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Title: The Dark Knight

Coolmage - August 10, 2008 02:42 AM (GMT)
I just got back from seeing the Dark Knight, it was ****ing awesome! best 10 bucks I've ever spent, you definitly need to see that movie, and I saw previews for Terminator 4: Salvation. Well why you still reading GO SEE THAT BAD *** MOVIE!

Zorga43 - August 10, 2008 05:18 AM (GMT)
I've already seen dark night 3 times.

Terminator? Is arnold in it? If not, im not seeing it.

kaio ken x4 - August 10, 2008 01:54 PM (GMT)
I already saw Dark Kinght too in like the first week it came out. :) Pretty good movie I give it 9/10.

g_o_t_obby - August 10, 2008 03:19 PM (GMT)
dark knight best movie ever dude i love that magic trick with the pencil :P

Coolmage - August 10, 2008 09:18 PM (GMT)
yeah the pencil is sweet. and no arnold will not be in it

g_o_t_obby - August 10, 2008 09:27 PM (GMT)
must say even though its pg13 its pretty scary lol i heard that like 15 year olds were getting scared

mike donald2 - August 11, 2008 04:33 PM (GMT)
the pencil trick was wicked and the movie was freaky even though it was batman :D

U R Dead Nao - August 11, 2008 10:38 PM (GMT)
i FINALLY got to see it.
i pissed my pants it was so good ;D

i just HATE the fact that batman sounds like hes taking a huge crap everytime he talks -.- i mean bales is a good bruce wayne but no where near a good batman...

2 words.
the watchmen.

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