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Title: Wants
Description: Jadine

Laina - January 4, 2009 05:21 PM (GMT)
Fandom: General Hospital
Title: Wants
Characters: Jason and Nadine.
Pairing: Jason/Nadine (Jadine)
Rating/Warning: R. AU, Strong Language.
Summary: Jasonís feelings toward Nadine.
A/N: Thanks to my friend and beta Judy for all her help and to all the readers.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story.

*Wants* Jadine Drabble

He wants to shake her for being stupid by following him to the penthouse. He wants to ask her who the hell she was, following him like a stalker.

He wants to get away from her because he canít stand having her innocent, blue eyes following him everywhere.

He wants to make her understand that his lifeís dangerous and she canít be in it.

Mostly, he wants to fuck her until her eyes roll back in her head and sheís screaming his name as she rides waves of ecstasy.

But it doesnít matter what he wants, because itíll never happen.

The end.

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