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Title: Possible War
Description: Hades Claw 70+

FiveBrain - August 15, 2008 04:36 PM (GMT)
They seem like a good clan and they seem to be a clan we could beat.



Tell me if you guys want to war them.

Necroswordia - August 15, 2008 07:15 PM (GMT)
Hmm...I think we could beat them too.
Well, we're going to have to wait till Kid agrees or not... :lol:

Kid Damon - August 15, 2008 07:18 PM (GMT)
yea i like this looks fair on both sides.... and im trying to get arrowsaway to be an active clan member as well.

FiveBrain - August 15, 2008 11:44 PM (GMT)
Ok ill ask them for a war.

Lamb Bug - August 16, 2008 03:03 AM (GMT)
Looks good. We can beat them too.

Conor0999 - August 16, 2008 02:47 PM (GMT)
I'm up to war them.

FiveBrain - August 16, 2008 03:40 PM (GMT)
Ok they said that they will consider this and they will respond in a few days.

Necroswordia - August 16, 2008 04:09 PM (GMT)
W00T! Finally a war!
btw, five, can you post the rules and such? :blink: and date and time? :blink:

DarkChaos - August 17, 2008 06:55 PM (GMT)
finally a war :P this is gunna be fun

FiveBrain - August 17, 2008 11:56 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Necroswordia @ Aug 16 2008, 11:09 AM)
W00T! Finally a war!
btw, five, can you post the rules and such? :blink: and date and time? :blink:

Yeah here they are,

Ancient Legion

We accept your war.

Date: Sunday August 24th.

Time: 18:00 (6:00 PM) CET

World: 47

- No hiding or running
- Full out
- Pots, food, etc. are allowed
- F2P of course

PM me back if you accept or decline.

The Maestro - August 18, 2008 12:17 AM (GMT)
HMMMMM , ill come to this , =D , only jokin , if you need me ill come , coz no friends or allies hasnt been stated

3monightmar3 - August 18, 2008 04:01 AM (GMT)
whats CET in GMT/EST?

Necroswordia - August 18, 2008 11:38 AM (GMT)
Chicken, I have no Idea, thats why the Timezone converter I posted will be useful... :lol:

U R Dead Nao - August 18, 2008 01:11 PM (GMT)
i will try everything in the world to be there :P

sounds fun :]

FiveBrain - August 18, 2008 01:31 PM (GMT)
So every one likes the rules and everything? Kid you seen this yet?

3monightmar3 - August 18, 2008 10:59 PM (GMT)
yeh i think it looks fair :) well done

DarkChaos - August 23, 2008 01:22 PM (GMT)
wewt hope i can make this one :P

FiveBrain - August 24, 2008 04:30 PM (GMT)
Guys, the war is now next weekend. They said that they meant gmt+1 which is at 11:00 cen., so they pmed me and said all that. I resceduled this war untill next weekend same time and everything. Tell me if you can or can't make this time.

U R Dead Nao - August 24, 2008 05:18 PM (GMT)
labor day weekend. are they 'tarded?

i have cute females to hang out with at the lake! i will not be there.

DarkChaos - August 24, 2008 06:13 PM (GMT)
aw man its canceld :o

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