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It has been a good time, guys!

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 Contest Archive, See the previous contests AL has had.
Posted: Jan 17 2009, 01:24 AM

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Group: Lethality Member
Posts: 3,538
Member No.: 449
Joined: 7-November 08

Here you can catch all the action from our past contests! The first two contests have both been deleted so they will be posted here and best from memory.

Contest #1 : Combat (Atk, Str, Def, Rgd, Mage, Hp, Pray)

1.) Starwolf Ftw : 1,500,000 experienced gained (estimate)
2.) Chuffa : 775,000 experienced gained (estimate)
3.) Squeeki : 750,000 experienced gained (estimate)

Edit : I found the fishing contest! So i put it up there now! wink.gif

From now on, the last results of each contest will be placed here. Check it out!

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Expect more about this later today. biggrin.gif
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Posted: Jan 17 2009, 01:26 AM

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Group: Lethality Member
Posts: 3,538
Member No.: 449
Joined: 7-November 08

Fishing Contest
December 14, 2008 - December 20, 2008

The Top 10
1.) Starwolf Ftw : 931,333 experience gained!
2.) Ike Ftw : 663,999 experience gained!
3.) Kerkennah2 : 500,015 experience gained!
4.) Crystal Muse : 447,930 experience gained!
5.) Chuffa : 272,580 experience gained!
6.) Dflame58 : 244,710 experience gained!
7.) Miniluke2 : 54,000 experience gained!
8.) K Arthur90 : 40,107 experience gained!
9.) Sr Jiglestik : 27,170 experience gained!
10.) Akibone2 : 26,520 experience gained!

Honorable Mention
11.) Buzzsaw100 : 25,750 experience gained!
12.) Infam Da Roc : 24,870 experience gained!
13.) Techweeniejr : 22,645 experience gained!
14.) Lord Artegal : 21,215 experience gained!
15.) Cjm721 : 15,300 experience gained!
16.) Iamcoool11 : 11,932 experience gained!
17.) Darklord 99 : 6,050 experience gained!
18.) Damonol : 3,410 experience gained!

Overall, the contest went really well. To start, we had over twenty people sign up and eighteen of them have registered some experience in Fishing over the course of the week. I shall be posting everyone's experience gains if you got any declare the winner.

And the winner is.........Starwolf!!!
Congratulations to him, but he isn't the only winner.... The top 5 competitors will also be noted in the Ancient Legion Contest Archive I'll be starting, so you will be recognized! Everyone feel free to write your comments about the contest here, and share your thoughts. If anything could be improved or nerfed, these comments can really help for our future contests!


December 15 12:00 A.M.
Good work for first 12 hours of competition, we still got six and a half days to go. Good luck to the rest of the competitors and good job on the exp gained so far!

December 15 12:00 P.M.
So far, no one new in the top ten after the past tweleve hours. We have only half the participants have registered fishing experience since they signed up. Remember, those who have signed up still have a chance to catch up!

December 16 2:00 A.M.
Sorry for not doing the twelve hour update, since hardly anyone was one, cept for me, I didn't feel that it needed to be updated. Since then, alot of exp has been gained by the participants and some rank changes have happend! Miniluke and Techy have jumped into the top 10, while Damon and 40 def have dropped out of the elite! Biggest jump in exp for today was by far Ike, gaining about 200k exp in one day! Way to go! As the top three continue their grip at the top, will the others be able to catch up and maybe overtake them? Stay tuned for the next update!

December 16 4:00 P.M
The leaderboard has changed quite a bit since the beginning. Cj has dropped out of the elite, and Crystal Muse (a late comer) has risen to number 6 in the top 10 in such a short time! The competition is heating up! The top 4 have firmly held their positions since the beginning, but the last 6 postions have changed wildy! Who will enter the elite after the next update? Will anyone in the top 4 lose their grasp on the prize? Stay tuned for the next update!

December 17 4:00 A.M.
Very little activity except for a few participants. Cj has jumped back into the top 10 by barely passing Sr Jigle. Crystal has also moved up a position by gaining about 50k exp and leapfrogging Akibone. Noted at the top, Starwolf has almost gained 50 percent of the previous amount of experience he had. The contest isn't half way done yet, keep up the great work everyone.

December 18, 12:00 A.M.
We have a change in momentum aboard the top end of the elite. Ike has passed Ker to be in the second spot, but the race between them is tight. Chuffa has also entered the elite 10 fishers of AL, racing past Cj and finishing the day at number 10. Half way through the contest folks, so much could happen! Can Ike and Ker inspire one another to catch Wolf? Can Chuffa and other latecomers into the contest make a half mark dash to to top? Only time will tell, so find out in the next update!

December 19, 10:00 A.M.
Sorry for the late update, but it is time for another one. One day has passed between the updates and boy, what a change in the lineup. Akibone, I'm sorry but I realized that I was calculating your exp gained in the wrong skill, so I have changed it accordingly. Sorry. Besides my stupid mistake, Chuffa and Crystal have both gained a tremendous amount of experience and have moved to number 6 and 3 respectively. The race for the last 3 spots is intense with about 6 contenders wanting to be there. Infam barely snatched number 10 away from the likes of Techy and Artegal. Ike has gained a tremendous amount of experience as well to try to catch the leader, Wolf. The race for the top fishers in AL has begun to heat up. Who new will enter the elite? Will the leaders keep their cool under the pressure of the competition? Find out in the next update!

user posted image

Expect more about this later today. biggrin.gif
user posted image
Posted: Jan 17 2009, 01:27 AM

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Group: Lethality Member
Posts: 3,538
Member No.: 449
Joined: 7-November 08

Slayer Contest
January 1, 2009- January 8, 2009

The Slayer contest is now over! The monsters need a break from all that slaying. The winner of the Ancient Legion Slayer Contest is Darklord 99!!!
Congratulations to him and all the others who participated!

Top 10
1.) Darklord 99 experience gained : 267,610
2.) Dflame58 experience gained : 178,181
3.) Icewolf68 experience gained : 79,612
4.) Rec1966 experience gained : 58,478
5.) Starwolf Ftw experience gained : 54,277
6.) Northbears experience gained : 29,796
7.) Runeter2 experience gained : 19,730
8.) Sword User experience gained : 14,927
9.) Animal Magik experience gained : 10,767
10.) K Arthur90 experience gained : 6,330

Honorable Mention
11.) Iamcoool11 experience gained : 5,856
12.) Miniluke2 experience gained : 3,024
13.) Lamb Bug experience gained : 150 <---z0mg no way!

Overall compared with the last two contests, it went ok. We got over 750k experience total between all of us, and for Slayer, that's really good. Post your thoughts about the contest here. Congrats to Darklord and Dflame for really working hard on Slayer this week. Kudos to you both.


January 4th 1:04 P.M. U.S. Central
Well the contest is well under way, but to my astonishment, not many people are participating as of yet (such as myself ). I recorded 9 out of 18 names that had any Slayer experience gains whatsoever. There's stil plenty of time left for the rest of the competition to catch up!

