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Title: Mud Wants Alliance

Mudball99 - August 21, 2009 07:49 PM (GMT)
Hey guys!

Just a little background - after MI fell, i made my own clan. After about a week or so, Sisco84 - who also recently started his own clan - asked me to merge. I agreed, and our clan had about 9-10 members at the time. We continued to grow quickly, until where we are right now - at 40 members, about 25-30 active. Recently, we have actually been getting 3+ members a day! That's where i have been for the last month :)

Name of clan: - Knights of Death (KoD)
Requirements: - 85+ Combat for Full Member, 75+ for Junior.
Forums/website: - Forums/Website
Memberlist: - KoD Memberlist
Leader(s): - Mudball99 & Sisco84
Why you want to ally with AL: - AL was my first clan ever. I still love the atmosphere and the community here. I think it be great for our clans all together.

On top of that, our requirements are practically the same, making for great Allied Wars and Allied Events

Anything else we should know: - Nothing! :)

Please consider!

65dragon3 - August 21, 2009 07:54 PM (GMT)
looks pretty good

just wait for golden or lamb to leave a reply :P

Redeyes2496 - August 21, 2009 08:02 PM (GMT)
I thought I saw you guys on Zybez's featured clan list. This looks good, I hope it works out.

Mudball99 - August 21, 2009 10:42 PM (GMT)
Woah...scratch out me saying 40 members...

We have gotten upwards of 7 today, due to us being featured on Zybez...and we still have more people posting applications >.<...

I would like to see Golden/Lamb post =/

King Arthur - August 21, 2009 10:48 PM (GMT)
> As a standard policy, we'd request a war or an event with both clans, but since you are an ex-AL member, I think the leaders could approve this right away :)

Lit - August 22, 2009 01:11 AM (GMT)
Even though we know Mud pretty well, we don't know any of KoD's members. I say we make some events and then think of an alliance.

Mudball99 - August 22, 2009 01:31 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Lit @ Aug 21 2009, 08:11 PM)
Even though we know Mud pretty well, we don't know any of KoD's members. I say we make some events and then think of an alliance.

We have Emad - Whom you know.

Im fine with a fun war or event together. I think it would be fun :). Whatever you guys want.

Again, strike the 7 members. - make it 13 in one day...being a featured clan on the RuneScape Community gives a TON new members >.>

Donovan Kays - August 22, 2009 01:57 AM (GMT)
nice lol having you as allies would be great

EDIT: wat does it take to get on zybez featured clans anyway

Mudball99 - August 22, 2009 02:00 AM (GMT)
Make a banner for your clan and be picked of the other 50+ clans that applied :P

Donovan Kays - August 22, 2009 02:07 AM (GMT)
oo rofl nice kudos to you and your clan for getting picked

Mudball99 - August 22, 2009 03:22 AM (GMT)
Again, strike 13 members...try 20 >.>

From 38 members at the start of the day, to 58 right now...I love Zybez :P

Dylan - August 22, 2009 04:04 AM (GMT)
wow thats fast recruitment;

Mudball99 - August 22, 2009 04:10 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Dylan @ Aug 21 2009, 11:04 PM)
wow thats fast recruitment;


I've accepted 23 members today....i feel like im going to throwup :P

Golden - August 22, 2009 12:44 PM (GMT)
We'd like to have a war, and an allied event (you pick what it is) before saying yes or no. Please reference this forum to schedule an event and our normal war forum to schedule a war. :) Gratz on the Zybez thing.

Mudball99 - August 22, 2009 04:13 PM (GMT)
That's fine.

Sadly, i can't view the forum =/. May i have my rank or permissions changed?

King Arthur - August 22, 2009 06:59 PM (GMT)
> Are you sure? Clan Friends are allowed to see the Allied Events forum. ^_^

Mudball99 - August 22, 2009 07:56 PM (GMT)
I can see it now, not earlier.

I will schedule an event and propose a war. Fine?

the thief207 - September 5, 2009 12:39 AM (GMT)
wow nice mud ima apply as a clan friend eh

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