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Title: i might quit 4ncient5 0wn
Description: yea he is getting boring for me

ancients own man - August 3, 2008 11:12 PM (GMT)
Well i been thinking long and hard, and ive been thinking about quitting 4ncient5... using a quickchatted account sucks and its impossible to do half of the normal stuff that people do since i cant hear people talk or talk to people. It also sucks that im warleader and i cant talk to people. I was thinking of maybe using kid as my main.. he use to be my old main but i quit him after he was hacked about a year ago and i been using him only for cw and talking. But i think its safe that i can pretty much use him again. The only problem here is that he is 77 cb and has only about 75k worth of stuff on him and has N0 money making skills watsoever. Since he use to be a member i made money on him through ranging and at the time i quit him initially, there was still pking and i made a fortune luring people deep into wild and ranging them to death. Since wild was removed and i got hacked during a membership, i had no way of making money. The good thing is i have 79 range on him which i could use to make money ranging hill giants. Another drawback to kid is he is only 77 cb, so i would be giving up a lvl 87 for a 77 plus ancients is a member. The good side though is kid can talk, and he can make money ranging hill giants, and has the highest stat of all my accounts, 79 range.. (ancients highest stat is 78). Lastly if i reverted to kid, i could make him into a monster bh account with stats such as 85 range 75 str 65 att for starters then go up to 90 range 80 str 70 attack or so and be a range 2h.

ancients own man - August 4, 2008 12:45 AM (GMT)
gf 1 vote for kid and 1 for ancients... plz tell me why i should use 1 account over the other.

Conor0999 - August 4, 2008 12:48 AM (GMT)
I voted for ancients, but then I also thought, ancients is muted. Then again you've invested real money in ancients and he is 10 cb levels higher. Kid could own in bh if you got some stats up. Dude this is a toss up. I'm sorry but I don't have a definite answer for you.

Necroswordia - August 4, 2008 12:49 AM (GMT)
I would use Kid Damon because Since you are Warlord you HAVE to be able to talk to the clan and clan members with no MSN Or a computer thats too slow to open up IRC,Swift kit , Runescape all that cr**, then you need to be able to talk.

I would Cancel the membership on Ancients and put one on Kid, plus, 77 is not that bad as you mcan just train a lot like I'm doing.

PS: That's why I've been fishing for the past days, I'm getting ready for mass devastation training! :lol:

ancients own man - August 4, 2008 01:14 AM (GMT)
training my accounts isnt that easy.... with kid, ima need 85 range by 80 combat. You may say i dont NEED this, but tbh, the reason why most of us suck at range/ mage is because of the idea of training melee first then coming back to mage and range... when it gets to this point, few of us can do the massive leveling in mage(unless ur rich) or range (since it takes alot of time, can be boring, and at high levels is quite ineffective unless its really high. Plus since i dont level defence its gonna be hard again. Kid has 48 def i think atm, ill get him to 50 but thats it. Im not getting ancients a membership again, but i dont think i can get kid members. Like connor said i did invest al00t in ancients, over 7m in mage, 1m on prayer and tons of money lost in bh, lost in ge (i buy max, and sell minimum), or spent on members stuff. But then i look at kid, ive spent countless hours ranging on him about 2m on magic, 1.5m on prayer (bought all big bones to get from 1 to 44 prayer) and various money on arrows and bolts plus the money and supplies lkost from bieng hacked. I think it is pretty even. hard for me to choose from my standpoint thats y im asking for help. to make it simple lets put it like this:

Pros- has lots of money, good magic level, good non combat stats, 87 combat, has ancient magics, is a member.
Cons- cant talk, horrible range, cant talk, horrible range, and once again cant talk.,

Pros- can talk. decent mage lvl (especially for level), very high range, has done lots of member's quests such as monkey madness, lost city and freminks trails, excellent bh potential, CAN DEFEAT JAD and could get me fire cape with current stats.
Cons- HORRIBLE non combat skills (46 wc, 40 craft, 20 fish, 20 cook, 32 agility, 21 theiving, and the rest is lower then 20), dirt poor, (about 75k worth of stuff total), not a member.

