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gargoyles42 - August 15, 2008 02:09 PM (GMT)
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Lulu: Go away! Leave me alone!

Lourdes: I didn't do anything, I swear. She just started screaming.

Johnny: It's ok. It's ok.

Lulu: Leave me alone, please! You are dead!

Johnny: Lulu, it's ok.

Lulu: Johnny!

Johnny: Lulu, nothing can hurt you. There's nothing to be afraid of.

Sonny: Should anything happen to johnny, anthony is going to go after kristina? Is that what you're telling me?

Alexis: Anthony was not at that park by accident. Kristina was talking to him. He was holding her doll.

Sonny: Tell me what he said.

Alexis: He called her by her name, and he was complimenting her on her manners.

Sonny: Ok, but he didn't say anything, you know, threatening, where she could hear?

Alexis: Not at all. No, kristina has no idea that the nice old man in the wheelchair was threatening her life.

Jax: Obviously, you'll do anything to make me stay, even fake a sprained ankle.

Carly: You know what, jax? We've known each other for a long time. In all the fights we had before and after we got married, you've never been mean until now. Why can't you see that I am hurting?

Jax: Well, you know, I could ask you the same thing.

Robin: I -- I could never imagine having the life that i have now if it wasn't for you.

Jason: I didn't do anything.

Robin: Are you kidding me? Come on, if it wasn't for you, I never would have met patrick.

Jason: Well, you're the one who convinced me to do the surgery that saved my life.

Robin: I did. He was such a jerk in the beginning. The only reason I put up with it was because of you, and now we're together, and we're having a baby.

Jason: It's good to see you happy. You ok?

Robin: No, I'm fine. I think she's kicking. You want to feel it?

Jason: Oh, that was a strong one.

Robin: She's a miracle.

Jason: She's kicking really hard.

Robin: Imagine what it feels like for me.

Jason: Does it hurt when she kicks?

Robin: No, it's just so wonderful, this whole thing. And kind of strange. There's a little person growing inside of there. Ah! My little girl has very strong opinions.

Jason: You are going to be such a great mom.

Robin: Thank you. It's crazy. I never thought in a million years that I would be a mom because of being hiv positive. It would be completely irresponsible to bring a child into this world with a chance that they could have it or that I could leave them an orphan. I put the idea completely out of my mind.

Jason: I'm glad you have that chance now.

Robin: Do you ever think about when we lived in the cottage?

Jason: Uh, not for a long time.

Robin: I think that's when i realized that I could have a family, because it was you and me and michael. And even though it was very unrealistic looking back, i think -- I think both of us knew that. But I wouldn't trade that time for anything.

Jason: If I had told the truth about michael from the start, he wouldn't be where he is right now.

Robin: We all loved michael. We all made the best choices that we could at the time.

Jason: And I used to believe that. I just don't anymore.

Robin: You can't do that to yourself. You can't look at the past and think about the things that you want to change. You have to just keep going. I mean, you're the one that taught me to do that. I was so afraid to hope or love anybody else after stone, and you are the one that made me believe in the future. And now my future includes a child.

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey, what are you guys doing here? You're supposed to be at aunt bobby's house.

Lucky: Yeah, I dropped by for the cookout, and then cameron and morgan got into a mud fight today, didn't you? So I had to drop by and get them some more clothes.

Elizabeth: Well, believe me, i know how that goes.

Lucky: Anyway, we decided to drop by. They wanted to say good night. Bobby's got to pick them up downstairs in a few seconds, since they're going to go out for some ice cream. Yay.

Elizabeth: Ice cream? You better thank aunt bobby for letting you spend the night, ok?

Cameron: Ok.

Lucky: Yeah, it helps get her mind off things.

Matt: Good, good. How's the headache?

Spinelli: If an affirmative response would indicate a brain tumor, then the jackal must answer vehemently, "no." And if a negative answer would indicate an asymptomatic brain tumor of a fatal nature --

Matt: Does your head hurt or not?

Maxie: You scared him so much, he can't even think straight.

Spinelli: The jackal's headache has lessened somewhat, and now he has girded his loins, as it were. He has manned up and is now ready for any diagnosis, however dire.

