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 Barbarian Assault
K Arthur90
Posted: Mar 7 2009, 02:35 PM

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Barbarian Assault Minigame
The Penance Menace
  • Intro
  • Getting Ready
  • Getting There
  • Basic Gameplay
  • Advanced Gameplay as a: (this is what you want to read)
  • ...Collector
  • ...Healer
  • ...Attacker
  • ...Defender
  • The Queen
  • Reward System
  • Rewards
  • Extra tips
This members only minigame focuses on teamwork as well some combat skills. You do not receive in-game experience, and you need not to use your own warring supplies.

Getting Ready
Collector: You will need a good armor against both ranged and melee, but it can't be too heavy, as you'll be running most of the time. Boots of lightness are strongly suggested. Also, do not take any capes, and leave your inventory with as much space as needed. No food is necessary, neither potions.

Healer: You'll need a good armor against both ranged and melee. It can be a heavy one (it will help you and your teammates on later waves) but you'll still run a lot. No capes, no potions and no food as well.

Attacker: The attacker can choose either side of the Combat Triangle. For meleers, it is suggested a high slash defensive armor. Also your weapon must have all four styles of attack (Agressive, Defensive, Controlled and Accurate). For rangers, high magic/ranged armor is suggested. You can take any bow you want, but do not take arrows. As for magic, take a good magic/ranged armor, and a staff of your choice (I suggest an elemental one). Do not bring any runes. Of course, do not bring food, cape or potions.

Defender: You can bring any armor you may think fit. Bear in mind you'll be mainly atttacked by meleers on the beginning and rangers on the middle part of the wave. No weapon needed, neither capes, potions, food. Have as much space as possible on your inventory as well.

Getting There
Barbarian Assault is a minigame played at the Barbarian Outpost. The quickest way to reach there is via rubbing your Games Necklace. Of course, you can either walk there from Gnome Stronghold or from Ardougne.

Basic Gameplay
When you go down the stairs located on the Barbarian Outpost, you'll find yourself near eleven separated rooms, marked with numbers indicating the wave it leads to (one is marked with an arrow). If it is your first time there, proceed to wave 1. If not, proceed to any wave up to the last wave you played. By entering the arrow room, you'll be assigned to a random team, and if possible, that are on the same wave as you. If that is not possible, you'll be assigned to another team and you'll play the lowest wave of yout team members.
When you enter a numbered room, you have two choices: Either lead a team or be recruited by a leader. If you want to lead your team, first take a piece of scroll from the table located on the room. Right click and choose write-on scroll. You'll then choose your role. Then you must use your scroll on other players to recruit them. When you have a team of five players, procced downstairs.
If you are being recruited, have accept aid on and just advertise the role you'd like to be, and wait to be recruited. When your team leader goes down the ladder, the game starts.
As soon as you enter the arena, you receive a horn. Also, note your hud informations.

The pyramid sign means what wave are you on.
The ear sign means what have your caller called, so pay attention to it.
The mouth sign means what you must call to your caller.
The horn sign reminds you of who is your caller.

user posted image

This HUD is of the utmost importance during the game, so pay extreme attention to it, as it may affect the score if you don't.

Advanced Gameplay as a
The Collector has the easiest job, until he gets to the Queen. It's good as a starter role if you don't know nothing about the game, or have low combat level
The Collector must be the player with highest agility and quick right-click/left-click habilities. When you enter the arena, read what you must call (mouth sign), right click your horn on your inventory and choose the appropriate call. Then, rush to one of the launching platforms. By then you'll already have received your call from the Attacker. As soon as one of the penance gets killed, you must rush to where it was killed and collect the eggs the attacker called you to. If your collector pouch is empty, the eggs you collect automatically go there. Be careful not to pick the wrong egg as it explodes (harming 5 points to you) and deducts your score, as well the team's score.
When your call becomes blank (which means everyone's calls will change too), rush to one of the launchers and fill the egg hopper. One click dumps all your eggs at once, including the ones on your collector pouch, up to 5 eggs of each kind.
From level 2 upwards, you can use the Yellow Collector's Station, left of the starting spot, to change blue eggs onto green eggs and green eggs onto red eggs. Be ware that some eggs may not survive the operation. The probability of an egg being destroyed during the process decreases with the Collector's level.Remember that when your call becomes blank, the attacker's call became as well, so you must call the new fighting style to him. Otherwise, he won't be able to harm the penance fighters/rangers.

