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Title: hey all!

amarylla2324 - August 11, 2008 12:16 AM (GMT)
so hey there. :]

my name's alyssa, and i'm, you know, one million years old. xD haha, just kidding! but i won't actually tell you how old i am. xD paranoid about getting stalked or something haha. i'm under 30, though!

SO ANYWAY. i adore general hospital, and i've been watching it for about six years now. i also watch the young and the restless, but general hospital is by far my favorite. besides, the acting on general hospital is ridiculously better than other soaps. xD

oh, and yeah, i never right in caps. ever ever. i love lowercase because i'm a dork like that haha. so, i might as well tell you a bit about myself and then move onto what i like/hate about the show! :]

i am the biggest dork ever. no, like, i'm serious. i say things that i find hilarious and everyone else thinks is stupid, i adore disney, and i have loads of stuffed animals. my friends are just as dorky though, so it works out. i love acting and singing, and i hope to someday pursue a career in one of those fields. or work at a fashion magazine! fashion is like my life, seriously. ooh, or i want to be a fashion designer. yeah, i'm all over the place with what i want to do with my life haha. but anything that gets me famous, i'll do it. i know, sounds bad, but whatevs.

the loves
spixie. i adore them to the moon and back! i hated maxie for the duration of her time with lucky, but after the two of them split up, i really started to like her. especially after georgie died. you really got to see lots of layers to her and i really grew fond of her. and spinelli just obviously brings out the best in her, and the two of them are perfect together. even though i don't approve of her sleeping with him and then acting like it never happened. xD
jason. just the character in general is so fascinating to me. he's like this emotionless rock on the outside, but then you break down his walls and it's like BOOM. it's a whole new person! i ship him with pretty much anyone, really haha. just not sam or carly because i hate them. xD
nadine. i think she is like the cutest, funniest little blond ever! she's totally adorable and is always getting herself into trouble. i love that! she's good for a laugh. plus, i love her hair. shallow, i know.

the hates
carly. i have NO IDEA why, but the woman bugs the hell out of me. seriously, i want to just shove her off a cliff haha.
sam. something about her just rubs me the wrong way. don't get me wrong, i love the fact that she's all independent and kickass. and, really, i'm on the fence with her. sometimes i like her, sometimes i don't. i didn't like her with jason, but i'm starting to like her a little more now that she's with lucky. though it did bother me when she like seduced him even though he was still with elizabeth. but oh well.
lulu. again, no idea why. something about her just gets on my nerves. she's whiny and kind of obnoxious. hate her lots and lots. so naturally, i HATE her and johnny. he shouldn't waste his time on the prissy princess. xD

AND THERE YOU GO! just a little bit about me. :]

jasam4ever25 - August 11, 2008 01:35 AM (GMT)
:welcome1: :welcome:

gargoyles42 - August 11, 2008 05:47 PM (GMT)
:welcome1: to the board, alyssa!

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