Maxie: It's ok, spinelli. You don't have to act all brave.

Spinelli: Give it to me straight, doc.

Matt: You're in decent shape. I mean, your B.P. Is good. There's no significant respiratory distress, and you're responding well to fluids, so... you're still exhibiting signs of confusion, but that is another matter altogether.

Maxie: Well, if everything's ok, then why did you tell him he has a brain tumor?

Matt: I presented it as a possible diagnosis during the exam.

Maxie: Oh, you were just deliberately trying to scare him half to death.

Matt: Look, do you want to call nikolas and talk about me some more? I can give you his cell phone number.

Maxie: I just might do that.

Spinelli: I'm sorry if the jackal has caused any undue stress --

Maxie: No, no, no, spinelli, you don't need to apologize. Dr. Hunter is just trying to get back at me for trying to have him kicked out of my house.

Matt: It is my job to explore numerous possibilities when diagnosing a patient. I'm not going to ignore the scary ones just to make him more comfortable.

Maxie: And you were wrong -- big surprise -- so you can go. You're upsetting spinelli.

Matt: Just take in all your fluids. Stay in bed. Alone.

Maxie: Don't listen to that arrogant jerk, ok? Your brain and everything else about you is just fine.

Spinelli: Yes, the jackal has indeed rallied and therefore couldn't help notice the dynamic between dr. Doom and the fair maximista. And he fears there is more than mutual loathing going on.

Johnny: Sit down.

Lourdes: Do you want me to call 911?

Johnny: No.

Lourdes: Is she on drugs or something?

Johnny: No, not at all. Just give us a few minutes alone, please.

Lourdes: Ok, I understand. I'll be downstairs. Call me if you need anything.

Johnny: Yeah. Ok, logan is dead. What you're seeing is not real.

Lulu: I killed him, and now he's making me pay.

Carly: I want you to come back home and stay. How is that hurting you?

Jax: Because nothing has changed between us. You're willing to resort to this childish behavior, which is ridiculous.

Carly: My ankle is hurting me. Can you please get me an ice pack?

Jax: All right, listen to me. I love you, but I'm not going to buy into this game, ok? Something isn't working between us. No matter how much we love each other, we cannot stay together.

Carly: Because you always leave. You're not willing to work through the bad to get to the good, jax.

Jax: I just refuse to live crisis to crisis, and I don't appreciate being manipulated, so stop. Is that what you want? Because it's making me resent you.

Carly: So I guess you're still leaving me and it's still my fault, huh? Just like it was my fault the night you kissed kate, and it's my fault that you picked kate over me to believe over that stupid meeting.

Jax: I'm not having this fight again.

Carly: Go then, go.

Jax: Again and again.

Carly: Have a good evening, and you know what? I'm going to be sitting here hoping that you realize how wrong you are about all this. And I will be here when you come back home, and guess what? I will forgive you.

Sonny: Anthony threatened kristina before, when you held johnny overnight for assault on logan hayes, right?

Alexis: How did you know about that?

Sonny: Ric told me. He also said that, you know, anthony was bluffing, that he'd let me know if it got more serious. He said that he would protect kristina like his own daughter, and I got to tell you, for the first time, I believe it.

Alexis: Ric took molly on vacation right before anthony approached kristina in the park.

Sonny: How many threats are we talking about?

Alexis: Three, three. Months ago, he threatened her, saying that she would make a good bargaining chip. Then he threatened to have her drowned at her day camp. That's the one ric was telling you about, and then this one.

Sonny: Why didn't you tell me yourself?

Alexis: Because I was afraid of what you'd do, that you would make it worse, you'd retaliate, and we start a mob war again.

Sonny: So you did nothing?

Alexis: I told jerry, and he threatened to kill johnny, and anthony backed down.

Sonny: Jerry is a psychopath, a murderer himself. You -- you ask him to protect my daughter?

Alexis: I really believe that he would and will do anything for the girls -- and me, for that matter.

Sonny: Alexis, alexis, listen. You want to trust jerry, that's up to you. That's fine. You know, I can't stop you with that, but to -- to make him responsible for the safety of our daughter, I don't understand that.

