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 ALCANDER, jessica
Jessica Alcander
Posted: Mar 20 2008, 08:50 PM

Howl at the Moon

Group: Academy Student-Admin
Posts: 19
Member No.: 5
Joined: 18-March 08

Jessica Alcander

user posted image[align=center][/align]

Whatís in a {{ Name }}

A.K.A: Jess, Jessie, J
Age: 19
D.O.B: March 28th
Occupation: Student (Is she a senior? Not sure what year)
Powers/abilities: Telekinesis
Canon or Original: Canon

I Can {{ See }} Everything

Face Claim: Amanda Bynes
Description: Jessica looks a lot like her paretns, but generally takes after her father. In fact, a lot of people tell her that she's just like him, and that she has his smile. She has the same look in her eyes that he does whenever he's in the mood to be a little sneaky and silly. But then, she takes after her mother in a lot of wayes, too. She has her mothers brown eyes, and darker hair, unlike her father. She has her mothers tanner skin, instead of her fathers lighter. She's tall, standing at about 5'7, and she's in shape.

Jessica was always one to be running around doing sports and playing with the boy, just being one of the guys, so that's kept her body looking pretty althetic. Her style shows off her personality in a big way. She can look like and wear dresses, but most of the time she preferes to stick to jeans and top that doesn't show off much. Her make-up is natural, going for the "less is more" look, and her brown hair has grown out pretty long lately, falling down her back almost to the middle. It's naturally very straight, but she can curl it if the mood strikes, and give it more shape.

Even {{ Deeper }} Inside

Daemonís Name: AncalimŽ
Maturity: Nearly Mature
Preferred Animal Form: Timberwolf
Explanation: The wolf is known for being very social, and loyal to those that is cares for, just as Jessica is. It can also turn vicious if it feel threatened, and everyone knows Jess will throw a punch if it's needed. It goes with the tomboy thing. It's territorial, but otherwise it can be like puppy.
Personality: AncalimŽ is strong of spirit, and very protective. It's loving and loyal, just like the best are. Highly intelligent, and always there for Jessica, loving her as she loves him.

{{ Heart }} and {{ Soul }}

General Personality: Jessica is a smart kid, and you can see it. It's in her eyes, not to mention her mouth. It's like she's always got a comeback ready for you, should you pull it out of her. When it comes to smarts, she might not exactly be the brain of the school, but she knows enough. She's known a lot about the things that she's interested in and cares about, plus, she has got street smarts, from experience. She might never win a nobel prize, but she's no dummy. When it come to her getting sarcastic and in people's faces, it's not to be mean or anything. She doesn't think she's better than other people, and she doesn't act arrogant, she just calls people on their BS.

She can't stand when people talk when they don't know what they're saying, or just trying to act tough, and she won't put up with it when it's in her business. It gave her quite name for herself all through her schooling years. It wasn't hard to imagine her being one of the most popular kids in school, and she always was in that crowd, though she hung out with the boys mor than the queen bee's, but that wasn't the kind of thing that she let get to her head. She was just one og the boys, and that was probably one of the reasons she was liked. She wasn't bossy and annoying with a high shrill voice, she was just an average, outgoing girl who liked to have fun.

She was always still pretty nice to everyone, as long as they didn't get on her bad side. Still, even with her smart mouth, she knows that sometimes you've got to be careful about what you say. She wouldn't tell off the headmaster... although he weas her dad and she got away with slightly more than others, but she would with the competition on the cheerleading squad. She is also clever enough to pick her words in a way that would get her point across without being obviously insulting.

Jess is a good young woman. She's got a big heart, and she isn't afraid to show it, but she knows that sometimes you have to be careful with it. The heart is a fragil thing, and she's had hers broken before. It's not fun, and she doesn't want it to happen again, if she can help it. She's a casual, easy-going young woman, one who is growing up, but not trying to grow up too fast. There's always more to learn, and she knows that, and is trying to enjoy where her life is right now, instead of pushing to hurry up the future. She can get a bit of a temper, but only on very rare occasions. It's usually something that she's able to control, and she doesn't shout very often. In fact, she's got a rather quiet voice, but one that demands attention when she wants it.
Hobbies/Interests: Sports, parties, just hanging out and eating pizza, whatever her friends want to get together to do
Likes: Winning, laughing, goofing around, practicing, movies, junk food
Dislikes: Annoying girls who think they're so damned pretty, arrogance, ignorance, cruelty
Strengths: She's tough, clever, competative, caring
Weaknesses: Sometimes a little too competative, nosey, sometimes clumsey

Rooted in the {{ Past }}

James Alcander (Father)
Amanda Alcander (Mother, dead in her opinion.)
Daniel Alcander (Brother)
Matthew Alcander (She calls him uncle, but he's really some kind of cousin.)
History: Jessica was born into a great family, even if it wasn't perfect. She always got along better with her dad, since she was the one she saw for the most part. She was the first born in her family, so she spent a lot of time with it just being her and her dad. She might have been too young to really remember the first two years, but they bonded her and her father stronger than she would guess most of her friends bonded with their own dads. He took care of her when her mother was gone out doing whatever it was that she felt she needed to do.

When her younger brother was born things changed a little bit, but not by much It was still mostly just Jessica and her dad, along with the new addition of her brother. Her mom was around every now and again, but really, it was speratic visits whenever she felt like it, it seemed. Jessica didn't really know anything else, so she accepted it as a child, even though she missed her mom and wished that she was around more often. As she got older and got friends, went over to their homes and got to know their families, she learned that her mums bahavior wasn't really the way mothers were supposed to ask.

When the day finally came when her mum nevcer came back at all, it seemed like everything in her life was paused. Her dad had to deal with his feelings, she had to deal with her own feelings of rejection, and then there was her brother to take care of. It took some times, but eventually, things started getting back to normal. Jessica put up a wall over the years, never really dealing with the fact that her mother left, and whenever anyone asked about it, she told them that her mother had died, and that was the end of it.

She had her own life to live without worrying about her mom. Her dad had other worries, like the fact that she was always hanging out with boys. He really didn't have to worry, since she didn't have much interest in them, she'd been hanging out with them since she was a kid. Girls didn't like to play sports the way boys did, they didn't like to get dirty. Jessica was always a tomboy, maybe she got that from growing up with her dad being there most.

Sports wasn't all she had, though. In school, she excelled. Not always with history or any of the bookish stuff, but with magic, she was always good. She was always working on her power and strengthening it, and noe of her professors could ever doubt that she would be great. She's nearly done with her schooling now, and she's not sure what she'll end up doing when it's all over, but at least she would had options.

Add a Little {{ Spice }}

Extra Information: ((Anything else you feel that you need to add about your character that isnít already listed should be placed here.))
Member Title: Howl at the Moon

Through the {{ Looking-Glass }}

Name: Bekah
Age: 19
Contact Information: PM
How you found this site: Cap
Admin Feedback: ((Please keep checking your application, as a member of staff will post comments here about your character.))
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