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 Abulhassan 9's Guide To 70 Range
abulhassan 9
  Posted: Apr 4 2009, 02:56 AM


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Range_4_k02's range guide!!!*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Welcome everyone!!
I absolutely love range its the best skill ever. My current range lvl is and will be until I get money dat is...75!!! I'm very proud of it my combat is 87.

The best way to raise range to lvl 99 is to use red chinchompas. I do not use them becuase I have neither the money to buy or hunter to catch them
But I am going to get money once I get 70 fletching with which I will make only rune c'bows and seling them. My lvl is 67 so I will cut trees and make alot arrows, bows, c'bows etc. in order to get 70 fletching and I will den train on dragons... blue dat is, if you want the hide or bones just ask. I will give them all 4 lowest price.

I will put on here some ways to raise range and what to take b4 going to train and also some places to train...depending on your combat lvl and range lvl that is.
Depending on your lvl, dedication, and money amount need be you could get 99 range...or fletching

you can start posting after i'm done, you have no requirements to be in this guide but i guess just a member to post... just post if you want to become an official member of this guide.
If you want to meet with me or want party for 99 skill just pm me and i will i get everyone informed, or if you just want to add me as a friend my name is:.


Table of Contents
• Post 1 • Introduction
• Post 3 • Where to train
• Post 4 • Recommended Armour/Inventory/Levels
• Post 5 • Recommended Armour/Inventory/Levels [continued]
• Post 6 • Money/Experience
• Post 7 • Money/Experience & y waste $
• Post 8 • Range levels
• Post 9 • 99er's [range + fletching]
• Post 10 • Other runescape lvls
• Post 11 • 99's for other levels besides range and fletching
• Post 12 • Members names will go here
• Post 13 • Conclusion (xtra info)

--------------------.:Where to train:.--------------------

this is convinient for your combat lvl and range level.
of course thinking you are higher den level 20 range.

If you are lower den 20 range or 30 combat i would suggest you can train on goblins or rather low level things like cows and so forth, if you go to the hill giants and attempt to kill them the other players der will be mad cuz it WILL take you a long time to kill 1!

"~~Range levels~~"
the best 4 members or non is the hillgiants (hgs) under varrock, you can hide and there is alot.
or in taverly dungeon... but you shouldn't go der unelss are 70+ combat or you will be poisoned.

i would suggest fire giants, moss giants (mgs), blue dragons in Gu 'Tanoth if you did watchtower quest that is or blue dragons in taverly if you have not done watchtower quest. It does not matter what combat levl you are because you can hide in all of these places.

if you combat is high 80+ you can go to the places with monsters with a high lvl.
ape atoll dungeon, chaos tunnel, ZMI alter Tzharr fight cave, I dont really recomend yu try against TzTok-Jad until you are absolutely sure that you are ready with combat, prayer, money (incase you die.. you never know), food and with wat ever u use to kill him.
The demons in Gu'Tanoth are also good just make sure u carry anti drag shield so you won't get hurt 4m dragonfire.

80+- (range & combat)
And as long as you go with a group of friends you can also go to Kalphite queen, KBd (King Black Dragon), Giant Mole, Revenants in wild (be ware dey do pretty high hits...(the higher they are the harder they are to kill so go for the smaller leveled ones. I do not recommend trying these. TzTok-Jad (make sure you are ready [mentally & player wise] 4 w/e damage he inflicts.)
Godwars dugneon (try Bandos first he is easiest to kill)
and also Pest control is a good place to go. :

*________Recommended Armour/Inventory/Levels________*
This depends on both you range and combat level.

plenty of food, anti poison (denpending on where u're going)
arrows/bolts, armour, bow/crossbow [if taking c'bow take shield the best you can wear], teleport, or tele tab, full prayer (incase a random comes and gives u an unpleasnt visit. if youre on a quest then take a ring of life.. and be sure to take pots (range, defence, prayer, super restore [4 stats]if need be etc.)

it can be found where you check your combat level if it is red it means that it is on if it is a brown color den it is off. (having it off means if sumthing attacks you, you will not fight back. Sometimes if you have it on you will attack the monster you do not want to fight unless the monster u DO want to fite attacks you first then keep it on.

