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Title: me is sorry too part 2
Description: cya

generalissimo homies - August 13, 2008 01:05 PM (GMT)
a couple of weeks ago i stated that if there weren't much changes around here like more wars etc i would be leaving. well after 3-4 weeks, i c that it only got worse. So hereby i state that i'm leaving AL. I'll come and visit the forums sometimes or fight with u guys, but only when u can't win without me.

So i! ask u don't ignore me when i speak to u guys ingame and on't even think about it of flaming me cuz that's the one thing i hate most about this clan.

Another reason why i'm leaving is that u guys aren't [BEEP]ing active, i know some peepz have school again, or are on holiday, or have to work, but i don't think that there are that much peepz with those reasons!

my last statement will be: for [BEEP]ing sake(and u may warm or ban me for this) start more topics cuz u guys keep posting in the same topics, even if they are outdated.

@magik, tyvm for the avensies
@hon, soz i'm doing this to u but this can't continue.
@the rest of the clan: i'll c u around in rs
@prank, u were great to compete against, i hope we stay in touch

so plz let me be a clanfriend or wutever u want.

i'll miss u guys

i decided to go with rob

btw actually war = waste of food

Necroswordia - August 13, 2008 01:39 PM (GMT)
Since yopur other topic got deleted, bye again dude :(
Hope you have fun in another clan... :(

ancients own man - August 13, 2008 10:14 PM (GMT)

orichocos - August 13, 2008 11:39 PM (GMT)

thechicken95 - August 14, 2008 06:41 AM (GMT)
aww not u also...this reli sux :( plz keep goin in clan chat every now and then 2 keep in touch. ill miss u m8!

Conor0999 - August 16, 2008 05:24 PM (GMT)
See ya homes, you were always very helpful with doing clues and quests and avansies and training and stuff. Sad to see you go.

Stay in touch.

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