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Title: The Betrayal
Description: For the Sith Contest Rated: PG-13

Neosakid - May 12, 2005 03:22 PM (GMT)
Sans Olos woke up to another bright morning on his planet. It was probably just before 7 a.m. local time, and he didn’t need to be to work until 9 today. A soft yawn signaled to him that his wife was just waking up as well. Turning over he brushed his lips against hers.

“Tease.” she smiled, eyes still closed.

“Always!” he laughed and sat up.

Her arms wrapped around him and she hugged him softly as she yawned again. “I’m surprised the kids aren’t up.”

“We are!” yelled a voice from the hallway.

Little Janos and his sister Yessan giggled in the hallway, “You two kissed eewwwww!” they screamed delightfully together.

“And I’ll kiss you two to death!” Sans yelled laughing jumping from the bed and chasing after them.

All three ran to the kitchen where he scooped them up in his arms and kissed both on the cheeks. “You guys want breakfast?”

“YES!” they both giggled.

And so like most mornings he fixed a huge helping of everything, from eggs to ham, from bacon to pancakes. His wife joined him not soon after just as he was finishing breakfast.

“My stars you are beautiful Moolen” he smiled and gave her a peck on the cheak.

“Smooth as always hun.” she laughed.

They ate together chatting about what the day held for each of them. No frowns were found within the house it was all smiles. The breakfast was over far to quickly and Sans Olos gathered his things for his duty in keeping watch today. All militiamen were required to do their part in keeping the town safe by watching for dangerous wildlife from the ramparts surrounding the city.

The city was settled in a vast clearing surrounded by trees. A river ran near the south east so it was a desirable location. Dxun was not known to harbor colonists safely, so they had created walls to protect them and organized a militia to properly defend the city from any attacks. There were other cities on the planet, but some had been destroyed during the Mandalorian Wars. They were lucky that their city had survived when so many hadn’t. After the war they had thrived where others just lingered or barely sustained themselves. Nothing could touch them, the Jedi Revan had proved that when he rescued the planet in a very brutal and bloody battle for the ownership for the planet. He was the hero to his city and had a statue near the government building.

A deafening sound impacted overhead.

Sans ran outside and saw the last traces of an explosion upon the shields. Another huge beam of red light impacted on the shields.


More and more slammed into the shields which were not strong enough for a sustained bombardment from space. Moolen joined up side, her hand grasping his tightly. The shields flickered as more turbolaser fire hit it. A half dozen more and the shields collapsed. One last turbolaser and the government building near the center of town went up in flames.

“Sans, we need to leave.” his wife whispered.

He turned to face his wife, the look of sheer terror on her face wrenched his heart. “Take the kids and get to the shelters, stay there, you will be safe.”

“No! I won’t leave you, I can’t lose you!” she cried.

“I need to organize our militia. Whoever did this didn’t want the town to be destroyed.”

Multiple ion engines boomed through the atmosphere. Both Sans and Moolen looked up to see ships of all sizes flying and landing on the other side of the tree line. Olos had a bad feeling most of those shuttles were drop ships with hundreds, thousands of soldiers.

He turned to Moolen and enfolded her in his arms and held her tight, “I will come back, I promise.” he loosened his grip on her and gazed into her eyes. “Have I ever broken a promise before.”

She sniffed, “Never my love.”

Softly, his thumb brushed away a tear on her cheek, “And I will not break this one either.” He leaned down and kissed her. The smallest expression of his love and devotion he could give at that moment was brief but passionate. “Get the kids away from here!”

She nodded and ran into the house. He prayed they would be together again. A large explosion sounded from the edge of town. The enemy was coming…


His feet fell hit the cobblestone of the main street in town. The wind rushed by as he sprinted to the armory. The armory was located at the east of town, luckily away from where the shuttles landed to the northwest. Already he could see the men of the small town converging together all heading the same direction. As he passed the slower moving people they turned and saluted. Sans Olo was a Captain in the town’s militia and had earned respect through minor skirmishes over the years.

Another explosion sounded to the west, a column of smoke rose, the scent of burnt meat probably meant the communal refectory was hit. He was getting close to the east edge of town and could see the armory, from the west he could make out some soft blaster fire. The armory was two stories tall with weapons of all calibers, from the weakest blaster pistol to rockets, from minor traps, to mortars. Whoever attacked would pay and pay dearly for their assumption they could take this sleepy planet over without costs.