Alexis: I didn't tell jerry about what happened in the park, and I don't plan to. I'm telling you, and I assume that you know that the longer johnny is gone, the more volatile anthony is going to get. I'm trusting you to handle this, sonny. I want you to do whatever you have to do to protect our daughter.

Sonny: Don't worry about it. I'll -- I'll do what I got to do.

Elizabeth: Ok, you guys, you guys need to say thank you to aunt bobby, ok, for letting you stay over.

Cameron: Ok.

Lucky: And you cannot tie up aunt bobby when playing cowboys and indians.

Cameron: Ok.

Lucky: All right.

Elizabeth: Don't give them any ideas. Here, take him. Bye, boys, love you.

Lucky: Come on, let's go. You want to push some buttons? Say bye to mommy. Here we go.

Elizabeth: Bye, guys.

Lucky: Whoops.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah?

Sonny: I need to see you.

Jason: Spinelli's in the hospital with --

Sonny: Now.

Robin: Don't worry about spinelli. He's in good hands.

Jason: Thank you.

Robin: I'm glad you got to feel the baby kick. I hope you get to be a part of her life.

Maxie: The only thing I will ever feel for matt hunter is a desperate need for him to go away.

Spinelli: All right, indeed, for mutual antipathy often masks mutual attraction, a theme often explored by shakespeare in his plays, and well, to a lesser extent, in some of his poetry.

Maxie: I doubt matt has ever even heard of shakespeare.

Spinelli: Yeah, but see, you belittle him, just as katherine belittled petruchio in the early scenes of "taming of the shrew." But see, then their battle escalated into --

Maxie: Spinelli, I -- I live in port charles, not some shakespearean tragedy.

Spinelli: "The taming of the shrew" is actually considered a comedy.

Maxie: Whatever, that has nothing to do with me and dr. Hunter.

Spinelli: So dr. Doom holds no attraction whatsoever for maximista?

Maxie: Well, from an objective standpoint, I guess he's cute enough. I mean, I could see myself sleeping with him, but that's only because I have really terrible taste in men, and fortunately, I have great taste in friends, like you.

Spinelli: The jackal remains honored.

Maxie: You're the only person who really believes in me and expects the best for me, and I'm lucky to have that in a friend like you.

Claudia: You called. What do you want?

Anthony: When is your brother coming home?

Claudia: Daddy, I told you i haven't spoken to johnny.

Anthony: That's a lie, claudia. If you didn't know where he was, you'd be out looking for him.

Claudia: It's out of my hands. Look, I shouldn't have gotten involved in this in the first place.

Anthony: You're such a liar, just like your mother.

Claudia: Will there be anything else?

Anthony: Yes, there will. Since I'm your father, I have a responsibility to keep an eye on you.

Claudia: Don't even think about sending your goons after me. I can spot them from a mile away.

Anthony: Claudia, I don't have to waste any staff trailing you. I'll have you home here soon, back in your room, where I can find you whenever I want.

Claudia: Have you lost your mind? There's no way in hell that I'm moving back in here.

Anthony: You say that like you have a choice. I want you home, you're coming home. I want to know where your brother is, you're damn well going to tell me.

Claudia: You can go straight to hell.

Sam: I got your message. What do you need?

Karpov: You handled the shipment well. I'm impressed.

Sam: Well, that's what you pay me for.

Karpov: More product has arrived from an unexpected source. I need for you to bring it in tonight.

Sam: Not a problem.

Karpov: It's happening at the last minute, which greatly increases the risk. I'm relying on your discretion.

Sam: Sure, you have it. As long as I get paid, I don't ask any questions.

Karpov: Good. I'd hate to lose you this early in the game.

Johnny: Here, drink this.

Lulu: So you want me to be drunk on top of crazy?

Johnny: It's just brandy. It'll calm both of us down. Then we'll figure out what to do next.

Lulu: I can't trust what I see, what I think. I don't know what's real or not. I mean, maybe none of this is really happening. What if you ran away days and days ago, and we're not really in new york. Maybe you're somewhere safe, and I'm looking out the window at shadybrook.

Johnny: Is that real?

Lulu: Yes.

