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Title: Broken Soul
Description: (Samtrick) In Progress

Laina - September 28, 2008 01:41 AM (GMT)
Title: Broken Soul
Characters: Sam, Patrick, Jason, Robin.
Pairing: Samtrick and JaRo
Rating/Warnings: R-NC-17. AU, Friendship, Het, OOC, Violence.
Summary: Patrick goes for a walk one morning and finds a woman lying on the ground bleeding. What happens when the two of them get to know each other?
Disclaimer: I own nothing except this story and the character Mrs. Waite.
Author’s Note: Thanks to my friend and beta Judy for all her help. Thanks to Sandy for all her help as well. Other JaSammers are going to hate me. I can’t believe that I myself wrote this, even though I’m a fan of old school JaSam. Just goes to show you. Also, this is a chapter story and will consist of 30 chapters.

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Chapter One:

Dr. Patrick Drake can still remember the first time he saw Samantha McCall. It was on a Sunday morning, as he was on his way to General Hospital, where he worked as a neuro-surgeon. He had decided to take a walk to clear his mind in preparation for the grueling day that he knew was ahead of him, because he had performed several surgeries the previous day and he needed to follow up on them. On this particular morning, he chose to walk past the alleyway behind Jake's Bar, humming ‘Jesse's Girl’ by Rick Springfield.

Suddenly he stopped because he thought he had heard some noises. He remained silent for a few moments and then he heard some moaning and groaning sounds. He decided to follow the direction of the sounds and within five minutes he came upon someone lying at the end of the alley.

After rushing over to the person, he saw that it was a young woman who looked like she had been assaulted. He asked if she was okay. She glanced at him, groaned and then became unresponsive. He checked to make sure that she still had a pulse and was breathing and then pulled out his cell phone and dialed 911. After giving them his location and the status of the woman's injuries, he then called the ER and told them to prepare for this victim, and to have the surgical and orthopedic team on hand, and blood in the blood bank, because she was going to need some.

After he hung up, Patrick took a deep breath as he looked the woman over, and he couldn’t help but wonder what could have been so terrible that someone would want to kill her. She had a gunshot wound to her left stomach, a left broken wrist, a bruise over the left eye and multiple marks and bruises around her neck, as if she had been strangled. Although Trauma was not unfamiliar to him, Patrick felt for some unknown reason the need to do whatever it took to keep her alive and to find who did this to her.

Within three minutes of the call, the paramedics arrived accompanied by two police cars. As the paramedics worked on the victim and prepared to transport her to the hospital, Patrick was giving whatever details he could to the officers who were surveying and marking off the crime scene.

After she was loaded into the ambulance, one of the paramedics asked Patrick if he was ready to go and he nodded. They got into the ambulance and drove off to the General Hospital ER. As they were weaving their way through the traffic with the siren blaring, paramedic Derek and Patrick were able to put in two intravenous lines, placed her on oxygen and connect her to the heart monitor.

They arrived at the hospital five minutes later. Head Nurse Epiphany Johnson, Dr Leo Julian and the ER team prepared the victim for surgery. They took blood, performed a full head and body CT Scan, a rape test and then had her escorted to the OR. Meanwhile, Patrick had gone off to scrub in and prepare for surgery, in case he had to operate.

He met up with Dr. Ian Devlin and the rest of the operating team, as they prepared to operate on the young lady. Luckily the CT scan showed that there was no brain damage, no bleeding in the brain, only a GSW to the stomach which missed all of the vital organs. Patrick was relieved he didn’t have to perform the surgery, but he wanted to be there. As the surgery got underway, Epiphany was still busy calling the social worker, victim abuse case worker, speaking to the paramedics and the cops to see if there was any identification on the woman. Two hours later, the surgery was completed and the young lady was transported into her own room, with the breathing tube in and connected to various kinds of monitors and machines.

She had survived the surgery. There was a cast on her left hand and a large dressing on her left side, covering the wound which had been stapled closed.

Patrick went to ask Epiphany if there was any information on the victim, and was told ‘no.’ Just then, Alexis Davis, the DA of PC, came rushing thought the front doors and towards the front desk. Patrick was surprised to see her there, and he asked if something was wrong. Patrick and Alexis became friends after she was recommended to him by someone when he needed a lawyer in his custody battle with his ex-lover Robin Scorpio and their child. Alexis began to explain that her daughter, who was moving back to PC was supposed to call her last night and come by to see her this morning, but she never called or showed up. She called everyone she could think of and finally she decided to check the morgues.

Her breath caught in her throat at the thought but she forced herself to continue speaking. "So here I am, I..I..I need to know if she's brought in with an injury or if she's ....if she's dead." Tears were streaming down her face as she spoke, and Patrick wanted to make her feel better, but the only thing he could do was to ask her to describe her daughter which she did. A moment later, she pulled something from her pocket, a picture which she showed to him and Epiphany. Patrick took the picture and found himself staring into the eyes of the Jane Doe victim that he had found in the alley.

Alexis gasped as she noticed the scared look on both their faces and knew right away that something bad had happened. She looked like she was ready to pass out and Patrick grabbed her and took her to sit down. Finally Alexis said, "Her name is Sam, and she's my oldest daughter." Patrick nodded, sat down opposite her, and then explained how he found Sam in the alley, shot and beaten, and left for dead, and how she needed surgery for her injuries. He also told her that she had made it through the surgery without any major problems and she should have a normal recovery. He wanted to know if Sam was in an abusive relationship or if this was just a random act.