January 6th 12:14 A.M. U.S. Central
The contest is about halfway through, this time I had enough scores to increase the top 5 to the top 10. As with the last contest, the top 5 haven't moved in inch in terms of standing. Darklord and Flame have increased the exp by quite a bit since the last update and the others can't seem to catch up. What about the other participants who haven't gotten 1 exp in Slayer so far? Only time will tell if a surge of an underdog or two will come to topple the competition.

January 7th 3:30 A.M. U.S. Central
The contest is nearing it's conclusion, with only about a day left of the competition, the tempo has changed quite a bit in the rankings. Starwolf and Rec both have surged from outside the top 10 to be well situated in the competition at rankings 3 and 7 respectively. The top 2, Darklord and Dflame have both held their grip on the competition with an iron fist, but a switch between the too is possible.... Can Dflame make a last minute dash to claim the top prize? Can Darklord keep his cool from Dflame and the others? Will the remaining participants get any experience? Find out in the next update!

user posted image

Expect more about this later today. biggrin.gif
user posted image
Posted: Jan 21 2009, 05:01 PM

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Group: Lethality Member
Posts: 3,538
Member No.: 449
Joined: 7-November 08

Woodcutting Contest
Janurary 14th - January 21rst

The contest is over, and the results are in... We have a new champion!!!

Animal Magik has snuck in and took the championship! Congratulations to Animal and all the other contenders who have participated! With everyone's effort, this has been the most successful contest Ancient Legion has so far completed!

As for the prize that I have been hinting to the past few days, here is the prize! The top 5 have earned the ranking of "Elite Skiller" til the end of the next contest! Congrats to them, I'll talk to Lamb about giving you the rank ASAP, so exspect to see a new ranking within the next day or so.

Top 10
1.) Animal Magik experience gained : 1,305,772
2.) Starwolf Ftw experience gained : 1,211,972
3.) Xian791 experience gained : 490,925
4.) Acefire1337 experience gained : 349,583
5.) Stingster2 experience gained : 343,850
6.) Red Ring 95 experience gained : 288,375
7.) Dflame58 experience gained : 209,788
8.) Icewolf68 experience gained : 150,472
9.) Wolfclaw104 experience gained : 139,388
10.) Chelseiscool experience gained : 130,214

Honorable Mention
11.) Iamcoool11 experience gained : 80,417
12.) Rec1966 experience gained : 67,720
13.) Infam Da Roc experience gained : 65,025
14.) Emad559 experience gained : 59,135
15.) Coolteamem experience gained : 49,525
16.) Megaman0exe experience gained : 49,398
17.) Donovan Kays experience gained : 30,845
18.) Matlew5 experience gained : 28,855
19.) Tomilson21 experience gained : 11,440
20.) Ike Ftw experience gained : 5,467
21.) Dude12dragon experience gained : 50
22.) Kerkennah2 experience gained : 25


January 15th, 2:00 pm USC
The contest is about 12 hours underway, and so far, very lacking in participants. But like in all of our contests so far, we always start slow and race towards the finish. I hope I get some more numbers tonight.

January 16th, 12:45 am USC
After a little after a day, alot more people have joined in and gotten alot of experience! This is more like it. It's still too early to tell if the contest will be a landside victory or a close race. Only time will tell. Great job so far. (The commentary will only get better as the contest progresses btw )

January 16th, 2:50 pm USC
Updated, gotta go!

January 16th, 11:55 pm USC
Sorry about the previous update with little caption whatsoever, I was running late to work. ANYWAYS, the contest is starting to heat up. Animal has passed Dflame for the second spot and is hot on Starwolf's toes for the top spot. Late starters in the contest have finally begun to show up, as Red Ring and Emad both march their ways into the top 10 at rankings 9 and 10 respectively. How long can Starwolf hold off Animal? Will more latecomers arrive and throw off the momentum? Can the likes of the formerly retired Red Ring cause an uprising in the rankings? Find out in the next update!

January 17th, 12:53 pm USC
Another 12 hours, another update. The competition has done really well in overall experience gains, slightly below two million combined woodcutting experience that everyone has gathered in just 3 days! The bottom half of the rankings have sure changed quite a bit, with the new addition of Chelsei usurping all of them to the number 6 spot! Animal has closed the gap between him and Starwolf, can Animal overtake Starwolf at the time of the next update? Can other new comers such as Chelsei give all the veterans a run for their money? Will those poor helpless trees ever be able to recover from this contest? Find out in the next update!

January 17th, 11:35 pm USC
What a difference twelve hours make! Xian has nearly quadrupled his experience gained and has leapfrogged both Dflame and Ace to be in the number 3 spot! Red Ring has also returned with a vengence, being kicked out of the top 10 in the last update to jumping back up to number 6! The contest is starting to become unstable and no clear winner(s) are yet to be determined! Can the leaders hold back the onslaught of their wc'ing bretheren? Will anyone new enter the top 10? Find out in the next update!

January 18th, 1:04 pm USC
For the first time in AL contest history, the top position in a contest has changed. Animal has significantly passed Starwolf in terms of experience, but Starwolf may have a chance to rebound due to time zone differences (Animal : Austrailia, Starwolf : America). Ace has leapfrogged past Xian to reach the number 3 spot. Red Ring has now joined the 100k exp club and is starting to creap up to Dflame. No one new in the top 10, but may someone step up and challenge the elite? Will Starwolf retaliate by no-lifing to get past Animal? Will Ace and Xian force each other to pass the top 2? Find out in the next update!

January 19th, 1:45 am USC
Wow, today went by fast! With the middle of the competition gone by, it's all downhill from here. With the conclusion arriving in a few days, more people decided to pick up their axes and start competiting! Stingster, Icewolf, and Wolfclaw all have jumped into the top 10, and they have set the bar higher to enter the elite. Red Ring and Chelsei have both cut away quite a bit today, both jumping nearly 100k in experience gains. With 7 people now having over 100k experience in the contest, all I can say is that I'm filled with joy, with this being the most successful competition to date! How long can Animal hold back Starwolf from taking his original position? Can Starwolf, Icewolf, and Wolfclaw howl (bad pun) through the ranks to reign supreme? Will the competition get any more fierce? Find out in the next update!

Januray 19th, 1:25 pm USC
Lots of movement in this session of the contest. With just about everyone in the top ten moving about 1 spot, up or down, it really shows how anyone can come in and do well! Xian has jumped past Ace, for the moment, and it's a close battle for third between them, but the difference between the two is so tight! Red Ring has past Dflame, who has been inactive as of late, and is now in fifth place! Stingster has once again showed a strong day of woodcutting, plowing right over Chelsei to move into seventh place! Wolfclaw has joined the 100k+ experience club for the contest and also moved into ninth place as a result. The top leaders seem to show signs of slowing down, but can the rise of their rivals spark them to train harder? Can the Wolf pack (Starwolf, Wolfclaw, and Icewolf) maintain their top 10 focus? Will Dflame return from inactivity to show who really knows how to woodcut? Find out in the next update!