Johnny: Trust me. Trust that I love you and i will do anything to help you get well.

Lulu: Not if it means you're going to turn yourself in.

Johnny: Let me worry about that.

Lulu: No, you have already risked enough by staying here with me so long, and lourdes is probably downstairs calling the cops right now.

Johnny: She's not going to do that.

Lulu: Well, she already said that she thinks that you're innocent.

Johnny: She said that?

Lulu: Yes, I think. I just -- I'm confused right now. A lot happened, but what she does know is that you're a zacchara. Your family killed her father, and if she tells her brother, he's probably going to come up here and kill us.

Johnny: She's not going to say anything.

Lulu: Well, I don't trust her. You know what? You need to go away. You need to leave, and -- and you -- I'll give you some time, and -- and you can go, and I'll go to the hospital. I promise. I'll have lourdes call me an ambulance.

Johnny: I am not going to let you go to some emergency room alone.

Lulu: Well, then I'll call my brothers. They'll come and get me.

Johnny: If you call nikolas and lucky, you'll confess.

Lulu: Well, don't worry about what I'm going to do. You need to leave, ok? If you don't leave right now, you're going to get caught. You're going to go to prison, and then I won't be able to handle it. I've already freaked out --

[Knock on door]

Lulu: It's the cops.

Johnny: No, listen to me. Stay calm. Stay cool. Drink up. Who is it?

Sal: It's sal.

Johnny: Sal, I thought you were disappearing for a couple of days.

Sal: Yeah, well the cops charged someone else for the shooting, so I was able to come back home. As soon as I got back, lourdes told me the truth.

Sal: You know, it's a good thing I got back when I did. Lourdes is scared. She said that linda's having some kind of nervous breakdown, bro, screaming at some guy that's not even there.

Johnny: Linda had a pretty bad episode, but she's going to be ok now.

Sal: You know, it all makes sense now, the reason why you two never leave this apartment.

Johnny: We've got to be pretty careful, yeah.

Sal: You left chicago to get her away from her family, didn't you?

Johnny: There were a lot of complications back there.

Sal: Look, joe, I understand that you want to help linda out on your own, but sometimes you got to step up and face the truth, no matter how painful it is, bro.

Johnny: I can handle it. Thanks.

Sal: You can handle it. Look, joe, linda needs more help than you can give her in this apartment. Look at her.

Johnny: We had a rough evening, all right?

Sal: Joe, if you really love her the way I know you do, you're going to do right by her. Get her a doctor. Call bellevue. Get your lady the help she needs, all right? Take care, man. News anchor: In a press conference earlier today, mayor floyd conceded that there have been no further developments in the search for john zacchara and leslie lu spencer. Zacchara, son of reputed mob boss anthony zacchara, escaped from police custody the afternoon of monday, july 17, with miss spencer as a hostage. There has been speculation that ms. Spencer was in fact an accomplice and that the abduction was staged, but the mayor refused to comment.

Sam: I was sure I didn't leave the tv on.

Lucky: Surprise.

Sam: Did I mention that I love surprises?

Maxie: What kind of mood is she in?

Clarice: Dangerous.

Kate: Maxie, good of you to join us.

Maxie: I put all the press emails in the P.R. File for you, except for the "times" and "couture." I sent you those directly. I gave maha three timeslots for the fitting, and I left tips on "fashion goes green" stories and emailed you the promising links. I also got a message from --

Kate: Ok, got it. You managed to accomplish a few things while you were away, but where were you?

Maxie: My cousin robin was having an ultrasound. She wanted me there for moral support.

Kate: My cousin olivia was the same way. I guess it's a matter of personal priorities.

Maxie: You have a cousin?

Kate: Well, all people have cousins, right, maxie? Call federico, and tell him I'm tired of his phone tag.

Maxie: Oh, one more thing. I got a text from jax -- he's back in town.

Kate: Well, now, wouldn't it have been interesting to give me that message first, since jax is our primary investor?

Jax: Did I hear my name?

Kate: Hi, welcome back.

Jax: Thank you.

Clarice: You were missed. Welcome back.

Jax: Thank you.

Kate: So, I was beginning to worry that carly had spirited you away, just to make our life more difficult.

