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Title: Spring Bulletin - 13/01/07
Description: Welcome to Spring!

Waltz - January 1, 2007 03:12 AM (GMT)
A new year in our little RPG, it is now Spring! A time of feasting and merry and - oh wait, that's winter. So what do we have in store for Spring? Well, love is in the air as you may have already noticed and we are running our Valentine's Day special! This will involve you signing up, and us mysteriously mixing and matching you to a partner - then you RP together. This is a great opportunity to RP with someone new so please participate!

Our RPG is on a slow and steady rise in activity, and we now have over 100 members which is a great achievement everyone! (even if not everyone is active D=)

So, get your booties down to Belle County and get a fresh new year start!


Admin Team of BC

Waltz - January 12, 2007 01:02 AM (GMT)
What's new? Spring Bulletin 13/01/07

- my[sweet]valentine?
Our current festival, my[sweet]valentine? is set to be absolutely awesome with three couples participating who knows what is going to happen? To those participating, as soon as you see the threads up you can start to RP.

- Vacation
Waltz will be away for the week on vacation!

- Summer Ideas
Any ideas for Festivals during Summer? Get thinking now, and look out for the Summer Festival Ideas thread coming up some time next week.

- Activity
It would be lovely to get some new people around here so please if you know someone who enjoys RPing why not invite them along? We would love to get the RP even more active! Belle County is well laid out with friendly active staff and great members to RP with and talk to OOC.

- Prizes
We've been thinking for some time how to add more value to competitions and festivals we run. What sort of system would be best? A point system? An RPG money system? Have a think about it and watch out for the poll coming out some time next week.

There are lots of things to do around here so let's keep it fun!

Admin Team

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