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 Stealing Creation
K Arthur90
Posted: Dec 14 2008, 05:48 PM

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Joined: 3-November 08

v 0.9 (after 12/16 update)

Stealing Creation Minigame
The quest for sacred clay
  • Intro
  • Getting Ready
  • Getting There
  • Basic Gameplay
  • Advanced Gameplay as a: (this is what you want to read)
  • ...Skiller
  • ...Warrior
  • Reward System
  • Rewards
  • Extra tips
The not so recently released members only minigame, Stealing Creation focuses mainly on merging non-combat skillers and warriors to achieve a common goal through teamwork. Although the minigame can look great to skillers, some warriors despise it, because it doesn't gives combat experience in game.

Getting ready
Go to the Great Exchange, and leave everything there. Absolutely no equipment is allowed. Besides, there's no need to teleport, since there are two easy ways to get there.
(Sick Mate 9)You can deposit your items near a deposit box near the entrance of one of the pens.

Getting there
You can teleport to B.H., bank your necklace and procced SW to Stealing Creations, or you can leave from G.E. and proceed North. Either way you'll get there.
When you arrive at SC camp, you'll see three fields. Two on the west side of the camp, and one big field at the east side. The west side are for the "casual" players, in which anyone can join any team, as long it doesn't unbalances the skilling/combat levels (remember, Guthix is everywhere smile.gif)
The eastern field is meant for clan matches, where, when in a clan chat, you can enter and play for your clan, when two clan senior members agree on a match.
After choosing your team (red for the southern field, blue for the northern field), the game will start in no more than 2 minutes. The remaining time for the game to start and your team's and the opposing team's players' combat levels and non-combat skills are shown.

Basic gameplay
The very first thing to do is find a clay shard spot and gather it. Bring it back to the base and deposit by clicking the middle table. By doing this, all your clay and the items you can't use or have a better version of it will be deposited. For example, let's say I can't use lv 4 armor, and I got lv 3 armor, lv 4 armor and lv 4 clay. The last two will be depoisited automatically. If you want to deposit the first, you'll have to use it with the central table. For each item you deposit, you earn 5 Reward Points, or RP's. And that's about it. You have now about 18 more minutes of game. Now move on to the advanced gameplay.

Advanced Gameplay as a:
Since this is teamwork, you'll have to rely on your team's skillers to make your armor, unless you have a smithing level high enough to make your own armor, and weapon and ammo.
Since this minigame attracts lots of skillers, you should have, in your base, some armor in about 1 minute after the game begins. Pick your appropriate armor (melee, ranged or mage) and go hunting. Be careful when picking ammo. You should click the table and then select the amount of arrows/runes you'd like to withdraw, otherwise, you'll withdraw all of them and start the game with a huge negative score.
After equipped it's time for hunting. Leave your base and procced to the very other end of the map, if you want to hunt. For each point of damage caused, you earn 5 RP's. Be careful, as mages like to use ice barrage on unawary players, and easily kill you. Don't worry,if you get killed, all the items you are carrying are dropped and you return to the base.
Also, when hunting, be careful with thieves around you. If they have a thieving level of at least 20 levels above yours, they can steal clay, and even arrows and/or runes.
Finally, be careful with the fog banks. They completely hide a player, so they can ambush skillers or run from warriors.
If you are going to mage, use the ancient spellbook. The ice barrage is a hella spell on Stealing Creations.