“Captain Olos, over here!” yelled a sharp crisp voice that belonged to his second in command Sergeant I’eaks.

“What’s the situation?” he asked as he jogged over to I’eaks who stood at the front of the two huge armory doors.

“We just repelled a small Sith scout force on our western border, that explosion was the sound of a Sith rocket smashing into the refectory.”

“Sith? Here?” Olos asked incredulously.

“Yes Sir, the scout force were on speeders and the riders were easily picked off, but not before one of them could fire off a rocket.” replied I’eaks.

“Okay so it seems like the bulk of their forces are heading in from the north and west?” Olos asked to confirm the rumors.

“Yes Sir,” nodded I’eaks.

“Okay get the snipers and spotters to the roofs on the edge of town. Let’s get some modicum of defense and fortification up before the real shit hits the fan. Reserves near the center of town so we have soldiers able to reach any part of town within minutes.”

“Yes Sir!” yelled I’eaks who immediately began yelling out orders to the regiments.

Olos walked inside the armory which was gradually emptying of rushed troops and officers. He went up to the leftmost wall and grabbed a DL-04 blaster rifle. Along with that he grabbed a few dozen clips which he put in spare pockets on his belt and jacket, a few plaz-grenades and a pistol sidearm with a regenerating battery.

“To the wall!” Olos screamed as he ran with his fellow soldiers.

His breath was short and ragged by the time he got to the rampart. The towns limited shields could repel blasters and rifles, but the sustained fire from the enemy’s turbolasers left them open to attack, the burning refectory gave proof of that.. His men were scared, their heads bobbed left in right like native birds looking for prey. Only this time, they were the prey, protecting their homes from the predators. A few men knelt down in prayer for a minute or two and his heart went out to them. A sharp whistle made him turn around. A spotter was waving his hands in simple hand signals. A mass of enemy troops gathering at one o’clock.

“Auto-cannons rotate five degrees north-northwest” he ordered into his comlink which was followed by the whirring of servos and motors within the cannons attached to the walls.

They were lucky, with the rumor of war on the fringes of the galaxy, they had manufactured these cannons quickly and efficiently and attached them to the defensive wall,,and powered up just two days ago.

A glint of silver…


A whole regiment of silver… Bright red bolts burst forth from the lines and ranks of silver. The whole persona of the Sith was scary, and their uniforms matched that persona. The troops were the faceless evil of the Sith. The leaders of the Sith had yet been revealed, rumors had it the Jedi were trying to keep it truth silenced for some reason. The troops though were made to make you fear the faceless evil that haunts your dreams. They all looked the same in armor and stature as if they were droids made off some assembly line. That made them almost scarier than the Lords and seeing them charging at you in force was more terrifying than anything Sans Olos had experienced in his whole life. The enemy troops were now running at full tilt their rifles singeing the protective wall.

“Snipers wait until they are within fifty meters. Aim for the face, their armor is weakest there.” he ordered.

That fifty meter mark was coming up fast. The first wave of sith soldiers crossed it and pinpricks of red light took down a score of them. Another wave of sniper fire and even more trooper bodies were brought down.

“Auto-Cannons FIRE!”

Huge whumps rocked the rampart which Sans Olos overlooked the battle from. The cannon fire cut huge swaths in the enemy ranks. Yet for every squad of soldiers being slaughtered, a hundred more appeared behind the lines. The Sith were playing for keeps.

A chug and hiss sounded above the Sith’s charge and a white contrail smashed into the right and turned the auto-cannon into a huge ball of flame. A dozen militiamen were caught in the explosion while three more were blown backwards by the shockwave.

Another rocket flared from the Sith lines. A red line intersected the rocket and it hit the wall five meters below the cannon. The rocket exploded near the ground taking a huge chunk of the wall with it. The Sith surged forward toward the gap.

“To the hole!” Olos screamed as he jumped down to the ramp two meters below. He was joined by reserves and soldiers from the rampart. The Sith troopers had reached the gap and his militia opened fired. Red bolts scythed into the Sith intruders. Olos unclipped one of his grenades and through it at the feet of more Sith troops. It bounced on the ground and landed in the gap. The plaz-grenade exploded taking four troopers with it, along with flinging a score more off their feet.

Olos jumped off the ramp in front of his troops. “CHARGE THEM!”

