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Title: Scene of the Week
Description: 8/11/08 - 8/15/08

shug627 - August 11, 2008 10:45 PM (GMT)
Please submit possible scenes for the upcoming scene of the week (to be changed Saturday morning).

A poll will be attached Friday evening after the show airs.

shug627 - August 15, 2008 04:59 PM (GMT)
How does the Liason dock scene sound to y'all?

inahsan - August 16, 2008 04:27 PM (GMT)
I'm crazy about Jason.....Fan for life...
So, I'll go for any kind of Jason scene.......
Liason dock scene was great...
I also loved Jason & Sonny scene but it was interupted by Kate :angry:
Even I loved Sonny & Anthny Z scene.

gargoyles42 - August 16, 2008 04:33 PM (GMT)
I went with the Liason dock scene.

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