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Posted by: Tomas_Speed Aug 5 2009, 05:09 AM
Welcome to Clan Warring Guide - Extra Volume

Equipment ; Strategies ; Expressions


1) Introduction
2) Equipment
2.1) Mandatory Items
2.2) Detailed Explanation
2.3) The extra items
2.3.1) Explorer ring (3)
2.3.2) Rune Beserker Shield & Rune Gauntlets:
2.3.3) Druidic Mage Set:
2.3.4) Runecrafter Mage Set:
2.3.5) Runecrafter Staff: (Any kind)
3) Strategies/Tricks
4) Expressions/Abreviations

1) Introduction

Well this is rather a more informative guide than an explanation guide thats why its labeled "extra". I made this guide to avoid making people go to wars without the proper gear, and proper knowledge of our strategies and slang.

2) Equipment

2.1) Mandatory Items:

- Full Rune
- Rune weapon
- Any magical staff (staff of air; runecraft staff, skeleton scepter)
- Food (eitheir swordfish or pizzas)
- Strenght Pot
- Runes (If binding)
- Druidic/Runecraft set (If binding)

2.2) Detailed Explanation:

Full Rune: I Think this one is pretty obvious. You will be piled sooner or later so you need to be properly prepared. You should wear your rune armor at the beggining of the war, so that the enemy clans doesnt know what ur gonna do (for ex: if your binding dont start the war wearing robes... you will be piled if you do this)

Rune Weapon: This one is also obvious, however the weapon you choose its enterily up to you. Most use a rune scimitar because of its speed and good str bonus, other go for crush weapons since it has better bonus against a rune plate. Eitheir way its up to you. (Dont use slow weapons if you are binding...)

Magical Staff: This one some people dont bring... thats a mistake. When you are tanking you will be faced with alot of binders wich will prevent your hugging, thus making your tanking harder. With a magic staff some of the binds will fail and also the staff poseses some defense bonus so its a must while tanking. Remember to put staff/scim on def mode when tanking, for +5% def.

Food: This one is also obvious. You have 3 choises... Bring Sworfish; bring pizzas or bring both. Swordfish heals 13hp in one bite and pizzas heal 18hp in 2 (9 + 9). If you have low defense and tank really bad... then bring full swords, if you have middle defense but sometimes can get k0ed then bring 50% of both (when ur almost k0ed use swords, when safe use pizzas), if you haev high def and feel confident bring full pizzas.

Strenght Pot: This is simple... More strenght, Higher hits... a must in every battle. The warlord will ask you to pot at the begginning of the war and somewhere in the middle, if he doesnt just pot when u need to.

Runes & Mage Gear: Dont bother binding with mage robes... its better to just get druidic or runecraft robes, More info on them on the next section.

2.3) The extra items:

There are some items which are not mandatory items, however if your into some serious warring you might want to consider getting some of them.

2.3.1) Explorer ring (3)

The best ring available for f2ps. It gives a magic attack and prayer bonus which is helpfull when tanking and binding, also it allows you to replentish 50% of your run 3 times a day, which is alot helpfull if you ran out of run. It has also other features but they arent relevant to warring.

This ring can be obtained by completing the lumbridge diary.

2.3.2) Rune Beserker Shield & Rune Gauntlets:

Rune Beserker Shield is one of the items everyone in war should have. It requires 45 defense and needs to be recharged from time to time. It provides better bonus than a rune kite shield plus a strenght bonus. Its great for pilling (str bonus) and great for tanking (defense bonus).

It can be obtained in fog. Its best to just buy the uncharged shield at ge and play fog until you have the tokens to reacharge it. It doesnt take long belive me smile.gif

Rune Gauntlets are extremely helpfull to meleers since its defense bonus and strenght bonus make them the best f2p gloves in the game. Also unlike the other items obtained from fog, this one doesnt degrade, unless you die in a dangerous minigame/zone.