January 20th, 12:25 am USC
The end of the competition is in sight, but no clear winner can be spotted. The number one position has changed once again, but this time to Starwolf, who is nearing the 1,000,000 experience milestone for this compeition. Animal isn't far behind though, nearing the same milestone himself. Stingster has kicked it up into overdrive and is now sitting at 6th place and just a few experience behind Red Ring. Icewolf has also gained a few spots, rising to number 8. Can Starwolf fend off Animal in the homestretch of the competition? Will anyone stand up and challenge the elite in their moment of glory? Find out what rankings may change in the next update!

January 20th, 3:03 pm USC
Not much has changed in the top 10. Starwolf and Animal have both gotten over 1 million experience total in this competition, another first for AL. There's still time to make an impact. Last stretch is here, time to show those trees who's boss!

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Expect more about this later today. biggrin.gif
user posted image
Posted: Mar 2 2009, 10:44 PM

Bow down before your superior wolf!
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Group: On Leave/Vacation
Posts: 1,406
Member No.: 523
Joined: 13-December 08

"The mining competition is now over." -Dflame

F2P Results

1)Icewolf68 - 173,800 xp (+2)
2)Megaman0exe - 171,040xp (-1)
3)xian791 - 158,515 xp (-1)
4)Kevinsaurus - 27,365xp (-)
5)kerkennah2 - 8,977 xp (-)
6)Donovan Kays - 8,520 xp

P2P Results

1)k arthur90 - 109,958xp (-)
2)iamcoool11 - 49,610xp (-)
3)sword user - 42,083xp (-)
4)stingster2 - 16,598 xp
5)acefire1337 - 14,355xp (-1)

F2P Competition Summary
The competition was a great one folks! After one week we had quite a bit of a tussle for the top prize for our mining competition, and in the end Icewolf took the top prize! He barely managed to pass Megaman in the last few minutes! Really close competition guys, great job!

P2p Competition Summary
P2p'ers...... what am I going to do with you? Great competition here as well, just not as competitive as the F2p one. Congratulations K Arthur for a great job winning the P2p contest in a landslide! With P2p having such better ways of getting mining experience faster then F2p, I expected a bit more in the competition, so I'm kinda dissapointed . Everyone did a great job anyways, and I look forward to the next competition we are havinge, The Multiclan Combat Skilling Competition! Everyone who hasn't signed up, be sure to do so!

Dflame's Commentary:

January 24. 1:13 am.

So far four contestants have checked in. Kevin is blowing away the competition with a whopping 27.3k. We aren't far into the contest so there is a chance for everyone to join in. How will this leaderboard look by night time. Only the contestants will decide.
( how was the commentary? its my first one lol)

January 24. 7:30 pm

O M G !!! People are actually mining one person in each division has joined in and they have both clinched the number 1 spot. Sword User in p2p and xian791 in f2p. Who's going to join in next and what are they mining? No one knows but I suspect that it is copper and tin most likely!!! Tune in to see the next update.

January 25. 3:40 pm

Since our last update, only the p2pers have been mining and they are very close to each other. less than 4k from first to last place. Back in f2p land. If kevin knew that xian wasn't going to xp mining would he have? We will never know. Tune into Stars update soon

January 26. 1 am EST

Yawn. Its time for bed. oh and look. Arthur has taken the lead in the p2p division gaining over 20k xp. Where did the other p2pers go? probably playing in the dirt next to the rocks. in the f2p division. xian increased his lead by less than 1k. I guess he got tired after mining half an inventory stay tuned.

January 26. 9:30 pm EST

We have a contestant with over 100k. Congratulations to Xian. Even more excitement with megaman starting the competition and gaining 82k in one day. Its also great to see Icewolf and Donovan joining in. Arthur kept working with another solid 20k. Acefire joined in the fun in the p2p division. He has a bit of work to do if he wants to move up though. Star take it over

January 27. 11:30 pm EST

Oh man Megaman is in for the WIN. He doubled his xp and just barely jumped ahead of xian. We now have 3 ppl with over 100k xp gained. kudos to you 3. Glad to see ppl mining. Keep up the work.

January 29. 12 Pm EST

And the competition is over. the winner is Icewolf68 and this was unexpected, but nothing is expected in skilling competitions. It was very close between ice and megaman. they differed by less than 2k xp. K Arthur was the winner of the p2p division. Congratulations to all the competitors.

Starwolf's Commentary

January 24th, 12:32 a.m. USC

The first experience gains of the competition are in, and sure enough some people are off to a great start. Kevinsaurus is currently leading in the F2p race by a large majority over Kerkennah. Iamcoool is off to a great start as well with a slender lead over Arthur in the P2p race. Besides those four contenders, no one else has shown any gains. Will the leaders hold their positions throughout the entire competition? Will anyone from the remainder of the alphabet join in? Find out in the next update!

January 24th, 11:05 p.m. USC

Wow, what a gain! Xian obviously wants to keep his "Elite Skiller" status. 81k experience in one day is a great amount! No quitting everyone! No one ever gets to see an angry Starwolf ever.. Keving I *suggest* you continue with your mining gains, just not quit. Steady gains by everyone else in the competition, but Xian really stole the day away. Will Xian be able to keep his hold on the top spot? Will the remainder of contenders who have not mined bother to participate? Will Keving find something that forces him to mine to avoid circumstancial death? Find out in the next update!

January 26th, 7:52 a.m. USC

Nearing the midpoint in the competition, and the competition is starting to slow down just a tad. Arthur made a huge gain in the P2p competition compared to all the other players in both competitions. Mining has proved to be one of the hardest skills to really power level, time and time again. Will Xian's lead shrink while he's on holiday for the Chinease New Year? How much more will Arthur gain? Who'll be the first to break 100k experience in mining for the competition? Find out in the next update!

January 26th, 8:58 p.m. USC

Halfway through folks, it's all downhill from now. I'm still suprised to see more people wanting to enter this far in the competition, and already starting to make an impact. Megaman, who entered yesterday, has moved into 2nd place with a strong showing! Kudos to Xian for breaching 100k, but Megaman and Arthur aren't too far off. How long will Xian continue his ferocious hold on the f2p division? What is Arthur mining in P2p that's so special? Is it affecting his performance in the contest? Lastly, will Megaman and his swift gains overpass Xian? Find out in the next update!



Trophy Cabinet
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Posted: Mar 2 2009, 10:54 PM

Bow down before your superior wolf!
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Group: On Leave/Vacation
Posts: 1,406
Member No.: 523
Joined: 13-December 08

Multiclan Combat Contest

The first Multiclan Combat Skilling Contest is finally over. After 1 week, 59 competitors have worked their tails off on combat related skills to help their clan be the top dog! Of the clans participated, Ancient Legion ended up as the winner! The winner was decided by the best combined Top 10 in each clan.

