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Title: Revenant Hunt
Description: ...with epic song!

Tomas_Speed - August 10, 2009 09:12 AM (GMT)
Well Lit organized this event, and the history behind it isnt much. The had lots of people at the cc so we decided to do a revenant hunt.

Those who came:

Duplo M
Golden (For like the first 5 minutes :P)


We massed at W7 at the volcano or old bh. After we decided to leave, we realised we left tomilson behind (lolz :blush: ) so we came back for him. Also while we headed for the 40+ wildness Golden logged (lolz :blush: ) so when we reached level 40 wildness it was only me, lit, nick, grave,tom, and duplo. We were having some difficulties finding a rev at first, we eventually found on ork rev. While most of us were pilling them, he for some reason only attacked me <_< so i decided to practice some tanking (say what...?). After this we founf another rev ork and for some reason it also only attacked me <_< so again, i tanked :P

The next part was kinda funny. We had just passed the spiders on lvl 46 wild and we get piled by a clan of revenants werewolfs, 3 to be precise. I dunno who but one of our members almost got k0ed lolz, but it all worked out, well... at least they were all 3 pilling grave so YAY! for me :)

After this the noob, i mean... Grave decided we go to Ice warriors, apparently he forgot that isnt multi... so for the next 5 minutes we watched grave get pwned until he decided to go multi.

After this nick left, closely followed by Duplo and Grave. So it was just me and lit from here on.

We first found a rev pyrefiend which i coudnt attack, so lit had to solo him :wub:

After this rev was dead, we went back to the demonic ruins, where we found a noob being attacked by a rev orc, so we decided to help. Lit was almost dead being left with 3 hp (who the hell goes afk while killing revs <_<) but we managed to kill him. This kill was the last of the night. With this kill we were intitled the rev busters, then we left.

Btw this is a personal treat... lolz

If there's something strange, in your world...
Who you gonna call?
Rev Busters!
If your being owned, and it doesnt look good...
Who you gonna call?
Rev Busters!

I ain't afraid of no Rev...

If you're going wild, without a friend...
Who can you call?
Rev Busters!

An invisible being, pilling your team...
Oh, who you gonna call?
Rev Busters!

I ain't afraid of no Rev.
I can pray, so what do i care.

Who you gonna call?
Rev Busters!

If you're all alone, on an non pvp world...
pick up the phone!
And call...
Rev Busters!

I ain't afraid of no rev.
I can pray... so why do i care
I ain't afraid of no rev
I guess i can run if i rly have.

Who you gonna call?
Rev Busters!
If you've had a dose, of pker ghost
You'd better call
Rev Busters!

Let me tell you something
The drops are hawnt :P

This was pretty much it. Sorry for no pictures and the song.

Just remember...

Call Rev busters for all your rev busting needs.

Thank you all :)

Duplo M - August 10, 2009 10:07 AM (GMT)
I think i was the one almost koed! :P the hit me 16 and 15.. and keeped att me but my swordys helped me once again :P

Rev Buster duplo :sunglasses:

bravehero12 - August 10, 2009 12:19 PM (GMT)
nice song

Jss - August 10, 2009 12:50 PM (GMT)
"hello? Rev Busters? can i ask a fav-"... "what do you mean you dont get cats out of trees!?" :P

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