Jax: No, no, no, nothing like that. I was in sydney, closing a business deal. I was on my own, actually.

Kate: Oh, well, good for you. So should I assume that all systems are go and that no one, no matter how determined, will stand in our way for a "crimson" lunch?

Jason: What do you need?

Sonny: I just want to tell you, karpov is smuggling drugs. He violated terms of our agreement. Our deal is off. I can't protect you like i wanted to.

Jason: You helped karpov get established. You helped him find a way to my territory, and now you're telling me that you're just -- you're cutting him loose?

Sonny: He was going to come here anyway. Now -- now you can get rid of him.

Jason: Yeah, I'll take care of it.

Sonny: One more thing. Listen, I don't know if you know this, but what are you doing with the zaccharas? Because anthony threatened my daughter's life.

Sonny: Anthony zacchara approached my daughter in the park today.

Jason: I know. Her guard called it in.

Sonny: What kind of guard does that?

Jason: It's a public place, sonny. Anthony zacchara's in a wheelchair, and annie was close by. The guard didn't want to grab christina and scare her.

Sonny: So he did nothing?

Jason: Alexis showedp. There was no reason to escalate the situation.

Sonny: And now christina thinks that, you know, anthony zacchara's some friendly old man in a wheelchair. Every time she sees him, she's not going to be afraid.

Jason: I will make it clear to anthony zacchara to never approach christina again.

Sonny: I cannot believe that anthony is using my child, the only one left that I'm allowed to see, thank you, as a bargaining chip. Anthony wants alexis to drop the murder charges on johnny.

Jason: What do you want to do?

Sonny: I want anthony to cross the street when he sees christina. I want him to cringe every time he hears your name. Even if he thinks about my daughter, I want him to be afraid. That's what my child needs right now. And if you can't provide it, i will.

Jason: It's very dangerous to make threats when you're out.

Sonny: I don't care if I'm out. I don't care if I'm in. I will protect my family.

Jason: You made a deal with karpov behind my back. And now you're bailing out again. And you're leaving a drug smuggler in my territory. Do you understand why this is a major problem for me?

Sonny: Do you understand that i was trying to make things easier for you? But now I'm starting to feel like you're not getting the business -- that you're not seeing how it really works. You've got to focus on doing the right thing.

Jason: You want me to take over the business. You get to complain about how i do my job.

Sonny: Yeah. You're absolutely right about that, but do you get that you are in over your head? You can't just stand around doing nothing.

Kate: The advertising is in place for the launch issue. We're slightly ahead of projection, as you will notice. Oh, we landed scarlett for the cover story. Scarlett and "crimson's" going to set a whole theme. Let everybody know. Hi.

Jax: Yes. This is -- it's great, good work. Good work.

Kate: Where are you?

Jax: I'm right here, listening. As always. Please.

Kate: So, the numbers are up across the board. And I mean, I don't expect a standing ovation for doing my job.

Jax: Ok.

Kate: However, a little --

Jax: It's carly.

Kate: Why am I not surprised?

Jax: Well, I went by to see her. I actually went by to see morgan. As I was leaving, she took a bad fall. And she claims that she sprained her ankle. And I didn't even get her an ice pack. I just left.

Kate: Mm-hmm. And now you can't acknowledge all the hard work my staff has done in your absence, because you're allowing carly to make you feel guilty.

Jax: Well, yes, something like that, yes.

Kate: Ok. So you want my opinion, or you want me to --

Jax: She's faking, right? Or what if she's not?

Sam: Wait a minute, wait a minute. So what's with showing up at my apartment? Are you trying to blow my cover?

Lucky: Well, I'm a spencer. I've been breaking and entering since I was kid. Mm.

Sam: It's kind of a rush, isn't it? Pretending to hate each other so we can go after the bad guys?

Lucky: You're fearless.

Sam: Ok, wait a minute. I shouldn't admit this, but I'm going to admit it. I like running guns. I do. I'm good at it. It feels good. It's comfortable because it's the way I grew up. At least -- at least this time i am on the right side of the law.

Lucky: Yeah, I like it too. Pretending to hate each other makes it so much better when we get to be alone.