They require 40 defense and have the following bonus.

2.3.3) Druidic Mage Set:

Gives a pretty good magic bonus and its special hability makes binds more effective, pretty good for both medium and high mage levels. It like most FOG items degrades over time.

Obtained in FOG, but its easier to just buy the uncharged form in ge and playing FOG to reacharge it.

2.3.4) Runecrafter Mage Set:

Runecraft Robes Set - Gives less magic bonus and doesnt have a special hability, (unlike the drudic one) however it provides more defense... good for those confident about their magic and defense level. Obtained in GOP.

Also this one doesnt degrade over time.

2.3.5) Runecrafter Staff: (Any kind)

Well i didnt really knew nothing about this one until Kevin showed me his... and ive got to say its indeed very usefull. The runecrafter staff is for those who are seriously into tanking because it gives the same bonus as a normal magic staff however with a huge boost on the magic defense power (making enemy binds hit alot less). This staff can be obtained in GOP for 10k tokens and after you obtain it you then need to attatch a talisman (any one will do, chose the one more usefull/stylish to you) to it. Also the staff has some very nice str bonus so if you can, while tanking, hit one of the binders.


This one substitutes easily the magic staff on the inventory, however its a pain in the "lower back" to get.

user posted image

3) Strategies/Tricks

DeathDot - Also reffered as "DD" is to stand on one single person, making it appear on the minimap like only one person is there. This tatick is mosty used when pvping however you may also use them in wars while defending.

Fake Piles - Is to pretend we are attacking a certain member "Al TOM" but insteed all the clan will attack other member for ex: kevin but without the spam. This is usefull for trying to get some kick hits through prayer and possibely making a quick k0.

Switching Hits - I did this first with kevin. This is a tatic that its usefull when we have low members (like 2 or 3) vs the same amount of low members. The trick consists on all the members attacking one member of the opposite clan, similar toa small pile. Once the opposing clan attack one of ours, that member hugs something giving our members some time unattacked. Once they turn their attencion back to us the one who gets attacked should do the same, while the one who hugged first should go back on the pile. This seems similar to pilling and tanking but the difference is it isnt going to be always the same guy attacking, making our food last for alot longer.

Transitioning - This means to leave the pile to attack other unprotected member (someone in robes for example) trying to get a quick k0.

4) Expressions/Abreviations

This expressions will be used alot in wars so you need to know what most of them stand for.

AL - Ancient Legion

AL Tom - Making a Pile (everyone attack the member called tom or close to it)

Pot - To use the str potion you have

Snipe - To attack someone off the pile whos a low level or in robes, the ones who do this are called "Snipers"

Center Bounds - This means you cant leave the center of the clan wars during our wars, if you do so, we will most likely lose.

Anti-Snipe - To attack the sniper, with the intencion of making them stop, these are refered as "Anti Snipers"

Caller - The one who decides the piles.

FI - To folow the leader/warlord. For example: Al fi (means for all AL members to folow the leader)

DD - DeathDot

Attackers - The clan that attack, attack however the warlord calls, when he calls.

Defenders - Normaly these do a "DD" and only start attacking after the other clan has attacked first.


For more information about how to get to Clan Wars and what to bring, please check out the following guide,

Also Review the Previous Volume,

Feel free to give any Feedback or new info for me to add smile.gif


Tomas_Speed - Writting the guide.

king.gif See you at clan wars king.gif

Posted by: Imso Hot Aug 5 2009, 05:56 AM
Remember to add that put staff/scim on def mode when tanking, +5% def wink.gif

Not sure if its there, if not, add it tongue.gif

Posted by: Tomas_Speed Aug 5 2009, 05:58 AM
QUOTE (Imso Hot @ Aug 5 2009, 05:56 AM)
Remember to add that put staff/scim on def mode when tanking, +5% def wink.gif

Not sure if its there, if not, add it tongue.gif

Its not tyvm wub.gif

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