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Title: Want to pick my first event?
Description: Figure out this challenge and you can!

Banana - September 16, 2009 02:34 AM (GMT)
Hey guys. Incase you havn't already noticed, I'm super excited to be a new Event Coordinator.
So, I thought I'd make my first event a little more interesting, by letting someone else choose what we'll be doing this saturday.
So, how can you pull my puppet srings and deciding what my first event will be?
(No, not "ploxploxploxplox<333ilybanaploxplox?". Though that is tempting.
You have to answer a very intellectual, smart question..

user posted image
I figured this one to be pretty easy.

So, if you're the first to answer it right I'll PM you and you can tell me what event you would like, and what time works best for you (this of course has to tie in with the average times for events. or somewhat close)
Just figured I'd make things a bit more interesting.

Kerkennah - September 16, 2009 03:08 AM (GMT)
Great Idea Banana :D Looking forward to the event that is picked :)

65dragon3 - September 16, 2009 06:02 AM (GMT)
is that even in rs?

Tom - September 16, 2009 08:36 AM (GMT)
Pest control? L0l :lol:

Old faintman - September 16, 2009 07:56 PM (GMT)
pest control is bit boring ;D
Barbaria assault or castle wars would be nice...

Fainty :ninja:

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