REMEMBER if you take a bow nekind long or short or a comp. bow you can only use arrows, 4 each bow you can use up to a certain kind of arrow and nething lower den dat arrow.
if you take a crossbow you can ONLY use bolts and as the same 4bows you can only use up to a certain bolt and nething lower den it.

range lvl=20-30-
For those who are barely starting and can't wear green dragonhide wear leather (as long as it is the full set you will be ok with wat ever you are killing as long as ur hiding and have plenty of food.

range lvl=40-50-
for nonmembers ue can only use up to green dragonhide so do what you can to hide and kill and be sure to eat if u get hurt. for members wear blue dhide take plenty of food,

range lvl=50-60-
(members) take red dragonhide if you have the required levels to wear it and if you are going to taverly dungeon and are a kind of low combat level (60 & lower) take an anti-poison (der r poisonus scorpions on the way to either hill giants or blue dragons, dey only attack low level.

range level=60-80-
range level 60 members can wear up to red dragonhide, after 70 range members can wear up to BLACK dragonhide it is te best of the 4 dragonhides. Most members prefer to use rune ***ssbow with black dh and mabe a rune anti dragon shield or a high priced shield.
And some who can afford and have done the quest use a crystal bow with 70 range.
To those who can afford it wear Karil, Armadyl and wear Fury, Zamorak Book and Ranger boot, and either red chin'*, crossbow, or nething dat does not take up both hands.

Of course that's only if you can use them and if you have them. Otherwise, use a Glory and Snakeskin boots. Archer Ring would give you more Ranged bonus.

if you are going to group fights wear the best you can, take plenty of tuna potato w/sweetcorn (de best food in runescape), 2 or 3 prayer pots, 1-2 ranging pots, tele tabs as some places hide ur magic's tab, ring of life, ddp++, whip, the best bow/crossbow & arrows/bolts you can use & afford, anti poison pot, explorers ring 3 (it will be a gold color if u finished lumbridge diary, 2 is silver, & 1 dont remember wat color it is), purple sweets or strange fruits.

If you are going to Godwars dungeon take the foloowing and make sure most of the ppl in yur group take it also:
* Climbing boots
* Whip and DDS
* Dragonhide or Karil's
* Helm of Neitiznot
* Super set
* 3-4 Prayer potions/Super restores
* Super anti-poison
* Sharks or tuna potato w/sweetcorn (Highly recommended)
* Any cape that gives defence bonuses
* Defence pot, & meele pots (attack or str) if u're not raging or maging.

All the four Armies have their own versions of Spiritual Warriors, Rangers, and Mages. If you are wearing a god item (Holy/Unholy symbol, Zamorak/Saradomin/Bandos/Armadyl armour etc.), the respective armies will not be aggressive towards you. This can be a great help if you want one specific faction to attack you.


Getting money and getting experience is the hardest thing but it is also the heart of runescape...lol

Most ppl in order to raise levels, they usually buy what they need, those who do not have enuf money to get the required items often start of with the things they need to get started-like for fletching all you need is a knife (1gp in most shops) and an wc axe(cost depends on type of axe, bronze is 1-10gp), dey den get logs and make bows or arrows, sum also pick ther own flax to make a bowstring 4 da bow, or get der own feathers and make der own ores and make arrow heads to complete the arrow. While they make der own stuff dey also get experience 4 da skill that they are using to make the item. Thus in a few days dey have like 70 fletching and are able to buy whatever they need if dey make and sell sum items dey made.

