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Description: again becuase I am oldschool

cjm721 - August 6, 2009 01:47 AM (GMT)
I try to make this short. AL was the first and only clan I have been in. I joined over 2 years ago if i remember. And then work and school got in the way of being able to play. So i retired. I am happy to say i had a 4.9 gpa out of 5. But I saved enough money for two years of school so I am set. I also have some online sites I run and get about $10 a day for just making sure it looks good, no hacks, and fix problems. So about 10 minutes a day i get $10. Its about 25 sites so about $0.50 a day from each. Also working on a team to work with encryptors to see how good there encrypts are. So behind me are 15-20 computers I have that all work together at the same time so doing public and private encryption. So every once and a while we get though one and we a bonus. So thats how i got enough to pay for school. broke 3 in a row like $1000 each. Now as for rs i was in this alliance when requirement was 55 or 65 one of the two and lamb played everyday for a few hours not minutes :P . I was in about 8 wars and some events just mainly tried to get my combat lv up so that I was the one targeted the entire time. I am proud to say I lasted 10 minutes with over 15 90+ on me tanking. I think I have a video of it too just have to find it in the thousands I have. So about 1 year in I had to start to work so could not play while my computers (10 back then, I got them free) were working because I had to watch the entire time to see if I had to change the code or fix a bug. Now I have almost them almost fully automated I just have to say go and stop. And report how it goes.

Also I go by CJ my username is my name

So any questions and this was shot explanation.

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