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 Sword's Smithing Guide
Sword User
Posted: Nov 27 2008, 01:17 PM

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Sword User's Smithing Guide
version 0.57

Skill: Smithing
Status: F2P/P2p
Difficulty: Medium
Cost: Zero/Very High (depends)

  • 1.0 - Introduction
  • 2.0 - Info + What You Need
  • 3.0 - Basics
  • 4.0 - Leveling Guide
    - 4.1 - Levels 1 - 28
    - 4.2 - Levels 1 - 15
    - 4.3 - Levels 15 - 30
    - 4.4 - Levels 30 - 35
    - 4.5 - Levels 35 +
    - 4.6 - Level 99
  • 5.0 - Varrock Armour
  • 6.0 - Blast Furnace
  • 7.0 - Sacred Clay Tools
  • 8.0 - Quests That Give Smithing Experience
  • 9.0 - Multitasking
  • 10.0 - F.A.Q.
1.0 - Introduction

Smithing is one of the more complicated skills in Runescape, in that it requires items from another skill (Mining), and has 2 stages of processing it. Smithing lets you turn ores into bars, and bars into useful weapons/armour.. Smithing generally makes little money, and you will find yourself levelling up very slowly if you aren't spending lots of money..

2.0 - Info + What You Need

If you have no money, it's a good idea to mine your ores to begin with, So you're going to need a pickaxe. You're also going to need a hammer.
|user posted image|

The best place to smith bars (using an anvil) is by west Varrock bank, since the anvil is very close to it.
user posted image

For f2p, the best place to smelt ores (furnace) is the furnace in Al Kharid.
user posted image

For p2p, the furnace in Port Phasmatys is very close to the bank, although getting into the town easily requires doing a quest (try going to Port Sarim and taking a boat to Phasmatys?)
user posted image

Alternatively, if you've done the Varrock easy Achievement Diary, you can use the furnace in Edgeville. This is actually closer to the bank than Port Phasmatys, but requires opening a door everytime you want to go in, and only one person can go through at a time...
user posted image

All items of the same metal give the same exp per bar when Smithed. Ie; Steel Daggers give the same xp as Steel Longswords. (except Cannonballs, which give slightly less) The only difference is that the higher level items are worth more than the lower leveled items (generally), and that items that take more bars get you the same xp faster. So it is advised that you smith the best item you can at your level to get the fastest levelling + less loss of gp when selling it. Crossbow bolts (p2p) may give the least loss when smithing them, since they are in stacks of 10 and aren't re-useable; items like armour and swords don't make much money back since they can be reused, and many people only need 1...

3.0 - Basics

Smithing is one of the skills already learned on tutorial island, but here's a recap for completeness:

user posted image

To turn Ores into Bars, you use the Ore with a furnace. This will turn 1 set of ores into 1 bar. To make multiple sets of ores into bars, you have to click the furnace first, right click on the bar in the chat menu you want to smith, and select how many you want to make. ores are obtained from the Mining skill..
    Bronze bars = 1 tin ore + 1 copper ore. Level 1 Smithing Required Gives 6.25 xp

    Iron bars = 1 Iron ore (50% chance of successfully smelting). Level 15 Smithing Required. Gives 12.5 xp

    Steel bars = 1 Coal + 2 Iron ores. Level 30 Smithing Required. Gives 17.5 xp

    Mithril bars = 1 Mithril ores + 2 Coal (1 coal with blast furnace). Level 50 Smithing Required. Gives 30 xp

    Adamantite bars = 1 Adamantite ore + 4 Coal (2 Coal with Blast Furnace). Level 70 Smithing Required. Gives 37.5 xp

    Runite bars = 1 Runite ore + 8 coal (4 coal with blast furnace). Level 85 Smithing Required. Gives 50 xp
If you have completed the Varrock achievement diary and are wearing the Varrock Armour (p2p only), there is a chance of smelting two ores at once (see the Varrock Armour section for more info)

To turn bars into wieldable items use a bar with an anvil (while a hammer is in your inventory). The item smith interface will pop up, and you can right click an item and left click how many you want to make. Some items use more bars than others...
user posted image

4.0 - Leveling Guide:

I recommend reading Redeyes's Guide To Reaching Goals And making a spreadsheet to track and improve your progress if you are serious about reaching your goals.
    Level's 1-29

    If you already have 10 mining, and can evade lvl 57 ice giants, you can jump straight to lvl 29 by doing The Knights Sword (quest). If you can't do it, just follow from below:
    Level's 1-15
    At level 1, you can smith Tin + Copper into Bronze Bars, and Bronze Bars into Bronze Daggers/Axes.