Sam: Alone? How long are you staying?

Lucky: I'll stay all night if you want. It's like my first night alone. I just want to be with you. And whatever else happens --

Sam: Happens. Mm.

Johnny: That'll be great. We'll be there tonight. I'm not sure what time. Thanks.

Lulu: Who were you talking to?

Johnny: I'm getting us out of here.

Lulu: Who was that?

Johnny: The less you know, the safer you'll be. But I'll get us out of here tonight.

Lulu: Go without me.

Johnny: Not a chance.

Lulu: I'm just going to slow you down.

Johnny: Lulu, you're getting sick hiding out here. All right? And I'm not going to make the same mistake that your father made with your mother. I'm getting you help.

Lulu: If you get caught because of me, I will not be able to handle it, and the way I feel right now, I'm going to go crazy no matter what you do, so please, just go.

Johnny: Ok. It's not that just seeing logan, ok? You're not trusting yourself you're not trusting what you see and you're not trusting what's real. You're slipping away from me, lulu.

Lulu: I'm sorry.

Johnny: I'm not going to leave this apartment without you. Whatever happens next, we will deal with it. But we got to get out of here now. Please, lulu, trust me.

Carly: What do you want?

Jax: Can I take a look at your ankle?

Carly: Why, so you can tell me I'm faking again?

Jax: No. I just want to look at your ankle.

Carly: No. You're not supposed to see me like this. I'm trying to win you back and I'm supposed to be sexy and glamorous, not sitting here in my sweat pants and drinking wine and eating these cheesy snacks. Crying like a baby. It's not how it's supposed to be, jax.

Jax: Hey, hey. You know what? You're beautiful. You're sitting here in your sweats watching tv, all cuddled up, drinking wine, eating your favorite junk foods. It's beautiful. And you're beautiful. You're the most beautiful woman to me, because you're my wife. And I love you very much.

Robin: How's spinelli?

Elizabeth: He's better. Dr. Hunter's keeping him overnight just to make sure.

Robin: Jason's really concerned about him.

Elizabeth: I know. I saw you letting him feel the baby kick. That was nice of you.

Robin: I owe jason so much. He's the one who gave me courage to go on when I didn't have any. I wish I could give him just a little piece of what he's given me.

Robin: Hey.

Patrick: Hey.

Robin: I've been looking all over for you.

Patrick: I was hanging out in the lab.

Robin: Uh-oh, that can't be good.

Patrick: Listen, I never really get concerned or worried about you other than your medical issues. And I'm trying not to sound like a flipped-out overprotective father and boyfriend, but --

Robin: Oh. You heard me talking to jason.

Patrick: Robin, when you said that you want him to be part of our baby's life, the only thing I could think about was taking that bullet out of michael's head. And I'm sorry. I know you guys are close and you have a history, but I don't want our little girl in danger. I don't want her anywhere near him.

Robin: I'm sorry. I didn't think of it that way. But no matter what I said to him, I don't think our little girl should be around him, either.

Patrick: Ok, good. I'm glad we can agree on that.

Robin: Me, too. It just makes me sad for him. There was no way for him to know when he first started working for sonny what it would cost him. And now he's paying the consequences. I'm just afraid he's going to keep on paying them for the rest of his life.

Lulu: Where are we going?

Johnny: Canada.

Lulu: Montreal?

Johnny: Vancouver.

Lulu: How are we going to get across the border? We don't have passports.

Johnny: That duffel bag's got plenty of cash left over and it'll get us anywhere we want to go.

Lulu: You were on the way to canada the night that you picked me up.

Johnny: I remember seeing you on the side of the road, trying to pretend not to cry.

Lulu: I'll bet you wish you never picked me up that night.

Johnny: No, not for a second.

Lulu: I've ruined your life.

Johnny: No, don't say that. After all that's happened, I've certainly ruined yours.

Claudia: Give me one reason -- one -- not to call the police and report you for breaking and entering and for grand theft.

Anthony: I was kind enough to have staff pack your things and this is the thanks I get. A rude daughter making threats. All right. You want to call the police? Please, be my guest.

Claudia: You had no right to move me and johnny's stuff out of our apartment.