Clan Total Experience Leaderboard
1.) Ancient Legion (AL) - 12,660,992
2.) Lethality (LTH) - 12,053,741
3.) The Zamadominerz (TZ) - 9,459,286

Now on to the individual section! This is for everyone who participated. This leaderboard contains all the participants in descending order. The top dog for the overal contest is DFlame58! Congratulations to him! Getting almost 4.5 million experience in a week I bet is stressful! Good job to all the participants!

Overall Leaderboard
1.) Dflame58 (AL) - 4,482,285 exp
2.) D13 Tr33s (LTH) - 2,396,123 exp
3.) Icewolf68 (AL) - 2,059,553 exp
4.) Abu Humzah (TZ) - 2,011,570 exp
5.) Kippetje5 (TZ) - 1,928,276 exp
6.) Kris 1520 (LTH) - 1,825,219 exp
7.) Starwolf Ftw (AL) - 1,656,180 exp
8.) Youshouldeat (LTH) - 1,475,628 exp
9.) Kadzait1 (TZ) - 1,409,110 exp
10.) Darklord 99 (AL) - 1,373,457 exp
11.) Bravehero12 (LTH) - 1,341,913 exp
12.) Ipwnuwitrang (LTH) - 1,286,639 exp
13.) Drumergirl93 (TZ) - 1,065,479 exp
14.) Techweeniejr (AL) - 1,024,586 exp
15.) Patderek (LTH) - 921,751 exp
16.) Acefire1337 (AL) - 920,971 exp
17.) Jeremydakill (LTH) - 900,555 exp
18.) Isthatok (TZ) - 751,391 exp
19.) Alpha Lycan9 (LTH) - 687,217 exp
20.) Th3 Sun G0d (LTH) - 651,868 exp
21.) Iy12l (TZ) - 584,994 exp
22.) Poison730 (LTH) - 566,828 exp
23.) Apboy37 (LTH) - 556,924 exp
24.) Iamonthejohn (TZ) - 532,875 exp
25.) Rock Ne93 (TZ) - 515,491 exp
26.) Travel guy3 (LTH) - 498,223 exp
27.) Romanwariorx (LTH) - 470,375 exp
28.) Elarer (LTH) - 470,312 exp
29.) Kadin95 (TZ) - 448,705 exp
30.) Raw Hunter1 (AL) - 375,527 exp
31.) Purman500 (LTH) - 31/3,947 exp
32.) Armo4life75 (LTH) - 302,535 exp
33.) Rapid Death4 (LTH) - 299,801 exp
34.) Lamb Bug (AL) - 275,930 exp
35.) Pud132 (LTH) - 271,581 exp
36.) My Wc3r Noob (LTH) - 268,445 exp
37.) Litoua (AL) - 258,140 exp
38.) Blompty2 (AL) - 234,363 exp
39.) Animal Magik (AL) - 220,767 exp
40.) Pokemonraid (TZ) - 211,395 exp
41.) Blitzoarrows (LTH) - 201,005 exp
42.) Tmssoccer (TZ) - 177,354 exp
43.) Donovan Kays (AL) - 176,068 exp
44.) Xpopularman (TZ) - 156,376 exp
45.) Kerkennah2 (AL) - 149,325 exp
46.) Deathkill333 (LTH) - 148,898 exp
47.) Dp808 (TZ) - 73,677 exp
48.) Cerberus2450 (AL) - 47,686 exp
49.) Matlew5 (AL) - 45,618 exp
50.) Yufei (LTH) - 43,411 exp
51.) Zacerr (AL) - 38,597 exp
52.) Iamcoool11 (AL) - 21,264 exp
53.) Craiglock1 (AL) - 19,719 exp
54.) Runeter2 (AL) - 16,332 exp
55.) Championman (AL) - 13,041 exp
56.) Red Ring 95 (AL) - 6,726 exp
57.) 9aragorn (AL) - 4,742 exp
58.) Megaman0exe (AL) - 4,240 exp
59.) Ferret384 (TZ) - 0 exp

Ancient Legion's Leaderboard

1. dflame58 - 4,482,285 xp
2. Icewolf68 - 2,059,553 xp
3. Starwolf ftw - 1,656,180 xp
4. Darklord 99 - 1,373,457 xp
5. Techweeniejr - 1,024,586 xp
6. Acefire1337 - 920,971 xp
7. Ray Hunter1 - 375,527 xp
8. Lamb bug - 275,930 xp
9. Litoua - 258,140 xp
10. Blompty2 - 234,363 xp

Honorable Mention

11. Animal Magik - 220,767 xp
12. Donovan Kays - 176,068 xp
13. Kerkennah2 - 149,325 xp
14. Cerberus2450 - 47,686 xp
15. Matlew5 - 45,618 xp
16. Zacerr - 38,597 xp
17. Iamcoool11 - 21,264 xp
18. Craiglock1 - 19,719 xp
19. Runeter2 - 16,332 xp
20. Championman - 13,041 xp
21. Red Ring 95 - 6,726 xp
22. 9aragorn - 4,742 xp
23. Megaman0exe - 4,240 xp


February 1rst, 2:12 pm USC

Ok, thanks to my assistant Dflame, we have a scoreboard for you now! Unfortunetly, he accidently forgot to send me the exp gains as well, so I'll get on that as soon as I get it. It's vague, but I remember that Techy and Icewolf are both around the 400k gain range.. We'll update this correctly as soon as possible.

Edit : Scores are up, and also for people who have some unranked skills, don't worry about informing us of those unranked skills exps til the end of the contest. We'll only count the ones that are ranked and add in the unranked ones for the final update. I hope this is satisfactory.

February 2nd, 1:47 pm USC

Good gains people! We are doing great! Let's continue on this power training throughout the entire week. LTH has no gains yet, still waiting on their first update . Dflame has breeched into the 1 million experience territory and has shown no signs of slowing down. Starwolf has also jumped up quite a bit to take a nice 3rd place. How long can we push ourselves? Will Ancient Legion come out on top? Will the other clans retaliate by pushing themselves even harder? Find out in the next update.

February 3rd, 12:01 pm USC

AL Ftw!!! Way to go Dflame, you passed up D13 with a great lead, but who knows how high your competition is til LTH sends their update. Icewolf has also done a great job in propelling up to the number 4 spot on the overall top 10! Way to go you two! Starwolf and Darklord are holding steady at the number 7 and 8 positions, but they can't do it alone. Let's go AL, we need to strive higher for ourselves! Can Dflame maintain the top spot for at least one update? Can the Wolf pack howl upwards in the roster? Will anyone new join the top 10? Find out in the next update

February 4th, 3:14 pm USC

Not much of an update in means of commentary, I'm still fried from last night. Good gains everyone! smile.gif



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Posted: Mar 2 2009, 11:01 PM

Bow down before your superior wolf!
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Many runes have been crafted....
Many essence have been mined or bought....
The Grand Exchange now brims with earth and nature runes....
But only one got the most experience.

Horray for the third place,
with no less than
RC experience.

Cheers for the second place,
with "just"
RC experience.

And now... for the first place, clap your hands toghether and prep the leet skiller status to no one but
with astonishing
RC experience.

