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U R Dead Nao - August 6, 2008 06:26 PM (GMT)
im taking a break from runescape and this clan and whatnot for multiple reasons.

A. to much turmoil that really annoys me.
B. i have to read 3 books and write reports on them all in only 19 days.
C. family business.

ill be back in a bit, like after i finish building my Boba Fett helmet and finished with all those books+reports

so chyea!

peace peace!

itll prob be like 2 weeks before im done with the reports and whatnot so expect me back sometime around there. ;]

ps keep um straight necro ;D

Necroswordia - August 6, 2008 07:22 PM (GMT)
WHAT??? Holy ****!
I never thought somebody would mention ME in their Suicide note!!! :blink: !!!!!!!!!!!!1
Lol, srry what you said made me think of Kurt Cobain's suicide note.
Anyways Bye! :lol:

U R Dead Nao - August 6, 2008 08:06 PM (GMT)
lol im only gunna be gone for like a week or two :P but if someone does kill me in those 2 weeks you can have my star wars figures collection ;D

o wait... no.. sorry you cant cause theyre gunna be lining my grave and casket ;D

g_o_t_obby - August 7, 2008 04:26 AM (GMT)
have fun with those 3 books to read and do essays on them i think i got some 2 but i lost the books lol oh well

Robbedeli - August 7, 2008 09:58 AM (GMT)
come back soon, we need not-arguing members ;)

as you guys can see, I deleted a few posts in this topic ... i'll do this again and again if this stupid arguement isn't ending...

U R Dead Nao - August 7, 2008 01:08 PM (GMT)
thanks rob ;] ill be back as soon as i can, try to keep it sane and friendly guys! AL will be past all this arguing soon im sure.

FiveBrain - August 7, 2008 01:14 PM (GMT)
What do i get when you die?? :blink: :P Ah well get back soon! I dont got any book reports... I dont got any book reports... I dont got any book reports... I dont got any book reports... :P

U R Dead Nao - August 7, 2008 10:45 PM (GMT)
umm... i guess you'll have to play rock paper scissors with Magik for my dirty laundry ;D

U R Dead Nao - August 13, 2008 04:39 AM (GMT)
i just found out those projects are due next semester :l

im back full time.

pure45ranged - August 13, 2008 09:49 AM (GMT)
w00t u back, now come on runescape so i can kill u

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