Anthony: You don't need an apartment. And you should be grateful that I moved your stuff back into your room. I hope you didn't have anything tucked away that you didn't want me to know about, because i had my people go through everything. That's my right as your father.

Claudia: Understand something. You cannot make me stay here. I'm not going to be your prisoner.

Anthony: You're not my prisoner. You're my daughter. And what's more important, you're my only connection to john. And that, for now, makes you valuable to me. So don't disrespect me anymore by lying, because I know john contacted you. He trusts you, because you've babied him all his life.

Claudia: I have not spoken to johnny since he ran away.

Anthony: Why do you put me in this position? It's horrible that a father has to keep threatening his daughter. You know I want john home safe. If it doesn't happen, you'll be the one who pays.

Carly: Don't tell me you love me if you really don't mean it. And if you're going to go, just go now before I let myself believe that you're going to stay.

Jax: Look, you said something to me earlier that I couldn't get out of my head. Ok? That I'd never been mean to you until tonight, and I'm really sorry, because I don't ever want to be mean to you, carly. I'm sorry.

Carly: Apology accepted.

Jax: I mean, I love you so much. But I'm afraid that my love won't be enough. Maybe that's why I'm always so quick to walk away. It's not that I don't love you. It's just that I love you so much.

Carly: Then stay. All I need is for you to be with me. Nothing else matters.

Jax: Hey...

[Knock at door]

Kate: Jax? Jax, I'm sorry to bother you, but we have an emergency.

Lucky: You promise me something?

Sam: Mm, never. I hate promises.

Lucky: You could like this one.

Sam: No, no, I won'T. Because I always wind up breaking promises no matter how good my intentions are.

Lucky: Ok, so you're going to promise me to --

Sam: That we could vanish to mexico and go on another big grand adventure.

Lucky: That could happen only if you promise --

Sam: Only if we can promise to hold each other's hand in the park after we catch the bad guys.

Lucky: Promise you'll move in after we bust this counterfeit drug ring.

Sam: Whoa.

Lucky: I just want us to be more -- just more than what we are now.

Sam: Wow. Um, ok, how about this? After we bust the bad guys, i promise that I'll think about it.

Lucky: Fine. Because I have the rest of the night to convince you.

Sam: Actually, I don'T. I have to go back to the docks because I'm landing a shipment.

Elizabeth: I knew you'd be here. I just had a feeling. That's the deal I told myself. That if you were here, I was meant to find you. I saw the look on your face when you felt robin's baby kick.

Jason: I'm happy for her.

Elizabeth: And then you saw jake.

Jason: Yeah, he looks good.

Elizabeth: He has a really great life because of the sacrifices you've made. But that doesn't mean you miss him any less. I can't undo all the choices we've made, but I want you to know that I love you. And that I'm here.

Claudia: So what's the plan, daddy? You going to keep me under house arrest? Huh? Monitor my calls? And if johnny calls, which he won't, what do you do? Put a knife to my throat and tell him to come home, or else?

Anthony: Will you just make it clear to johnny that arrangements are being made for him to turn himself in. And when he does, the charges against him will be dropped.

Claudia: Johnny is being charged with first-degree murder. He's considered armed and dangerous, and scott baldwin is out for revenge.

Anthony: He can't hurt johnny if alexis davis refuses to prosecute. She'll be dropping all charges. Don't worry.

Claudia: What did you do?

Sonny: I'll tell you what your father did. He made a fatal error. And it's going to cost him.

Lulu: You didn't ruin my life. You helped me find it. I mean, until you, I was just the daughter of luke and laura. Nobody ever got to know who i really was until you. Wait a minute, that's the wrong turn.

Johnny: It's a back road to canada.

Lulu: Did you see a cop or something?

Johnny: No, no, no. I just want to make sure that we don'T.

Lulu: Wait a minute. This is the road to shady brook.

Johnny: Take it easy.

Lulu: Turn around.

Johnny: You got to trust me.

Lulu: Turn around! I am not going to shady brook!

Johnny: Look, you need help.

Lulu: Turn the car around. I mean it! Or I'm getting out of the car. Let go! Stop! Turn around!

Johnny: No.

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