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Title: BYE BYE friends

nickedemus16 - September 26, 2009 02:03 PM (GMT)
I want to leave al im not completely happy here and its not i repeat NOT just about what happened yesterday..ive been considering this for awhile now ive just outgrown this clan (sad to say)
i dont expect a bunch of people to go off and plead for me to stay and that i impacted this clan which is rubbish i didnt impact the clan like i wanted to and now i move on to a higher lvld clan i'm not goin to delete any of my friends in game but if u delete me because i left then you really werent a "friend" in the first place
i leave peacefully but i wish it could be left at that
al is a great place for people but ive just outgrown it and now i admit it some of my friends that have made this place great and a fun place to be
goldy,kev,d12,jss,pura,tom,imso,lit,ani,tubu,65d,alex and arth and others i cant remember atm
so goodbye al for the last time and u can pm me in game if u wanna talk

and im goin to sd its a good choice for me i think and im sure ppl will have something bad to say but idc

so bye al doubt hardly any of yall will miss me


Kerkennah - September 26, 2009 02:06 PM (GMT)
Nick, don't go :( You'll always be my friend forever :D

Tom - September 26, 2009 02:06 PM (GMT)
Ill miss you ;)

Or not rly cuz i the reason i talk with you its not because ur in the same clan im in :P

Im glad you finally made a decision nick :)

nickedemus16 - September 26, 2009 02:07 PM (GMT)
sorry kerk plain and simple al isnt for nickedemus16 anymore but i shall keep in touch with you guys

Donovan Kays - September 26, 2009 02:10 PM (GMT)
:( You were a great friend to me

I'll miss you - have fun wherever you go

nickedemus16 - September 26, 2009 02:25 PM (GMT)
smog we can still hang out in game im not deleting anybody so cheer up :sunglasses:

Kerkennah - September 26, 2009 02:34 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (nickedemus16 @ Sep 26 2009, 10:25 AM)
smog we can still hang out in game im not deleting anybody so cheer up :sunglasses:

I'll see you there :D

Lit - September 26, 2009 02:35 PM (GMT)
See you Nick, you were an awesome friend. And sure, we can keep in touch in-game. :)

Old faintman - September 26, 2009 02:36 PM (GMT)
Nooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick don't leave us! =(

Fainty :ninja:

nickedemus16 - September 26, 2009 02:36 PM (GMT)
ya kerk <3 and anybody else as well ill still be the cooking/fletch noob no lifer youve always known

nickedemus16 - September 26, 2009 02:37 PM (GMT)
did i stop being awesome? :o

Tom - September 26, 2009 02:39 PM (GMT)
thats impossible nick, ur pure awesomess

65dragon3 - September 26, 2009 07:31 PM (GMT)
son of a *****

Tom - September 26, 2009 07:33 PM (GMT)
Nick leaving = demise of AL :sleep:

I just dont realise why you never gave him any importance, he worked so hard... pointless nao, another war junkie going to reab :(

King Arthur - September 26, 2009 08:34 PM (GMT)
> Nick, I'm not telling you to stay, seeing that you already joined another clan.
> I can only say that you were actually an asset for the clan. We do need people aiming on improving our warring. You could have helped AL a lot, but I get that you felt your effort wasn't being recognized... I know that can be a pain, but when we aim for something difficult to achieve, we must overcome the barriers that are thrown in front of us.
> I understand that some of the barriers were quite difficult to break, but I think that if you insisted a little more, and asked/worked with the right people on the clan, you could have started seeing some progress...

> Well... It seems that it'll be SD who will get an improvement on warring now ^_^

> PS.: See? They use Zetaboards! :lol:

nickedemus16 - September 26, 2009 08:46 PM (GMT)
yes arth those are some kind words from a true friend and i thank you for that

PS: i love there forums lol theyre epic and comfortable to mess around with :D and yes ive already helped with sd warring lol was simple enough :D

Dude12dragon - September 26, 2009 11:17 PM (GMT)
omg nick is leaving :( please don't leave you've been one of my friends since wayy back well Gl with left see you around :(

Animal - September 26, 2009 11:41 PM (GMT)
Bai bai Nick. :'(
Keep talking to me on PM kay?

65dragon3 - September 27, 2009 12:17 AM (GMT)
over the past month's we've lost most of our members..

Animal - September 27, 2009 12:26 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (65dragon3 @ Sep 26 2009, 07:17 PM)
over the past month's we've lost most of our members..

I don't think <5 counts as most.

Dylan - September 27, 2009 02:50 AM (GMT)
bye nickk, drop in the cc every now and then please?

miss you,

tubu1982 - September 28, 2009 01:38 AM (GMT)
well, this is depressing. First tom than you. all in one weekend. :sleep:

You were, still are, an awesome dude. I was not there for the war practice but that is extremely dissapointing for everyone who ignored the best at warring in our clan. I wish for you the best in your last year of high school and hopefully on through college, picking up the chicks, :wub: and getting a good, high paying job. Have fun where ever you go, and give SD some warring advice once in a while for me, will you?

Banana - September 28, 2009 02:12 AM (GMT)
Damn, this has been a sad weekend. I'm almost happy I missed it.

Nick, have fun with whatever you do IRL and on RS.
Nothing wrong with a higher level clan, get out there and
show them how AL members war (Awesomely. nuff said).

So, I got you on my list, drop by the CC every now and
then, don't forget about us! It is sad you weren't noticed
more, hopefully you'll get a staff position or something
at the next clan you go to.
We're a community, we're a group of friends. You're still
a part of that, even if you aren't in the clan.


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