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Title: Ancient Legion pt2
Description: Fill out your form

l3gi0n w4rri0r - August 18, 2009 06:36 PM (GMT)
If you already voted Then please go ahead and copy and paste the folowing form with your information. if you have not voted yet please go here and vote..please and thank you.
Well gl and lets give this a go!
Although i still havent heard from Lambeh or golden if anyone can help me out on that..Once again Thank you to evreyone who agreed and thought positivly of this all!

> Please, I'd like to try something, and I'll use l3gi0n's thing to test it. There you go:

<div class="ss-form-container">
<div class="ss-form-heading"><h4 class="ss-form-title">Please answer these questions</h4>
<div class="ss-required-asterisk"><small>* Required</small></div>

<div class="ss-form"><form action="" method="POST" id="ss-form">

<div class="errorbox-good">
<div class="ss-item ss-item-required ss-text"><div class="ss-form-entry">
<label class="ss-q-title" for="entry_0">Forum Name<span class="ss-required-asterisk"> *<br>
<label class="ss-q-help" for="entry_0">Please enter your forum account login</label>
<input type="text" name="entry.0.single" value="" class="ss-q-short" id="entry_0"></div></div></div>
<br> <div class="errorbox-good">
<div class="ss-item ss-item-required ss-text"><div class="ss-form-entry">
<label class="ss-q-title" for="entry_1">RSN <span class="ss-required-asterisk">*<br>
<label class="ss-q-help" for="entry_1">Please enter your Runescape Name<br>

<input type="text" name="entry.1.single" value="" class="ss-q-short" id="entry_1"></div></div></div>
<br> <div class="errorbox-good">
<div class="ss-item ss-item-required ss-radio"><div class="ss-form-entry"><label class="ss-q-title" for="entry_2">F2P or P2P
<span class="ss-required-asterisk">*<br>
<label class="ss-q-help" for="entry_2">Please pick your current membership status</label>
<ul class="ss-choices"><li class="ss-choice-item"><input type="radio" name="" value="Free to Play" class="ss-q-radio" id="group_2_1">
<label class="ss-choice-label" for="group_2_1">Free to Play</label></li> <li class="ss-choice-item"><input type="radio" name="" value="Pay to Play" class="ss-q-radio" id="group_2_2">
<label class="ss-choice-label" for="group_2_2">Pay to Play</label></li>
<div class="errorbox-good">

<div class="ss-item ss-item-required ss-text"><div class="ss-form-entry"><label class="ss-q-title" for="entry_3">F2P/P2P Combat level
<span class="ss-required-asterisk">*</span></label>
<label class="ss-q-help" for="entry_3"><br>
Please enter your combat level. If you are P2P enter only your P2P level.</label><br>
<input type="text" name="entry.3.single" value="" class="ss-q-short" id="entry_3"></div></div></div>
<br> <div class="errorbox-good">
<div class="ss-item ss-item-required ss-paragraph-text"><div class="ss-form-entry"><label class="ss-q-title" for="entry_4">Highest Skill
<span class="ss-required-asterisk">*</span></label>
<label class="ss-q-help" for="entry_4"><br>
Please enter your highest(s) skill(s) and its(their) respective level(s)</label>
<textarea name="entry.4.single" rows="8" cols="75" class="ss-q-long" id="entry_4"></textarea>
<br> <div class="errorbox-good">

<div class="ss-item ss-paragraph-text"><div class="ss-form-entry"><label class="ss-q-title" for="entry_5">Additional Info
<label class="ss-q-help" for="entry_5"><br>
Please enter any additional info you'd like to add</label>
<textarea name="entry.5.single" rows="8" cols="75" class="ss-q-long" id="entry_5"></textarea>
<input type="hidden" name="pageNumber" value="0">
<input type="hidden" name="backupCache" value="">
<div class="ss-item ss-navigate"><div class="ss-form-entry">
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit"></div></div></form>
<div class="ss-footer"><div class="ss-attribution"></div>
<div class="ss-legal"><span class="ss-powered-by">Powered by <a href="">Google Docs</a></span>
<span class="ss-terms"><small><a href=";formkey=dE8wV3NQcWpTNEs3VkE4VU1xa1FIcnc6MA..&amp;">Report Abuse</a>
<a href="">Terms of Service</a>
<a href="">Additional Terms</a></small></span></div></div></div><big>
> Please check the information submitted,as well the information other people sent in here.<br>
> If you found you entered any wrong information, please fill in the form again with the right information. We'll only consider the most recent entry you made.<br>
> You do not need to update your combat level, nor your membership status neither your highest skill.<br>
> If anything goes wrong, please contact me.

stingster2 - August 18, 2009 11:28 PM (GMT)
wht is it? ^_^

King Arthur - August 19, 2009 09:53 PM (GMT)
> Apparently, l3gi0n is gathering clan info for a show-off video, and maybe a recruitment video.
> If you are worried with security:
> All the info you or anyone else posts there will be shown to everyone.
> Your IP adress will not be logged.
> Your email adress will not be logged.

Dylan - August 20, 2009 06:05 AM (GMT)
i submitted it.

l3gi0n w4rri0r - August 20, 2009 09:02 PM (GMT)
Note to:king arthur evreyone else scroll down

King arthur thanks lots bro..uve been nothing but a huge help..ill be sure to special thanks u in the vid couple undred times..anyways..i was gonna tell u im gonna need a list of all the people who are participating and i would like to go ahead and set a date,if u can go ahead and help me out on that evreyone will know when to log on and we will be in lamb bugs cc like always..but i mean i would like to talk to lamb or golden to put it in the front page in that thingy that scrolls make sure evreyone will know..thats my main concern i dont think lamb or golden know yet can u help me please on getting theyre attention?

ps:i hope its not to much,thanks uve helped greatly.. :wub:

Lets get This Started!

Note:all PLayers!
alright guys lets start off by picking a genre go here to vote

King Arthur - August 20, 2009 09:36 PM (GMT)
> Not at all ^_^. Any member can request a headline for any event or clan-spanning post :)

kindofsleepi - August 20, 2009 10:04 PM (GMT)
w00t awesome

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