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 My rant that I posted as a blog
Jacob Rambin
Posted: Apr 14 2008, 03:13 AM


Circumcision performed on both males and females is wrong. In America, many many people do it because they feel that its necessary, helpful, and disease preventative. So that knowledge is passed on to their children, who don't realize just how false it is. I was in that same situation, I had heard nothing but good things about circumcision, but my eyes were opened.

I can almost guarantee that the issue has never been poised to the vast majority of those who will read this blog because of where in the world you'd grown up. But let me ask you first, can anything that involves taking sharp objects and slicing and ripping off part of a baby, the most sensitive part on the human male body, be truly considered good? If someone dug their finger nails into a newborn's skin until they bled, they'd be hauled off for child abuse. We are talking about taking sharp tools to the most sensitive part of the male body, and doing that to a baby.

I've heard people say that the babies don't feel it. Thats insane. They feel everything. It's absolute torture to them. Watch a video sometime of the procedure, but unless you're a sadist, don't turn on the volume, because those screams aren't just enough to show how much they do feel the pain, but to make anyone come to tears. The two primary parts of the penis for sexual pleasure are the head area and the foreskin, so its loaded with more nerves than you can imagine, don't tell me that they can't feel it. Thats just plain naive.

Some would think that anesthesia is used, but often times, none whatsoever is used at all. The excuse used is that the babies are to young to remember the pain later in life so its okay. Thats just sick. Does that mean its okay to break a baby's arm, hit him, beat him, or slap him? He won't remember those either. So that argument is just horribly misguided and sick, its never okay to hurt someone just because they won't remember it later in his life.

And so what if anesthesia were always used, would that make it okay? That brings us to another part of this same matter. No, it would not be okay at all. How can you say its right to permanently alter any part of someone's body without their consent? A part that is, even if most Americans don't realize it, extremely important. Remember when I was talking about it being one of the primary parts used for sexual pleasure? Thats the truth, yes, a lot don't want to admit it, but the loss of foreskin greatly reduces sexual pleasure as well. Its natural to have foreskin, it would be a birth defect if someone were born without it and it is a mutilation to have it removed. We seriously need to think about why we're deforming our children for life without their consent. I know I wish I had the choice. I wish I hadn't been strapped to a metal table and had the most sensitive part of my body cut on as a baby, I know I sure wish that I had that part of me back.

People say its cleaner to be circumcised. If you take a shower, it is very easy to clean yourself if you have foreskin, just rub a bit just like you would on any other part of your body. Some say that having no foreskin reduces the ability to contract diseases and infections through the penis. Good hygiene prevents infections, if you don't wash yourself if you are circumcised, I guarantee you, you'll get infections in your life. And think about it, the US is the only country in the western world that does this routinely, and do you see our STD, penile cancer, and infection rates dropping? No, you most certainly do not. Is the rest of the uncircumcised world being overrun with disease and and infection, hell no, they're doing quite fine. If it was a truly medically sound procedure, why wouldn't the rest of the industrialized nations be doing it? Why would we be the only ones doing it routinely like this?

There is no medical reason for doing this to someone who can't choose, who can't consent. A baby has no choice, we choose for him. There is no medical reason for violating someone's rights and making a permanent decision about their life for them before they can even choose to say "no". If an adult wants to get it done, well thats fine. Plus with adults, anesthesia is used. There is no medical reason for torturing an infant. No medical reason for scarring him and mutilating him for life. No medical reason for circumcision. It is purely a cosmetic procedure. And we don't have the right to alter a person's body for life without their consent. We don't have the right to take that baby and do something to his body that will stay with him for the rest of his life, before he even gets to choose.

Some people actually get it done to their infants strictly because they think it looks better to be circumcised. Well, does what we think "looks better" give us the right to torture a child and scar him for life? (Besides, most people in the world think it looks better to be uncircumcised, I mean hell, its the natural way the human body is supposed to look) Do we have the right to do that just because we think it "looks better". No, thats for that person to decide, and a baby can't decide for himself so we have no right to do that to him. How would you feel if I had the right to lop off your upper lip at birth because I thought it looked better? This is a first world nation, how the hell are we still allowing such barbarism? We have to work to stop it, to correct the false information out there and to change people's minds. We have to make this illegal to do to infants.
Posted: Apr 15 2008, 01:30 AM


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Well said Jacob! biggrin.gif
Posted: May 16 2008, 09:42 AM

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this is one of those subjects where you can write a huge article and still have more reasons to explain what is wrong with the procedure.
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