The adrenaline in his body maxed out pushing him to charge the Sith without any thought of his safety. He turned around pressing and holding his finger on the trigger of his rifle. His legs moved without him thinking and he was rushing through the gap while cutting down dozens of Sith soldiers. The militia behind him stared him filled with awe as they saw their Captain charge the ranks of enemy troopers. Their Captain who would sacrifice himself so they and their families may live, would not fight alone. A terrible shout went up as the militia charged through the gap guns blazing.

Sans Olos felt his troops behind him, fighting off the Sith. He was amazed that he was still alive, the Sith had been shocked that he hadn’t just turn and fled but had met them face to face. He knew he was too close for a blaster and used his gun as a club as he flung enemy after enemy from his path.

The snipers on the roofs were treated by the sight of their comrades pushing back the huge Sith force. They fired more vigorously into the enemy, picking off trooper after trooper. The soldiers on the rampart threw grenades, fired their rifles, mowing down any unlucky enemy trooper. The militia was rallying around their charging comrades and seemed to be winning.

Sans Olos smashed the butt of his rifle into the face plate of the trooper in front of him. The faceplate smashed inward and the man crumpled to the ground. He whipped around, pulling his pistol out and shot another soldier in the back just before he tackled a fellow militiaman. More fellow soldiers rushed out of the city and attacked the enemy. The Sith were being pushed back by a few dozen soldiers a regiment at most.

“Sir! Drive us on!” came a shout, sounding like Sergeant I’eaks.


A loud joining cheer/shout went up from his troops and they pressed forward. Sith after Sith fell before their rage and will. They neared the forest line, Olos was exhausted but could fight on for hours if need be. He was bloodied and battered from fighting hand to hand. The Sith then turned and fled as if called out of thin air. Sans Olos raised his hand to call for a halt. They would not be ambushed in the woods. They had won the battle but Olos feared it was far from over.

The Sith force disappeared into the forest and all was suddenly quiet. There were no sounds of retreat, no sounds of birds, or even the wind. It was as if the world had stopped turning and someone had stopped time itself. Olos waved his troops back toward the city and slowly they stepped backwards. Olos’s nerves were peaked at this eerie calm.


Sans Olos froze and so did the others near him that heard the soft sound from the edge of the forest.



A silhouette appeared just within the dark edge of the woods. It moved fluidly through the underbrush and out in the open. Olos’s soldiers raised their blasters at the figure. It was only one person and the militia quaked like it was an entire army. The person was totally covered by a black cloak, even the head was hidden underneath a dark hood.

“Surrender or die. Leave this battlefield and go to your homes or suffer the wrath of the Sith.” said a voice beneath the hood.

Sans Olos suddenly felt the compulsion to go back to his home, and protect his family. He had no will to fight, the Sith were his rightful rulers now.

“No!” his lips croaked. He shook his head of the strange feeling. Looking around at his troops it looked like they thought the same way he just had.

Turning back to the figure he shouted, “We are free people, the Sith have no right to impose their way here!”

A short nervous cheer went up behind him.

“Right?” the figure spoke again. Two sickly white hands appeared from the sides of the cloak. They reached up to the hood and pulled it back revealing a gray, visage of pure hate and anger. “You are weak, your only right is to serve and die.”

“Revan…” I’eaks whispered behind him.

“It couldn’t be!” replied Sans Olos, “He’s a hero of the Republic!”

“I could recognize that voice anywhere Sir, it’s him!” answered I’eaks.

As if in answer to the Sergeant’s claim the man spoke. “I am Sith Lord Revan, leader of the Sith Forces and soon Destroyer of the Republic and Ruler of the Galaxy.” Revan’s fist rose and it felt like San’s throat was being crushed. “You have but one choice, die now, painfully, or…” Revan smiled coldly, “die painfully later.”

Olos could barely hear Revan, his vision was growing cloudy and black dots appeared. He barely heard I’eaks scream, “NOOOOOO! OPEN FIRE!”

The whole front line of militia snapped out of their stupor and fired. Revan took a step back and released his grip on Olos. A crimson red beam shot upward deflecting all the blaster fire aimed at him. Some of the bolts were deflected back at Sans Olos’s men who screamed in pain as they fell. Revan’s right hand left his lightsaber hilt and shot forward. From the very ground came rocks and pebbles pelting the helpless soldiers. A few lines began retreating as their comrades went down under a hail of small rocks.

Revan stepped forward toward the retreating men, “Foolish beings, you think I am afraid of you. Send all your men at me and they will be slaughtered.”