I'd like to congratulate everyone for their runecrafting levels earned, as well money made selling the runes. Here's the full list:


1.) Icewolf68 (167,386)
2.) Starwolf_Ftw (137,857)
3.) Robbedeli (123,390)
4.) Tidus6570 (74,832)
5.) Animal Magik (11,097)
6.) Blompty2 (10,320)
7.) Dflame58 (6,920)
8.) K Arthur90 (6,649)
9.) Litoua (5,565)
10.) Latin King33 (4,193)
11.) Cjm751 (580)


February 16th, 10:58 a.m. USC

Well the first full day of the competition has passed and already some people with some great gains. Icewolf is running away from the competition really early though, and shows no sign of slowing down. Newcomer to the clan, Tidus is showing some good signs of patience as he is doing quite well as well. Will Icewolf and Tidus steal the show from the remaining competitors? Will other participants attempt to try to become an Elite Skiller off what is known as "The Most Boring Skill in Runescape?" Find out in the next update tongue.gif

February 17th, 2:30 pm USC

Wow, Icewolf has some competition now. tongue.gif Robbe has gained quite a considerable amount in the past day, but not enough to overtake Icewolf, but its close enough to cause Icewolf to worry a little. Tidus is holding strong in the third position, and from there the competition dies off. Will Robbe catch up and pass Icewolf? Will Tidus find other ways of RC'ing so he can compete with the big dogs? Will the other competitors get their rears in gear and get some exp? Find out in the next update cool.gif

February 18th, 12:24 pm USC

The leaderboard hasn't changed much today, except that Starwolf has joined the pack on top and is racing for higher gains. Icewolf and Robb have shown steady gains, along with Tidus, but the remainder of the participants have slowed down to a halt. Can Starwolf continue his rampage up the rankings? Can Robb and Icewolf show the remainder of the competition what high RC really can do? Can Tidus stil keep a foothold near the top? Find out in the next update. wink.gif

Beruary 20th, 1:52 PM USC

Sorry for not updating my thoughts yesterday, I just didn't feel like doing it yesterday for some reason . Ok, but today's changes have been fairly signifitcant. The leaderboard hasn't changed much over the past two days, mainly everyone has stayed in the same position, but Starwolf has passed Robb and Icewolf for the top spot! Can Starwolf maintain his focus as he continues to power train RC? Can Icewolf, Robb, and closely behind Tidus come back to thwart Starwolf's plans of adding another trophy to his cabinet? Find out in the next update cool.gif



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Posted: Mar 7 2009, 03:22 AM

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After a week of making fires, here is the results. It came down to the very end!!!

And the winner is...............

by 23kish


1. Icewolf68 - 1,479,554 xp
2. Kerkennah2 - 1,456,380 xp
3. Starwolf ftw - 1,143,045 xp
4. Redeyes2496 - 758,190 xp
5. Tidus6570 - 439,105 xp
6. K Arthur90 - 388,127 xp
7. Blompty2 - 201,400 xp
8. Foxx Skillzz - 181,372 xp
9. dflame58 - 157,770 xp
10. dude12dragon - 112,918 xp

Runner ups
11. Sick Mate 9 - 63,335 xp
12. Iamcoool11 - 46,890 xp
13. Animal Magik - 34,672 xp
14. Lordblack656 - 31,590 xp

Great job to everyone, This was a success.

Congratulations to Icewolf and great job Kerk!!!!

Starwolf's Thoughts
Sit down, and have a little chat

February 28th, 10:16 Pm USC

Well the competition has started, and after about one day or so, we have our stand out competitors. Icewolf, aka the Pyro Masta, is in the lead, but Kerkennah and Tidus are just a little bit behind. So far a competitor needs over 25k firemaking experience to appear in the top 10, quite an acomplishment for the average player to get in a day. So........... Will Icewolf maintain focus and stay in the top slot for the entire tournament? Will hopefuls Kerkennah and Tidus catch Icewolf and get the spot in glory for once. Will the competitors not fully competiting find time to ignite a log for experience sake? Find out in the next update

March 1rst, 10:52 Pm USC

*Starwolf looks at leaderboard update and jaw drops * Holy crap, Kerkennah has really stepped up the level of the competition as he passes Icewolf and takes the lead in a comanding fasion. Tidus has also just squeaked by Icewolf to move into sencond postition. Will Kerkennah continue off the momentum he gained from today's gain? Will Tidus continue moving up steadily in gains? Will Icewolf begin to nolife to regain the lead that was once his? Find out in the next update

March 2nd, 5:43 Pm USC

The competition is nearing it's zenith and it's really starting to heat up! Kerkennah has surpassed the 1 million experience landmark and shows no signs of slowing down, but Icewolf is on his tail with about an hour or two's work between them. Starwolf has once again shown up late on the leaderboard, and has once again shown a great gain, being at number 4 and just behind Tidus at number 3. Everyone else on the board are showing solid gains and to be in the top 8, one would need 100k experience in firemaking (or at least a few fm'ing levels ) Will Kerkennah continue his pyrotastic dreams and keep the top spot? Will Icewolf put the freezerburn on Ker's hopes and pass him up? Will Tidus and latecommer Starwolf continue their steady charge? Find out in the next update

March 3rd, 5:38 Pm USC

Looks like Kerkennah is starting to get some tough competition, because doesn't have just one wolf on his tail, he now has two! Starwolf has gained a considerable amount of experience since the last update and now moves to the second position, with Icewolf on his heels. Other firemaking of merit is Redeyes, who has now entered the leaderboard with a substantial gain and is now in the fith positition. Can Kerkennah keep the wolf pack at bay to keep his shaky hold on the mountaintop? Can Redeyes continue to work on his late surge into the rankings? Will there be any more instability on the leaderboard? Find out in the next update

March 4th, 5:39 Pm USC

No gains from the top three competitors, but that doesn't mean there were no ranking shifts. Redeyes has continued his steady progress throughout the week and has moved into the number four position. Will Redeyes continue to stalk the top three and pounce on their inactiveness? Will the top three wake up from their firemaking slumber and realize the competition is not over yet? Find out in the next update

user posted image

Expect more about this later today. biggrin.gif
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Posted: Apr 30 2009, 04:13 PM

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Allright, our largest competition has finally ended (phew ) and the results are in, or at least most of the results. I will only post the final leaderboard as of now, the top 3 for every stat will be released tommarow as it is way too much work for one night. Well, here is what I have calculated!

Who won?

1.) Ancient Legion, experience gained : 63,946,822 ( average : 2,131,560 )
2.) The Phoenix Legions, experience gained : 50,720,091 ( average : 2,028,803. )

Congratulations to Ancient Legion for winning this competition. With collecting nearly 64 million experience in two weeks, that is quite an acomplishment. The Phoenix Legions were behind by a bit in terms of overall gain, but were really close in terms of average gains per player. This was a really good competition and I hope we have another one in the near future.

