I can suggest transport routes, cooperative public officials, who to deal with among local factions. I want to be an adviser, not a representative.

Karpov: You're a cautious man.

Sonny: Yes.

Karpov: I admire that. This could be an effective way for us to get comfortable and establish trust.

Sonny: Like I said before, you don't compete with my old organization. No violence, no hostility, no conflict at all. You leave Jason Morgan alone.

Cop: You've got a visitor.

Cody: I'm Cody Paul. We met at the hospital.

Jason: Yeah, while I was doing community service. I thought you got arrested.

Cody: A friend hired Diane Miller to represent me. She got me acquitted. Diane's probably going to have you out of here in less than 24 hours and I thought you should be prepared.

Jason: For what?

Cody: I offload cargo on pier 17. A ship came in from Russia the other day and the owner was there to supervise. A guy named Andrei Karpov. Karpov's supposed to be a major crime figure in Russia. Now his people are looking to hire crews in Port Charles. Sounds like he's getting in business here and I thought you should know.

Jason: Why?

Cody: You run the mob in Port Charles now.

Jason: Is that what people say?

Cody: I don't blame you for not trusting me. But ask Diane. She'll tell you. I'm honest about what I do and why.

Jason: So why warn me?

Cody: There were two or three times at the hospital when you could have made trouble for me and you didn’t.

Jason: I appreciate this. If you hear anything about Karpov, who he's doing business with, you know, who he's meeting with, just let me know.

Cody: No problem.

Lucky: You should have seen the look on Lulu's face. She was so terrified.

Nikolas: I'm sure she was. She and Johnny took a huge risk with this.

Lucky: Well, do you think it was a scam? That Lulu was in on it with Johnny?

Nikolas: It's the only explanation that makes any sense to me.

Lucky: No way. Lulu was just as shocked as the rest of us.

Nikolas: Well, think about it, Lucky. She's defended him every step of the way. Breaking him out of here is just the kind of impulsive thing she would try and do.

Lucky: I just -- I still can't believe she would help.

Nikolas: Really? How many times has her mother done the same thing for Luke?

Maxie: Worst case scenario, Johnny gets gunned down. Lulu loses her mind and ends up in a rocking chair sitting next to her mom at Shadybrook.

Spinelli: That's a most dire prediction. Perhaps a more hopeful outcome might be projected?

Maxie: Okay, Lulu turns herself in and tells all. I get arrested for accessory to murder.

Spinelli: An equally worst case but not necessarily --

Maxie: This is such a disaster, Spinelli. It's like a train wreck and we're just waiting for the collision.

Spinelli: The Jackal stands ready to listen to Maximista's fears and frustration however she may choose to express them.

[Knock at door]

Maxie: That's probably the police right now trying to get evidence.

Spinelli: Okay, let cooler heads prevail.

Claudia: Spinelli, get on your computer. Look up security footage, credit cards, whatever it takes to help me find my brother before the police kill him.

Johnny: Listen to me. Until I met you I was dead on the inside. All right, I'd do stupid things, take ridiculous chances.

Lulu: That's exactly what you're doing right now.

Johnny: But we're together and that changes everything. I don't care what we're running from or how long we have to run. You've given me something to hope for.

Lulu: Like what? A life sentence? Lethal injection? Electric chair?

Johnny: I'll get us out of this somehow. As long as we're together.

Lulu: Come on, Johnny. I'm the reason why we are on this fire escape in the middle of Manhattan and the cops are probably going to start shooting at us at any second. How can you love me when I have created this mess?

Johnny: We're going to be okay.

Lulu: I wish I could believe you.

Johnny: We'd better get inside before the cops show up.

Lulu: Your parents own this place?

Johnny: I do, in a way.

Lulu: What does that mean?

Johnny: You'll find out. After you.

Carly: Well, I can't believe you'd leave me over some cheap trick by Kate Howard.

Jax: Yeah, and I can't believe that you won't stop lying.

Carly: I'm not lying. Guess what? Kate is. Why would I risk losing you over something so petty and stupid, Jax?

Jax: Because you can't help yourself, Carly. Because every time we make up and we move forward, we end up in exactly the same place. And I just don't want to do it anymore. I don't want to be so hurt and disappointed that I forget what I loved about you.

Carly: I won't let you.

Jax: Look, I'm just here to pack some things.

Carly: No, wait. I know I've hurt you. And yeah, I told lies and I played games in the past, but I am not lying now. What are you doing? We love each other and we built a life together. I'm not going to let it end.

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