Alexis broke down in tears and with her shoulders shaking, she managed to explain that Sam's now ex-boyfriend, Jason Morgan, had started abusing her a year ago. When she found out she tried to get Sam help, but she refused, saying that she loved him and he didn’t mean to hurt her, even though Alexis knew better. Patrick placed his hands on hers, stood up and told her that he would check on Sam and then come back to get her.

fritz - September 28, 2008 10:37 PM (GMT)
Hmm...great start. It has me intrigued.

I can't wait for an update.


Laina - October 20, 2008 05:20 AM (GMT)
Thanks for reading and reviewing. I'll try to have the next part soon.

Laina - October 14, 2010 05:31 AM (GMT)
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Chapter Two:

Twenty minutes later when Patrick returned to where Alexis was sitting he held back a sigh and told her that Sam was awake.

As Alexis got to her feet to go and see about her daughter, Patrick gently grabbed her hand to stop her, so that he could speak.

“Alexis, before you see Sam there are a few things you need to know. Her left wrist is broken; she has a bruise over her left eye and multiple marks and bruises on her neck like her ex tried to strangle her.”

When Alexis paled and looked like she was about to faint, Patrick rushed forward and steered her back to her chair. “Are you okay?” Patrick asked and when Alexis nodded, he remained silent for a moment.

“How bad is it, Patrick? How bad did Jason hurt my daughter?” Alexis demanded, even though she wasn’t sure she really wanted to know.

Patrick didn’t want to scare Alexis more than she already was, but he knew that she wanted the truth; so he gave her what she wanted.

“I have no doubt that Sam will make a full recovery from her injuries in time, but the thing I’m worried about the most is the guy who did this to her. Alexis, there has to be a way for you to get Sam to realize how dangerous this guy is. He almost killed her, for God’s sakes. She needs to understand that this guy isn’t in her best interest.”

Alexis nodded and wiped away a tear that had fallen down her cheek as she got ready to speak again. “I don’t know what else to tell Sam that I haven’t already said. She keeps going back to Jason even though he’s moved on and I just can’t get her to see reason.”

Patrick immediately looked up when Alexis said the name of Sam’s ex-boyfriend. “When you said Jason, did you by any chance mean Jason Morgan, a hitman for the mob?”

Alexis nodded. “Yes, that’s him. He’s dangerous; Jason’s a threat to anyone and everyone in this town. Hell, probably everyone in this state.”

Patrick froze at Alexis’s words and then he said, “You don’t have to say anything else. Now that I know who’s responsible, I can take the right measures.”

Alexis stared at Patrick and then said, “What do you mean? What are you doing to do?”

Patrick sighed and then explained. “My ex-wife is Jason’s new girlfriend. When we were married I got to know her uncle Mac very well and seeing that he’s the police commissioner I bet he would love to put Jason behind bars now that I have proof that he can use.”

Alexis cut Patrick off in surprise. “You mean Robin’s dating Jason? What about your daughter? Do you really want Emma to be around that kind of violence?”

Patrick shook his head. “Yes, Robin’s dating Jason. As to my daughter, no; I don’t want Emma anywhere near Jason, but seeing as Robin’s the custodial parent I don’t really have a choice.”

Patrick cleared his throat and said, “I should go and check up on Sam. She should be waking up from surgery soon and she’s going to need medication because the pain will be too intense.”

Alexis nodded and before Patrick left she said, “Patrick, can I go and sit with Sam? I want to be there for her when she wakes up.”

Patrick smiled and said, “Sure, I bet she’ll like that. Follow me.” The two of them headed for Sam’s room and after Patrick checked Sam’s vitals, checked the machines, gave her a shot to numb the pain and made sure she was still asleep, he turned back to Alexis.

“I’m going to leave you two alone now. If you need anything or if Sam wakes up and needs something there’s a call button beside the bed. Press it and I’ll be here in a flash.”

Alexis nodded and watched as Patrick exited Sam’s room. She turned to her daughter as more tears fell from her eyes and she took one of Sam’s hands into her own.

“You’re gonna be okay, Sam. You’re a fighter. You’re too strong to let a few bruises and broken bones keep you from being here with me.”

For the next hour Alexis sat at Sam’s bedside, never letting go of her daughter’s hand. Sometime later Alexis awoke, surprised that she had even fallen asleep in the first place.

It took her a moment to remember where she was and why she was there. Then it took her another few moments to remember why she had suddenly woken up.

She had felt a hand squeeze her own and she turned to look at Sam and found herself looking into the open eyes of her daughter.

“Sam! I’m so glad you’re awake!” Alexis said and when she went to hug her daughter, she was surprised when Sam immediately pulled away from her touch.

“Ow,” Sam whispered since her throat hurt and Alexis felt stupid for forgetting that her daughter was hurt and probably didn’t want to be touched a lot right now.

Before Alexis could say anything else, the door to Sam’s room opened and Patrick walked in, smiling when he saw that Sam was awake.

“So Ms. McCall, how are you feeling? Your mother has been worried about you, but I told her that she had nothing to be worried about. You look like a strong woman.”

Sam smiled and when she spoke Patrick had to lean close to hear what she said. “I was in pain when I woke up, but now that you’re here I think I’m better now. But you know, just to make sure why don’t you give me a full body exam? I’ll even let you frisk me if you like…”

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