  • Fast, but expensive way:
    If you have 32k gp that you are ok with losing, you can buy 193 Bronze Bars and smith them all into daggers, at a loss of 30k after selling them (you may lose less by smithing the next item up when levelling up. ie; when you get to level 5 make level 5 Bronze stuff).
  • Slower, but maybe profitable way:
    If you have 37k that you want to only increase, you can buy 389 of both tin and copper and smith them into bronze bars. After selling them you will have 65k, a profit of 28k!
  • Very slow, but at no cost way:
    At 1 Mining, you could mine 389 tin, and 389 copper and smith them into bars.. it could be quicker if you start smithing some of them into weapons/armour..
    A good place to mine Tin + Copper is the East Varrock Mine.
    user posted image
    The east varrock mine has tin and copper and is close to a bank

    To get from level 1 to 15, 2411 experience is required.
    Level's 15-30
    Now you can smith Iron. Iron is unique in that it only requires one ore (Iron ore), but only has a 50% chance of that ore successfully smelting. There are numerous ways around this though (Superheat item spell, Ring of Forging).

  • Fast, but expensive way:
    If you have 211k that you are ok with losing, you can buy 878 Iron bars and smith them all into daggers, at a loss of 191k after selling them (you may lose less by smithing the next item up when levelling up. ie; when you get to level 20 make level 20 iron stuff).
    ^Slower than this, but not as much loss: Buy bronze bars and smith them instead.
  • Slower, but maybe profitable way:
    If you have 191k that you want to increase, you can buy 1754 iron ores and smelt them into Iron bars. This is assuming that you are smelting them with a 50% success rate (you could use superheat item at 43 magic, or the Ring of Forging to increase it to 100%) After selling them you will have 211k, a profit of 20k.
  • Very slow, but at no cost way:
    At 15 Mining, you could mine 1754 iron ores and smith them into bars.. it could be quicker if you start smithing some of them into weapons/armour..
    A good place to mine Iron is the East Varrock Mine.
    user posted image
    The east varrock mine has Iron and is close to a bank

    To get from level 15 to 30, 10,952 experience is required.
    Levels 30-35

    Same as before: For fast exp but at a loss of GP, buy Steel bars and smith them into daggers. If you don't have the money to waste, Buy coal and Iron ores to smelt into Steel Bars. If you don't have any money at all, mine coal and iron ores to smelt/smith them (requires a mining level of 30 or highter).
    Levels 35+
    user posted image

    When you hit 35, you can make Cannonballs (p2p only, and only after the Dwarf Cannon quest). making Cannonballs is like smithing items at an anvil, except slower and with less xp... the upside is that they actually make a profit from each bar being cannonbalized, unlike other items being made from bars! To make Cannonballs, use a steel bar on a Furnace while having an Ammo Mould in your inventory.
    Cannonballs do take much longer to smelt than ores, so it isn't recommended to only make Cballs (unless you aren't aiming for anything over lvl 60...)

    Getting the rest of the levels is more of the same.. Basically do something that makes money when Smithing it (Smelting Bars, Cballs) and then spend that money on bars to smith. For the least loss in F2p you can smith Steel Platebodys. And for the fastest XP, you should smith the highest item you can make.. For a good in-between, you should smith Bolts (members only I think), as you get quite a bit of the money back you spent...

    Note: Level 40

    When you hit level 40, you can smelt Gold bars. If you do the Family Crest quest (p2p), you get the Goldsmithing gauntlets, and you could get 56xp per Gold bar you smelt! This is widely considered the best way to train because the loss of GP per bar isn't as much as other items which give this kindof xp (although I personally don't train this way tongue.gif)


    To put this into perspective:
    (note: Some of these items cannot be smithed at lvl 35)

    To get from level 35 to 99 with only Cannonballs, You'd need to buy 510,276 Steel Bars at a cost of 324 million gp (!!!) and smith all of them into Cballs. You will emerge with 389 million gp.. No sane human being should attempt this (and I am not responsible for any damage that may occur if you do), since Cballs take the longest time to smith, 1 bar at a time (about 4.5 seconds for each).. so it's best to mix with a faster costly method:

    To get from level 35 to 99 with Steel Platebodys, you'll need to buy 346,990 Steel Bars for 220 million gp (yup, those massive numbers again.. thats why you don't do everthing at once) and smith them all into platebodys. However, this happens much faster than cannonballs, since 5 bars are smithed at a time instead of 1, and the animation for smithing bars is shorter! However, doing this results in a loss of 130 million gp after selling the platebodys...
    Doing this with the Sacred Clay Hammers will halve the amount of bars and gp needed.