Jamesino - August 4, 2008 02:06 AM (GMT)
Are you going to be muted indefinitely? If so, go with Kid for sure. Level 77 and 87 is still young, you can still easily gain 10 combat levels and level up all your non-combat stats without too much of a problem.

Being able to talk and hear is a valuable asset that will come in handy in all the previous events you have mentioned and trading.

The Maestro - August 4, 2008 06:52 AM (GMT)
Hrmmmmm I Thought Long And Hard About This And Here Is My Conclusion ,

You Switch To Training Kid, First Get 80 Range , Then 50 Def , Then Non-Combat Skills , Whilst Doing All This ,You Keep Trying To Get Ancients Unmuted , Thus Giving You The Oppertunity To Use Both Acc's ....

But If You Had To Choose 1 , I Would Go With Kid , But I Know Your Gunna Ignore Me On This One , Train Wc ,Fishing ,Mining , Then Bh For A Bit To Make Some Cash , Sell Your Loot From Bh , Use That Cash To Buy Coal And Iron , Smelt The Steel , And Reap The Profit Then Try Very Hard To Get Him Mems , Then PLEASE Do Avansies If You Get Mems , Youll Be Doing 2 Of The Main Things You Need On Kid , Making Epic Money , And Getting Fast Range Xp .

Pm Me For Something I Gotta Tell Ya ;)

Robbedeli - August 4, 2008 09:26 AM (GMT)
just keep both accounts but play some more on KID...

Lamb Bug - August 4, 2008 11:51 AM (GMT)
I voted for this on Sal's, too. With Kid Damon, you can talk, plus ranged is awesome, and it is not hard to make money. You can also be a much more effective warleader with Kid Damon.

Or, you could try to get Ancients unmuted.

Coolmage - August 4, 2008 01:14 PM (GMT)
I would spare you some money if fagex didn't make the 3k trade rule :(
I would just go with using Kid, work on him try to BH to make some $ and then go for 99 Range :D

generalissimo homies - August 4, 2008 05:43 PM (GMT)
i voted for kid, but atleast plz finish ur memz. or else i would have bought it for nothing, yes peepz i bought it for him.
What u do with him i don't care as long as u can function decently

Zorga43 - August 5, 2008 05:46 AM (GMT)
I say quit ancient. Kid damon has nice skills and he'll be better than ancient in no time.

thechicken95 - August 5, 2008 11:14 AM (GMT)
voted for damon simply because you can do more with him but plz finish off the membership on ancients b4 hand. if ur just gunna quit ancients now plz share nthe pass with me or at least give it to sum1 who will use it...seems stupid to let a lvl 87 go to waste... :(

FiveBrain - August 5, 2008 01:23 PM (GMT)
Meh you should go to Kid. You are one of the warlords and you need to tell us what to do and where to go in wars. You cant do that on Ancients, and its just to hard to have everyone switch screens when you need to give a order with Yahoo or any other chat thing. Besides range pwns. You shouldn't give away ancients though, he just doesn't have to be your main. Or if you dont want him you can give it to me... uh i mean someone. ;) :P

Necroswordia - August 5, 2008 02:55 PM (GMT)
About my post..It said cancel the membership, scratch that..Don't DO THAT. Finish your mems on Ancients first then switch to Kid oh and PS: Getting money isn't hard, nor is training non cb skills! ;)

loot rune g - August 11, 2008 07:10 PM (GMT)
i had pretty well the same problem with my range tank and main in the end i finally picked main but thats cuz i find range boring and mid crater in membs is very hard to pk in with range especially, unless 85+ range and 70 def. so i voted for 4ncient5 own but i think u should still play on both just use kid for f2p bh when u get bored, and make him like 200k (all u realy need for f2p bh)

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