The Complete Leaderboard

1.) Starwolf Ftw (AL), experience gained : 12,861,839
2.) Sword User (AL), experience gained : 8,620,695
3.) My Homies (TPL), experience gained : 7,637,732
4.) Icewolf68 (AL), experience gained : 5,269,343
5.) Me Me 79 (TPL), experience gained : 5,125,759
6.) Yamunu (AL), experience gained : 4,494,078
7.) Cyberdark69 (TPL), experience gained : 4,423,035
8.) Ura Gorm (TPL), experience gained : 4,141,502
9.) Fighter7714 (TPL), experience gained : 4,097,130
10.) Eric Therien (TPL), experience gained : 3,939,862
11.) Tidus6570 (AL), experience gained : 3,635,875
12.) Readtodd876 (TPL), experience gained : 3,359,106
13.) Prawn 27 (TPL), experience gained : 2,988,106
14.) Jaal2006 (AL), experience gained : 2,704,478
15.) Funnisam 9 (TPL), experience gained : 2,664,135
16.) Darklord 99 (AL), experience gained : 2,351,460
17.) Kid Damon (AL), experience gained : 2,117,172
18.) Reubelite1 (TPL), experienc gained : 2,060,074
19.) Kerkennah2 (AL), experience gained : 2,042,024
20.) Dflame58 (AL), experience gained : 1,942,896
21.) Chuffa (AL), experience gained : 1,942,303
22.) Animal Magik (AL), experience gained : 1,936,799
23.) Donovan Kays (AL), experience gained : 1,775,308
24.) Biizurk (AL), experience gained : 1,697,058
25.) Xdjz (AL), experience gained : 1,679,102
26.) Sinceretyice (TPL), experience gained : 1,647,873
27.) Wafflelord89 (AL), experience gained : 1,321,331
28.) Egrules4ever (TPL), experience gained : 1,289,352
29.) Xb1ack 0utx (TPL), experience gained : 1,223,607
30.) I Skilled Ya (TPL), experience gained : 1,130,004
31.) K Arthur90 (AL), experience gained : 1,129,355
32.) Mushra1990 (TPL), experience gained : 1,050,214
33.) Sick Mate 9 (AL), experience gained : 989,407
34.) Ritalin11 (AL), experience gained : 886,103
35.) Arc Rebirth (TPL), experience gained : 854,308
36.) Fivebrain (AL), experience gained : 702,140
37.) Gorgans Eye (TPL), experience gained : 640,350
38.) Blompty2 (AL), experience gained : 573,326
39.) Epiphany123 (TPL), experience gained : 554,782
40.) Murphalator (TPL), experience gained : 554,583
41.) Rupp 2780 (TPL), experience gained : 546,949
42.) Dude12dragon (AL), experience gained : 534,033
43.) Lamb Bug (AL), experience gained : 513,016
44.) Redeyes2496 (AL), experience gained : 502,588
45.) Theturk10 (AL), experience gained : 483,948
46.) Iamcoool11 (AL), experience gained ; 472,128
47.) Fmichael (TPL), experience gained : 455,446
48.) Litoua (AL), experience gained ; 453,110
49.) Just 0wned4 (TPL), experience gained : 195,444
50.) Foxx Skillzz (AL), experience gained : 151,729
51.) Tomilson21 (AL), experience gained : 88,069
52.) Mr Wheee (TPL), experience gained : 83,079
53.) 101laxkid2 (AL), experience gained : 76,109
54.) Karl Daenke (TPL), experience gained : 52,410
55.) Mathedes (TPL), experience gained : 5,249

Ancient Legion's Leaderboard

1.) Starwolf Ftw (AL), experience gained : 12,861,839
2.) Sword User (AL), experience gained : 8,620,695
3.) Icewolf68 (AL), experience gained : 5,269,343
4.) Yamunu (AL), experience gained : 4,494,078
5.) Tidus6570 (AL), experience gained : 3,635,875
6.) Jaal2006 (AL), experience gained : 2,704,478
7.) Darklord 99 (AL), experience gained : 2,351,460
8.) Kid Damon (AL), experience gained : 2,117,172
9.) Kerkennah2 (AL), experience gained : 2,042,024
10.) Dflame58 (AL), experience gained : 1,942,896
11.) Chuffa (AL), experience gained : 1,942,303
12.) Animal Magik (AL), experience gained : 1,936,799
13.) Donovan Kays (AL), experience gained : 1,775,308
14.) Biizurk (AL), experience gained : 1,697,058
15.) Xdjz (AL), experience gained : 1,679,102
16.) Wafflelord89 (AL), experience gained : 1,321,331
17.) K Arthur90 (AL), experience gained : 1,129,355
18.) Sick Mate 9 (AL), experience gained : 989,407
19.) Ritalin11 (AL), experience gained : 886,103
20.) Fivebrain (AL), experience gained : 702,140
21.) Blompty2 (AL), experience gained : 573,326
22.) Dude12dragon (AL), experience gained : 534,033
23.) Lamb Bug (AL), experience gained : 513,016
24.) Redeyes2496 (AL), experience gained : 502,588
25.) Theturk10 (AL), experience gained : 483,948
26.) Iamcoool11 (AL), experience gained ; 472,128
27.) Litoua (AL), experience gained ; 453,110
28.) Foxx Skillzz (AL), experience gained : 151,729
29.) Tomilson21 (AL), experience gained : 88,069
30.) 101laxkid2 (AL), experience gained : 76,109

Allright guys, this competition is finally over (and I can finally have a decent night sleep again ). Well done my peeps we have scored a really good victory here. If you have any comments, questions, or exclamations, feel free to post.

Congratulations also to Sword User, Chuffa, and Dflame58 for acheiving a 99 in a stat. Sword User has finally gotten his goal from months before and has gotten 99 Smithing. Chuffa has started to reach his maximum combat potential by getting 99 Attack. Dflame58 has done a great job in both multiclan competitions acheving great gains in both competitions to finally get him 99 Ranged.

Starwolf's Commentary
"It's time for us all to sit down and have ourselves a little chat" -V from V for Vendetta

March 17th, 2009 2:15 am USC

Well, the second multiclan competition that AL has participated in is finally underway, and after the first twelve hours of the competition so much has taken place. Icewolf and Starwolf (members of the Wolf pack) have had a wonderful day of experience gain and sit on the top two spots confortably. Overall, the first day went well with AL sitting on a narrow lead by 200k over TPL and to enter the top 10 for AL, you would need a little over 50k. Very good peeps! We have all need to learn to fear Me Me 79 for he is doing wonders for TPL in terms of experience gain. Can the Wolf pack continue their strong start on this competition and pass up Me Me? Will Yamunu and others start skilling in gigantic proportions to be on the top 10? Find out in the next update

March 18th, 2009 12:43 am USC

I have to say AL, I am impressed! Overall gains throughout AL are incredible! The Wolf bros continue at the top of the charts with over 1,000,000 exp each! That's incredible for only two days of training! Yamunu has shown her grinding skills as well jumping all the way to thrid place! We are doing so good in overal experience gain, as we are ahead now by over one million experience points! Let's not get too cocky and continue our great progress! Will Yam continue her climb towards the top? Will Icewolf and Starwolf continue to couteract the huge gains from Me Me the Pro Cow from TPL? Will anyone step up to the plate and show us how to grind? Find out in the next update

