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Title: Friday Night Chaos Elemental

Animal - September 22, 2009 01:29 AM (GMT)
Event Name: Chaos Elemental
Event Date and Time: 10PM OCT, Friday 25th September
Event World, meeting place: World TBD, meet Wilderness Volcano
F2p or P2p?: P2P
Description: It seems that since Kerk and I duo'd a D2H in one kill, these events are in demand now. ;)
So, why not have another one? :D
What to bring: High range/mage defence armour, pray pots and super sets/range pots. Good melee or range gear, and food. Range is more effective.
Other info: Uhh... none that I can think of. :D
Just hopefully we'll get a good turnout and have fun. :D
LS or CS will be decided on the day (majority rules ;)).

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