For those who think that playin as a skiller is easy, you're wrong. Warriors won't protect you all the time, for they don't receive points by standing there. The best thing to do is gather your clay, morph it and return to base. For each clay gathered, you get 5 x (the clay's level) RP's, for each clay morphed, you earn another 5 x level RP's, and for each clay or item gathered, you earn another 5 x level RP's. And those RP's are what brings your team to victory. Hence, you'll be the other team's hunter first target.
But there are lots of ways to prolong your life span. For example, get someone with a high construction level. They can build barriers around gathering spots and creation kilns so you can protect yourself in there. Also, you should make yourself a mage robe set as soon as possible, for they offer some ranged protection and even better, magic protection, which is somewhat better against those ice barragers.
As soon as you gather some (about 4 or 5) lv 1 clay shards, procced to a creation kiln. Create all the tools you'll need: Harpoon, Pick, Hatchet and Net. Then you must find the best clay gathering spot you can find according to your level, as shown in the table below:

Lv 0 to 19 - Lv 1 Clay spots only (which means, you'll only be albe to gather shards)
Lv 20 to 39 - Lv 2 Clay spots
Lv 40 to 59 - Lv 3 Clay spots
Lv 60 to 79 - Lv 4 Clay spots
Lv 80 to 99 - Lv 5 Clay spots

But remember, you don't need just a gathering level. You'll need the appropriate morphing level to do anything with the clay other than simply deposit. You'll need 60 fletching to make lv 4 clay arrows!
Let's say you got 60 mining and 40 crafting. You won't be able to make tools with the lv 4 clay you collect. What you should to then is find a lv 3 mining spot, gather 1 lv 3 clay, make a lv 3 pick, and then proceed to mine the lv 4 clay.
And finally, listen to the warriors. They are always in need of supplies like food, runes or arrows. Instead of depositing on the base just to earn points, you can give the item right away, so they don't lose points for withdrawing a base item.

Reward System
The average creation points earned for an beginner skiller is between 45k to 55k points per round, an advanced skiller gets between 75 to 85k per round while the average for a warrior is 35k to 50k points per round, for low lvs, and 50k to 75k for high lvs. With these, you can redeem your reward points, used with the reward mystic, located at the tent located east of the exit portal where you appear after playing a round.

For your knowledge, here are the ways to earn RP's.

Gathering sacred clay
15 per class/lv
Processing sacred clay
15 per class/lv
Depositing sacred clay
15 per class/lv
Depositing clay items
30 per class/lv
5 per Hitpoints damage done to enemy

Remember that withdrawing items from the base costs the same amount you'd receive if you were depositing them.


You earn rewards by redeeming your points. However, Reward Points, or RP's are not the same as In-Game points. To find out how many points one would receive use the following:
0 - 19,999 points 1 per 1,000 In-game Points
20k - 21,999 points 20
22k - 25,999 points 21
26k - 33,999 points 22
34k - 49,999 points 23
50k - 81,999 points 24
82k - 145,999 points 25
146k+ points 26

All the rewards have a limit on the times it can be used, based on the xp it gave. When you "count-charges" your sacred clay item, it says a rating from 100% (fully charged) to 0% (uncharged). To recharge any tool/weapon/armor, you must pay 20 RP's, whatever the item is.
The armor and the weapon can be freely morphed as many times as you want, as long as it has at least 1% of charge. After that, it stays in the last form you morphed it into. It can be recharged normally, though, after it will reobtain it's morphing capabilities. And, of course, boosts your xp gain by 150%.

Volatile tool - 20 RP's
It acts like a pickake, hatchet, fletching knife, harpoon, butterfly net, smithing hammer, needle all at once. When you redeem it, you receive a small piece of volatile clay, which you can morph. When you morph it, it randomly chooses a tool to transform into, so it's good to have a few at the bank. After a few uses (namely 10% of the total charge used), it returns to its original unmorphed form, allowing the player to remorph it to a new random tool up to ten times, when it needs recharging, costing the exact same price. The main advantage is that it earns 120% extra of experience per action while using the tool.
It is limited to 20 units per player, along with the morphic tools.

Morphic tool - 20 RP's
Like its counterpart, it can morph into any of the mentioned tools, but you can choose the tool to morph it to. It costs the same as the Volatile tool, and it's better. It gives about 100% extra experience. As the volatile tool, it reverts after 10% charges used and can be morphed up to 10 times.
It is limited to 20 unites per player, along with the volatile tools.