March 19th, 2009 4:18 pm USC

Sorry about the late and weird time for this update, having some personal issues with family and such . Today's gains are GREAT! That's just how well we are doing. Overall, TPL is behind by a couple million experience points and if we continue at our current pace, we can increase this even more. Starwolf has leaped past Icewolf as Ice got distracted with Guitar Hero World Tour. Yam and Kerk both have entered the million experience point milestone this update . The race towards the spots near the end of the top 10 is fierce, but newcomers Xdjz and Jaal have both taken inititave and joined the elite. Will the Wolf pack continue to thwart Me Me and the rest of TPL with such impressive gains? Will Yam and Kerk suprise the Wolf pack and catch up? Will the newcomers continue their climb into the top 10? Find out in the next update

March 23nd, 2009 12:58 am USC

Well, another day done with this competition, and as we head towards the mid-way point of this contest, AL is starting to really pull ahead. Great job guys! We have a few standouts from the previous update...

- Starwolf and Icewolf both enter the 4mil exp club
- Sword enters the 2mil exp club
- Tidus enters the 1mil exp club

Way to go peeps! There will be an increase in the slots on the leaderboard starting on the next update because there is very little movement on the leaderboards as of now. As the middle of the competition nears, can the trio of Starwolf, Icewolf, and Yamunu keep their hold on the top 3 slots? Will Damon continue his resurgence in the top 10 after exiting the list previously? Who else will join the millionares club for a complementry doughnut? Find out in the next update

March 26th, 2009 5:07 pm USC

Not much of a commentary today, but holy crap! Way to go guys!!! Kudos go to Sword User, Animal, and Jaal for great gains!!!

user posted image

Expect more about this later today. biggrin.gif
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Posted: Apr 30 2009, 04:19 PM

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2009-April Melee Contest

> It's over! The melee contest is over!
> Many have fought, many have battled, but only one will get the so sought Combat Trophy!

> Before I announce the winners, I'd like to say a few words:
> Table, Sky, Tennis Shoe, Banana and Dragon.
> Just kidding. tongue.gif

> All the contestants trained hard for their recognition as Ancient Legion's best Melee Trainer. Some have leveled up in combat, some got nice attack, or hitpoints levels, but all of them trained so they could head the Leaderboard.

> I am proud to say that this contest has earned the Ancient Legion a no small amount of


> Points of experience!

> First, let me introduce the skilling tables:

> Killer is the winner with only 2.372.920 experience on Attack. Congratulations!

> Here are the Top 10 Attack trainers:

The Game 910

> Imso Hot is the winner with 2.757.310 experience on Defense. Congratulations!

> Let me now show you the Top 10 Defense Trainers:

Imso Hot
Starwolf Ftw
Magik Man262
The Game 910
Animal Magik

> Weeyin is the winner with 1.852.828 experience on Strength. Congratulations!

> Here are the Top 10 Strength trainers:

Sword User
Magik Man262
Darklord 99
The Game 910

> Weeyin is the winner with 1.070.720 experience on Hitpoints. Congratulations!

Imso Hot
Starwolf Ftw
Magik Man262
Sword User
The Game 910

> Now here are the combat level gains:
> Note, as some of the contestant's hiscores were incomplete, not all names will appear here. Don't worry though. This is just an informative table. No awards are given to levelling combat level.

+6 Combat Levels
+5 Combat Levels
+4 Combat Levels
The Game 910
+3 Combat Levels
+2 Combat Levels
G O T obby
Darklord 99 +1 Combat Level
Donovan Kays
Golden arm42
K Arthur90
Magik Man262
Starwolf Ftw

>And now! What you all waited for. What you all endured all those annoying tables above this. What you all ate monkfishes for! Get ready, get your popcorn and get your party hat as I announce, right now, this Contest Winner:

> Let's clap our hands toghether to congratulate her, the only, the best:

> Weeyin!

> She's the winner! With a humongous amount of 4.283.554 experience!

> Here is the full leaderboard:

Weeyin2 4.283.554
Imso Hot 3.680.700
Killer3911 3.150.849
Cyberianwolf 2.193.859
Starwolf Ftw 1.836.417
Magik Man262 1.687.184
Chuffa 1.375.215
Sword User 1.235.918
Mastaofmelee 1.163.785
The Game 910 949.906
Koli53 797.140
Robbedeli 714.789
Dude12Dragon 559.742
Blompty2 558.967
Animal Magik 501.137
Tidus6570 479.693
Darklord 99 472.805
Icewolf68 335.067
Kerkennah2 312.802
Emad559 277.211
Fivebrain 254.233
Mudball99 253.024
Infam da roc 225.896
K Arthur90 208.735
Matlew5 199.481
G O T Obby 199.405
Jaal2006 134.696
Theturk10 132.687
Nickedemus16 126.868
101laxkid2 106.530
Donovan Kays 88.208
Kid Damon 75.437
Iamcoool11 66.758
Golden Arm42 26.603
Runeter2 25.575
Litoua 20.485
Dflame58 615

> Congratulations to all the contestants!

> The winners will get the respective trophies so they can put on their signatures! (Keep in mind the signature size limit tongue.gif)

Icewolf's Commentary

April 12th, 2009 1:42 pm EST

28 Hours ago, 37 brave Ancient Legion members embarked on a mission. This mission, to be crowned the top melee trainer in the world! Mwahahaha! Ok, well maybe not the world... But at least top in Ancient Legion. I must say, I am extremely impressed with the training so far! The top 4 competitors today have all breached the 500k experience mark in only 1 day of competition! Magik Man has obliterated the leaderboard, grabbing top spot, leaving a gap of just over 300k experience between him and the rest of Ancient Legion! A few newcomers have made a name for themselves as well in this competition! Weeyin, Koli and Killer have made a great first appearance in our skilling contests, claiming their own places in the top 10! Will anyone dare challenge Magik Man and claim first place? We will find out in the next update!

April 13th, 2009 2:00 pm EST

Second day of competition down, and quite a lot has changed! Imso is now within inches of taking over Magik's commanding lead. The wolf pack has gained another spot on the top ten with Starwolf climing into the 8th position as the pack continues to try and take over team Finland. With Magik Man reaching his 99 Defence milestone, will he begin to slack off and lose the lead? Will Team Finland achieve their dream of claiming 1-2-3? Will the Wolf Pack pounce past the other competitors to reach the title of top melee trainer? Is there any other Ancient Legion member that dares challenge the swordmasters in the top 10? We will just have to wait and see!

April 14th, 2009 2:26 pm EST

Another day down, and many more impressive gains! Magik has lost his lead and fallen down to 4th place, giving his passing his 1st place title over to Weeyin. Team Finland has managed to grab 2 of the top 3 places now as Imso and Killer also pass Magik on the leaderboard. Sword has shuffled around the leaderboard as well, climbing 3 spots this past day. No new members have been added to the leaderboard today, will anyone else join the exclusive top 10 club in this contest? We will soon learn the answer!