    Level 99
    user posted image
    Gratz! 99 Smithing is quite an accomplishment! You can now buy a Smithing Skillcape (if you're p2p) from Thurgo, south of Port Sarim (outside the Arsagnian Ice Dungeon)!
Profits/Losses Per Item:

Smelting Bronze Bars: When buying the ores, you get 98 gp profit per bar smelted.
Smelting Iron Bars: When buying the ores, you get 136 gp profit per bar smelted.
Smelting Steel Bars: When buying the ores, you get 168 gp per bar smelted.
Smelting Mithril Bars: When buying the ores, you get 230 gp per bar smelted.
Smelting Adamantite Bars: When buying the ores, you get 200gp per bar smelted.
Smelting Runite Bars: When buying the ores, you get 824 gp per bar smelted.

*For Steel Bars and up, using the Blast Furnace increases the profit rate.

5.0 - Varrock Armour

user posted image

When you complete the Varrock Achivement Diary (p2p only), you are awarded with the Varrock Armour, which gives a bunch of Smithing bonuses:
    Varrock Armour 1: Chance of smithing bars faster & smelting 2 at once for bars up to Steel
    Varrock Armour 2: Chance of smithing bars faster & smelting 2 at once for bars up to Mithril
    Varrock Armour 3: Chance of smithing bars faster & smelting 2 at once for bars up to Adamantite
6.0 - Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace is a (members only) minigame. It lets you smelt bars with half the normally required amount of coal (if it requires coal), has a shop that sells some ores, and has some Anvils. Any level Smither can use the Blast Furnace, but unless you have level 60 or over you will have to pay 2500 coins every 10 minutes, and won't be able to use the anvils..
The Blast Furnace is located in Kelgagrim (you may have to start the Giant Dwarf quest to get in), in the south eastern section down a ladder). It's a good idea to use the world designated for the BF to get the best use out of it...

7.0 - Sacred Clay Hammer:

user posted image

By collecting points earned from the Stealing Creation minigame, you can buy tools which when transformed, give more than the usual amount of experience when smithing with anvils. The Stealing Creation minigame is located south-west of Bounty Hunter (see k arthur90's guide for a tutorial on the actual game).

When you transform the Proto-tool into a hammer, it will give a small boost to items smithed with anvils. The higher the level required for the item, the higher the boost... Every 100 bars smithed the Sacred Clay Hammer will revert back to a Proto-tool (ready to be transformed back again). The hammer can continue to transform back until you run out of recharges (you'll have to go back to SC to get another one). It may be worth noting that Jagex plan to higher the experience boost (while lowering how long the tool lasts) by 2009.

8.0 -Quests that give Smithing experience:

All of these are P2p apart from The Knights Sword...

Rocking Out - 25,000 xp (Note: requires 69 Smithing in the first place...)
The Knight's Sword - 12,725 xp
Defender of Varrock - 10,000 xp
Elemental Workshop II - 7,500 xp
Cabin Fever - 7,000 xp
Between a Rock - 5,000 xp
Devious Minds - 6,500 xp
Hero's Quest - 3,075 xp
Giant Dwarf - 2,500 xp
Elemental Workshop I - 5,000 xp
Recipe for Disaster - 1,000 xp

9.0 - Multitasking:

If you're smithing/smelting something that takes a long time, I recommend you browse other websites and stuff while you wait (This is especially helpful for Cannonballs, as they take longer than anything else). The best way to do this is to overlay two browser windows on top of each other, while keeping the top one transparant (using a program). If you've done it right, you can browse websites normally, while still being able to see your Runescape window. And you won't get logged out since moving the mouse in the top window also registers on the bottom window! Here's a pic to show what I mean:

user posted image

This can also be used in other skills that involve long waiting
(The program I use for transparancy is Afloat, but that's only for Mac I think)
(If this is too complicated, you could just resize the Runescape and browser windows to take up half the screen each... But this makes it harder to browse normally, and you have to remind yourself to move the mouse to Runescape every 80 seconds (so you aren't logged out).
    10.0 - FAQ

    Q: Your guide says I should mine 'x' ore if I have 0gp, but I don't have that mining level!
    A: You're going to need to use some other skill to make money then (Runecrafting, Fletching), since Smithing can't produce any raw materials of its own...

    Q: How do I smith Black Armour/Trim?
    A: You can't.

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99 str nao pl0x

scrolly thing:

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