Helm/Coif/Hat 24 RP's
When you redeem a headgear, you receive a hard clay helmet (that strangely looks like a guy from Tekken, but whatever.....). It has about the same stats as rune helm. However, it can be morphed to a ranger's coif or a mage's hat, allowing the player to twist the battle to his favor, by suddenly switching the battle style, and surprising the enemy.

           Attack Bonuses              Defence Bonuses            
     Stab Slash Crush Mag Ran  Stab Slash Crush Mag Ran Sum Str Pra
Helm    0    0     0   -6  -2   +30  +32    +27   -1 +30 +7   0   0  
Coif    0    0     0   -1  +2    +4   +6     +8   +4  +4 +5   0   0  
Hat     0    0     0   +4   0     0    0      0   +4   0 +4   0   0  

Legs/Chaps/Skirt 28 RP's
When you redeem a leggear, you receive hard clay legs. It has the same stats as rune legs. However, it can be morphed to a ranger's chaps or a mage's skirt, allowing the player to twist the battle to his favor, by suddenly switching the battle style, and surprising the enemy.

           Attack Bonuses              Defence Bonuses            
     Stab Slash Crush Mag Ran  Stab Slash Crush Mag Ran Sum Str Pra
Pl8leg  0    0     0   -21 -7    +51  +49   +47   -4 +49 +80  0   0  
Chaps   0    0     0   -10 +8    +22  +16   +24   +8 +22 +15  0   0  
RobeB   0    0     0   +15  0     0    0      0   +15  0 +15  0   0  

Plate/Body/Robes 30 RP's
When you redeem a torso armor, you receive a hard clay plate. It has the same stats as rune plate. However, it can be morphed to a ranger's body or a mage's robes, allowing the player to twist the battle to his favor, by suddenly switching the battle style, and surprising the enemy.

           Attack Bonuses              Defence Bonuses            
     Stab Slash Crush Mag Ran  Stab Slash Crush Mag Ran Sum Str Pra
Pl8bod  0    0     0   -30 -10   +82  +80   +72   -6 +80 +40  0   0  
Chaps   0    0     0   -15 +15   +40  +32   +45  +20 +40 +40  0   0  
RobeT   0    0     0   +20  0     0    0      0  +20   0 +20  0   0  

Scimitar/Bow/Staff -26 RP's
When you redeem a weapon, you receive a clay scmitar. It has the same stats as rune scimmy. However, it can be morphed to a bow or a staff, allowing the player to twist the battle to his favor, by suddenly switching the battle style, and surprising the enemy. The staff doesn't provide runes.

           Attack Bonuses              Defence Bonuses            
     Stab Slash Crush Mag Ran  Stab Slash Crush Mag Ran Sum Str Pra
Scimmy  +7  +45    2     0   0     0   +1     0    0   0   0 +44  0  
Bow     0    0     0     0 +47     0    0     0    0   0   0  0   0  
RobeB  +10  -1    +40  +10   0    +2   +3    +1  +10   0   0 +50  0  

Bonus XP
When using any of the sacred clay items, you get double the xp you'd normally get. And you don't have to wear the full clay armor to receive your xp bonus, a single item will do. When the charge percentage gets to 0% you'll still have your armor with you. You just won't receive the extra bonus anymore, until you recharge your armor.

You can use only one piece of armor to get the double bonus. But the more items you equip at the same time, the charges used to generate xp are distributed among all your items, so they would give more xp.

Extra tips
- There are altars scattered around that restore not only your prayer, but your energy, hitpoints and summoning points.
- Although this is a teamwork game, skillers can earn lots of points by doing arrows or runes. Since they stack up, you can spend all the time gathering clay and making arrows and on the last 30 secs go back to the base and deposit all.
- When gatherin with a tool, try and use a tool at least one level below the level of the clay you are trying to gather. You can fish lv 5 clay with a lv 2 harpoon, but you'll take lots of time just tu get a few clay.
- While using your reward sacred clay armor to earn double the XP on combat, try and use the full set (head, torso, leg and weapon). So you'll have 4x more time before your armor needs recharging.


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