April 15th, 2009 5:42 pm EST

>After 24 more hours the top 5 could be considered stable if it wasn't for Starwolf's whopping jump from the 9th position! We also got a new contestant on the Top 10! Weeyin is astonishing us with over 2m XP! The Game is showing his hard work on getting over 566k experience! Team Finland is still holding up their positions, but they are closely followed by Magik Man, as well Starwolf. Will Team Finland hold their spots as the contest goes on? Will Weeyin hold his premium spot as First Place? Is Starwolf keep climbing up positions as we speak? Stay tuned for the next update!

April 16th, 2009 4:51 pm EST

Not too much has changed in the top end of the competition as the 5th day comes to an end. Masta has found his way onto the leaderboard for the first time in this contest! Chuffa has fallen 2 places giving Cyberianwolf and Sword User a boost in their contest rank. Will Weeyin's dominating lead continue? Will the Wolf Pack gain more strength and steal the competition? Can Team Finland continue to hold off the other competitors and reach glory? Only time will tell...

April 17th, 2009, 4:01 pm EST

>Again, not much has changed on the top three positions of the competition. Weeyin and Team Finland are holding up their positions quite easily, although Weeyin should take care as Imso is reaching her! Starwolf has made his move and got Magik's place at the 4th position, and Chuffa and Sword exchanged theirs, while Cyberianwolf just sat there watching them leap between their positions. Will Weeyin be able to keep her spot for more 19h? Will Imso get a hold of the first place for Team Finland? Will Starwolf keep rising ranks? We'll have to wait and see, for the final day of competition has already started!

>PS.: Do not worry. The last leaderboard update will be on 11:00 EST, 12:00 EST top.


user posted image

Expect more about this later today. biggrin.gif
user posted image
animal magik
Posted: May 23 2009, 06:35 PM

Mwuahahahaha! ...meow.
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The results are in... and the winner, of Ancient Legion's first Mage competition... is... Lordblack656! Only kidding, it's Icewolf68! Congratulations Ice, it is well deserved. Also, a great congrats to all the participants in the comp (most anyway tongue.gif). Everyone put in a fantastic effort, and the exp gains are brilliant!

The Full Leaderboard
1. Icewolf68 +1,765,744
2. Nguyeb262616 +1,469,948
3. Starwolf Ftw +916,806
4. Mastaofmelee +699,649
5. Bad Santa95 +525,763
6. Jaal2006 +431,050
7. Tidus6570 +355,575
8. Theturk10 +351,843
9. The Game 910 +294,661
10. Kid Damon +122,168
11. The Thief207 +113,529
12. Jajadragon +111,803
13. Animal Magik +101,334
14. Lordblack656 +67,298
15. Blompty2 +30,341
16. Darklord 99 +26,955
17. Iamcoool11 +24,059
18. Fivebrain +22,502
19. Imso Hot +19,398
20. Ritalin11 +12,029
21. Dude12dragon +8,318
22. Tomilson21 +2,152
23. Matlew5 +883
24. 3monightmar3 +571
25. Duplo M +481
26. Kerkennah2 +460
27. Litoua +408
28. Golden Arm42 +35
29. 101laxkid2 - Unranked (pm exp please)
30. Tmssoccer +0


6:30 AM OFC, 11 May
The first update is here! And the experience gains are massive! Ice has raced to the lead, with a great 600k+ experience gain after one and a half days of competition! That's not a sign to stop training though, folks. cool.gif This competition is still wide open, basically the way through. So far, 2.2m exp has been gained just in the top 10. That is a magnificent effort for 1 day, guys. The pack is fairly tight, all the way through, 31st to 1st (even though some still haven't gained any exp). Will it change tomorrow? Will the wolf brothers stay 1 and 2 or can they be overtaken? What happened to Damon's "before this starts i wanna say goodfight to all the participates in advance lol"!?!?! You'll have to find out tomorrow. (If I can get an update in.) wink.gif

11:15 AM OFC, 14 May
With a few days between updates, alot has changed in the comp! So much colour now! *.* Ice has doubled his exp in the past few days, but now has himself a challenger! Nguyeb has burst out of nowhere, gaining a brilliant 1.1m+ exp in only 2-3 days, and now sitting only 85k behind Ice! The Top 10 pack is getting busy, with over 100k now needed to enter, and Jaja, in his first comp, making a well-earned entry with a fairly nice gain over the past few days. A lot of movement is going on, and the exp is flowing in! Can Ice hold off Nguyeb? Will Star train some more to try and get the wolf pair 1 and 2 again? Will anyone else show up in the top 10, or challenge the high end of the table? Just wait 'til tomorrow and see. ninja.gif

11:00 AM OFC, 15 May
With only 37 hours left in the competition, the top of the table has changed. Nguyeb has powered ahead of Ice, racking up a great 1.47m exp so far, leaving him only 21k short of his goal of 15m Mage exp. Congrats! Quite a few people are sliding down the table, but not everyone. Starwolf has managed to maintain his spot at 3rd, with 340k separating him and 4th (but a lot can change ohmy.gif). Tidus has also made his appearance into the top 10, moving up into 9th. The exp gains so far have been great, I hope they don't slow up over the last day and a half. Stay tuned to see who will take out the first Mage Comp of Ancient Legion. blush.gif

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animal magik
Posted: Jul 25 2009, 07:41 PM

Mwuahahahaha! ...meow.
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And the defence competition is over! Through one week of rigorous training, many people have showed their dedication to the clan by raising their defence, and by also showing a fairly large degree of no-lifing skillz, we have some astonishing numbers. Congratulations for winning the first ever competition he's been in in AL goes to Tomas Speed, with an amazing gain of 2,103,535 experience points! Well done Tom, it's well deserved (psst, I'll sell you a life for 156k).
But Tom is not the only one who gets rewarded for a great effort - the top 3 all get trophies to add to/being their trophy cabinet, the top 5 all get the elite skiller rank (unless they have a higher ranking already) and, to my knowledge, the top 5 also receive CAPs. Sorry for a long, boring speech, thanks for reading it if you did tongue.gif - and now what you really came here for, the final leaderboard -

The Final Leaderboard
1. Tomas Speed +2,103,535
2. Kevinsaurus +1,452,869
3. Animal Magik +791,973

4. Icewolf68 +768,491
5. Puranox +429,533

6. Gravedigg158 +328,849
7. Dude12dragon +290,404
8. The Thief207 +276,556
9. Platinumdeck +245,947
10. Tubu1982 +214,619

11. Litoua +195,765
12. Sonic733733 +187,421
13. K Arthur90 +157,108
14. Gameguy535 +61,227
15. U R Dead Nao +54,154
16. Wardawg0100 +50,035
17. Blompty2 +44,330
18. Old Faintman +39,857
19. G O T Obby +30,541
20. Redeyes2496 +19,560
21. 65dragon3 +6,022
22. Poison730 +4,241
23. 101laxkid2 +0

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