But every1 has to start sumwhere, you won't just magically have 1mil gp in ur bank (would be cool tho!!!) actually u start off with only 25 gp! u can kill monsters and sell the items the monster dropped. If you want to get money tho go kill blue dragons (as long as ur combat lvl 40+ with 50+ range and if u take a anti-fire pot or anti-fire shield of course with food and teleport, but do not dig bones i you want money as long as you hide you will only need about 5 tuna,or 3 lobys, 3 swordfish (don't take higher lvl food..uwill not need)

ABOUT 50 BLUE dragonhides cost 100k for a littl bit lower den max price. 50 dragon bones cost about 70-100k for about a little den maxe price (der like 2.4k ea *2.400gp) altogether dats about 200k gp!!!

if you want sum extra xp w/o doing skill den just do quest or w8 4 genie or newhere where u can get experience lamps.
also yu can do tears of guthix (tog) if yu have done the ridicoulously short quest or u can also go to fog (fist of guthix) [TOG automaticaly makes u drink 4m bowl and gives da xp to ur lowest skill]

|||||||||||||||Money/Experience & y waste money|||||||||||||||

So as i was saying to be a sum1 you have 2 start at nothing. 4 all of u Range_of_ish lovers i wil use him as an expample.
Sure now he may be the best player known to RuneScape world In Pking, but how did he become the best player In Pking? he worked hard and started with 25 gp and the other things he got from tutorial island. He was determined to reach a certain level and set a goal. Once he reached that goal he set another. Before he knew it all his hard worked had payed off and he was a billionaire (im sure he became a millionaire) lol

So what im really saying is set a goal, once you raech it set anohter and work ur way up slowly. If you get bored doing a skill just turn on sum of ur fave music, (i dont recommend on ur computer as it mite make u lagg) or talk to sum friends or have a good friend wih you doing wat ur doing to make it less boring.
If you have de money and want to buy de items you need to reach a certain level den do it. As long as you have enough money leftover to not make u completely broke after u buy de items.

--------------------.:RANGE LEVELS!!!:.--------------------

talk to me in game or post a comment on here to let me ur range level, name, and comabt and if you want to be put on this list.

Abulhassan 9:. range level 65, 74 combat.

this is 4 Any 1 who gets 99 on range or fletching seeing as both range and fletching are about the same things then they will be posted together just tell me name, skill, and combat level and i will post it on here.

--------------------.: Other runescape levels :.--------------------

this is 4 Any 1 who wants 2 tell about other skill that they are working on, plz be lvl 70-99 just tell me name, skill, and combat level and i will post it on here, the combat level isnt required only if u wish 2 have it on here.

Abulhassan 9:. cmb-75, 75 wc and 67 fm , 67 cooking , 60 fishing , 58 fletching

--------------------.:Members of guide :.--------------------
post a comment or talk to me in game and tell me if you want to become a member of this guide, i will need ur players name, and combat.



This my last official post in This Guide.
If you are having a party 4 a 99 skill and you want other ppl to be Thier or if u want to inform The ppl in this guide. fill out the following application and i will get 2 u as fast as i can. and if you want us to do something special put on extra info part, what you want us to wear or bring along ex. dog, pet, armour, no armour, food, beer(only rs beer allowed sorry)(lol), money etc.












application example..NOT REAL!!
PLAYER NAME: Range_4_k02

SKILL FOR 99: Range and fletching


PLACE FOR PARTY: My house in taverly.

WORLD FOR PARTY: 156 (mexican world)


TIME PARTY ENDS: When Every One Say Tho



CAN WE INVITE OTHER PEOPLE?: yes bring Any you want to bring

EXTRA INFORMATION: bring bear hat, your full grown cat, do not bring armour, change under clothes to burgundy color (talk to Thalia in varrock clothes shop) and say "congratz Cookie for 99 Range and Fletching" have it in any color but yellow (red, purple, cya, glow, flash, green) i will give signal 4 wen 2 do it cuz it will become screenshot.


I do really hope u enjoyed my guide it took me like 15 hours to do it...
if you liked my guide I would like to hear it, it makes sum1 feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they hear dat sumthing they did was appreciated lol

Other Armours And Places

-ranging metal dragons
-yaks/experiments with bronze knifes
-Green dragons

And other weapons/ammo/misc:

-Broad Bolts/arrows
-Archers ring



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