Sans Olos ran with his men, hoping they’d be safe from the monster within the city walls. A dozen meters from the gap in the wall the remaining working auto-cannon on the west wall sheered off with a sound of tearing metal. It slammed in front of the hole cutting off the escape of his men and himself. A sound of dismay rose from the cut off troops. A cackle of laughter cut the noise off.

Revan strode determinedly forward. “Come to me and prepare to meet your maker.”

A few men ran screaming toward him, obviously hysterical waving their rifles like clubs. The first man had his hands cut off and then was stabbed through the back as he collapsed forward. The other two were neatly cut in half as Revan sidestepped them and swung his blade around in a wide arc.

Sans Olos stood before the Sith Lord afraid, angry, but resolute. If he died here today, and most likely he would, it would not be cowering in a corner.

“Ah, courage, but no bravado.” Revan nodded toward him, “You have promise, you could serve me well.”

“I will never serve you,” spat Olos.

“That’s your opinion now. But what will you say after I do this?” asked Revan who muttered something into a wrist comlink.

A large explosion permeated the silence. Sans could hear screams coming from inside the town. The men on the ramparts who had been watching the exchange of words between the two leaders looked back inside the city.

“Olos! There are Sith inside the city!” said one trooper who began firing at something.

Revan waved his hand and the militiamen on top of the rampart flew off and smashed into the ground behind him. “Fools, they will not stop what I have started.”

More screams and now blaster fire came within the walls of the city. Smoke started rising into the sky.

Sans started shaking, “Stop it. Stop attacking.”

“Will you join me?” asked Revan smiling evilly.

“Yes.” Sans Olos sagged. “I will…”

A battalion or more of Sith soldiers moved out of the forest and quickly marched up behind Revan.

Sans Olos had a very bad feeling as the enemy soldiers raised their weapons at him and his troops.

Revan spoke into his comlink, “Destroy the town leave none alive.”

The enemy Sith soldiers opened fire, drowning out Sans’s scream. He whirled around to see his troops, his friends, his family, cut to pieces. Sans Olos charged Revan intending to strangle the life out of him. Two Sith Soldiers broke ranks and grabbed him by his arms.

“Stupid man, do you think I would let one man stop me from conquering a planet? Ha! I just wanted you to feel some hope before I crushed it.” Revan laughed, “You just made it easier to conquer your town and move on. Congratulations, you’ll be known as the reason why your people of Dxun were slaughtered. You’re more of a Sith than you realize.”

Sans Olos sagged in the hold of the Sith soldiers, sobbing. His life was being destroyed around him. Then one thought visualized in his head. The only promise he would ever break to his wife. He would not return as he had promised. He had gotten her killed and saved himself in the process. The thought killed him inside, as the Sith troops killed his friends, his kids, and his wife. The slaughter of thousands was on his hands, none as worse as his wife and his kids. He had betrayed his family and now was going to serve the Sith…

“Yes, it hurts doesn’t it?” Revan asked. “Use that pain to fuel you. Use the pain from the knowledge that you killed these people, not I. If you had only surrendered you’d be at home with your wife and your children. Now they are dead and it’s your fault. Live with that.”

He was dragged from the battle, no strength of his own to walk. The two soldiers dragged him through the forest and out the other side where the shuttles awaited. The images of his wife and her curly brown hair and cute button nose stayed in his vision, his two children playing in their living room stayed in his heart. As he was thrown into a corner of the shuttle his last sight before blacking out was of his wife accusing him; ‘It’s your fault, all your fault!’


He was brainwashed for months on end, indoctrinated into the ways of the Sith. They took his spirit, his body, but they couldn’t take his thoughts. One year later after years of serving listlessly in the Sith military, feelings dead, emotions fried, after killing millions, he was posted on Taris. So many sleepless nights where he had nightmares of seeing his kids slaughtered by Sith troopers and his wife slain by Revan himself, had left him basically dead inside with a living hulk waiting to catch up. Noise made him look upward, he stared up toward the Taris sky and smiled and watched turbolasers fire down on the planet. His walkway was hit and his body was sent flying below. As the ground rushed toward him his last thoughts were; ‘Thank god, it’s over.’

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JayCee - May 13, 2005 10:14 AM (GMT)
Thanks Neo!

Peagis - June 21, 2005 02:12 PM (GMT)
sweet story Neo and i have never really cared for the sith war era much but this was a truly great story!

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That was awsome. It needs to be published.

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