The Healer has the most tasks, but it is not difficult. However, if he misses a single step, it can hinder the whole group's progress!.
As soon as you enter the arena, obtain a Healing Vial, which can be filled with the healing pool on the other side of the starting point, and Poisoned Food from the Green Healer's Station. Then call the correct food to be used against Runners, and go do your job: You main job is to kill Penance Healers. You must listen to the Defender's calls to know which food you must use with the Penance Healers. To poison a Penance Healer, just use the food with the creature and it'll become poisoned. When you notice that the poison's effect wore out, do it again, with the correct food. Don't forget to keep calling the Defender's food bait!
The other Healer's main task is, of course, heal your teammates. To do that, use the vial with your teammate. You can see our teammates healthpoints on a table on the lower part of the screen, along with their names. Players critically injured will have a red cross on their name. Although the Healer can identify players in need of medical assistance, they can ask for "Medic!" with their horns, before they become critical. You must pay attention to the other players for that, as it won't appear on the HP bar. Since you can't use the vial on yourself, to heal yourself you need to drink directly from the fountain.

The Attacker has the toughest job. He must kill Penance as fast as he can to make his teammates job much easier, including the Healer's
Make sure you're up to multiple Penance Warriors and Penance Rangers, as well posioning Penance Healers. Also, don't forget you need a weapon with the four attacking styles (Agressive, Accurate, Controlled and Defensive). As soon as you enter the cave, if you are either a ranger or a wizard, proceed to the Red Attacker Station and pick up either arrows or runes. You will receive four types of arrows, and enough runes for casting quite a few spells. However, you must listen to the Collector's call as he will tell you what arrow, elemental blast spell or melee fighting style you must use to damage the Penance Warriors and Rangers. Your only task is to fight Warriors and Rangers and keep calling the correct egg for the Collector to... collect. When all Warriors and Rangers have been killed your only task is to keep calling the eggs for the Collector. If you don't call correctly the eggs, the Collector will not be able to get the right eggs, hence will not be able to feed the launcher.

The Defender is considered the most difficult role. It doesn't actually defends/fights, but he can influence greatly on the wave's final score.
As soon as you enter the arena, quickly call the Healer's poisoned food. Then, proceed to the Blue Defender's Station and pick food baits. Proceed then to the back of the cave and collect a hammer and a few logs. Rush back to the right launcher and you'll see a trap. You must lure the Runners to that trap, as long as it is fixed. To do that, you must put a bait (as called by the Healer) on the Penance Runner's way. It'll stop, and munch on the bait. You must make a trail of baits with two squares between each bait, leading to the trap. The last bait must be put on top of the trap. Also, the defender must make sure the trap is working. To do that, he must have a hammer and logs on his inventory, and then click the trap when it says Trap (0). As it would not be enough, the Defender can also hinder the Penance progress by constructing barriers (no construction level necessary) on the cave entrances. Also, do not forget to keep calling the right poison food for the Healer!

The Queen
Now everything has a small tweak on it, starting with the arena. The arena had two egg launchers. Now it has only one. You can also make out Lava Pools, Poison Pools, and Spiky Hardened Mushrooms on the sides.
The wave starts as usual, with the Penance coming from the cave entrances. However, during the wave, the gigantic trapdoor on the middle of the arena rises, bringing the Penance Queen to the battle. Her attack can hit on the whole arena! Then the roles change:
The Collector must pick up yellow eggs that spawn near the Queen. Then he must hand the egg to the Healer.The Healer must dip the egg on one of the poison pools around the cave. Then he must hand it to the Attacker.The Attacker must then use the hardened spikes taken from the mushrooms on the poisoned egg. Then, he must hand the egg to the DefenderThe Defender must dip the egg on one of the lava pools around the cave. Then hand it back to the CollectorThe Collector must then feed the launcher's hopper with the Omega Egg, to be shot on the Queen by any of the players. It takes about seven to nine eggs (at least for me, it took nine) to kill the Queen.

The Reward System
The reward system is points based. With each wave you earn points on a way I'll explain later.

The Rewards
The rewards are also cool, but I will only talk about them later as well.


[*]When collecting and handling yellow/omega eggs, the Collector can take multiple eggs at once, and hand them all to the healer, and etc. That will save some time, and save some healer's job.

[*]It is recommended a team of 2 Attacker, and 1 of each other role for standard waves (1-9) and a team of 2 Healers, and 1 of each other role for the Queen Wave (10).

[*]It is of the utmost importance that you keep an eye on the HUD. Not only to correctly call your teammate correct order, but to receive your correct call as well!

[*]It is possible to use the Horn Of Glory (further away from the Stations) to call every role order.

[*]Runners can greatly decrease the team score by "making a run for it". Defenders must focus on them and first eggs must be launched at runners. Stun eggs on runners past the trap won't be effective.

[*]The Collector can fill the hoper with up to 5 of each kind of egg. But that doesn't mean he can only get 5 of each. He can and should keep collecting all eggs as ordered, so he can re-fill the hopper quickly, and earn more points!

[*]As stated by JaGeX, reciting the Barbarian Official Penance Fighting Mantra, who was created and still bears the name of it's creator, can help players remember their roles:


user posted image

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

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